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I'm making an original NSFW comic called "My New Pad" about a cute frog girl finding love and also she has a huge donger. I also make smut of video game and cartoon characters sometimes because that's fun!!
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Welcome to the Perpleon subscribestar page! I will post very rarely here, mostly it'll just be announcements. All of the exclusive content that I post will be posted in my discord server, which you will automatically receive an invite to when you make a pledge.

Seafoam is for if you want to support me, but mostly just want to hang out, and are fine with just waiting to see my stuff posted publicly.

Clam is if you are more interested in what I make, and would enjoy seeing what I post in advance, before it goes public, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes and WIP content that won't be posted publicly.

Conch is for if you really like what I do, and just want to give me more freedom to make more of it! This tier will get you all the features of Clam, plus you will get a permanent Seafoam role, so you can always chat in the main chat, even if you need to take a break from supporting for a while.

(Please only support me if you are financially stable enough to do so, I don't want anyone feeling obligated to support me. But thank you, if you do! <3)

To find me elsewhere on the internet (twitter, pixiv, etc), check out my carrd page!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Grants access to the general chats of my discord server, where I hang out. If you wanna get a feel for the server, you can try it out for a week before committing.

7 days
1 subscriber    Seafoam
per month
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Grants access to all the channels and all content I post on discord, including art streams, WIP drawings, behind-the-scenes content, as well as a supporter channel where I will hang out and sometimes ask for suggestions.

11 subscribers    Clam
per month
Ss logo sign mono back

Grants you all the privileges of Clam, and my deepest thanks. This role gives no additional perks, but if you really enjoy what I make and would like to support me just a little bit extra, this is an option. <3

Oh yeah, and donations to this tier, even one-time donations, will get you the Seafoam role permanently, so you always have access to the general discussion chats in my server.

6 subscribers    Conch ; Seafoam


  • Comics
  • Big Wieners
  • Naturally and artificial flavors

Recent posts

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Here is Pork Bun Festival for anyone not in my discord

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$72 of $100
per month
$100 a month would be awesome, and help me live more independently!
$72 of $450
per month
This is honestly the dream. This would cover my share of rent, and groceries. Finally, a full time artist!

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