The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.08(a) 

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,203,561 words, and 1817 passages, so about 30k new words since the last update. Where even to start with this talking about this build, other than to thank you all for your patience and apologize for the delays. Things have been a little slow recently, but hopefully they'll speed back up again soon. That said, still hopefully some fun stuff for you all.
Before getting into the finer details of this build, it is worth noting that some of the content in this build is expanded on in the next build, in particular the new roommate system. On a more positive note the Jess quest is now in the game, complete with 9 of the potential routes through it. This includes; a new bad ending, many interactions with various NPC's, options for all kinds of player to solve it, and lasting consequences from the players choice. There is also an option that involves some violence on the part of the player (as polled previously), to help players who really don't want to see that in any way I've included a new option to remove in-game violence. Finally, there are now some early in-game interactions between the player and both Jess and Alice, which are built onto the new room management framework (still in early development). 
The main content is; The Jess quest, New interactions with Jess & Alice (robot), The start of the room management system, And the option to remove violent content from the game.
1/ The Jess Quest - You all asked for it, so now Jess is back! (Skip this section if you don't want any spoilers)
After a few in-game days upon settling into the facility, when the player leaves their room they will have a sudden encounter with Jess who will ask for their help, having been kidnapped by a facility guard. Worse still, before being snatched away, Jess will let the player know that the guard has a history of illegally smuggling and selling kidnapped trainees outside of the Center.
Players will be faced with a series of choices to solve their issue (or to completely ignore it), the whole matter having a ticking clock of 14 days until Jess disappears forever. Upon completion (at least if you save her), players will also have another serious decision, whether to enslave Jess themselves, take her in as a roommate, or generally leave her alone.
In total there are currently 9 paths through this quest, with 1 Bad Ending (unreachable currently if In-Game Violence is removed), these paths are;
1 - Ignore the quest: Players who wait too long will find that Jess has been removed from the Center with no available way to get her back.
2 - Gary Beaten: Players with an 80+ muscle score (and who don't have In-Game Violence removed) can confront the guard and take Jess from him. Having a lower muscle score will instead lead to the new ‘Bad End’, as their attack on the muscular man doesn’t go over well.
3 - Gary Bribed (Money): Players can pay the guard off to give them Jess, requiring they hand over 10k G.G.P. If they do not reach the amount by the two week deadline, then Jess will still be removed.
4 - Gary Bribed (Sex): Players can pay the guard off with sex to give them Jess, requiring them to service him 10 times, each time costing an energy point. As with the above, not reaching the amount by the two week deadline will still remove Jess. [Note: I still want to add additional content to this route]
5 - Gary Blackmailed: Players can acquire materials to blackmail the guard from either Mari the pickpocket (by completing her own quest favourably to her), or from Lianne the admin (by paying her 5k G.G.P). Confronting Gary with this information can lead to Jess being turned over to you. Both sources of the blackmail give you slightly different information on the quest/lore.
6 - Gary Removed By Davis: Players have one opportunity to bring the topic up with Davis, which will work successfully if they have 25+ relationship with him or are dating him. In this instance Gary will be removed from the Center by Davis.
7 - Gary Removed By Tony B: Players can pay Tony B 5k G.G.P to remove the guard, in the process letting them overhear some interesting conversation between the two.
8 - Gary Pays You Off: Players can instead take a bribe from the guard of 1k G.G.P just to ignore the situation and leave Jess to her fate. Doing so stops you from interacting with the quest further, as the player is now implicated financially in Gary’s business.
[Not Yet Implemented] 9 - Frame Gary: This not yet added path will see the player acquire illegal materials and plant them in the guards apartment. Players will be able to do so when he’s home, but will require the pickpocket trait to succeed without reaching the Bad End (giving players without violence in their game a way of reaching it still). Players will always succeed at planting the evidence during the night.
The Aftermath of this quest if Jess is saved sees the player having 4 choices;
1 - Take no reward: Increased relationship with Jess.
2 - Take a monetary reward: Lower relationship increase with Jess, 3k G.G.P.
3 - Ask Jess to move in with you: Increased relationship with Jess, Jess is now a roommate.
4 - Enslave Jess: Jess is now your slave.
Lots of spoilers above (sorry that Patreon lacks a spoiler tagging system), but hopefully a fun quest for you all too!
2/ Jess & Alice Roommate Scenes - New dorm room interactions with Jess (Roommate & Slave), along with Alice (Robot) have been added to the game. At the moment these options are limited as the full system for them has not been finished, but players can currently; hang out with the pair, see them moving around the room during the day, assign them tasks [unfinished], assign them sleeping locations [unfinished]. There’s still a lot to do here, but this is a taste of the fun features that are in the works.
