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Hi, I'm OverworkedEditor. I write porn stories and hopefully in the future I'll be able to get those very stories into comics and stuff.
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A Sacrificial Wife

2004, Baghdad, Iraq
2 PM
"Alright, is everything set for the mission tomorrow?" asked Muhammad, the leader of one of the terrorist splinter cells in Baghdad. "Sure thing, brother" replied Yusuf, the middle child of the three brothers. "What about you Abdullah? do you remember what you need to do?" Muhammad asked his youngest brother. "Yes, I remember what I need to do and everything is set" he answered.
5 PM
a Terrorist attempted to plant IEDs in the two US bases in Baghdad but was captured before he was able to activate the bombs. He is now held is in custody until his due court trial is in order.
Asra never liked the Americans, you might even say that she hates them. Even more so now that her husband of already ten years, Abdullah Al Harbi, has been captured after he tried to help repel the invaders and help save the country by attacking their bases. She awaited his return home from his given assignment. However, he didn't return for many hours but as she was just finished changing from her gown to her burka, there was a knock on the door and she rushed to the door and opened it to see her brother-in-law, Muhammad, standing outside her door.
"Abdullah has been captured by the infidels." He said. "I need to watch over my family and subordinates so I can't help, but I'll send Yusuf to lockpick the cell door and set him free but you'll need to distract all of the guards at the same time, all five of them"
"But brother-in-law, I am but a meek wife, what can I even do against those barbaric infidels?"
"Yes, of course I want to help my husband, I didn't say I wasn't going to help"
"Then think of something fast before we'll hand you over to the Americans so that they'll hurt you as well"
"I-I'll think of something quick and help him" Asra responded. "J-just please, Muhammad, give me a few minutes to think of something"
"Good, may Allah guide you, Allahu Akbar, DEATH TO THE INFIDELS" Said Muhammad.
"Allahu Akbar. Death to the Americans"
As Muhammad was leaving Asra closed the door and sighed. "That foolish husband of mine...Why doesn't he think of our future and keeps getting dragged behind his brothers..." She said as she looked down at her stomach, touching it. "It's just a quick assignment Asra. In and out, just like that" she recalled him saying. "But...I'm ovulating, at least let us do it one time, please." she remember saying. after which Abdullah plainly told her no and went to bed.
She knew it wasn't as easy as he made it seem but she never thought that her husband would get captured by the invaders and her disbelief grew even more so as she will be a major cog in the plan to help him escape.
 She was just a normal Muslim housewife, who is faithful to her husband. She then went up the stairs to her bedroom and sat there murmuring "How can I distract the guards long enough for Muhammad to break Abdullah out of the jail..." She stood up and started pacing in the bedroom from left to right, until she reached the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror and with a low tone said "Ah..."
7 PM
The time was late as the day turned to night, Abdullah found himself being held captive in a forward camp which was comprised of a repurposed small hotel that it's reception becoming the office for the CO while the nearby stables and shacks were caged and were to act as a POW prison. The jail cell that held Abdullah and was located in the former stable with all the smell of a stable. He was given a pot as a toilet, pillow and thin blanket as the hay in the stable could work as a bed for him. Abdullah could only sleep or stare outside of his cell as to pass time and after a few hours his sleep started to become even more deep than usual. Next to his jail cell three voices could be heard talking.
"Oh man, why do we always get fucked in the ass when it comes to assignments?" said Pvt. Thomas Jay Davis
"Yeah, TJ. My thoughts exactly." agreed Pvt. Alejandro Ramirez.
"At least we're not on the fucking front lines getting ambushed by OPFOR." said Pvt. Clint Collins.
The three men complained to one another without a care in the world. They guarded the cell door in a pretty sloppy manner as all three were sitting on fold-able chairs surrounding a small table playing backgammon. Suddenly a shout was heard from the nearby office.
"Shut the fuck up, all of you!" yelled Cpl. Wesley Brown, the SiC of the squad. "What the fuck is wrong with you?! at least one of you idiots should keep watch on the prisoner himself!."
"But Wes Sir, watching this guy murmuring to himself was only fun for like, one minute then it got old..." complained TJ. 
"Look, you idiot, our job is to watch over prisoners and we don't get much action here so at least do your job properly then we can laze around afterwards, OK morons?" said Wesley "And also." he continued "don't call me sir, it freaks me out." then started laughing with the rest of his squad while returning to the office.
Baghdad-Charlie squad was an odd squad as all of it's members not only were familiar with each other before boot camp but they were childhood friends who grew up with one another and stuck with each other even through boot camp and deployment. They might call each other in slurs but it doesn't mean that they are trying to be hateful. The CO of the squad was Sgt.  Richard Long, the eldest of the five friends, while TJ and Ramirez liked complaining and Clint tried to be optimist, Wesely and Sgt. Richard Long were the more responsible and disciplined out of the group as they were the eldest.
"It's gonna be a long night. here's a cup of coffee Rich" said Wesley while entering the office
"Thank you Wes...those idiots never change huh?" asked Richard
"And that's what makes them fun, to be honest" responded Wesley
"Call in the replacements and tell our guys to go back to the barracks to get some shut eye and to return to their post at 2 AM, alright?" said Richard
"Sure thing, I might get some sleep too, you as well"
"After I'm done here"
2:30 AM
"I can't believe I'm doing this." complained Asra "This is sinful and wrong but it's the only tool I have to help distract the guards... but here we go"
As Asra said that to herself she couldn't stand up and draw attention to herself. "What if Abdullah wakes up and he see this whore-like clothing I'm wearing? Will he renounces me as his wife?" thought Asra
Asra, who usually stuffed the waist of her burka in order to camouflage her killer hourglass bombshell of a body, who also added a veil for her burka to hide her beautiful face that includes high cheekbones, full lips, straight silky black hair, small beautiful nose, slightly thick eyebrows, long eyelashes and heart shaped jawline.
But now she let her burka hug her body tightly, she wore high heels and has put sexy lingerie her friend and sister-in-law, Rana, bought for her while on a trip to Europe - sexy black stockings, black sheer bra and black panties.
She also put on eyeliner, red lipstick and copper colored eye-shadow in order to make herself more attractive to the guards.
As she was walking up to the guards she was praying to Allah to forgive her and save her soul and then said "I really don't want to do this but..." Asra then sighed "Here goes everything"
Slightly before 2:30 AM
The three friends replaced the previous guards about 40 minutes ago and they already regret not asking them to at least keep the backgammon or cards. The prisoner, Abdullah. was fast asleep  
"Maaan, and here I was hoping that something interesting would happen here already" complained Ramirez
"You know what? I don't care no more, Imma light a cigarette" said TJ
They say that in the dead of night, if it's really quite, you can hear 
"Hey, guys, have you heard that noise too?" asked Clint
"No." both men said
"I'm sure that I've heard a noise...oh well..." said Clint
"Are you getting a heatstroke man? or are you just tripping balls?" TJ asked
"Look man, I haven't seen a woman that wasn't hidden by a shit ton of clothing let alone touched one in a while, I'm pretty sure that'll make everyone slightly mad"
"Too bad for us we didn't hook up with any chick back home" Ramirez said
"Here's that noise again..." Clint said. "Yeah, we heard it too" two very familiar voices said. They were Rich and Wes' voices.
"WHO'S THERE?!" yelled Rich. "Ramirez, go grab whoever is making that noise and bring them here." he continued. 
"Sure thing, Sarge." Ramirez said. After a moment of silence the squad mates heard a loud "HOLY SHIT!" from Ramirez and rushed to his side. Only to see that the one making the noise is a woman dressed in a burka, and with the more they looked at her the more they noticed that this woman's body that is hidden underneath the burka was voluptuous and sexy, not only that her face and makeup made the combination of body and face even more sexy and beautiful.The beauty was so much all five guys were left speechless for a moment. 
Rich then asked "W-who are you and what are you doing this at this late hour?"
"My name is Asra and I came to thank you for your service by...." she said in a sultry Arab accent and then giggled " servicing you" she continued and while licking her lips she tore the burka off of  her body, throwing it off and revealing the sexy lingerie and her very light brown skin underneath.
"Care to show me the way to your rooms so we..." she giggled once more "could be more comfortable?" while she said that she traced her index and middle finger from her crotch through her mid section and up to her mouth, licking the two finger.
The vicinity of the jail cell changed its scent from one of hay, sand and shit turned into one of an enchanting smell of Jasmine perfume that could drive a man mad with lust with only a whiff of it.
"HOLY SHIT!" All five childhood friends exclaimed and looked at each other in agreement then at Rich who, as their CO would be able to cover for all of their absence. "Fine, sure just don't start just yet, keep her in the barracks and wait for me but just to keep me from forgetting my due..." as he was saying that he grabbed one of her huge soft tits and while he was rubbing her tit, he kissed her passionately.  causing her to gasp and moan as she got wet leaving her in a daze after detaching his lips from hers. "Just remember you brats, I get to fuck her slutty Haji pussy first" he said while running off to his office in order to get replacements.
"In the meantime we should move this Desert Queen elsewhere for a...closer...inspection" said Wes. "And you three stooges" he said while pointing at them, smiling "...will carry her up to our bedroom" 
"BRO!" exclaimed the trio while smiling from ear to ear and high fived their corporal.
Asra gasped and moaned once more as the each on of trio grabbed a part of her now sensitive body: The smaller black man grabbed her lower back and ass, the short light brown man grabbed her thighs and legs and the lean white man grabbed her now even more sensitive tits. At first she was disgusted by how these American infidels touched her. "I know I'm the one who seduced them but how dare these kafir pigs grab me like this" but as soon as she recalled how that soldier passionately kissed and grabbed her and how she was being handled right now she thought "Hmmm....well...maybe it isn't that disgusting, actually...I'm feeling so hot right now" although she was captured and is now about to have sex with these five American invaders, she thought "I've done my job, now its Yusuf's job to break out that husband, in the meantime it's time for me to have a bit of fun reliving this stress"
Yusuf was the youngest of the three brothers, while the eldest ,Muhammad, was a fighter and the middle child, Abdullah, was the meek teacher's pet, Yusuf was roaming the street and talked and thought like a thieving orphan in the streets of Baghdad. His hands were quick and precise, he was good at hiding from those he deemed his enemies but he was a coward. 
Yusuf didn't know much of English, nor did he care for the language of the invader but he did pick on some words "take" "woman" "away" he assumed these were describing how his sister-in-law, Asra, is taken away into custody. He then heard....nothing. "I guess it's go time" he whispered to himself but before he could go out of his hiding spot he spotted figures coming to the jail cells but these didn't look like the ones he saw earlier and they were only two.
"I need to at least take one out but killing them might be dangerous so I'll just knock them out." thought Yusuf
"-ke -p" "-ake up" "WAKE UP!" Abdullah jolted up in surprise and scuttled back from the jail cell door in fear of what's to come. Then his vision focused on a familiar figure. "Wakey wakey, sleepy head" said the figure. "Y-yusuf? what are you doing here?" asked Abdullah of his brother. "Breaking your sorry ass out of this place." answered Yusuf.
"How did y-?" Abdullah was about to ask. "I had help distracting the guards but I'll tell you after we run from here, it wont take long before the figure out that the replacement guards here are knocked out"
"Who helped you?" asked Abdullah, wondering as most of their men were either dead or captured by American hands. "Asra provided distraction it seems, and from what I gathered she was captured by them." Abdullah was shocked but he didn't have enough time to process what has been just told to him as a loud siren had been raised and the two brothers started running away from the prison into the city.
"GET THEM!" the intercom blurred with Cpt. Robbins' shout commanding his soldiers to run after the escaped prisoner and his collaborator. "Well now...I that's bought us at least 5 hours to get a taste of that sweet Desert Queen" Richard said to himself. He was about to enter the bedroom when he started to hear muffled moans of pleasure from said room, he then opened the door to see this woman, or more accurately described as plunder, on her heels as she was sucking Wes' thin and long 10 inches cock while giving in turns handies to the three privates' 9 inches long cocks with varying girths. Seeing the same man who handled her so roughly yet passionately enter the room caused Asra's pussy to begin dripping pussy juices and her mouth to water. "Well, Rich. it seems that this ho likes you the most." said Wes who's cock was still inside Asra's mouth. "How can you even know that, Wes?" Rich questioned his friend curiously. "Her mouth became much more sloppy right now, the floor underneath her is now looking wet and her gaze is fixated on you crotch, Rich" 
"I guess it's time to get this party started!" exclaimed Richard.
Asra used to think that the Americans were nothing but barbaric infidels who wanted to conquer Muslim nations and oppress them but as she was placed on the combined bed she understood something important. "All that matter now is that these are starved men, soldiers, far from home searching for women to satisfy them and I'm the only woman present here, even more so now that I've offered my body to wasn't such a bad choice", she had spent the last fifteen minutes servicing the two black men, the hispanic man and the small white man with her mouth and hands then HE showed up, she couldn't take her eyes off of him, after all, he was the first man to ever make her feel like that. 
Asra couldn't decide if that was love or infatuation for that man that she was feeling, but whatever it was, it whispered in her soul that she should prioritize satisfying this man foremost and whenever possible.
She pulled Wes' cock out of her mouth and let go of the privates' cocks and started crawling toward the lying sergeant kissing his cock and stroking it. "OH yes..." exclaimed Richard as Asra started deep throating his 12 inch girthy cock down to its hilt while looking up into Richard's brown eyes until she gags and her eyes roll back. "Oh how I love your huge infidel cock inside my mouth but I have a better place for it." she says and puts his huge cock inside her dripping pussy. "Shit guys...this bitch's pussy is so tight, I love it." says Richard as Asra starts bouncing on his cock while both she and he are sucking and rubbing her huge perfect tits driving her to cum with each pound. "Dayum, these two are really going at it huh?" asks TJ.
"Never in my life have I ever seen a slut this hungry for cock" says Ramirez
"What the fuck are you idiots waiting for?! get in there before Rich takes this chick entirely for himself!" Wes yelled at the privates. "I'll take her huge bubble bouncy ass, Ramirez you take her mouth, TJ and Clint both of you let her stroke your cocks, rotate between each other, understood?" Wes continued, ordering them to take a certain part. "YES SIR!" all three privates raised their giddy voices in elation.
 Asra wasn't prepared for the sheer amount of pleasure she is currently feeling, not only one huge cock was inside of her, already giving her more pleasure than what she ever felt with Abdullah, but now she has one in her ass and another in her mouth. the only things that she thought of at the moment wasn't her husband, the goal, her previous disgust and hatred of the Americans nor her previous religious convictions but now...all her brain was filled with were thoughts of pleasure and her natural urge to breed.
"This is going to be a long and pleasurable night" thought Asra as she was getting filled with infidel man meat and her stomach filled with cum.
Rebel base, Muhammad's house
Muhammad wasn't the brightest man in Baghdad but he had quite of a big build to him, he's marriage was fine he thought. His wife, Rana, was a beautiful and faithful woman who bore him a daughter, little Azirah, who is now 7 years old. His house most of the time smelt like cigarettes and diapers which he was only responsible for the former.
A loud knock was heard at the door and Muhammad went up to look who was knocking and to his relief it wasn't a dirty infidel but his two brother. "Welcome home brothers. I see the plan succeeded" Muhammad was happy to see his brothers unharmed and safe.
"Of course it did. You called the best lockpicker in all of Iraq" Yusuf answered smugly. "Good thing we had Asra distracting the usual guards so they had to bring those idiots."
"Wait...I remember you mentioned her when you broke me out of that cell but my mind was pretty hazy then but now...really? Did you really asked my wife?"
"Just so you know, she wasn't my first choice for the job, I talked with everyone else but they couldn't help as they had to watch over their family as well. Even Rana suggested herself as the distraction but I had to have everyone on deck just in case, so she suggested we pick Asra."
"Of course I suggested myself, it could have been my time to get back in the game and satisfy those big infidel cocks in my unattended pussy" Rana thought.
Rana Al Harbi (nee El-Zein) or as she was better known as during her trip 'Reina Arabina' isn't exactly as her husband thinks she is. She is a nasty slut for infidel cocks, Azirah might be her firstborn child but neither Muhammad nor Azirah knows that she has three younger siblings living currently in Europe. But as she started to remember her European paramours, her pussy started to drip with remembrance and longing for those times when she was pounded and impregnated by those same infidels her father and husband despise. "Oh, better go to the bathroom before they notice" Rana thought but as soon as she stood up from the ground to go the the bathroom, Azirah asked "Mommy, where are you going?" "Ah sweety, mommy's going to the bathroom for a bit, please don't interrupt daddy's talk, ok honey?" Rana asked her daughter and Azirah nodded.
Rana quickly walked to the bathroom and as soon as she locked the door she sat on the toilet shoving her middle and ring finger vigorously into her sloppy wet pussy while using her head covering as a muffler to camouflage her moans of pleasure. She, she NEEDED that distraction job but once Muhammad told her she would need to say with their child, she suggested that Asra would be the one for the distraction, after all Asra and her have similar figure. Rana was hailed as the most beautiful and sexy woman in maybe all of Iraq, with only an openly sexual Asra could be argued as her equal in attraction. She was slightly older than Asra but she was much more experienced than her when it came to sex and seduction. Asra came to her first in order to learn how to seduce westerners as much as possible and as quickly as possible and Rana complied but under one condition.
"When you are done, tell me about that the letter" She said back then.
Rana couldn't help getting so horny when thinking about fucking even more so since Muhammad was too busy playing soldier against a much superior enemy. Sometimes she even wanted Muhammad to die so she could be free from the shackles of this marriage. She was nearing the climax and with a quick shove of her fingers to her g-spot, she reached her desired outcome.
"Better clean up this mess" murmured Rana to herself and started cleaning her pussy juices that didn't get into the toilet. Once done she looked in the mirror to fix her appearance, she had raven black hair, a low nose bridge with a small nose on which she had a small hole for piercing although she told Muhammad the hole happened due to a branch catching her veil, a lie of course. She had high cheekbones and an oval face shape with full luscious lips, narrow eyes, long eyelashes and beautifully combed eyebrows.
"Honesty...I could get off only by looking at myself in the mirror..." She thought while washing her hands from her pussy juices.
"Well...guess I'll wait till sweet little Asra becomes a deprived infidel-loving cock sleeve like me, teehee <3" she thought to herself while licking her lips
 "You sure she was captured?" Abdullah asked his older brothers
"Yes, I'm sure. That's what these infidel pigs said before I took care of them" Yusuf answered
"We'll just have to wait for her return and hope she is safe and sound." Muhammad told both of them
Abdullah was worried sick, he didn't imagine his brother would use Asra to free him. Asra was his beloved wife, but because of HIS blunder, she had to act as a sacrifice for these bloodthirsty invaders.
"I'm going home, I'll wait for her there." said Abdullah
"No, you can't!" exclaimed Muhammad. "It's not safe there now, the invaders most likely have our addresses and I told Rana to say that I've ran away into the desert." he continued "For now brother, stay here"
 "Fine Fine, I'll stay here...Just...If there are news about Asra please call for me" Abdullah begged his brother, this amount of stress was much more than what he was used to. He wasn't strong nor agile like his brothers, he was a doctor by trade but not a good one and he knew it. But Asra still stayed with him and now..."I basically threw her away..." He murmured.
"This is going to be a long and miserable night it seems." Abdullah thought
"MMH! MMH! *pop* YES! FUCK ME MORE! *kiss* *slurp* NGH! NNH!." Asra was drowning in pleasure and semen, Rana taught her how to suck peni-no...cocks, she taught her how to suck cocks and pleasure them. It has been twenty minutes since her new beloved, an infidel, started fucking her pussy and fifteen since the rest have joined, filling her holes and keeping her hands busy.

