The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.07(a) 

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,176,101 words, and 1767 passages, so about 27k new words since the last update. This build was a bit of a weird one to be honest. It was intended to be a one week build and kind of spiralled out of control, with the last week-ish of development being heavily marred by writers block and health issues. Lots of little scenes added, planning/variables for upcoming content, but overall it's a collection of smaller pieces rather than something specific I can point at. Still, there are fun elements to this update I hope you'll all enjoy.
Before we get into all of that though two quick announcements.
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  • The Official Website is also Active - I've mentioned this in passing before, but we now have an official website for news on my projects. Fingers crossed it'll also soon be updated to have a wiki for The Repurposing Center, so if you're interested check it out at -> 

Note: Since this build a lot of bug fixing has occurred, which in turn means that there are many outstanding bugs/issues in this build. My apologies in advance for this, and for any confusion I might have with bug reports.
The main content is; The Dragon Bride Ending, Lots of new scenes, Food/Drink system setup, Extensive new hairstyle image collection, ABDL Aurora's Bottle Store, Option to Remove Images Featuring the Player Character Stand-in.
1/ The Dragon Bride Ending - A polled scene from a while back, the Dragon Bride 'bad end' has now been added to the game, accessible by picking up enough complaints against you that you are given the punishment ending selection screen (pickpocketing or trying to escape on the walk option are the quickest ways to doing this). This ending covers a lot of hints to some major in-game lore, and was just generally a fun scene to write, so if you're interested in something like that I highly recommend checking it out.
2/ Lots of New Scenes - The bulk of this new build has been scenes for polled or commissioned content. These scenes include; 
  • Two new story-based ABLD Kristen scenes where she's treat increasingly badly by Tammy the bullying carer.
  • A sex scene with Felicity for those who've done some of her quests and has a penis (hoping to get the strap-on alternative together soon).
  • Meeting Rachel the white multi-tailed fox-girl for the first time when travelling from locations.
  • The spanking top-up session random encounter found in the Administration hub location.
  • A nursery nap scene with ABDL Aurora through the ABDL job. 
  • Meeting ABDL Sherwin for the first time when travelling to locations.
  • Shop interactions through the ABDL nursery sandbox location with Aurora.