3/ Room Management System Foundation - Only the foundations of this are currently in the game, but I wanted to explain what is there and what I’m currently working on. So, as of now players have an interface to select where themselves and any roommates/slaves sleep within their apartment. As part of this, each bed has an occupancy limit, so some beds are better than others if you’re trying to cram people in. Players will always be able to fit in their own bed (as the default sleeping location). Secondly, players now have an interface to assign any roommates/slaves they have tasks to undertake throughout the day, this is currently incomplete, but players can see the lists for characters they’ve unlocked, with some options only appearing when specific conditions have been met (such as high relationship levels).
My plans for the future here are to give the player a quick and easy way to interact with their room, which will over time grow into a larger home base location. This will include amassing roommates/lovers/slaves, but will also feature expanding the apartment into a complex of rooms, unlocking various benefits. The kind of rooms that will be unlockable will be such as; a private bathroom (no more paying for showers/tooth-brushing), a kitchen (prepare food or have roommates prepare it for you), a private bedroom (have more space for yourself), extra bedrooms (more space for roommates or slaves), a personal gym (for those who want to train their submissive’s/slaves), a sex dungeon (for training submissive’s/slaves), a prison (for holding untrained slaves), and much more. The hope is that by adding in these expansions the player will have more long term goals available to them to strive for, whilst offering interesting game-play choices on what to get or where to put furniture.
4/ No Violence Option - This was something I wanted to comment on directly after bringing up the topic in a poll recently. Basically, I've been torn between including options where players can achieve their goals through violence (in moderation) which has been requested by fans for years, while also keeping the game happy and upbeat for players who would prefer that. Whilst the majority of respondents didn't mind violence within the game, I've created an option to disable violent scenes/interactions for players, as I really do care about making everyone happy on this point.
I also want to reiterate/clarify a couple of points on my stance on in-game violence. Firstly, I will never include anything involving the player being killed, seriously injured, or tortured in any way, that's just not something I want to write (as can probably be guessed from my very tame 'Bad Ends'). Secondly, any violence towards the player will always be as a direct result of the player choosing a violent option, so you have no need to worry about random violence being directed towards the player within the game's story. Finally, any violence brought about by the player to NPC's will be limited in scope, and will never include killing, serious harm, or torture. I like to keep my content relatively upbeat, that's the tone I generally intend to set, but as I continue to write quests including 'dangerous' characters it does feel reasonable to offer options for the player to solve their problems aggressively. Hopefully that clarifies matters ^_^
Other additions include; A lot of fixes and edits have been included in this build, along with some additional art, and lots of more minor bug fixes too. There have been so many changes I've actually lost track of a few, but I'll do my best to credit every fan assisted bug fix in the change log below :) 
Change Log:
- (Polled) Jess Quest first scene – Encountered first time leaving bedroom on third day +, starts the Jess Quest and the 14 day time limit to complete it.
- (Polled) Jess Quest day visit – Players can visit Jess/Gary during the day (all sandbox time slots other than the last), where they can make deals with Gary or confront him. 
- (Polled) Jess Quest night visit – Players can visit Jess/Gary during the night whilst Gary is out, finding out more information from Jess.
- (Polled) Jess Quest pay Gary – Players can pay Gary 10k G.G.P to rescue Jess. This can be done in multiple payments, though if the 14 day limit for the quest runs out players will lose that money spent without rescuing Jess.
- (Polled) Jess Quest payed off by Gary – Players can accept 1k G.G.P from Gary to give up on Jess, ending the quest immediately.
- (Polled) Jess Quest punch Gary success – Players with an 80+ muscle score can beat up Gary to save Jess (unavailable for players who disable violent content).
- (Polled) Jess Quest punch Gary failure – Players with less than an 80 muscle score can get beat up by Gary, leading to a ‘Bad End’ (unavailable for players who disable violent content).
- (Polled) Jess Quest out of time – Players who pass the 14 day quest time limit can access a scene where they fail the quest.
- (Polled) Jess Quest buy Jess win – This scene plays out if the player buys Jess’s freedom, either through sex or money.
- (Polled) Jess Quest save Jess win – This scene plays out if the player saves Jess from Gary to secure her freedom (also give +10 relationship with Jess).
- (Polled) Jess Quest Military Service Bad End – This ending plays out if the player tries to attack Gary and loses.
- (Polled) Jess Quest bad end extras – The continue scene and ending list have both been updated.
- (Polled) Jess Quest no reward – If the player selects to take no reward gain +40 relationship with Jess.