Her stomach was getting full already after she gulped all these heavy cum shots the privates ejaculated into her throat. Her asshole was filled by cum twice from the large black man. "This bitch is amazing!" she recalled them saying. Her new beloved has yet to cum but she saw his joyed expression becoming one of that suggested he is about to finally cum inside her hungry pussy. "YES! CUM INSIDE ME AND GIVE ME YOUR BABY!" she yelled as she felt her fertile eggs getting impregnated by this...Abdullah and his brothers would have called them pigs or invaders, but she knew what they were. They were just better and stronger men than those she met in her life living in Iraq. "Here you go slut! the cum from the man you fell in love." He yelled as he was cumming inside her.  She already came a lot by this point but this climax...this climax was the best she ever felt.

"CUMMING!" she yelled as she came together with Richard, the largest amount of semen she ever felt inside of her rushed like a torrent inside of her completely filling and flooding her womb, surely making her pregnant.
3 hours and a lot of cumshots later
The room now smells of both Asra's pussy juices, her perfume and the soldiers' semen 
"Is it just me or is anyone else spent?" asked Clint.
"Yeah, I'm spent as well...This slut sucks like a goddamn hurricane" said TJ
"At this point I think my balls have already dried up." sighed Ramirez
All three privates were experienced with having sex with women back home, but none of those women, even the most lustful of them, was this fun and tiring to fuck.
"Wait, you guys are really leaving? how weak are you dicks?" Wes asked them while snickering as Rich as too busy sucking on Asra's erect nipples causing her to moan loudly.
"Hey Rich, the three clowns left so let's change the scenery a bit, it's getting nastily sticky in here if you catch my drift.." Wes suggested and Rich knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to fuck this slut in the shower.
They moved the euphoric Asra into the shower without pulling out their huge cocks from inside her, furthermore they pulled back and shoved their cocks inward every step of the way. they soon enter the shower it was a fairly large shower room with an overhead shower head and a jacuzzi in the same room. They then pulled their cocks from within her, for a moment she thought "NO! GOD! PLEASE! WHY! WHY DID YOU STOP?!" however they only switched position with Wes face fucking her and Richard fucking her roughly from behind while holding her arms, every time he would shove it he would spank her and she would cum. This lasted for 2 more hours until Wes said "The manhunt should've ended by now, I'll go there and clean the mess while you two lovebirds could have some alone time."
Wes then departed from the shower after he cleaned himself for a bit with soap and has put his uniform back on and went outside of the room, leaving both Asra and Richard alone.
"I love you" said Asra, who now rotated herself to face Richard locking her own brown eyes with his blue eyes. Without a second thought Richard lifted her up, still pumping his huge cock into her, still looking deeply into her eyes, started to kiss her like a newly wed couple. " Hey babe" he said "let's move this to the jacuzzi". Asra nodded in agreement but that node turned into her arching her back in pleasure as Richard started sucking on her huge tit's beautifully pink nipple.
She came as soon as Richard had seated while he was still inside her. she giggled and started kissing him passionately.
She rode his cock, her luscious tits and juicy ass bouncing, cumming every time his cock reached her womb entrance, and cumming even harder when Richard either pulled on of her nipple, spanked her or sucked on a nipple.
"YESSSS! fuck me more, fuck me, give me a child!" Asra said these words so many times to count, with each time Richard complied filling her pussy with his baby batter, going flaccid for a brief moment but then rejuvenated back into fucking her naughty pussy roughly. This cycle continued until 6 AM once Asra couldn't take it anymore and fainted.
"Sweet little thing, if you have a husband he doesn't understand your true potential." Richard said, cleaning any remnants of semen from Asra's skin, drying her with a towel and carried her into his bed, putting her on top of him and hugging her with one hand.
"Good night, my beautiful Arab princess." He said while kissing her full lips.  
2 PM
"I-is that me?" Asra dreamt of last night's events, both feeling disgusted but more strongly and strangely, she felt aroused and fulfilled as if this was what she was meant to do in her life. 
She then woke up and said "I guess it wasn't a dream after all..." while looking at the huge muscular White American male she was sleeping on. She couldn't believe that she went with that deed but she wasn't sure about how to feel about it. At first she hated the idea but once she's done it...Abdullah still had some place in her heart but he was no longer her beloved, Richard already took that spot with his personality and looks.
She thought about leaving but looking at herself she thought "This is a Muslim country, I can't go out there butt naked with these torn stockings and heels." She was about to leave but as she pulled the covers she looked at Richard's huge cock standing erect. "Well...I can't leave my man unsatisfied like this." She thought and then wrapped her huge knockers around the shaft in front of her going up and down, she couldn't help but sucking on it. Feeling the cock buckle in her mouth she started shoving it deeper and deeper into her throat until she felt that oh so familiar feeling of a huge wad of cum flying into her stomach, filling it.
"Good morning Asra, that felt great. I thought you would have went by now, so why?" Richard asked while smiling. "Well.." Asra looked at him and said while pulling his cock from her throat "I'm doing a wife's responsibility for her beloved and also.." she licked her lips and with her thumb picked a small wad of cum from her chin licking and swallowing it as well, "getting breakfast" she finished while giggling and moving her hair behind her ear.
"Better go to the shower before you go back home, I'll join you" Richard said as both of them got out of bed, holding hands and kissing.
They took an hour to shower as Richard used the opportunity to clean both himself and Asra's body, touching every nook and crevice of it, causing her to come several time.
"Hey Rana, can you come by the base with a spare burka, please?" Asra asked her sister-in-law/friend. "Just don't forget our agreement." Rana said with a smile on her face. "Oh don't worry...I have A LOT to share with you." Asra responded giggling as she watched Richard put on his fatigues. "Alright, you little wild thing you, see you in about 10 minutes." Rana said and hanged up.
"Well Asra, it's been great meeting you in this hell hole of a nation." Richard said while kissing her before veiling her. "We'll surely meet again my beloved." said Asra while putting her elbows on the huge American's muscular shoulders. "Tell the rest of the guys I send kisses as well." she continued.
She was already missing those misfit privates, Wes the ebony giant and Richard...her beloved White crusader. She started walking toward her home with Rana holding her hand to keep her steady while walking.
" was it?" Rana asked Asra full of anticipation. "I'll tell you once we're in a spot no one could see us nor hear us, so please wait a bit." Asra knew that if she was to tell what happened last night in the open, both of them would be stoned to death for adultery. As soon as they got into the abandoned shack that was once a tool shack of one of Rana's neighbor, both of them looked around so to make sure not a single soul saw them enter the shack. Asra then locked the door and sat on a stool opposite to the one Rana was sitting on. "So then...Asra...tell me in detail what occurred after I lent you the clothing and shoes, oh and don't worry about the clothing I can always sew them back together." Rana said as her hand was getting ready to finger herself, Asra herself couldn't judge Rana actions as she started to do the same as she was recounting the events to Rana.
They exited the shack after 30 minutes and went to Muhammad's house.
3 PM
Muhammad's house
"ASRA!" Abdullah yelled as he ran to his wife hugging and kissing her. Asra was disgusted both by her actions but more by how much of a fool and a weakling Abdullah is. "God...You don't even compete with those infidels, you make me sick." she wanted to say these words but her remaining love for him managed to manifest as her saying "Abdullah, you are safe!". "They suspected something so I was interrogated and those men, those infidels..." she said, looking at Rana, winking "...they interrogated me, asked me to give out information, I told them nothing." 
Asra couldn't tell what actually happened else she'll be done for. If she was near the base she could have run to them, selling the brothers out to them and Rana and herself would be free to get fucked by those men.
"I'm especially tired after these events, Abdullah, please...let us go home to rest." Asra looked at him with fake puppy eyes. He could never refuse such a powerful mental attack. "Alright, let us go back home." He responded, smiling. "Don't forget to keep in touch!" Rana raised her voice as they were exiting the house. 
Asra could only smile under her veil as she was holding Abdullah's hand while walking home.

==================================THE END================================

Writer's notes:
That was my first ever story and a porn story at that...was pretty fun to write it. Comments will be much appreciated. 

PS. It was my first ever story so it might not be up to par but hey, its a learning curve.
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Trophy Thief Chapter 1 - From Ukraine with Love

22:15 PM, Late April ,USA
"Fuck my life..." Said the young man, sitting at the entrance of the apartment building. The young man, Garrett Bullock, was in his early 20's. His face wasn't handsome but he wasn't ugly either, he had dark brown hair and a fairly lean body due to working in several different menial jobs. But his most defining feature was his thick, 9 inch long cock. "But that's all I have." he always told himself.

He was called a "deformed freak" throughout his school days which also didn't help his low self esteem but once he reached college he made his mind of moving away from his parents to possibly increase the chance of hooking up with girls but this mindset has yet to bear fruit.

The apartment building he lived in wasn't large as each apartment of the five floored building had one bathroom and two bedrooms. The top floor of the building is housed by the landlord, Mr. Barrett, an annoying man with a bit of a beer belly and balding, can be described as a male Karen. His trophy of a wife, Nikita, who immigrated from Eastern Europe and his daughter, Taylor, who is slightly younger than Garrett and is about to graduate from highschool.

On the fourth floor, there is only one resident. The always athletic Amber, a woman with a slim toned waist, large bouncing tits, defined legs and bubble butt. Her golden hair shines when she starts her usual ritualistic run at dawn. Her big round blue eyes, button nose and full lips makes her even more appealing for Garrett as she is primarily his early morning fap material.

He lived on the third floor near the storage apartment in what could be described as 'The worst floor' in the building. The storage apartment stunk of oil, rat droppings, rat poison and filth but the only person with the key was the landlord.

On the second floor lives his college teacher, Dr. Angela Dodds , a beautiful blonde woman who kept her long hair in a bun. Her face could be described as angelic as she had full lips, small nose, high cheekbones and her piercing blue and green heterochromic eyes. She usually wears a leather pencil skirt and a pink tight blouse that usually took the shape of her big tits, and a black sheer pantyhose showing off her beautiful legs and delicious big ass. In the second apartment on this floor lives Ms. Thebe Fairbairn, a businesswoman of Scots descent. She has strawberry blonde hair, her body is comparable to Angela. Her face could easily earn her a spot as one of the top models in the world as she has high cheekbones, green eyes, small and slightly pointed nose with a set of full lips.

And lastly on the ground/first floor there are Mrs. and Mr. Jones, an elderly couple who were married for almost 40 years, in one apartment and Mrs. Smith with Ji-Yeon Park, her Korean caretaker, in the other. Ji-Yeon is a small Korean woman with big tits and tight ass.

And now, here he is sitting at the entrance of the building waiting for his landlord to come and give him a spare key cause his original key accidentally fell out of his hands and was pushed into the apartment. 

"Just...why does life hate me so much..." He murmured to himself. Soon he was able to spot Mr. Barrett's usual red pseudo-sports car coming up to the driveway. "Hey there Mr. B." Garret greeted him awkwardly. Mr. Barrett turned his chubby figure around, looking at Garret. He stank of cheap cologne and cigarettes. "What do you want?" Mr. Barrett angrily asked him, the dislike was indeed a mutual relationship.

"So... I got locked outside of my apartment, can you please give me a spare key just so I could get in?" Garret asked, he REALLY didn't like to ask this landlord as the following response was common. "IDIOT, TAKE THIS AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT! I have more important business to deal with than you." He yelled while pointing his finger at Garret. "Yeah yeah I'm going." Garret murmured to himself as he went up the stairs.

When he was about to reach his door he heard angry yells from the bottom of the staircase and looked down the flight of stairs to see Mr. Barrett screaming into his phone causing the recipient to hang up. Thus causing him to scream even more and then he threw his phone on the ground, with an audible crack. "That's what you get, douchebag." Garrett said in a normal tone which was quiet enough for Mr. Barrett to not be able to hear it. But as he turned around to go up the stairs, he accidentally body hit someone, causing them to yelp and to fall unto him. But he acted quickly and pushed with his lower body while grabbing the person at their hips and their...squeeze he squeezed, feeling a large, ample, round object, he opened his eyes to see himself hand-fully grabbing a woman's huge left tit and putting on her sexy, toned ass. These caused him to harden which wouldn't be so bad but his twitching and hardening cock was currently located and rubbing with this woman's pussy.

"This day is now the best I ever had."
he thought to himself, feeling giddy. But the feeling of happiness changed to one of despair as the woman turned her head backwards, swiping her black hair behind her ear and looking at him. He could see her full lips, beautiful nose, piercing blue eyes, trimmed looking eyebrows and high cheekbones, he knew this face well...some might say too well as this was both his fap material and his landlord's trophy wife, who is now being pushed down and rubbed by him. "OH SHIT!" he yelled, helping her up but before she could say anything he rushed into his apartment and locked the door.

"Fucking life went from bad to best to worst in the span of like a minute..please for the love of god, any god, please don't tell you husband about this." he murmured, in a rough and almost silent whisper. "Calm down, calm down!" he kept murmuring to himself, he then looked down at his cock which although at half mast was starting to pitch a tent.

"Alright, if you won't calm down normally, I'll make you calm down." Garrett said to himself and started to go to the bathroom but then a bzzt came from the door buzzer. "Why of all times, why now!" he whispered angrily and opened the door, trying to hide his massive erection. "Yes?" he asked but he was stunned as the person who was at his door wasn't Mr. Barrett, coming to evict him and report him to the police, but it was Nikita, Barrett's trophy wife, the same one that he pushed down and the cause of his most recent stress.

"How can I-" before he could finish the sentence, Nikita already entered his apartment and made her way to his bedroom. "Please wait!" Garrett raised his voice but she didn't respond. Once she reached the bedroom, she bent her back, looking underneath the bed while giving a full view of her ass and shapely legs to Garrett, not helping subduing his massive erection. She then turned around to face him, spreading the smell of her perfume even more into the apartment, and went up to his face, rubbing her massive tits on his body. "Phone, now!" she told him in an assertive accented voice while reaching her hand out.

"What?" Garrett asked, confused as to why she would want his phone. "PHONE, NOW!" she raised her voice even more. "Alright, alright, take the phone..." he said as he handed her his phone. She then jumped onto his bed while swiping, typing and scrolling his phone. She laid there with one leg bent upwards and spread them enough so he could catch glimpses of her black thong as her dark blue mini dress started rolling up her shapely body. 

