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Pokini Beach
Pokini Beach
An indiegame creator working on a fun, fast-paced, upbeat game.
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Pokini Beach
Public post
A public demo is now available. You can check it out on!

It's still a bit rough, but the core movement mechanics are in place. You can run, jump, and dash around. Smack yourself into the ball and maybe win some points at skeeball if you can really nail the timing and spacing.
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Pokini Beach
Public post
- Most of the character controls are up and running. You can run, jump, dash, smack the ball around, and even perform "ukemi" style recoveries if you are stunned and fall down.
- I've modeled a character who will be serving as a "default" for now. She is not going to be the only body type available for players to customize, but she does allow me to test a lot of the features I want to have in the final game.
- Modular character customization features; such as selectable hairstyles and accessories have been implemented on the dev side (though the GUI for accessing these features in-game isn't set up yet).
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Pokini Beach
Public post
Hello everyone! This page is being set up as an additional platform to support the game's ongoing development.

Currently a working "white box" demo is available and I have been working on creating 3D assets to help make the game more visually appealing while also further refining the game structure.

Thank you for your patience while I set up this page and prepare a special demo release for supporters.

A quick FAQ for new visitors:
- This game is a fast-paced arcade action game for 1 or more players. It is loosely based on beach volleyball.
- While I will have many cute and stylish cartoon characters in the game, there is no explicit adult content in the game. Promotional artwork released as part of this page will have some suggestive content; roughly on par with what you would expect to see in a bikini photoshoot or gravure magazine.

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