- (Polled) Jess Quest money reward – If the player selects to take a monetary reward gain 3k G.G.P and +20 relationship.
- (Polled) Jess Quest slave reward – If the player selects to take Jess as a slave as your reward Jess will appear in your room as a slave.
- (Polled) Jess Quest roommate reward – If the player selects to take Jess as a roommate as your reward Jess will appear in your room as a roommate and you’ll gain +40 relationship with her.
- (Polled) Jess Quest Mari blackmail – Players who have complete the Mari quest (in a Mari positive way) can gain blackmail to use against Gary from her.
- (Polled) Jess Quest Lianna blackmail – Players can pay Lianna 5k G.G.P to get blackmail against Gary after reporting him to her.
- (Polled) Jess Quest blackmail Gary – Players can confront Gary with the blackmail material to get Jess’s freedom.
- (Polled) Jess Quest inform Davis – Players can let Davis know about what Gary has done. If they have 25+ relationship with Davis or are dating him, then Davis will believe them, if not he will not be helpful (can only be tried once).
- (Polled) Jess Quest inform Tony – Players can let Tony B know about what Gary has done. This will open up the option to pay 5k G.G.P to have Tony deal with the guard.
- (Polled) Jess Quest Gary removed – Players who have gained help from Tony B or Davis can get a special scene (differs based on who they’ve gained help from) where Gary is removed from the Center.
- (Polled) Jess Quest quest-log
- (Polled) Jess Quest give Gary oral – Players can pay Gary with 10 blowjobs for Jess, though each blowjob takes an action and increases submissiveness. 
- Room Management Menu – A new apartment menu has been added to allow easier central management of their room and roommates/slaves.
- No Violence Option – A new in-game option has been added to remove violent/aggressive options from the game.
- Alice basic room interactions – If Alice is a roommate Alice will change her actions/description throughout the day.
- Jess basic room interactions – If Alice is a roommate or slave she will change her actions/description throughout the day.
- Sleep Management Interface – This menu allows players to set where each NPC (or themselves) sleep, letting the player know how many people each sleeping spot can fit [Incomplete].
- Task/Chore Management Interface – This menu allows players to set what each NPC does during the day [Incomplete].
- Alice Roommate main page – Players can now interact further with Alice.
- Jess Roommate main page – Players can now interact further with roommate Jess.
- Jess Slave main page – Players can now interact further with slave Jess.
- Main bed scene – Players can now look at and select their four poster bed.
- Jess Non-Roommate main page – Players can now interact further with non-roommate Jess.
- Jess Roommate hang out scene – Players can spend 1 action to hang out with roommate Jess, increasing your relationship with her.
- Jess Slave hang out scene – Players can spend 1 action to hang out with slave Jess, increasing your relationship with her.
- Jess Non-roommate hang out scene – Players can spend 1 action to hang out with non-roommate Jess, increasing your relationship with her.
- Alice Roommate hang out scene – Players can spend 1 action to hang out with Alice, increasing your relationship with her.
- Red hair image bug (Thank you Charles Hinkle)
- Thank you list (May-July)
- Hannah scene access bug fix
- Clinic exit bug fix (Thank you Faker & Helloworldizded)
- Gary image by Silverjile
- Minor edits to Aurora and Sherwin scenes
- Fix to forced lactation shop interface (Thank you TheLookout & Ellwinde)
- Underwear urination bug fixed (Thank you Helloworldizded)
- Dominated brothel scene fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Incontinence chip removal fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Sex addiction scene fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Locking chastity bra fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Rachel scene fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Female dairy client tag fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Alice quest keycard from Mari fix.
- Pickpocketing dominance gain lowered (Suggested by MagPie)
- Milking frame udder bug fix (Thank you Brighambing & MagPie)
- Wing removal clinic fix (Thank you Brighambing)
- New Villin Picture (Thank you Spazzler)
- Tony B job tag error (Thank you MagPie)
- Quest typo fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Intro attack edit (Suggested by Pooploser64)
- Contacts page typo fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Chess Man breast bug (Thank you Pooploser64)
- Kissing Booth Valentines Day bug fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- ABDL Jungle quest typo fix (Thank you Pooploser64)
- Felicity sex tag fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Dragon Bride ending image fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Food cupboard typo fix (Thank you MagPie)
- Allie typo fix (Thank you MagPie)
- Hannah scene order bug (Thank you MagPie, aloopy, and rusal703)
- Allie hang out bug fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Gym typo fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Mari complete quest log fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Lots of new variables.
- A few minor bug fixes.  
Hope you have fun :)