Nikita looked at the pics in the phone, there were many pics of attractive women, all of which had several things in common - all had killer bodies, all had beautiful faces and all of them lived in this very building but there were four pics that were bookmarked and thus drew her attention: The first was herself before she and her husband went to the beach in her halterneck shiny light blue bikini and black sarong, the shot was taken while she was stretching and her tits almost slipping out of the bikini. The second pic was Amber, wearing her tight black yoga pants and sports bra, doing yoga poses during her morning routine. The third pic was her step-daughter, Taylor, in her sexy old highschool cheerleader uniform giving head to a college student. The fourth pic was an above photo of the cleavage of an unaware Angela wearing a tight pink blouse with her tits almost overflowing and bursting the poor buttons.

"How many times in day?" She asked him suddenly, not knowing what she was asking he then said "How many times what?". Nikita then repeated her question slowly and more elaborately "How many times in day do you masturbuvaty?" as she was asking she did the hand gesture of stroking a cock.

"Five..." he murmured, Nikita raised one of her beautiful eyebrows in surprise and jumped up to him, grabbing his almost erect cock. "Five? and to who were you cumming the most?" She asked him as she was also licking her lips, Garrett blushed and said "Y-you..."

"Awww, zank you." She giggled and kissed him on the mouth, "Now..." she started to say as she was returning to lie on his bed, "If you had the option to continue our encounter from earlier, what would you have done to me?"

"Ummm..." Garrett was still confused of how he reached the point in which his landlord's trophy wife was lying on his bed, after going over his fap material, is trying to seduce him or maybe to get him convicted as a rapist. "Come on, sit." Nikita said as she went into a sitting position and tapped on the part of the bed that is facing her. Garrett obliged and sat in front of her, as soon as he was fully seated on that part of the bed, Nikita grabbed his hands and put them on her thighs and lurched forward and asked again, while pressing her massive tits to his chest, "What you would do, if we were not alone back then, back when you rubbed this monster on my pussy?"

Garrett gulped and started to stutter "I-I-I...", Nikita put her index finger on his lips and said "Close your eyes, and go vith ze flow." Garrett then closed his eyes, focusing on the sexy smell of Nikita's perfume and said "I would have pushed you down and torn off your sexy little thong, and shove my cock-" before he could finish Nikita grabbed his cock and started to stroke it while playing with her nipple and asked playfully "This cock, yes?"

"Y-yes, I would have shoved it in your pussy, pumping it full of cum and slapping your ass." He finished and opened his eyes to see Nikita straddling his cock into her pussy, shoving his face into her massive milk pillows and playfully saying "Oh, you mean like zis?"

Before Garrett could respond, Nikita, with a gymnastic level of skill and without having the cock pulled away from her pussy, swiftly moved both of them into the position Garrett has just described. "OH DAMN!" Garrett yelled and started pounding her Ukrainian pussy, with each pound his apple sized hit Nikita's clit and ass hard enough to push her to cum faster than she ever was able to. With each pound Nikita meowled and cooed, causing Garrett, who had just submitted to his primal instincts, to grab a hold of her tit and squeeze it. "Ho ho ho, someone is getting ahead of himself...I think you need punishment." Said Nikita while smiling a maliciously sexy smile.

Garrett was pulled out of his trance as Nikitia pulled his cock away from her pussy and noticed they were no longer fucking on his bed but were standing. He was about to beg her to allow him to plug her pussy again but she put a finger unto his lips and said "Don't worry, I will not leave you on edge." She put his erect nine inch long cock between her bountifully thick thighs and begone to jerk his cock with not only her thighs but with her left hand she jerked the shaft and with the right she form the OK hand gesture and began, as if to unscrew a bottle cap, stimulating the massive cock head.

"OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT!" Garrett yelled and grunted as his cock bucked and began to ejaculate a massive amount of cum with each buckle. Nikita cupped both of her hands together to accumulate the ejaculated cum so that none would go to waste but she didn't expect this amount to be released. 

"Awww, vhat a vaste..." Nikita pouted as most of the cum was dripping unto the floor. As Garrett's massive cock was finishing the release of the white goo, Nikita turned to him and looked at him dead in his eyes before she smiled and began chugging the cum she accumulated inside of her cupped hands. But even then, some drops managed to go through the cracks in her hands onto her sweaty sexy body, she soon finished swallowing his cum and said "Can you please rub those into my skin?" Garret, still dazed and happy, obliged her and began rubbing the cum drops into her skin, giving it even more glamour. He then looked at Nikita to see that she used what remained in her hands as a face and hair lotion.

"Ahhh, that vas great, thank you." Nikita said as she was starting to dress herself. "I'll be returning zis also." she said as she was taking the spare key back to Mr. Barrett. Without another word she just left the apartment, leaving Garrett naked, sweaty and pool of cum in his bedroom.

"This was..." he exhaled "New..." He looked around searching for his phone in order to make sure Nikita hadn't deleted his precious fap material. Luckily all were there but he noticed something else. A new contact. He opened his contact phone book and he looked at the new contact, to say the least he was shocked as the name that appeared there suggested future endeavors. 

The new contact was read "Nikki <3"


Nikita was walking up the flight of stairs to her apartment as she was recalling what transpired in the last few hours.

She was caught unprepared in the staircase, forced down with her pussy rubbed by a monster cock. Before she could do anything the owner of said cock just got up, helped her get up and ran into his apartment without so much as a word.

After that initial encounter, she went up to her apartment and waited for her husband, John Barrett, to come inside the apartment. The door opened and Barrett came inside, Nikita immediately put her Slavic sexy airhead mode on and ran eagerly towards him, her fun bags jiggling and ass bouncing until she reached him and kissed him on his cheek while lifting and bending one of her legs. 

"How vas day, honey?" She asked

"It was pretty meh, and made even worse cause of that Garrett punk, that moron forgot his spare key again." Barrett responded. He really hated Garrett as he saw him as a naive idiotic youngster whose name is too similar to his own. Needless to say that John Barrett put himself on a pedestal so high, if he were to jump from it, it would be a larger fall than if he was jumping from the stratosphere.

"Vuld you like coffee, tea or -" but before she could finish Barrett quickly responded with a harsh and quick "No. I want you to leave me alone." In the past this would make her angry and disappointed but now...she couldn't give less of a shit about. The basic contract was the usual for a trophy wife: the husband gives money and the wife let him fuck her. Barrett was too preoccupied with work to even care about her sexual needs and dildos weren't doing it for her anymore, she needed to find something new and exciting.

She remembered that encounter on the stairs and how her pussy dripped from the sensation of having it rubbed with a thick cock, she couldn't help but subtly bite her lip sensually. She looked at Barrett slumped on the couch, watching a game of football and said to him "Don't vorry honey, I'll return ze keys, you just rest." She didn't want him to take this opportunity from her so she added a cute smile and looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Y-yeah, go right ahead. I'll take a nap in the meantime." Barrett could never say no to this level of persuasion nor was he prepared for it and nor did he care as this was one of Nikita's responsibilities as a trophy wife. Nikita kissed him to ease him to sleep.

Barrett soon fell deeply asleep. Nikita went to her bedroom and started to redo her makeup, her long eyelashes were naturally beautiful, she applied a dark blue eyeshadow to compliment her blue eyes, while still looking at the mirror she redone her red lipstick and performed kissing motions. She put away her make up and focused on her figure.

First she grabbed her massive tits from beneath, squeezing them sensually and making them bounce, she looked inside her dress and removed her pasties, bras to her felt too restricting. She looked satisfied with her massive tits and taut stomach and gave a small twirl to view her behind - her ass was round and beautiful like a bubble, her complexion was like marble and with no blemish. She started bouncing her ass up and down with her hands, stopping once she felt the jiggle looked perfect. Her dark blue dress was silky smooth, her black high heels pushed her height to around 1.73 meters. Her smooth wavy black hair shone in the light.

She was ready. Taylor was away with her friends, John was asleep, she was horny and she found her human shaped dildo right on her doorstep, metaphorically of course... She spent her younger years of her middle and high school as a gymnast, and a quite competent one at that but she was booted from the team as the coach and teammates were envious of her body. She kept her flexibility through these ten years through practice and yoga.

She went out the front door with the sound of clacking heels and smelled of a luxurious perfume and a woman in heat. Then events of this night occurred.


Nikita snapped from her daze, noticing she has reached the Barrett residence in which she resides. She opened the door, placing the spare key of Garrett's apartment on the counter. She looked over to the couch, John was still deeply asleep. She slowly took off her high heels to make as little noise as to not cause John to wake up, as he would smell her body odor that was now smelling like a mix of cum, perfume and sweat. She quietly slipped into the bedroom and closed the door, her pale body shone and glowed in the moonlight before she lightened up the room, she looked at herself in the mirror and she saw herself with a satisfied face. 

She looked closer into the mirror and saw a wad of cum stuck to her cheek, she smiled and with her thumb picked it up and soon enough put it into her mouth. Before she could swallow it she noticed that there was a batch of cum still stuck to her forearm, she licked it thoroughly, not missing a spot.

Nikita could taste his rich and delicious cum, she didn't want to swallow it just yet so she started to roll it in her mouth. "Zis taste is so...deliciously addicting." she exclaimed hungrily.

"Oh! better not vaste time." She snapped back to reality, the time was late and the water could have gone cold by now. She entered the hot shower, her drops of water and soap peeling away the remnants of Garrett's cum off of her skin, leaving it looking young and refreshed. Nikita wasn't old by any stretch but at the age of 27 she was afraid that her main export, her looks, would disappear from within her grasp, leaving her as an old single childless woman on the streets.

She soon began to scrub her belly and crotch, she couldn't help but masturbate as the memories of tonight's fucking flooded her mind with the anticipation of doing so again. She finished her shower feeling refreshed and satisfied, she twirled her sexy nude body to her closet and grabbed her silk sheer nightgown and put it own, her massive tits and ass causing the gown to barely cover her pubic line.

She jumped backwards on her bed, her tits jiggling on impact. It didn't take her long to fall asleep as that huge cock fucked every ounce of energy out of her, marking this the first time she almost submitted to a man, only being able to gain back dominance because of Garrett's self consciousness and awkwardness.

 Nikita closed her blue eyes, her long eyelashes closing shut. She smiled, her boring and mundane life has now been improved, she now acquired a new toy for her to play with and if the time come when John Barrett, this pathetic man that was her husband, would divorce her for a new trophy wife, like how he's done before her, she'll at least have a contingency plan to spice up her love life as a single woman. 

Nikita turned in her bed, slowly falling asleep, thinking what tomorrow will bring with it, what pleasure will she feel next. But she'll have to plan carefully her seduction of this newly graduated virgin to make him her own.


Garrett woke from his sleep, he could only think of the events of yesterday night as a dream, a fever dream. But, right now he had more important things on his mind - his ritual. He starts with some stretches and basic Calisthenics, mainly push ups and crunches. He always timed his workout when he hears the quick footsteps running down the steps from the fourth floor.

Once the footsteps are gone from the staircase he focuses his gaze unto the entrance of the building, focusing on the 25 year old, somehow single, athletic Amber. Wearing a black sports bra underneath a midriff baring pink and white t-shirt, she stretches on the empty sidewalk, her massive fun-bags and toned sexy ass jiggling and her blonde hair reflecting the golden shine of the sun.

Amber never puts on makeup when she runs, but her face is already beautiful and aesthetic even without it as her high cheekbones, full lips, blue eyes and long eyelashes performs a killer combo, shooting every observer in the heart.

Garrett gazed at her from behind his window blinds, seeing her jumping and running in place in order to get heated, resulting in her tits and ass jiggling sexily. Garrett pulled down his pants and started masturbating his nine inch long, thick cock without as much as looking away from the blonde bombshell. He soon came into his prepared bucket, filling it almost to its edge.

Satisfied, he went to his bathroom to clean up and continued his morning ritual of getting ready for the day. He checked his phone for several new messages, he saw only four: First, his parents wishing him a fruitful and good day, always the worrying type. Second, his college group discussed how to study for the midterms. Third, Mr.Barrett telling him that this would be the last time he'll give him a spare key. Fourth, a subgroup of the college group, consisting of mostly men, pretty much worshiping Angela's aphrodisian figure and angelic face. 

But he found a new message from a contact he thought he hallucinated - Nikita, or how she called herself on his phone, "Nikki <3". He opened the contact message thread and saw a pic marked as a spoiler, he clicked on it and his cock, flaccid post masturbation, sprang back up to half mast and getting even harder. The pic Nikita sent was a selfie, showing her nude pale buxom body posing in the mirror. The pic was accompanied with the caption - "See you soon, lover. I hope you saved some of your cum for me xoxoxo <3."

Garrett was stunned, he could vividly remember Nikita's moans of pleasure and the feel of her flawless skin and buxom body. His cock was now fully erect, looking at the time, he rushed into the bathroom and started masturbating rapidly, resulting in him cumming about eighty percent of the amount he ejaculated earlier.

 He quickly cleaned up and dressed up in his usual jeans and t-shirt with the writing "I'M WITH THE SCIENCE TEAM!" imprinted on it. Garrett entered his small car, he could only afford that after many hours of part time jobs. He connected his phone to the car's aux port and activated his playlist. His car smelled like an old person's home as it was pretty dusty but other than that it didn't have much of a smell either as Garrett never did anything with the car besides driving to and from home/college.

Garrett lived pretty close to his college but not close enough to walk leisurely, he would either need to sprint the all way to get there in time or he needed to buy a car. He chose the latter. He pulled up into one of the few free spaces left, and saw his friend, Jack, saving him a spot near his red SUV.

"You're late bro." Jack told him, while looking worryingly. "That's not like you." he continued.  "Come on, let's go. Emilia already went to her class." he finished.

"Oh, sorry about that man. Had some issues in the morning." Garrett responded while looking down awkwardly.

As he walked quickly behind Jack, Garrett couldn't help but appreciate his friendship with Jack Sullivan and Emilia Hill, Jack's girlfriend. The trio have known each other since childhood, when they used to play together all kind of things, from sport to video games. Emilia was a tomboy through and through when she was younger. Jack was the eldest of the trio and acted as the older brother of the trio and Garrett himself was the rational one.

But, as they grew older and separated from each other's influence before their highschool years, they changed a lot in some cases and not a lot in others. Emilia for one, changed from a short haired tomboy into a top cheerleader, with her dirty blonde hair dyed to seem like a natural blonde and her breasts becoming c-cups and her ass rounded into a sweet looking ass.

Jack became quite the social butterfly and a stereotypical jock but he still remained kind to nerds and outcasts because of his interactions with his old friend. He grew in height and muscle tone to (1.78m) tall, he usually wears his highschool sports jacket he got as a football player.

The trio reunited in highschool, covering and helping one another as they tried to make the lives of each other better. Garrett would help the other two with their studying and grades, Jack would give protection in return to Garrett and Emilia would try, unsuccessfully, hooking Garrett up with her teammates.

Garrett returned to reality as Jack said to him "You really need to tell me why you got so late, it's really unlike you. You are usually more diligent and organized. Do you have a girlfriend or something?"

"N-no, I'm still single." Garrett answered awkwardly. Jack knew his friend was lying or at least uncomfortable with the subject, so he changed the topic. "Y'know you can come live with us right? We are friends after all. Why did you even take that apartment offer? It's further than our apartment." Jack said and asked.

"I have my own reasons, not trying to sound like an asshole or anything, I'm just...I'll tell you why when I feel okay with telling you." Garrett quickly answered. Both friends soon noticed that they've reached the crossroad hallway where they needed to separate and go to their own classes but before they left each other's sight Jack said to Garrett "Alright bro, it's time for us to go. And also..." Jack then got next to Garrett's ear and finished his sentence, whispering "If you get any good pics of Angela like the previous one, please send it to the group. I'm sure everyone there would be ecstatic." As he finished his sentence he gave a slight tap on Garrett's shoulder.

Garrett himself could only respond with a shy nod and a hum. Both friends waved to each other as they turned around and started walking to their classes. Garrett entered the classroom and took his usual seat in the back of the class. He looked at his clock, seeing that he got in 5 minutes before the class was about to start. He exhaled in relief but he jumped in his skin as he heard the sound of heels clacking, he raised his head and watched as his teacher and neighbor, Dr. Angela Dodds, entered the classroom.

Angela was wearing her usual sort of attire, black leather pencil skirt and light pink blouse and wore her hair in a french bun. Garrett couldn't help getting an erection and he was sure that his classmates were no different. 

Class has begun and progressed normally, unfortunately for Garrett he has hit a wall in his programming "Oh shit..." he thought, "I wanted to avoid this but now I really can't."

Soon he raised his hand to get the attention of Angela, who was overseeing their progress. She saw his risen hand and walked up to him. "Oh god..." he thought as he watched Angela's swaying fun bags and juicy ass come closer to him, starting to get an erection that would push him to half mast. She now stood beside him and he told her awkwardly "I-i have a problem, please help."

"Let me see." she said and put the mouse into her hand and put her other arm on the back of the chair Garrett was sitting on. She leaned forward, causing her tits to hang for a while till one of them took its place on the area covering Garrett's collarbone to his pecs. "Oh fuck!" he exclaimed in his mind, he could smell her enticing perfume as well. His cock was now 70% erect. His cock, now getting a large amount of blood that was supposed to go to his brain, has assumed control, causing Garrett to slowly shift his phone to his right side and started to take candid pics of this situation from below and without notice.