3/ Food/Drink System Setup - As set up for later things (and because of the initial addition of ABDL food/bottles through a commission), there is now a pantry interface accessible through the players room. It's relatively simple, and there is not currently any food/drink to add to it for anyone not playing with ABDL content currently, but I hope to soon add a vending machine at the very least. The intention here is that when I eventually add the hunger/thirst system this will allow players to stockpile groceries and snacks for automatic consumption (that the player will be able to set up).
4/ Extensive New Hairstyle Image Collection - A big thank you to guyinrome, who went out of his way to do colour swaps on all the existing hair images for all the in-game hair colours (including rainbow coloured hair). I've since receiving them now hooked up the images, so players will have appropriate hair images for any in-game listed hair colour. 
5/ ABDL Aurora's Bottle Store - ABDL players who've visted the ABDL Nursery job enough to encounter Aurora will now be able to talk to her through the Nursery sandbox location. Aurora has her own store where she sells adult-sized baby's bottles filled with various substances. At the moment the main effect of these bottles is to interact with the weight system and the wetting system, however, there is a cum bottle which can be used to subdue cum addiction like normally drinking cum.
6/ Option to Remove Images Featuring the Player Character Stand-in - Something I've been asked a few times to add now is a way to remove the in-game images that feature the player character stand-in (the blonde girl). This makes sense, as these days many of you play guys as well, so a female stand-in within the pictures doesn't make a lot of sense. Well, now there's an option within the options menu to automatically remove these images from showing up. 
Other additions include; Lots of tweaks to the hair system (including some renaming of hair colours), a huge collection of new food/drink images from ThatGuyMarc, lots of new images from Silverjile and lots of new images from LilyBlax, a way to remove wings from the clinic, more hook-ups for the new orgasm code (mostly important for sex-addiction players  - jobs and training sessions still not hooked-up for orgasms), height reactions/interactions for shorter players, reworking the ABDL travel encounters (might be a little buggy as the requirements for ABDL Hannah's encounters are complex), and a lot of major bug fixes.
Change Log:
- (Polled) Dragon Bride Ending - Players who acquire too many general complaints against them during play can now select the 'Dragon Bride' ending, where they'll be offered up to an actual dragon as part of a negotiation by the facility.
- (Polled) Dragon Bride Ending Extras - As with any ending, there are lots of minor scenes and updates necessary throughout the game to facilitate them. Basically the continue option scene works and there is mention of this ending within the ending list.
- (Polled) Spanking Top-up Random Encounter - Found within the Administration Hub, players may randomly be approached to take part in a 'spanking top-up' session.
- (Com) Felicity doggy-style sex scene - Players who have done Felicity's first quest and have penis can now have casual sex with Felicity where they penetrate her vaginally in a doggy-style position.
- (Com) ABDL Kristen Story Scene 2 - Players who interact with the ABDL Kristen story through the Nursery job will eventually come across the second story encounter where Kristen receives even worse treatment by Tammy her bullying co-worker.
- (Com) ABDL Kristen Story Scene 3 - Players who continue on with the ABDL Kristen story will be able to view a third story encounter where Tammy's bullying gets even worse.
- (Com) Kristen's description has been updated to reflect the alterations that can happen to it over her story encounters, along with alterations that will happen to it later within that story path.
- (Com) Rachel first encounter - When travelling from job/training sessions players may encounter a scientist working on a strange device that has some unexpected consequences.
- (Com) ABDL Sherwin first encounter - ABDL players when travelling to job/training sessions may encounter Sherwin and her 'Daddy' Scott for the first time, getting introduced to them.
- (Com) ABDL Aurora's Bottle Store - Players who've met Aurora can now ask to see her at the help desk within the nursery sandbox location. From there players can further ask to see her stock, purchasing a variety of adult-sized baby's bottles in solo or bulk quantity, which can then be consumed from within your room.
- (Com) Aurora's Bottles - The bottles that Aurora sells will increase your weight in some instances minorly, and will decrease your mess/wet counter so they'll happen more quickly (especially the mash). The cum bottle will also satisfy your cum needs for Cum Addiction.
- (Com) ABDL Aurora Nap Encounter - Players who are doing the ABDL job and have met Aurora can now bump into her on the napping sub-job.
- A new option to remove images featuring the player character stand-in has been added to the game options menu (Suggested by Pooploser64 & Mayrun)
- Height reactions for shorter characters have been added to the game in about 20+ instances (Suggested by guyinrome)
- New hair colour images have been added to the game and hooked up within the code (Thank you guyinrome for helping with this)
- In-room Panty - Players now have an interface where they can eat/drink snacks that they've collected. This only has ABDL options currently, but this interface is set up and ready to allow lots more for the planned hunger/thirst system.
- Dairy sandbox location fix (Thank you rusal703 & Lobolemerik)
- Sex addiction masturbation scene fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Teddy bear humping scene fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Milking machine udder detection bug fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Clinic height decrease bug fix (Thank you guyinrome)
- Chess Man breast alteration fix (Thank you Lobolemerik & Faker)
- Lab test job hair alteration scene fix (Thank you laevus)
- Wings can now be removed in the Clinic (Thank you Oreo)
- Hairstyling error fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Chess Man training price bug fix (Thank you Faker)
- Mari quest minor bug fixes (Thank you rusal703)
- Gym first time reactions fix (Thank you Faker)
- 23 new food/drink images by That Guy Marc.
- Drink images have now been added to the game in stores and scenes.
- 2 new Felicity images by Silverjile.
- 1 new Dragon Bride encounter image by Silvejile.
- 2 new character bust images by Silverjile.
- 2 new character images by LilyBlax.
- Minor changes to various hair colour spellings/names.
- Reworking the travelling ABDL encounters to a newer system (may cause some minor bugs - sorry in advance)
- More orgasm code hook-ups (still not hooked up in jobs or training)
- Red/Orange hair colours are both now available within character creation.
- Lots of new variables.
- A few minor bug fixes.  
Hope you have fun :)