Without notice, Angela's hand slipped, causing her to yelp and fall forward. Garrett snapped out of his trance and quickly grabbed her waist stopping her from falling forwards but he did nothing but change her trajectory into his own body. Her right hand grabbed the closest thing she could, his cock's shaft. Garrett's head moved back in pleasure, almost cumming, Angela was stunned at the size and thinking "If this thing would enter my vagina I would come instantly..." She quickly snapped back to reality, blushing and stepping backwards without saying a word as the entire class turned backwards trying to pinpoint the origin of the yelp noise.

"I'm so going to masturbate to this memory when I get back home!" Garrett thought to himself, trying to calm down his erection in the meantime. Class then continued normally, with a slightly more anxious Angela as she was less willing to answer questions, even dismissing class 10 minutes before time.

His day then continued as usual, the usual boring courses he did not want to listen to but he did write some notes down. He dragged his legs at the end of the day to his car, catching a glimpse of Angela walking with folders pressed to her massive jugs, she noticed his gaze.

Blushing, Angela was looking away from him, she picked up her walking speed and headed off to her car. "I never knew Angela could be this cute..." Garrett murmured to himself, smiling. He got into his car and checked his phone for messages. Most of the messages were from Angela's fan group, both praising and cursing him for the amazing shot. 

He then got a message from Nikita "She probably saw I was online..." he murmured. It was a video of her, naked save for black stockings and black high heels, masturbating with a dildo of similar length to his own cock, picking up the pace as she said his name faster and faster until she came.

Nikita then stared at the camera, as if looking at him directly,  she said "Save your cum for me, vill see you next veek, lover." As she finished the sentence, and the video was drawing to an end, she did kissing motion and followed it with deepthroating the dildo that was covered in her pussy juices, waving goodbye. Then the video ended.

Garrett was stunned but his cock was now fully erect and throbbing, Garrett snapped out of it and realized that he had yet to return home and was still at the college's parking lot. He then started driving to the apartment building, both trying to focus on the road and to calm his cock, he reached home quite a bit later, using his bag as cock cover.

He quickly rushed up the stairs, trying to avoid any neighbor, especially Nikita, and to get as quickly as possible to his apartment to masturbate and relieve himself. He took his computer out of its bag, opened the video Nikita sent him earlier, he then placed it on the toilet and rotated it so it would face the shower. He clicked play and masturbated there, after a lot of strokes and pumps, his apple sized testicles started pumping their baby butter towards the cock's head, causing him to paint the shower walls with his thick cum. He finished his shower feeling relieved but tired, he stopped the looping video and saved it into his special folder. He exited the shower, dried himself off and put on his boxers and usual t-shirt. Garrett fell backwards unto his bed, thinking that maybe, just maybe, his luck is starting to look up.


Several hours earlier

Nikita was horny. She was horny before, but now that she knows she has large creamed sausage downstairs ready to fuck her wanting pussy instead of this pathetic little worm she was currently sucking slowly, as her livelihood  was depending on what this rich fat American man, her "husband", John Barrett wanted to do. He wasn't usually one to ask her for blowjobs but she suggested it as to keep him in check.

"Ah yes! suck my big cock Sasha!" he yelled. Nikita rolled her eyes in frustration, this dick of his could measure at max, with some help, at 3 inches at best, swallowing it up to the hilt was easier than eating an icicle. Out of his four wives, his first and three trophy wives, he could barely impregnate one and even then it took them a lot of time. The three trophy wives ragged on him on their chat group.

John Barrett was a man of many, many flaws. The only part that made him attractive to women was the amount of cash he had. He was fat, balding, had shitty personality, idiotic and horrible in bed. As Nikita thought about his previous instances of his shitty personality, she had a sudden realization "Did he just call me Sasha?!" She thought and looked up at his eyes angrily.

"What? are you mad cause of the Sasha thing? Sasha, Anya, Nikita, whatever all of you slutty Russians are pretty much the same character anyways." John Barrett said dismissively.

"Oh, you fat stupid bastard." She thought. "This session is done." She said, finishing her thought, while his dick still in her mouth. She started picking up the pace, sucking his small dick hard, "You said someth-Oh yes, oh yes!" John Barrett yelled, cumming in her mouth.

The taste of his cum was far inferior than the taste of Garrett's. "Well, time to add another laughing matter to the list." She thought. She looked in Barrett's direction, he slumped into the couch, satisfied, but jumped to attention as he looked at his watch. He quickly put his pants back on and as he was going out the door he waved and yelled at Nikita "Bye honey, it was great!"

Nikita could only wave until he was out of sight, as soon as that occurred she ran to the bathroom, she knelt before the seat, pushed her tits out of the way, gathered the entire amount into a ball of saliva and cum and spat the disgusting tasting cum into the toilet, flushing it down like it deserves.

She wiped her mouth, looked down at her dress and said "This will not do." She went into her bedroom and took out a fairly large box that was hidden inside of her closet, she laid it on the bed and opened it. Inside were dildos, vibrators, dildo-vibrators, a metallic cock ring, handcuffs, pasties and lotions. Nikita grabbed a lotion and her largest dildo, measuring close to Garrett's own.

Nikita closed the box and put it away onto the floor, she turned around, making sure the door was locked. Seeing it was locked she giggled and took off her mini dress, revealing the fact that she was wearing nothing underneath but black stockings. She activated the camera that was placed in front of the bed, recording what comes next. 

She took the dildo and applied lotion to it to make it slippery, she shoved the dildo inside her dripping wanting cunt, screaming and moaning Garrett's name every time she came. She was alone in the apartment, her stepdaughter was with her mother and her useless stupid husband was away at work, letting more competent workers do the work while he comes home with stacks of cash. 

Nikita now had only one thing on her mind, grooming the young timid bull living two floors beneath her into her own personal pet, her own human dildo. "Two more pushes he will be mine." she managed to have this coherent thought between two climaxes.

After around ten minutes of shooting herself masturbate, she stared at the camera and said "Save your cum for me, vill see you next veek, lover." Nikita did some kissing motions and started to plunge the huge dildo into her throat, waving goodbye to the camera and turning it off.

The room smelt like a mix of pussy juices and her jasmine perfume, she did not dislike that scent as it was only natural. After a few minutes of recuperating she stood up from the bed, she stretched her sweaty and for now relieved body upwards, making her massive jugs and plump bubble butt bounce.

 Nikita moaned as she felt up her body, starting from her crotch up to her tits, playing with her erect nipples. She couldn't forget or quiet down the thoughts of Garrett's massive cock, she knew she must put it inside of her as soon as possible, she soon could act on this lust.

Nikita looked at her calendar longingly "One more." She said with a soft voice as she was tracing her full luscious lips with her middle finger. Unable to control her lust, Nikita quickly grabbed the dildo she just used, still dripping pussy juices, and ran to the shower.

Her smooth pussy, freshly masturbated, oozed down her thighs' smoothly perfect skin and dripped unto the floor as she lightly ran to the shower. Her massive rack and delicious ass jiggled as she was taking off her sweaty and moist stockings and her black heels.

Nikita entered the hot shower, the drops of water hitting her smooth and flawless pale skin, she began to plunge the dildo into her hungry dripping muffler. She moaned in pleasure, the drops of water dripping off of her erect nipples and lips. She took the dildo out of her pussy and put it unto the floor, facing up, she lowered her perfect body, pushing the dildo into her and began to bounce up and down on it. She massaged her erect pink nipple and clit screaming "YES GARRETT! FUCK ME! SEED ME!" into the void, cumming several times until she finally collapsed unto the floor, lightly fingering herself and licking her own juices.

She stood up shaking, quickly soaping her now sensitive body as fast as possible as to evade another orgasm, she didn't even bother putting on her tiny babydoll but just put on a black lace thong. Nikita leapt unto the bed, her voluptuous body shaking as the impact went through it. She turned around in her bed and looked at the ceiling with glazed eyes, quickly falling asleep.

Nikita was dreaming, she was wearing a cow print thongs, white high heels and small horns. She looked ahead, seeing a green meadow with two animistic silhouettes standing there. She drew closer, seeing a young large bull and a fat old goat with white eyes. The goat bah'd angrily at the bull who looked scared or uncomfortable until the goat left. Nikita slowly walked the bull, lightly touching his face, causing him great pleasure. "Come here, byka." She said, kissing his face and putting his cheek on her massive udders, the bull was ecstatic. "Good boy, here let me put zis on to mark you as mine." She said as she took out a silver nose ring and put it into the bull's nose. The ring was too small for the bull, causing him distress and anger. She felt betrayed for some reason and said while turning around "Why won't you be mine?". The bull turned his attention unto her, pushing her down to the floor and putting his arms, now human, to her sides. Nikita turned around to look at the bull who was now a human save for his horns and now golden nose ring. The horned man began pumping his huge member into her, she moaned and gasped. The horned man began to fuck her faster and faster, she grabbed his horns and kissed his mouth. She yelled someone's name as the climax came closer. She saw the old goat coming closer to her with his erect yet tiny penis. She slapped him away as she spat on him. The horned man behind her continued to pick up the tempo as he pumped his cock into her. She opened her mouth and let her tongue out, prompting the horned man to turn her face aside and French kissed her sloppily, large amount of saliva dripping on and off her massive swaying udders. The horned man pumped his hips a few more times at the end of which, both her and the man climaxed with a scream.

Nikita gasped, awoken by the dream, she tore off the covers from now sweaty and sensitive skin, it has been four hours since she fell asleep. She looked at the sheet, seeing a large wet spot where her lower body would have been. "Vhat vas I dreaming..?" She wondered aloud, as she couldn't remember the dream.


The next week


Garrett woke up early in the morning and started his morning ritual as always. Look out of the window and wait for Amber to appear and to do her stretches. Masturbate to this sight. Clean up. Then start his day with a humble breakfast with a few minutes of checking his phone for new messages. The latest pic he snagged of Angela's plump bubble butt up-skirt as she was going up the stairs, got him a lot of positive responses from the fan group.

He noticed the lack of Nikita's sexy videos and pic she usually sent to him. "She probably moved...and hopefully won't report our sex as rape." He said, he looked at his computer, grateful, and said "At least I still have them saved on good ol' trusty." His alarm went off, notifying him that he should go to college. "Oh! my time to go." he said to himself, putting his computer into his backpack with his lunch. He exited the building full of energy. As he went to his car he saw Amber returning to the building and while blushing greeted her "H-hello Amber, good morning, how are you doing?" Amber jumped slightly, startled, she turned around and saw Garrett waving at her. "Hey Gar, good morning. I was just coming back to grab something." Amber said in her usual bubbly cheerfulness. 

Garrett was desperately trying not to ogle Amber's body, which resulted in a slower response time. Luckily for him, he and Amber heard voices coming from the door, two figures were seen exiting the building's entrance. The shorter figure was John Barrett, dressed in a black suit that was already dirty, while to his left walked the taller figure of a woman with an hourglass silhouette. It was Nikita, she was wearing a floral dress, the dress was backless and sleeveless with a halterneck. Her massive jugs pitched the fabric enough for everyone to see her perfect sideboob. She wore white high heels and black sunglasses, obscuring her eyes for the most part but with a closer look you could see she was eyeing Garrett like a lioness eyeing a buffalo. "Oh hey there, Garrett, Amber." Nikita waved at them both, Garrett was blushing even more than he already was. 

"Why are you even greeting this cretin, Nikita?!" Barrett asked angrily while pointing at Garrett who was standing next to Amber in the parking space. "John, please do not harass tenants." Nikita asked of him as she pressed her massive fun bags to his back while emphasizing her words with her full, luscious lips. "You wanted to speak with Amber, right?" She continued, prompting him to look at Amber.  

 Thanks to Nikita's suggestion, Barrett changed his attention to Amber, who felt him ogling her sexy body causing her face to slightly grimace, and started a conversation, "Hello, Ms. Bomengen, you are due your payment of this month..." he reminded Amber, while looking sleazy. "Oh, here it is, Josefina had a feeling you'd ask for it today." Amber said as she handed him an envelope full of cash. "O-oh, thank you..." Barrett said plainly, he looked disappointed as if his plans were ruined. 

Nikita tapped on Garret's back as Barrett and Amber slowly walked away from the driveway, "Here, lover boy, look as much as you vant..." She whispered closely into Garrett's ear, pressing her massive jugs to his back, while starting to feel up his muscles. "Zis night...zis night do to me vat you vould have done to her.." She finished her sentence with the turning of Garrett's face aside, licking and then kissing his lips passionately.

As Barrett and Amber's conversation was coming to an end, Nikita kissed Garrett for a final time, she waved goodbye at him as she walked closer to Barrett. "John, don't forget your business trip." Nikita told him in a concern and erotic voice. "OH!" John jumped and quickly entered his car and drove off carelessly into the street. Luckily for him there were no cars present.

Amber turned around to face the still blushing and hiding his semi erect massive cock Garrett "Well...that was...weird." She said while scratching behind her head. "See ya around, Gar!" She said and held his neck with her bicep, pushing his cheek into her tit. She then quickly ran inside the apartment building, leaving Garrett stunned and fully erect.

"I-i'm never gonna wash this cheek..." He said silently, dazed by what just occurred. His savior, his goddess, his fap material just brazenly pushed his head to her huge pillows. After a few minutes of sitting in his car, motionless, he snapped back to reality , looking at the time and seeing that he needed to rush off as well, otherwise Angela would give him a lecture of mostly screams. He wanted to avoid this sort of lecture but he couldn't help but think that while she lectured him Angela looked pretty cute.

He reached college just in time, Jack was nowhere to be seen and Emilia was usually already in her classroom so he rushed alone to the classroom. His day went on normally afterwards: listen in class, snag a sexy pic of Angela, eat, more listening in class, taking notes, experiments, programming and finally he returned home.

Night finally came as he entered his apartment, he entered his apartment but seemingly he couldn't close the door behind him. He turned around, seeing a feminine figure behind him wearing a black silky robe, the woman had black hair and piercing blue eyes who looked like those that belonged to a hungry animal. It was Nikita, she quickly pushed him inside, locked the door behind them and pushed him unto the bed. "Nikita! Nikki! Easy!" Garrett told her as she started unbuckling his pants and pulling them and his underwear to his feet.

His white cock flopped out of his underwear, slightly slapping Nikita in the cheek as it flopped out. She looked at it as if she was looking at a nice slice of steak and licked her lips. "Nikki, wai-" Garrett began to say, but Nikita lunged at him, putting her index finger vertically unto his lips, "Shhh, sveety, I did not touch my pussy zis entire veek, so vhy vont you be good boy and shh." she whispered to him. Garrett could feel his cock rubbing against her crotch, toned stomach and poking her tit inside her robe.

He inhaled as he looked into her blue eyes, her perfume could only be described as floral and enchanting. Her skin was smooth and perfect and her hair was like black silk. Nikita smiled at him and removed her finger from his lips, she replaced it with her own as she held the sides of his head. Soon enough she made her way down his body, kissing it and caressing his muscles. She reached his massive cock and began to lick and kiss it, here and there stroking it. After a few more licks and strokes she put it into her mouth, sucking it as if sucking a smoothie. She polished his cock as she almost reached the half of it and then retracted back to it's head, polishing it by rotating and sucking the tip.

Nikita parted her lips from the cock momentarily to disrobe herself and threw the robe unto the ground. She was wearing nothing but black stockings and black high heels. She resumed sucking him off, his cock bucked inside her mouth and she felt it. Nikita quickly encased his massive member with her own large assets, but the massive cock still exceeded this embrace of flesh. Nikita stretched her tongue out and slowly drew the knob head and the cock into her mouth.

Several pumps later and Garrett's started bucking like a cobra that was about to spit its venom. "OH FUCK! TAKE MY CUM! YOU THIRSTY BITCH!" Garrett yelled as he grabbed the back of Nikita's head and shoved it down to the hilt of his cock. Although similar in size to a serpent, the cock that was currently within Nikita's throat didn't spit venom but it spewed the white baby butter she found so delicious into her stomach. She swallowed it all. Nikita slowly moved her head backwards till only her lips remained on the shiny knob head. She looked at his eyes with her own blues.

Feeling no longer the rush of the fluid, Nikita detached herself momentarily from his cock. In this passed second, several drops of cum could be seen oozing from Garrett's urethra, prompting Nikita to lick his cock from down it's base upwards, switching to rolling the cock head with her tongue, ensuring that every possible drop was in her mouth.

 Nikita grabbed his cock and started pumping her fist "Hehehe." she giggled as she looked into his eyes yet again. She dragged her lower body unto Garrett's body, her pussy grinding and grabbing the shaft of his cock. However as her pussy's entrance reached his knob head, Nikita lifted her body and placed her peach shaped ass unto his face, rubbing her pussy on his mouth. "I licked you, now..." She said. "You lick me." She emphasized the ending of the sentence with the grabbing and jerking of his cock.

Garrett could only muffle as Nikita started to lick his cock again, Garrett began to alternate between licking and kissing her clit and shoving his tongue and wriggling it into her pussy. " zat!" Nikita exclaimed and began to suck his cock yet again. The more she sucked him the quicker he licked her, resulting in a sort of competition of who is going to cum first. Garrett slapped, grabbed and rubbed her ass cheeks and with each touch Nikita yelled louder and louder, possibly waking several of their neighbors in the building. However, neither the Slavic goddess nor her bull cared. They only cared about driving the other closer to climaxing.

Both of them came simultaneously, her pussy juices rushing unto his face and his thick cum splattering into her mouth, joining the first batch of cum. Both of their bodies went limp, breathing and panting heavily. Garrett slapped her ass slightly and began to take handfuls of it, Nikita began to purr and meowl in pleasure. "Hmmm, you like zat ass don't you.." She said seductively as she looked backwards unto him, half of her face obscured by her hair. 

Nikita stood up, momentarily depriving Garrett from the carnal warmth he experienced. She soon straddled him, guiding his massive club into her wanting pussy, placing her shapely long legs to his sides. Her tits and ass bounced whenever she did, as if taunting Garrett to grab and smack them. He grabbed one of her nipples with his right hand, pulling it, and with his left he grabbed her ass.

"Oh you naughty..." Nikita purred as she leaned forward and tongue kissed him, although slowing down her pace, she grinded her hips instead, driving his cock even deeper, penetrating her cervix. She began screaming in pleasure as Garrett decided to man up and started pounding her from beneath. "YES! FUCK ME! HOLY SHIT!" she yelled, Garrett hoping that none of his other neighbors will hear the screams and moans that filled his apartment with the same intensity of the smell of bodily fluids and perfume.

 Nikita leant backwards as she bounced on his cock, grabbing his sheens for support and lightly scratching them, but Garrett did not care. He was fucking this sexy bitch ,whose husband was one of the worst people he has ever met, and he could care less about anything else. He focused on her pussy, on how his cock was dragging the wet and tight folds of her pussy every time both of them moved. Both of them came multiple times already but this one, both Nikita and Garrett felt this one was going to be the biggest they had yet. They began to pick up the pace, moving like train pistons, both of them moaning loudly, Nikita switched back to cowgirl position, sloppily kissing Garrett between moans. With each movement she made towards Garrett, her erect and sensitive nipples dragged on Garrett's body, causing her to inch ever closer to cumming.

Soon enough, the two lovers screamed from the top of their lungs "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" in unison. Garrett's thick white baby butter was flooding into her womb, overflooding it so much that even without pulling his massive member out of her pink slit, Garrett's cum oozed out of it. Nikita collapsed unto him, panting, her pale jugs pressing unto his toned chest. Garret placed his right arm around Nikita's shoulder and with his left hand he grabbed and shook her ass. Garrett's cock was still inside of her as she swiped her hair to the side, Nikita looked at Garrett, still hungrily, and said to him while she was smiling "Ze night is still young, my love." She pushed herself forwards, kissing him deeply.

They fucked all night long, only stopping three hours before Garrett usually wakes up and starts his morning ritual.


During the night (4:00 AM)

Ji-Yeon laid in her bed, looking at the ceiling trying to fall asleep after she woke up during the night to check on her client, Mrs. Smith, to make sure she was sleeping safe and soundly. Mrs. Smith was deaf due to her old age so Ji-Yeon had to keep an eye on her to see her body language.

Ji-Yeon was brought to the US by Mrs. Smith's son. The son was the head of a medium sized company up in the northeast so he couldn't keep an eye on his mother by himself or by his close family so on his trip to South Korea he met Ji-Yeon who worked as a cashier in her family's shop in rural South Korea.

She was regarded as the village's beauty back home, as her pale and flawless skin, v-shaped jaw, small face and large eyes were in accordance to Korean standards. Her figure made her even more appealing to the male gender with her tight ass and large mammaries. Mrs. Smith's son was no exception as he tried to hire her as his own personal secretary but she refused this offer. In the end he hired her due to her knowledge of sign language and how to act with people who are deaf due to growing up with a deaf grandpa. 

She began falling asleep but she could hear voices from higher in the building, the sounds were lewd as a woman could be heard yelling and moaning obscenities with a voice laced with pleasure. Ji-Yeon was embarrassed, she covered her face and head with her blanket, trying to muffle the sounds. "YE-! F-K -E W--H -OUR G-ANT C--K!" the woman yelled, Ji-Yeon couldn't make up exactly what was said, she grew curious and popped her head out of her blanket. "MAKE ME CUM WIZ YOUR NINE INCH, THICK COCK!" the voice yelled.

"Jjajeung quiet!" Ji-Yeon murmured to herself with her Korean accent as she turned to her side, trying to fall asleep. But the moans of pleasure from higher up on the building had an effect on her body, she was fingering herself to the noises of flesh and moans. She imagined herself being ravaged by the cock that causes this woman to moan this loudly. She matched the speed of her fingers to the screams and moans of the woman. Ji-Yeon's timing of her climax was in synch with the voices', however she could still hear them fucking and as a result she continued to finger herself. Without stopping her fingering of her wet pussy, she placed her free hand on her left knocker, under her t-shirt,  kneading it and rolling her nipple between her fingers.

Ji-Yeon imagined the hung faceless muscular man opening her legs forcefully and placing his cock on top of her crotch but before ravaging her, he gently caresses her body. Starting from her thick thighs to her ass, slapping it, then licking and sucking her erect nipple and twisting the other before pulling himself backwards and plugging her aching cunt with his cock, rocking her small hourglass form. She imagined herself moaning loudly in pleasure without a care in the world except focusing on how his cock was dragging her insides. She imagined the faceless deeply kissing her, saliva running down both of their mouths, before he forcefully grabs her throat and tit as the speed of his thrust is accelerating, only stopping once his cock bucks wildly inside of her uterus, spraying thick ropes of jizz into her womb, hopefully inseminating her. 

Ji-Yeon moaned throughout the night as she kept masturbating to the voices, only falling asleep after she climaxed five times at this point.


sday, The Next Day (9:15 AM)

Garrett was awakened by his alarm clock. He barely slept the entire night, he was drowsy and without energy, Nikita sucked him dry using her voracious slit. Garrett feeling his body oddly hotter than usual, he looked downwards, at his body. He set his eyes unto the raven haired beauty laying nude on his body, pressing her massive fun bags on his body. Garrett couldn't help himself but grope her upwards facing ass and her massive tits which were rubbing on his body.

He looked at the time. He missed Amber's morning run, ruining his own morning ritual. "Please forgive me my Goddess, for I have sinned..." Garrett murmured to himself, still not unhanding himself from Nikita's body. "All because of this sexy little succubus." He finished as he punctuated the ending of his sentence by slapping Nikita's perfect ass, causing ripples to shake throughout her sensual body.

Nikita flinched slightly as she moaned, causing her to half awake, "Lyubov moya, dobroho ranku" ("my love, good morning") she said to him in her native tongue. 

"Err...good morning Nikki." Garrett said awkwardly in response.

Nikita looked at him with closed eyes as she smiled and hummed hungrily. She lunged forward and kissed Garrett's mouth as she threw her hands behind him, hugging him, before falling back asleep.

Garrett fought to break away from her warm embrace in contradiction to almost every cell of his being, shouting at him to stay asleep with Nikita, only waking up to have more sex before falling back asleep. But today was the day before the two week long project the class had to do individually.

He slowly wiggled and bent away from the loving embrace of temptation, several times getting a grope and lick here and there of her tits and stomach. He managed to slip away without breaking her sleep, however a new problem has risen. His cock was now fully erect. He felt unstable on his own two feet due to the amount he already came but it had to deal with the issue facing him currently. He gently groped her ass cheeks and rubbed his erect cock between them before rushing to the shower to finish the job.

He grunted as he shot several thick and long ropes of jizz by any average human standards but to him it seemed like he was sucked dry. "Fucking hell Nikki..." he murmured quietly, trying not to wake Nikita up as he was cumming. Garrett now felt slightly better but he was clearly tired. He quickly got dressed after he dried himself, trying not to look at Nikita's nude titillating body.

Garrett was now ready to go. He walked to his apartment door and just like Lot's wife, he turned backwards. He looked at his bed, he saw Nikita, the hungry cum slut who drained all night like a succubus, having a cute sleeping face, almost like an angel, snuggling his pillow and blanket between with her own pillows.

Garrett sighed, he caved it but he could only feel both happy and disappointed with himself. "Bye Nikki." he said quietly as he exited the apartment.


Around the same time (9:37 AM)

Angela was getting dressed for going to work, she has already put on her beautiful angelic face makeup and light pink lipstick. She was currently only wearing her light colored blouse, her black thong and stockings . Her cream colored blouse hung from the slope of her huge jugs as she began to slide and pull her. less than a knee length, silky black pencil skirt which emphasized her bubble butt unto her body. She put on her usual black high heels and looked at herself in the mirror. 

She was beautiful through and through, her face alone would have lent her a career as a model and her sensual body could only be described on the same level of warm as hellfire. She gave a small twirl and giggled "I hope HE will notice me." she said quietly. She threw on herself her thin white shrug and black side bag. She soon exited the building but stopped as she heard a person stepping down the stairs.

It was Garrett. He looked haggard and unstable, it was as if he was drained for multiple hours. "Oh, hi Dr. Dodds." Garrett greeted her awkwardly. 

"When we are alone, please call me Angela." Angela corrected him, swiping her hair behind her ear.

"Ah, yes." Garrett responded, rubbing his nape as he began walking to his car.

"Garrett, wait." Angela told him sternly but not without a noticeable worried voice. "A-are you OK?" she asked him.

 "Yes, I'm fine." He responded in a monotone voice. "No you definitely are not." She raised her voice as she took a long look at his face, he looked pale and tired, as if he was sick. She quickly closed the gap between them, forcing Garrett to move backwards till he had hit the wall of the building. 

Angela pressed her massive knockers unto him in order to get a closer look at Garrett's face. She was awfully close to him, close enough to get the perfect view of her tits almost overflooding her blouse, full shiny lips, sparkling green eyes and perfect smooth ivory skin.

She placed her smooth porcelain like hand unto Garrett's forehead, checking his temperature. Feeling no abnormality there, she placed her hands lower, on Garrett's cheeks, feeling his cheekbones and looking into his eyes. She snapped backwards and began to stutter "E-e-everything feels fine but you still look off so come with me!" she exclaimed, grabbing Garrett by the wrist and dragging him to her car.

Her car was an average looking car with light grey paint, although it was still better than Garrett's so called car. Angela's first order was to seat Garrett's ass down unto the seat, luckily for Garrett he complied. Angela then sat down in the driver seat, with a jiggle of her assets.

The inside of her car smelled like perfume and cleanliness, the seats were comfortable and soft. It was the first time both Angela and Garrett were together in the same car, scratch that, them being in the same place in close proximity. 

They drove for a few minutes already before Angela got sick of the silence and turned on the radio. A melody began for a few seconds then a woman, Japanese, started singing the words "Zankoku na tenshi..." Angela jumped towards the radio and quickly changed to a radio station. She looked to her right, looking at Garrett. Luckily for her, he failed to hear the song.

A few more minutes later they reached the parking lot of the college. " we are." Angela said as she parked her car in her reserved spot. Garrett did not answer. Angela turned to look at him, he was sleeping so soundly she didn't want to wake him up.

"Hey...wake up sleepyhead...." She said in a whisper as she shook him awake. Garrett woke up with a confused face, he wiped his face with his hands, dragging his cheeks down. "We are here." She repeated herself in a soft voice. Angela twisted her body to reach her bag in the backseats, giving Garrett a full view of her massive porcelain tits almost spilling out in his face. Garrett began to feel his cock returning to itself but luckily, it wasn't fully there yet.

"Alright, let's go." Angela gestured with her head towards the entrance of the computer science building with a charmingly beaming smile.

Garrett and Angela exited the car and walked to class at a pace between walking quickly and normal walking. Angela was leading them to the class, giving Garrett a blessed view of her rotund ass swaying within its tight, narrow enclosure of the black silky pencil dress. Soon enough they reached the classroom at 10 AM.

"If you need to go to the infirmary please call out as soon as you can, please.." Angela told him as she held unto his firm hands and gazed into his hazel eyes. She breathed in as she let go of his hands to place her right hand on her sternum "Now remember, Garrett. Here please call me Doctor or Dr. Dodds." Angela smiled professionally, entering her teacher mode. 

They entered the classroom and took their seats. Angela began her lesson, she was talking about algorithms and the potentiality of AI. She could hear the whispers, complimenting her looks today. However, she only dressed up like this because of a certain someone, so she disregarded the whispers. From time to time she would look with a worried eye at Garrett, gauging his condition, which seemed like it was growing worse. However she couldn't just stop the lesson this early. "Please, try to hold on, I'll compensate you later." She thought and hoped.

The end of class was near, only a few more minutes were remaining. A bang could be heard as eyes turned towards Garrett's usual seat. Garrett collapsed unto the floor, breathing heavily while trying not to faint. The other students began to crowd around Garrett before a yell was heard "MOVE AWAY!" it was Angela who walked up to Garrett and picked him up unto his feet, she was holding his waist and his arm that was placed on her shoulder. Angela exited the classroom while carrying Garrett. The door closed behind them.


"Goddamnit Garrett...getting all the good event flags..." murmured Jeremy Hudson to himself. Jeremy, like many of his classmates, was one of Angela's priests. However if most of the group were the priests and laymen, Garrett was the prophet, sending the group the more risqué and opportunist shots, providing fap material to many.

"Yeah man, why does G always get the blessing of our goddess?" Tyrone Jefferson, another one of Garrett's classmates complained as he rested his face unto his hands.

"From a rumor I heard they are neighbors or maybe even lovers..." Li Yang whispered into his friend's ears.

"Li...would you kindly shut the fuck up and stop being such an autistic dickhead?" Tyrone and Jeremy said to him venomously. One of the main tenets of the group is that no one doxxes anyone nor does anyone start any rumors about the faithful. Such were the rules since the old days, almost three years ago, when Angela started teaching in this college.

This group of these nerdy misfits still couldn't help themselves but be envious of Garrett and his amazing luck. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, for them and many in the class, their time of ogling Angela's assets has come to an early end yet again.


Angela slowly walked with Garrett in the hallway, using the wall as their support. Soon, they exited the building and began walking towards the infirmary. Luckily, the infirmary was only a short walking from the building, as such they reached it ten minutes later as Garrett momentarily gained back some of his strength. At the entrance of the infirmary, a woman was drinking from a water bottle as she leant backwards on the wall, her light brown ponytail flowed down her right shoulder and onto her DD sized tit. This woman made little effort to her wardrobe, she was wearing blue jeans, wedges and a t-shirt that was slightly little on her, only revealing the bottom part of her taut belly, just below the navel. She wore her  nametag  on the left side of her lab coat, read "Sandra Lewis.''

Sandra was on an extended break, her day was looking empty as not many students came to the infirmary but she did not care. For all she cared, most of these students only came to ogle her body anyways. More of the more brazen students would get a direct slap to their face or they were given the "knee treatment" by Sandra only to be taken care by the one and only male nurse in the infirmary, who just happens to be gay. 

Sandra looked to her left as she heard the incoming footsteps. She saw one of the computer science school's teachers and college idol, Angela, carrying a student by her side. The student looked pale as he supported his head with his right hand. Sandra quickly rushed to their side, putting the student's arm over her shoulder, helping hurrying the student to the beds area. "Let's go Angela, the beds are in the 2nd room to the right when you turn left." Sandra said assertively, switching to her much more professional mode. Angela could only nod in response.

Both of these sexy women carried Garrett to one of the beds and laid him down facing upwards. Garrett began to fall asleep the moment his head touched the pillow of the infirmary's bed. Sandra began to check his temperature and symptoms immediately, coming to the conclusion that "He's dehydrated and sleep deprived. Give him some time to sleep and we'll see if to let him go home or not." Sandra said as unplugged the stethoscope from her ears.

"So he'll be alright?" Angela asked, worried about Garrett's wellbeing.

"Yeah, he'll be fine. Just every now and then give him some water to drink." Sandra answered as she place a large water bottle on the desk near the bed and closed the curtains surrounding the bed as she left, leaving Angela to watch over the sleeping Garrett.

Angela, now in private with Garrett, looked at Garrett as if studying him. He was fairly tall, with dark brown hair at the top of his head. His facial features weren't those of a Greek statue but nor was he ugly. Angela smiled as she began to comb his dark hair with her smooth hand, Garrett seemed to enjoy it in his sleep so she did not stop. She stopped momentarily to fill a cup of water using the large bottle that was placed by Sandra near them.

"Garrett, can you please straighten up, I have water for you..." Angela spoke softly. Garrett was still deeply asleep. Angela looked at him intensely, waiting for a response until her loving nature overcome her shyness. She drank the water but did not swallow it, she lifted Garrett slightly, and kissed him, allowing the water stored in her mouth to flow to his.

Angela disconnected her full luscious, still glossing with lipstick, lips from Garrett's lips. She smiled for a split second then realized what she has just done. Angela felt embarrassed but she felt happy as well and couldn't help smiling and gently combed Garrett's hair. She looked at his smiling face, wondering if he enjoyed the kiss and touch and began to look downwards at his body, she found him hunky, cute and loveable all at the same time. Her gaze froze on his crotch, it seemed like a thick, long snake like thing was pulsating in his pants. Angela's curiosity won out the inner conflict that occurred, Angela picked up the chair she sat on and moved it closer in parallel to Garrett's crotch, she moved her hands, she shook as she moved slowly towards Garrett's pants. His pants were stuck on something hard, Angela tried to push them down again more forcefully but she still could not remove them, she glanced at Garrett, he was still sleeping soundly.

"He must have been really sleep deprived..." Angela thought to herself before she returned to the task at hand. She looked around, looking for any silhouette that might intrude or prevent this lucky occurrence.

Seeing none, she looked back at the pants, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply before quickly yanking Garrett's pants down. His now erect, thick and swollen cock sprang like a cobra, its head tapped her lips before resting on them, marking itself with the lipstick. Angela was too stunned to react in time but once her lust overcame her astonishment she murmured to herself "My god..." she slowly moved her hand and gently grasped the sleeping Garrett's cock.

Angela began to gently stroke the cock before her, slowly stroking the huge snake before her from its base to just beneath the crown of the head. She repeated this motion again again, mesmerized by how wildly it wriggled, she looked towards Garrett's face, she was happy to see how Garrett's face looked happy from the pleasure he was feeling due to her caressing his cock.

Angela turned her attention back to the massive pants snake, she could see liquid slowly exiting his urethra. It was Garrett's precum, she rushed to the urethra, licking it as if it was ice-cream, consuming it and getting a taste of it. "It's so sweet..." she said quietly, she moved back momentarily to catch her breath, Garrett's precum started to flow like a stream. Angela jumped on the occasion and wrapped her divine full lips around Garrett's cockhead, lapping her tongue around the head as she swallowed the excreted precum again and again.

It was as if Angela fully succumbed to her lust, however, before she could do as she wished, footsteps could be heard closing in on the bedroom. Angela snapped back to reality, tucked Garrett's cock back into his pants and wiped her lips and calmed herself for the incoming intruder. She straightened her body as the footsteps were entering the room.

The curtains flew open, revealing two figures standing there. Jack Sullivan and Emilia Hill, Garrett's childhood friends, both stood at the end of the bed he laid on, both looking at the situation before them. What they saw was astonishing to them, they always thought Garrett was lucky when it came to his interactions and opportunities with Angela, but the couple never saw this coming.

Angela sitting near and watching over Garrett closely, not only that, this idol that everyone loved and was attracted to and, according to Sandra, carried Garrett by herself from the classroom and laid him on this bed and kept watch over him till now. "Thank you Dr. Dodds. We came as fast as we could." Both Emilia and Jack said, grateful to her as she helped their friend.

"I-it's fine, don't worry about it." Angela responded, blushing due to the couple's sincere gratefulness "Please, in this situation, call me Angela." She said while smiling. Emilia and Jack were stunned at how cute this idol of theirs was behaving right in front of them. The awkward silence broke down as Sandra walked into the room with a clipboard, flipping through it, and said "Alright, it seems like Garrett here was suffering from both sleep deprivation and dehydration. Someone would need to get him home, now would be for the best."

"Me and Jack will handle that." Emilia piped up before Angela could volunteer herself.

"Sounds good to me." Sandra said nonchalantly. "Angela?" Sandra questioned.

"I'll leave him to you then, the project is about to start so I'll write the material and sent it in email..." She said but her sentence grew quieter as she spoke.

"Anything else?" Sandra asked, seemingly to rush this group away from the infirmary to allow her to get back to her lazy mode.

"Please when he wakes up, tell him to take care of himself." Angela blushed as she said that.

"Sure thing ma'am." Jack said in confidence and picked up Garrett by his waist, walking with him towards the parking lot.

The three friends exited the infirmary, Emilia waving goodbye to Angela and Sandra with the former awkwardly having back while the latter couldn't give less of a fuck but just raised her hand slightly. "You're really attached to this kid, huh?" Sandra asked monotonously. "W-what?!" Angela turned quickly to face Sandra who was laughing behind her "Don't take it seriously, I was just joking Angie..." Sandra said as her laugh calmed down.

"Why not check up on him later today?" Sandra suggested, one of her actual suggestions and not straight up trolling. "I think I will...thanks Sandra." Angela answered, she smiled as she thanked her. Angela exited the infirmary and walked back to the computer science building, to her office.


"Hey Em, can you please open the door in the back?" Jack asked Emilia as they carried Garrett closer to Jack's SUV. "Sure thing." Emilia responded and began to lightly jog towards the car, lightly bouncing her C cups in her shirt.

"You stay in the back with Garrett, I'll handle the driving." Jack said as he moved backwards after laying Garrett on the backseat. "Babe, catch." Emilia said quickly, throwing the car keys to Jack, who caught them with his right hand.

Jack entered the car and ignited the engine and began to shift to reverse. "Wait!" Emilia yelped at Jack, "Let me make Garrett comfortable first." She said as Jack stopped the car. 

Emilia moved Garrett's head onto her thighs, her thighs weren't comparable to the thick and delicious thighs Garrett's female neighbor had but they were still soft and nice. She began to pet his hear to keep him asleep during the ride. However, the silence was cut short as Jack looked at the rear view mirror and asked "Is it just me or Angela seemed awfully familiar and embarrassed when it came to Garrett here?"

"You know...I think you just might be right...something is odd between these two..." Emilia responded, still petting and combing Garrett's dark hair. She could see Garrett wincing his face, as if his sleep was getting worse.

"Easy, easy...we're almost there." Emilia whispered to Garrett. Soon the trio reached Garrett's apartment building. Jack exited the car first to help pick up Garrett as Emilia made sure the car got locked after all its occupants exited. They entered the building's lobby, Jack was about to begin climbing up the stairs, "Oh...Jack, wait for a second." Emilia said behind him, noticing something interesting.

"What is it Em?" Jack asked as he undid his step by moving backwards, still supporting Garrett. "Look." Emilia pointed at the apartment buildings' mailbox. It showed who lived in the building, they could spot Garrett's surname, Bullock, written there. Emilia tapped on another surname, one both of them knew very well. "Dodds. Angela's surname. That's why they seemed close, they aren't lovers or something. They are neighbors." Jack smacked his forehead with his palm.

"How and why didn't we think of that option?" Emilia said quietly as she turned to face Jack as she scratched the back of her head. " the meantime we really should put Garrett in his apartment." Jack said matter-of-factly. Emilia could only nod in response and they soon began their climb up.

They soon reached the second floor, in that moment they saw a figure going down the stairs. It was a dark haired beauty with soul piercing blue eyes, her pale skin contrasted with the black faux leather halter-neck plunging minidress she wore. But the most eye and pant bulging feature of her body was just that, her body. Toned and taut body, shapely legs, round bubble butt and bountiful rack.

"Holy shit..." Emilia and Jack thought to themselves in unison, shocked seeing such a bombshell living in the same building as Garrett and Angela. "o Bozhe moy, he alright?" Nikita gasped as she quickly went down the stairs and touched Garrett's face in order to get a better look at his face. She placed her hand on his forehead but she couldn't sense any unnatural warmth. 

Nikita turned to Jack and Emilia, "I am ze landlord wife, Nikita. Vho you are?" she presented herself in front of the two and questioned them.

The couple were still stunned from earlier revelation of how lucky Garrett is but Jack was the first one to snap back to attention, as speaking with Nikita would give him more material to save in his mind. "I'm Jack and this is my girlfriend, Emilia. We have been friends with Garrett since childhood." Jack said, introducing himself to this amazing looking lady. "Garrett is dehydrated and sleep deprived so the nurse, under Dr. Angela's signature, allowed him to return home without any issues." Jack finished.

 Nikita looked at Emilia who nodded. "Vell zen...follow me." Nikita said, leading the two upwards towards Garrett's apartment while giving the couple a view of her tight deliciously jiggling ass. She opened the door of the apartment and cleared Garrett's bed to allow Jack to place him gently on it.

Jack let out a sigh of relief and wiped his sweat using the back of his hand. Nikita turned to Jack and gave him a tight hug, pressing her rack unto him while she lifted her leg backwards in a manner similar to old pinup photos and said "Zank you so much."

After around five seconds she released her hug and turned her attention back to Garrett. Jack's almost entire body was frozen in place, the only part of his body that was active was his now erect dick. Emilia caught a glimpse of Jack's current situation and stepped in front of him and said sincerely, "We'll be off then, thank you Nikita for taking care of our boy here." 

Emilia quickly grabbed the still stunned and horny Jack and exited the apartment swiftly, closing the door behind her quietly. She took Jack by his hand and quickly went down half a floor, pinning him against the wall. "I know she's sexy as hell, get your shit together and I'll help you when we get back home alright?!" Emilia angrily whispered into Jack's ear but as she moved back she licked her lips. "Y-yeah, dunno what came over me but I know what will come over, the answer is me." Jack jested like his usual self. Emilia exaggeratingly gasped and slightly tapped his bicep as she smiled and giggled. The two went down the stairs, exited the building that was like the kingdom of heaven for them after today, got into their car and left the premises. 


Nikita couldn't say goodbye to those two, as they left the apartment quickly. Nikita turned her head back unto the more pressing issue, she looked at Garratt sleeping as she has done already after these last two wild nights. As she recalled the events of those two nights, she unconsciously began to finger her wanting slit. She was reaching ever closer to a big climax as she imagined the length to which Garrett's massive cock reached within her.

Although her fingers felt nice as she hit her G-spot, Nikita knew that the only thing that would bring salvation for her lust was Garrett's cock smashing her G-spot into oblivion. She slowly and sneakily lowered Garrett's pants, unleashing the large ivory serpent from within. It was flaccid but even then it was a monster that could make her easily cum on it. However, she hadn't pull it out to have fun with it just yet, she had to take its measurements for tomorrow's crowning event first. She made the OK hand gesture, slowly and gently she wrapped the 'O' around the base of his cock.

"Hmm...six inches." She murmured as she wrote down the measurement on her phone.

"Should I send this to the girls?" She thought but decided not to go through with it, she wanted him to be her exclusive toy.

However, he wasn't in the condition to have some fun. She sucked him dry yesterday so Nikita decided to let him rest for today and tomorrow; she'll pounce. She sighed as she covered Garrett's monster and got back to fingering her slit while smelling and licking the hand with which she measured Garrett.

 Nikita grew bored of playing by herself as it didn't compare to having that snake pounded into her, but she couldn't just leave Garrett alone like this. She stood up from the floor, grooming herself and fixing her minidress. She pulled the blanket that thus far has been only covering Garrett's feet, covering Garrett's entire lower body and stomach. Nikita's agenda of the day was to go shopping, in anticipation of the night that was supposed to come. However, she needed to find a replacement to watch over the sick Garrett immediately but his friends already left and Angela was still at the college. Nikita decided to go check the lower floors, maybe Thebe, Ji-Yeon or one of the Jones' could come up. Soon, she exited Garrett's apartment and went down the stairs, knocking on the doors of each apartment, with no answer.

"Chyort..." Nikita murmured under her breath as she continued to go down even further the building, reaching to the first floor. She saw Ji-Yeon exiting her and the client's apartment, stretching upwards, her navel showing as her tank top pulled upwards as well. "Ah, miss Park. I vas looking for you." Nikita said to Ji-Yeon as she came down the stairs gracefully.

"Mrs. Barrett." Ji-Yeon said as she slightly bowed her head towards Nikita. "Please, call me Nikita." Nikita said as she did waving motions.

"Op course, what do you want me to do?" Ji-Yeon asked, inquiring as to what the landlord's wife wanted with her. After all, they didn't really speak with one another, thus making this conversation a rarity to Ji-Yeon.

"Ze resident on fourz floor has heatstroke, can you take care of him? I vill give you for zis help double vhat you are paid." Nikita offered.

"Por how long?" Ji-Yeon asked, she only just got some free time from her 24/7 job as Mrs. Smith's family just arrived to visit her and they allowed her some free time for herself.

"Do not vorry, it is only until he vakes up." Nikita said. Ji-Yeon nodded in agreement. "Follow me." Nikita said, gesturing with her hand the same message.

The two women climbed up the stairs in silence until they reached Garrett's apartment. Nikita opened the door slowly and quietly, she then led Ji-Yeon to the bedroom and gestured towards the sleeping Garrett.

"Your job is to vatch over him until I come back. I vill pay you once I get back." Nikita whispered. Ji-Yeon could only nod in silent agreement as her one time employer was leaving the apartment. Ji-Yeon looked around, searching for a chair to place near the bed. She spotted a single chair near the table in the kitchen, she quickly and silently picked up the chair and placed it near the bed, watching Garrett sleep.

"Easiest pay ever." She thought to herself as she pulled her phone from her pocket, she started going through her social media accounts, looking at pictures of her family and friends back home in South Korea. 

An hour had passed, Ji-Yeon looked up from her phone and watched the previously calm Garrett now sweating and wincing in his sleep. She quickly stood up and ran to grab a wet towel to wipe his body down. She quickly rushed into the bedroom and started to rub down Garrett's sweat from beneath his shirt.

She sat on his sheens, but Garrett still did not wake up. "Hmm...he is so manly." She thought as she felt his wet muscles underneath his shirt. Her vision suddenly began to get slightly obscured from below. She looked downwards, and she laid eyes on the largest cock she has ever seen, it was so large it was pitching the covers like a tent.

She uncovered the cock before her, unleashing the swaying monster in front of her. It was the largest cock she's ever seen, she needlessly moved her elbow to measure it, revealing that the cock that is clearly surpassing her arm and rubbing against her cheek was around eight inches, same length as the one that woman moaned in pleasure the other night.

Ji-Yeon lowered her face beneath the cock in front of her, pressing it on top of her nose and forehead, smelling the musky smell of Garrett's grapefruit nuts as she extended her tongue as much as she could possibly can before licking in one fell swoop the entirety of Garrett's shaft. Once she reached the enlarged head of the cock she kissed it deeply as if it was her lover and licked it thoroughly. She raised herself, attempting to align her dripping pussy with the monstrosity beneath her. Ji-Yeon lowered her body slowly so as to not wake him up, the cock's head entered her pussy, almost driving her to immediate orgasm. She stopped for a brief moment to catch her breath before lowering herself further, she grabbed and kneaded her stacked rack and nipple of her frame as she went further down, half of Garrett's cock penetrating her.

A knock was heard as the main door of the apartment was opened. Ji-Yeon jumped in her skin, dragging the massive cock out of her pussy in an instance, causing her to cum. She had to put her pants back on before this one time employer, Nikita, would catch her in the act, evict her and force her to leave this country. She put her pants and thong underpants back on, soaking them in pussy juices, but she had to bear with it. Ji-Yeon could feel her pants also starting to get soaked, she decided it would be for the best for her to leave immediately.

Ji-Yeon swiftly covered Garrett's lower body, she then exited the bedroom and walked towards the entrance door, she saw that indeed it was Nikita standing at the entrance. Nikita spotted Ji-Yeon looking at her. "Miss Park, I'm back, here is your pay." Nikita said as she took out a stack of dollars from her wallet, handing it into Ji-Yeon's hands.

"Thank you, thank you." Ji-Yeon bowed her head slightly after she took the stack and pocketed it. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Nikita but I need to go." Ji-Yeon said meekly as she pointed at the door. She could feel her oozing slit starting to wetten past her panties and unto her pants. She had to get out of there, now.

"Oh, go ahead." Nikita said as she moved away, allowing Ji-Yeon to exit the apartment and run downstairs to her Apartment. Nikita turned her attention towards the sleeping Garrett as she closed the door behind her. She removed her high heels as to not make as much noise and tip toed towards the darkened bedroom. She sat on the chair near Garrett's bed, crossing her shapely legs as she kept watch over him. Nikita looked down at her bag, reminded of what she wanted to do. She took out a paper bag from within her own leather bag and placed it underneath Garrett's bed, waiting for future use.

Nikita's eyes took awhile to acclimate to the darkness surrounding her, once her eyes got used to the dark room she could see the tent being pitched by Garrett's rod. She reached for her leather bag, grabbing something from within it. She pulled the long object out of the bag, it was her eight inch long dildo. Nikita could not hold much longer and thus began to shove it deep inside of her slit.

She focused her eyes unto Garrett's erect rod as she plunged her dildo further and further in. Sure the dildo was about the size of the real thing in front of her, the dildo itself was nothing compared to the real thing in front of her. Sure, the dildo was around the size of Garret's third leg but it could never give her the exact feeling inside of her. The dildo was smooth and its head was pointed while Garrett's cock had veins that would rub against her pussy's walls and its bulbous head would smash into her cervix and G-spot as it was being pushed vigorously inside of her. She attempted to muffle her moans of pleasure with her palm as she pulled and pushed the dildo to and from her dripping pussy, spreading the smell of her pussy and mixing it with the smell of her perfume.

Nikita came hard, not as hard as she came while she rode Garrett but still hard enough for her to lean back on the chair, her massive tits jiggling and only stopping as she moved her hand to knead and massage her right tit and nipple. She exhaled heavily, as if blowing out smoke, for several seconds before she soaked the small pool of pussy juice on the chair she sat on with a paper towel.

Nikita tip toed, like a cat, towards the kitchen. She opened the fridge door and looked inside, it was practically empty save for eggs, milk and beef jerky. "Poor guy..." Nikita whispered beneath her breath as she shook her head in sadness. "I'll go up, make dinner." She said as she was closing the fridge door. Suddenly a gentle knock on the door was heard. Nikita jumped a little in her skin in surprise, she looked around in confusion before walking silently towards the door. She looked through the doorhole, she could see a shapely womanly figure with blonde hair holding a tupperware container in a plastic bag. 

The woman was Angela, who returned from work and cooked dinner for Garrett. Nikita opened the door and greeted Angela "Hello Ms. Dodds." she said. Angela was visibly surprised by Nikita's presence in Garrett's apartment but quickly pushed that issue aside. "Oh, hello Mrs. Barrett, I made dinner for Garrett in this container but it should be enough for the both of you." Angela said as she handed over the container to Nikita.

Nikita gladly took the container and looked at Angela. She was dressed in blue jeans which took the figure of plump bubble ass and shapely legs and a white t-shirt which also emphasized her rack. However, she also wore an apron, clearly due to the fact that she, upon finishing cooking, immediately came upstairs to hand over dinner. Her hair was still in a ponytail she made in order to keep it safe and not get in the food while cooking.

"Zhank you, I'll tell Garrett you vere here." Nikita said with a slight smile and waved to Angela as she went down the stairs back to her own apartment. Nikita closed the door and placed the tupperware contained and the plastic bag on the kitchen's table. She opened the container, inside of it was a beef and vegetable stew, it still sizzles in the container and it smelt delicious. She looked inside the plastic bag, inside of it were several fluffy buns to dip inside the stew.

 A groan could be heard coming from the bedroom. It was Garrett. He woke up and walked slowly towards the smell of food. He was audibly starving. Nikita rushed to him and gave him a tight hug, pressing herself unto him, breaking his stupor. "N-Nikita?! what are you doing here?!" Garrett asked as he felt his cock beginning to awaken as response.

Nikita moved herself slightly backwards but still touching Garrett. "I'm here, taking care of you." She said as she caressed his cheek, gave a sensual smile before kissing him deeply. Garrett's stomach growled like a lion causing Nikita to turn her attention to his hunger. "Oh, by ze vay.." She said. "Angela vas here, she made food. It smells delicious." Nikita continued as she grabbed Garrett's hand and walked him to the table.

Nikita gently sat him down on the chair, combing his hair before she herself went to bring plates. She walked back and forth sensually, placing the plates in front of Garrett and in front of the chair she sat on, facing Garrett. All the time she tried to maintain as much eye contact as possible causing the awkward Garrett to blush and for her to smile in response. 

Both Nikita and Garrett began to pour the stew unto their plates. Garrett was silent but Nikita began humming an Ukrainian folk song, Nese Halya Vodu, as she poured the stew. Her voice was alluring like a siren's call, this with combination of her already sensually bountiful body would tempt Garrett to, if he was a more assertive man and if he felt better, bend her over the table and plough her cheating pussy as he would spank her bubble butt before cumming inside of her, making her scream as she climaxes.

But Garrett wasn't assertive nor his body was up to task as just last night, this same woman, drained him so much he was weak the entire day, and only woke up just a few moments ago during the transition between evening and night, coming face to face with this very same woman. Garrett still hasn't eaten, he broke from his recollection and looked at Nikita. She was waiting for him to begin eating before she’d do the same. "Go on, eat." She said simply.

Both of them broke bread and began to eat the stew. The stew itself smelt amazing, as if you could taste it just by its smell. The sizzling juicy meat was tender and rich, the vegetables were soft and refreshing and the sauce was perfect. The dish in its entirety could only be described by a single word, perfection. Yet another glory has now been bestowed on Angela's already glorious resume, Angela was a master cook. Garrett knew...nay, he felt it in his bones, that if Angela wasn't such an idol of his college, he, like many others, would propose to her and would receive a top tier wife in return.

He couldn't eat another bite, perhaps due to how fast he ate or because of how stressed he is, he left his plate still half full. Nikita glanced at him then at his plate. She sighed and shook her head before she stood up and sat on his lap, placing her elegant and defined legs around his right leg, pressing her ass unto his thigh. She grabbed his plate and scooped up some meat and potatoes. "Say ahhh." Nikita told him with her full luscious lips as she brought the spoon to his mouth. He was both embarrassed and aroused but he reluctantly complied.

Nikita smiled happily as she fed Garrett, once both were done with eating the dish Garrett then said, "Please don't tell me..." Nikita shut his lips with a deep kiss as she rubbed her body on Garrett's own body. "Do not fret, today is break from fucking." She said.

"But apparently, teasing is allowed..." Garrett thought as he could feel his cock returning to its virile norm, but his balls felt fuller and heavier than usual. 

Garrett's cock, still underneath his underpants and pants, began to throb and rub against Nikita's ass. Nikita purred and bit her thumbnail "Ooooh...I see my reservations vere...unfounded..." She said as she jumped off of him, clanking her high heels unto the floor. Nikita put her hand on her hips as she turned on her heels to face Garrett. "Stay here for now, I vill come to door when I'm ready." She said, finishing her sentence with a loving kiss to Garrett's mouth. She waved goodbye as she left the apartment.

"This woman is gonna be the end of me." Garrett said as he laid down on his couch, sighing before falling asleep.


Garrett woke up to his phone ringing. The caller ID read as "Nikki", she was calling him to wake him up. He couldn't answer in time before the call ended and a knock was heard from his door. He leapt up from the couch and ran to his door. He swung the door open, before him stood Nikita, she wore high heels colored black as the primary color and gold as the secondary. He panned his eyes upwards, up Nikita's body. She wore black stockings who took the shape of her toned, elegant and shapely legs. 

Around the area of her thighs, Garrett finally noticed Nikita's silky night robe which went down to her knees, the robe's sash tugging on her midriff and thus emphasizing her hourglass figure. The robe didn't stop her impressive rack bulging out of it, exposing the top of Nikita's smooth and pale girls to the air. Garrett finally reached Nikita's face, she had a charming and seductive smile, enhanced even more so with the slightly darker red lipstick she applied to her lips. Her eyeshadow was a smoky dark blue, giving her blue eyes a mystical gleam to them and finally, her black hair was silky and wavy, almost camouflaging itself with the robe. She smelled fantastic, her perfume smelled as sweet as honey and strong like alcohol, bourbon specifically, threatening to intoxicate Garrett by smell alone.

Nikita grabbed Garrett's hand, as she pulled him closer she gave him a deep and loving kiss, lapping her tongue on his, before she moved her mouth towards his ear and said, "Ze bag...". This prompted Garrett to quickly run to his room and grab the bag that Nikita placed underneath his bed earlier. He quickly ran back. "I love it when they obey." Thought Nikita to herself, enjoying her control over this young man.

Garrett couldn't resist Nikita as she grabbed his hand once more and pulled him behind her as they ascended the staircase. Nikita's hips and ass swayed and shook as she stepped upwards, giving the young man behind her a glimpse of heaven. The couple reached the door and entered into the Barrett residence. Nikita turned around, she gently placed her hand unto his crotch and whispered, "Drop your pants." Garrett promptly got naked, showing off his lean body and causing his massive cock to jut out, erect, towards Nikita. The cock's dome pressed itself against Nikita's midriff, the silk of the night gown was soft and smooth, stimulating the dome further.

Nikita grabbed his cock gently and slowly rubbed it, not enough to cause Garrett to spew thick and long ropes from within the depths of his now larger balls, but enough to stimulate him to feel as if he was on the verge of doing so. Nikita stopped, but still held Garrett's cock gently but firmly within her grasp. 

"Come with me..." She said sensually as she walked towards the condo's inner staircase, Garrett's cock in hand. They soon reached John Barrett's, Nikita's husband's, bedroom. The smell of his disgusting cologne began to be overcome by the scent of Nikita's sweet perfume as she sat on the bed, cross legged with the massive cock bouncing back and forth near her face.

She looked upwards with her blue eyes, meeting with Garrett's own browns. "Rub it. slowly. do not cum." She said seductively and assertively while allowing her lips to graze and kiss the cock's dome before her. Garrett began to stroke his cock in front of Nikita, with every stroke he could feel the texture and softness of her full red lips. He was suffering.

"Stop, sit." Nikita commanded him again, sitting him unto the bed as she rose up and twirled before him. She walked back and forth once to and from the bedroom's door. She was walking like a runway model before coming to a stop before Garrett, she shifted her weight unto her right hip, emphasizing it and her ass. She moved her hands unto the silk belt that was located on her lower breast area and undid the belt.

Garrett has laid his eyes at the most erotic thing he ever watched with his own two eyes. Nikita stood before him, without underwear, her high heels insinuating her legs that were stuffed into black sheer stockings. The stockings were attached with a garter to a sleeveless fishnet minidress bodystocking which ended with a choker. The fishnet minidress barely contained Nikita's milk jugs, he could see their sides spilling out as the minidress pressed the front and ate at Nikita's inviting pink nipples. She giggled and purred as she twirled before him once more, shaking and jiggling her assets. "You like?" She asked as she bent down, touching her nose and forehead to Garrett. He could only hum in agreement.

Nikita beckoned him with her index finger as she put her other hand on her hip and smacked her ass, as if taunting him to do something. Garrett leapt to his feet, almost lunging at Nikita but he was countered. She took the initiative as she French kissed him, pressing herself onto his body. He could smell her sweet perfume deep in his nostrils, he moved to kiss her neck and neckbone, slowly making his way downwards. Nikita lifted herself upwards, plunging her massive and encaged fun bags unto Garrett's face, prompting him to massage Nikita's mammaries as if stroking them towards him. He tilted them inwards and began to thoroughly lick and suck her erect pink nipples through the fishnet.

Nikita moaned in pleasure, almost climaxing as Garrett spanked her ass while still sucking on her nipples. She loosened her grip on Garrett, allowing him to freely move now. Garrett wiggled free from her body weight and began to kiss and lick her body. He started from her sweet smelling neck, licking and kissing it softly. He made his downwards, kissing her back as he played with her bountiful tits and her pink nipples. Garrett reached Nikita's ass, kissing and smacking it, causing her to moan and giggle after every spank. He went further down, to her thighs, massaging and licking them as he continued to play with her ass, jiggling and bouncing it around.

Garrett began to French kiss and lick Nikita's labia with some alternation between kissing her clitoris and fingering her vagina. Inside of Nikita's vagina he wriggled his tongue as he flickered her clit. Nikita moaned and gasped as she shifted her legs before yelling "I'm cumming!", giving Garrett a full taste of her love nectar. She sprayed her juices into Garrett's mouth, he did not pull away but moved closer still, still playing with Nikita's clit. Nikita went limp on the bed, still shaking but slowly regaining control. She felt Garrett moving away from her honeypot, he continued to play with her ass before he began to smack his massive cock, now leaking, on her asscheeks.

She regained control of herself, and turned on her back. Garrett's swaying third leg pressed against her lips, staining itself with red lipstick. Nikita looked at the urethra before her, it was spewing large amounts of precum as Garrett was jerking his meat club, allowing drops of the precum to gloss Nikita's lips before drooping into her mouth.

Nikita leaned backwards unto the side of the bed as she firmly wrapped her smooth and elegant hands behind Garrett and held his lower back. She pushed his cock deep into her mouth,  at first taking it halfway in. However, Garrett began to pound her mouth faster and deeper after every pound, culminating in deepthroating it after every single pound, leaving visible red kiss marks on Garrett's scrotum and the base of his cock.

Garrett came a river of sperm inside of Nikita's throat. She gagged at first, surprised by the amount and velocity of the cum spewed inside of her. But, as Garrett pulled out, she began to suck and swallow his seed as the huge sausage slowly made its way backwards before an audible POP was heard as the dome of the cock exited the vacuum-like lips of this Slavic trophy-wife.

Garrett rolled sideways unto Barrett's, now moist, bed. His cock now flaccid for the time being. He knew however that soon enough Nikita will wring him dry, as such he'll take this opportunity to recover a bit. He closed his eyes and relaxed, beads of sweat rolling off his body, his now flaccid cock resting on his stomach. Garrett breathed out heavily, trying to sort his breath back in order. Something touched him but more specifically his cock, he snapped his eyes open, he saw Nikita gently stroking his cock with her right hand while she used her left to massage his large sperm spheres and used her lips to kiss and lick tip.

"Close your eyes, relax." She said softly to Garrett. Garrett complied with her request, enjoying this experience. Having his eyes closed as this fap material turned lover was fapping him was yet another great thing to check in his newly made bucket list. His flaccid cock started to become erect once more slowly. Garrett could feel Nikita stop playing and unhanding his balls, but he could hear her dragging and opening the plastic bag she asked him to grab earlier. He had no idea what was in there and he was curious, but he wasn't going to open his eyes just yet.

Garrett felt the cold touch of metal surrounding his cock and rapidly descending towards the base of his cock. His eyes snapped open, seeing Nikita placing a silver cock ring on his shaft. It caused him pain and anger, both from this betrayal of trust and the tightness of the ring blocking his blood vessels.

"What the fuck?!" He yelled, leaping from the bed, trying to pull the ring off of his cock. Nikita gasped, her face twisted into a face of anger and disappointment. "Be mine or get out!" she yelled back as she stood up, turning on her heels sideways, facing the bathroom's door. 

Garrett was furious, "Was every single thing she said and done was a lie?" he thought, unsure how to feel about how Nikita responded to what was clearly her own doing. The more he thought about it, the more he angered himself. Garrett rushed towards Nikita, and pushed her into the bathroom. He then pushed Nikita unto the ceramic floor, plunging his tongue into her mouth as he aligned his swollen cock with her dripping slit.

"I'm..." Nikita began to say, but was interrupted by Garrett as he was shoving and pounding his massive cock into her sensitive cunt down to his hilt. She gasped and moaned loudly, like an animal in heat, grabbing and scratching Garrett's shoulder blades. Garrett tore the fishnet minidress in front of him and started to grab Nikita's large jiggling knockers, playing with her nipples.

Garrett flipped her over, momentarily giving her a break long enough to say "I-i'm...sor-.." as he turned the shower shower on to camouflage the lewd sounds from reaching the neighbors. He plunged his cock once more into Nikita's quivering pussy, her back arched in surprise, she gasped loudly as Garrett pulled and pushed inside of her.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just please don't stop!" She yelled loudly. Her switch was already flipped. It had been flipped once Garrett pushed her down and started to dominate her instead. Garrett pulled her raven hair backwards, arching her even further. Nikita moans began to get louder as she pulled her tongue out in ecstasy. Garrett smacked her ass again and again, reddening it further after every spank. "That's what you fucking get you lying bitch." He whispered into her ear as he lurched forwards, placing his arms at the front.

Nikita grabbed his wrists for support as she wiggled and bounced her ass sideways as Garrett pounded her from behind. "Yes! fuck me! fuck your cock sleeve!" Nikita moaned loudly before moving her face sideways kissing and licking Garrett's mouth. She cared not about anything but the cock that was ramming her thirsty bottom mouth. Nikita could feel her body accepting Garrett's dominance over it, she could feel herself succumbing to him. "I'll do anything and everything for him, be it bearing his children, tormenting John or be it giving him more toys to fuck, I'll do it, I'll do it!" Nikita swore to herself. Both Nikita and Garrett moaned and grunted, both on the verge of cumming. 

The lovers grunted as they came in unison, him flooding her womb and she shining his crotch. They locked lips, but one of them fainted. It was Nikita who fainted. Garrett looked at her, worried and checked for her vitals. He sighed in relief as he found that she only fainted and no harm was done. 

Garrett looked downwards at his now flaccid cock, it was resting atop Nikita's round ass, slowly leaking the last drops of cum from the last batch unto Nikita's lower back. Garrett looked at the base of his cock, he could still see the silver colored cock ring placed on him earlier by Nikita. He removed it swiftly from his cock and threw it aside, it clunked and rang as settled down. 

Garrett looked around in search of soap, he saw one near the unconscious Nikita and quickly pooled a blob into his hand. He began to soap up his and Nikita's bodies, giving extra care and attention to Nikita's soft. smooth and pale skin. He gently cleaned every nook and crevice of her body. Once finished he sprayed the soap down with the detachable shower head he found near his legs.

He turned around slowly, fatigued, and turned the water off, placing the shower head back to where he found it. Beads of sweat and water dripping from both of their bodies, felt chilly in the night's temperature. Garrett quickly but gently dried Nikita off before he did himself, once done he picked Nikita up in a bridal carry, placing her gently unto the bed, covering her with the blanket before he himself got into bed with her. He turned to face Nikita, he saw her slowly regaining her consciousness.

"Zat felt great..." Nikita said in a whisper, as if she was high on some drug. She clung to Garrett. "I'm sorry about earlier, Nikki... I was too aggressive." Garrett said as he hid his face with his left hand, ashamed of his own earlier actions. Nikita placed her soft and manicured hand on his cheek and gently turned his face to hers. "It vas my bad, I overstepped my own boundaries." She said softly.

"But...I can't say I did not like it." She smiled mischievously and kissed him as she pressed her massive tits unto him. Their kiss became sloppier and more fervent as they continued kissing. Garrett's cock was back in action. Not only that he could see Nikita's eyes returning to their previously hungry shine. He could also feel Nikita's nipples becoming erect as they touched his skin.

"Turn around." Garrett said in an unusually assertive tone. Nikita was surprised at first but a moment later she smiled, saying "I love it vhen you are assertive." She complied with this command, turning her back to Garrett. He wrapped his arm around Nikita's thigh, lifting it upwards. Garrett aligned his now fully erect nine incher with Nikita's lower mouth. He lurched backwards like a cat that is about to pounce on a mouse, he then pounced forward, plunging his cock into Nikita. She gasped and moaned loudly as the young man fucking her pussy moved back and forth, causing the bed to pound on the wall as Garrett did to her. 

Nikita moaned and yelled "Yes! yes! yes! fuck me hard!" as Garrett's nine inch long thick cock pounded into her pussy while his other hand played with her huge knockers and pink nipples. She loved every single moment of it, she did not care they were fucking on her husband's bed nor if the neighbors would hear them. She only focused on the cock penetrating her, stirring her up and giving her the attention she wanted from the first time she ever came to this country.

Garrett let go of her thigh, allowing it to drop, resulting in the enhancement of Nikita's vise-like warm pussy. Both man and woman yelled as both climaxed in unison, but this nightly dance was yet to end. Nikita turned unto her stomach, her elegant legs and juicy thighs stretched out as she buried her head into the pillow, her ass jiggling as she turned and her pussy leaking its content unto the sheets.

"You...are getting good at zis..." Nikita breathed out, brushing her hair aside. Garrett looked at her body once more, its sweat gave it a glistening glow in the dark. He looked at Nikita's face again, she was so beautiful he could hardly contain himself from fucking her even more, especially now as she was pretty much his.

"Oh, don't worry. There's more." Garrett said. He moved behind Nikita's exposed ass, smacking it as he went by it, causing it to jiggle further. She moaned loudly before facing towards him, biting her lip as she swayed her ass sideways. Garrett began to stroke his cock as he played with Nikita's ass, getting it to become erect again. Once it did, Garrett slowly pushed it inside of Nikita's pussy, causing some of the cum he already deposited inside of her to be dragged out unto the sheets.

Nikita moans grew louder as Garrett pummeled her pussy faster and faster, harder and harder. Garrett grabbed her ass, spanking it before his body rested atop of hers. Garrett hugged Nikita from behind, fondling her tits once more as he licked and kissed her back and nape. His mouth made its way up her nape, once he reached her choker he began to fuck her even harder as he grasped the choker, pulling it backwards with his teeth.

"Don't stop!" Nikita yelled loudly, the bed creaked as it pounded the wall from the force of their fucking. Garrett removed his right hand from the mound it fondled thus far and placed it on Nikita's head, pushing downwards to the pillow below. Nikita bit into the pillow as Garrett moved like a piston, stirring her insides with his huge cock, she could feel the feeling she felt this entire night coming again. Herself climaxing on the rod inside of herself. She bit the sheets in an attempt to silence her moans but it did not help as her moans could be heard echoing throughout the empty condo.

Garrett bucked his legs as he gave much slower pounds into the pink pussy of this dark haired beauty, pumping his thick baby batter into her, with each rope that directly hit the walls of her womb, Nikita came her brains out, her tongue sticking out of her open mouth. The climax drove both lovers limp, Garrett collapsing on top of Nikita, "That was worth everything..." Garrett breathed out, kissing his way from Nikita's cheek to her mouth.

"I love you, I really do." Nikita said softly to Garrett as he turned her unto her side, spooning her. "If only these moments could last forever." Garrett whispered into her ear as he snuck his left hand and gently fondled her tits. "Too bad that asshole is your husband though." Garrett said bitterly, still fondling Nikita. Nikita thought for a moment but she quickly came to a resolution. She turned her head backwards, kissing Garrett's lips before saying dismissingly "I don't give a fuck about zat asshole, his only job is to give money to me vhile my only job is be pretty." 

"And believe me Nikki when I say that you nail that job harder than how I fucked you earlier..." Garrett quipped, grabbing Nikita's tit and bouncing it manually. Nikita giggled and moaned, "You really are my best match..." She kissed him again as both lovers began to fall asleep, cock still in pussy.


A few hours earlier during that night

Two women were awake in their respective beds, listening closely and affected by the echoing moans of pleasure spreading through the night. The one was Angela, she could visualize the man and his massive cock but couldn't do the same for his partner whose identity remains anonymous to her, nor could she project how his cock would have felt inside of her, how it would stir her up, how it would feel pounding on sensitive spots.

She masturbated in tandem to the grunts, moans and smacks the could be heard throughout the building but not loud enough to wake up the neighbors. She rubbed her clitoris like a woman possessed before she fingered her wet pussy with her well manicured smooth hand as the other hand played and fondled her own jug.

"Yes! Garrett! Fuck me hard! Make me yours!" Angela breathed, imagining her student lurching over her with his lean-muscular body as he slowly penetrates her pussy and then fucks her ruthlessly as he gives her kisses only reserved for his loved one. She imagined him cumming inside of her, inseminating her with his baby batter. She came harder than she ever came. She smeared her pussy juices unto her fingers and brought the dripping hand closer to her face. "I wonder how his semen would taste..." She whispered with her soft voice as she began to lick and swallow her own juices, imaging it was Garrett's thick cum.

She could still hear Garrett and his lover moaning and grunting into the night. She wished with all her heart that she herself will have a chance, a golden opportunity, a blessing brought by God, any god, that will allow her to overcome her own shyness and awkwardness and will allow her to join Garrett, her beloved.

 She wiped her dripping pussy with her panties and threw them aside, her tank top stained with her sweat. Angela sat up on her bed and grabbed her blanket. She fell backwards as she threw the thin blanket on herself, her large rack jiggling as her back hit the bed. She breathed heavily in relief, now free from her lust the realization hit her. She was obsessed with Garrett, madly in love her friend, Thebe, might call it.

Angela quickly buried her face into her pillow in shame and covered her head, she was horny the entire day thanks to the blessing that was Garrett but now finally she'll get some rest. Even as she fell asleep she could only think about Garrett's health. "Was he ok?" "Did he eat what I cooked for him?" "Did he like it?". Her mind wandered more and more until the sandman came and she fell asleep.

The other woman, the one that lived downstairs from Angela, Ji-Yeon, could also hear the rough and passionate sex that was occurring on the higher floors of the building. Ji-Yeon, who just hours ago had a taste, secretly, of the man that was now wrecking an unknown woman, began to fantasize how this Western young man, Garrett was his name, would fuck her much in the same way as this woman was having her fun with Garrett's pussy pleaser.

Ji-Yeon pulled something from beneath her bed, it was smooth and phallic shaped. She pulled it upwards causing it to jiggle as she did so. It was a transparent dildo-vibrator, her older sister bought for her before she left Korea. Ji-Yeon had no idea why she would even need such a thing but here she was, tracing said object on her midsection, slowly making its way upwards.

Ji-Yeon rubbed the dildo on her nipples as she squeezed, bounced, kissed and licked her pale spheres, wetting them with her saliva. She moved the dildo into her eyeliner, she wiggled it as she licked her lips, she imagined it was Garrett's, coming to bring her salvation from her restlessness. She began to lick the dildo slowly, smearing her saliva on it in large amounts, so large the saliva dripped on her nude chest. She licked her way to the tip, once she reached it she shoved the dildo roughly into her throat, She started to play with her pussy and clit, rubbing and fingering. She never sucked a cock before, at first she got a quarter of it inside her throat, then half, then three quarters then she reached the base of the dildo's cock. Her eyes teared up, she felt she was choking but she knew that if she didn't train she wouldn't have a chance of keeping up with Garrett's actual cock which was both longer and thicker than this dildo.

She pulled the dildo out of her throat, several strands of saliva were still connected to her mouth. She licked her lips, severing the strands of saliva. Ji-Yeon moved her hand, still holding the dildo, downwards to her aching pussy. She tapped the tip of the dildo on her cute clit, rubbing it before she fed said dildo to her lower mouth. At first she was ashamed and embarrassed of her actions but soon her aching pussy screaming for attention took full control of her mind.

Ji-Yeon jumped, rode and came on the dildo while she tried to visualize and remember how Garrett's massive cock felt inside of her, how it brushed and dragged her folds in and out, how easily it made her cum even without much action from him and how forceful he could be. She imagined him fucking her harder and harder, hitting her insides and spraying his cum into her. She came on her dildo, it was the second time in this week alone that she couldn't control herself. Ji-Yeon breathed in the cold air in her room and gazed at the ceiling. Ji-Yeon had a different issue, a crucial one, that she needed answers to.

She wished she knew who was that woman that Garrett was fucking so passionately. She would ask her how doesn't she come from every pump or how can she keep cumming time and time again without tiring. Her thoughts drifted as she continued to ponder the issue, she fell asleep before she felt that she was tired.


First day of the assignment, Morning

Garrett felt groggy as he blinked his eyes awake, he looked around him mumbling ,"Hmmm...this isn't my room...", before soon burying his face into the pillow. He snapped awake "Wait, this isn't even my bed!" he exclaimed and jumped out of the bed. He looked around on the floor, finding his shorts near the bed and he quickly put them on.

He opened the door of the bedroom and slowly went down the stairs, only wearing said shorts as he began to get a grasp on the situation. Nikita was cooking in the kitchen but Garrett couldn't believe his eyes. Nikita was completely nude but an apron and her usual black high heels, her pale skin complimented by the white apron as the belt wrapped around her waist, putting emphasis on her bare back and her round and bubble ass.

She turned around and jumped in surprise, her tits jiggling inside of the apron, rubbing her nipples unto the inner part of the fabric, stimulating them. Her hair swayed backwards and to the side, revealing her beautiful face once more to Garrett's dick brain fortune. Nikita rested her hand on top of her round fun bags as she smiled and said "Good morning, lover. Sit, have breakfast."

Nikita turned around and grabbed a white ceramic plate, holding it with her left hand as she plated the food she cooked with her right. Garrett sat down on the chair, he was staring at Nikita once more, she was still sweating from the heat of the stove, beads of sweat rolling downwards on her body, giving her backside a shining look to it.

Garrett's cock was getting erect, his mind was filled with fantasies that could happen if he only pressed on. One such fantasy he had in mind was to creep his way towards Nikita, massaging and fondling her tits as they were contained by the apron with the additional sawing his cock between her asscheeks cock before he would grab her arm backwards as he would pound her ass with force and would finish the act by placing his cock between her ass cheeks, spraying his thick ropes upwards of Nikita's back, allowing it to drip like stalactites unto her plump ass and then they'd hit floor causing small puddles.

Garrett snapped from his daydream and looked around, he couldn't see Nikita anywhere. He looked down at the table, he saw the plate that she was making. It was a soft omelette, stuffed with melted delicious cheese, accompanied with crispy juicy brown bacon strips layered next to it. Garrett began to dig in into the food, he sliced one of the bacon strips on top of the omelette, letting the juices of the meat drip into the cheese, before he put it into his mouth. It was exquisite, Nikita was surprisingly a good cook. Speaking of Nikita, Garrett paused from eating and wondered where she went off too.

His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a soft breath on his crotch. He gasped in surprise, almost choking on a piece of omelette. He looked underneath the table and to his surprise he saw Nikita breathing on his crotch, hungry for some of that man meat. "You startle me, I startle you." She said in a mischievous tone.

Nikita yanked Garrett's pants to the floor, his erect cock swinging wildly up, tapping the bottom of the table. Nikita jerked the cock with her two hands as she placed her small and beautiful nose up against the cock's head, sniffing it. She released her grip from Garrett's third leg momentarily as she began to lick and suck Garrett's spunk bags before she gave a single, long and wet lick from the family jewels right up to the cock's head. She encased it with her full and luscious lips as she began to also screw her hands clockwise and counterclockwise as she held Garret's massive member. Soon enough, she started to slobber on the meat tube in front of her, with several ropes of saliva dripping unto both the floor and her apron, staining the latter.

Garrett grunted, smacking his fist down on the table with his right hand as he held the backside of Nikita's head, pulling it towards the base of his cock, ejaculating long and fat ropes that turned into spheres as they accumulated down of her throat, filling her stomach with baby batter.

Nikita drank and swallowed every single drop that she could. However, as she leaned backwards to allow herself to breath, the massive cock popped out of her mouth, spraying its few remaining ropes unto her lips and cheeks with fewer still spraying on top of her tits and into the deep cleavage that formed due to the apron tightly holding her tits together, those almost spilling from its upper part.

Nikita gasped for hair before she leaned forward once more, licking as much of the remaining cum that was dripping from Garrett's urethra as possible. Once no more was leaking out, she slapped her own cheeks with the cock in front of her. "Nikki, you are a real nasty bitch aren't you?" Garrett asked as he looked into Nikita's blue eyes. "Vell...I'm your bitch." Nikita responded, smiling happily content with the cock still smacking her cheeks. Nikita licked her cum glazed lips with her pink tongue, gathering it into her mouth, sloshing it around as if she was a sommelier. Nikita then wiped the cum from her cheeks and chin and doing the same to this batch before gulping it down as well.

Garrett yanked his shorts upwards, covering his cock and said, "I need to go back to my apartment to do the project, so see you around." Garrett walked to the door, he stopped and said. "Thank you for the breakfast, it was delicious."

Nikita got out from underneath the table and lightly ran towards the exiting Garrett, holding his hands together. "I could say ze same." Nikita said seductively. She stared deeply into Garrett's eyes with blue puppy dog's eyes and said, as if begging him, "Please...don't leave me and you alone, stay vith me and do it." Garrett could never resist such a powerful mental attack. "A-Alright..." he agreed in an awkward tone of voice. 

Nikita blew him a kiss as he left the apartment. She looked at her stained apron, smiling as she felt Garrett's spunk oozed from her cleavage downwards unto her taut stomach. She took off her apron, allowing it to collapse unto the floor, exposing her nude body. Nikita grabbed her tits by her nipples, spreading them apart with a visible blob of cum stretching between them with several strands oozing downwards and staining the discarded apron even further. Giddy, she hummed a song as she danced towards her own bedroom's shower, she was nude save for her high heels. She felt happy and lucky, like a newlywed who married her first love. At first she wanted Garrett to be her toy but Garrett was truly her beloved and she'll assist him with every shred of her being, the tiniest love she had for John Barrett has been extinguished completely, now overridden with loyalty and love towards Garrett.


Garrett exited the Barrett apartment, he walked down the stairs to his own apartment, he passed by Amber's apartment door, "I miss seeing her..." he thought to himself. Ever since the Nikita incidents, his mind shoved aside as he went horny on main and completely focused on fucking Nikita. He didn't hate it but it felt to him like he betrayed a special person to him and he felt ashamed.

He got into his apartment, he quickly put on the first t-shirt he saw, it was one he worn when he was a bit smaller so the fabric hugged his physique, showing his lean body to the world. He got his laptop into its carrying bag and began his climb upwards, back to the Barrett apartment, to Nikita.

Garrett reached the 4th floor once more, but to his surprise Amber's door opened revealing Amber as she was about to go to work. She was wearing tight yoga pants that would have camel toed her pussy if she didn't wear panties. She wore a simple grey sports top that barely contained her massive tits from swinging wildly. Her golden hair was tied in a ponytail that cleared the way for her beautiful face and eyes of sapphire to shine.

Amber finally noticed Garrett standing there, he saw her quickly scanning his body, as if admiring it but he immediately thought to himself, "Nah, there's no way." Dismissing the idea that his ideal woman would check him out as he was nothing special. 

Amber approached him, "Hey Garrett, how are you doing?" She asked him in her usual bubbly tone. He didn't dislike it. "H-hey Amber, I-i'm fine, just going up to help Nikita with something. How about you?" He answered with a question, trying to deflect as he felt unworthy of facing her.

"Nikita? since when did both of you two become this close?" Amber asked inquisitively, leaning forward towards Garrett, she still retained her lovely smile. Garrett was sweating bullets, "Did she figure out Nikita's affair with me?!" He panicked, trying to not fidget in the open. Amber began to laugh as she leaned backwards and said, "I'm just joking with you Garrett." Smacking him lightly on his bicep.

She went past him, turning back to him and said, "See ya lat-..." She couldn't finish the sentence. She slipped on a step and began to fall backwards. "Amber!" Garrett yelled, grabbing Amber by her wrist, pulling her towards him, into safety. Amber gasped as she was pulled into Garrett's chest placing her hands on his pectorals. She looked upwards as she blushed, meeting Garrett's eyes.

"T-thank you Garrett, see you later!" Amber said assertively as she began to rush down the stairs as she held the guard rail. "W-wait." Garrett said softly as he outstretched his arm, knowing that there was no way that she heard him. He shook his head in distress and continued to climb the stairs upwards towards the Barrett apartment.

He opened the door of the apartment and listened, he could hear the shower running in what he was told was Nikita's personal bedroom. "Hmm...she must be showering." He thought out loud. Garrett looked around, even though he knew Barrett was away he still felt uncomfortable staying in the landlord's house. Though you'd think that fucking the landlord's wife is a much greater offense.

 Garrett sat on the large couch facing the TV. He took out his laptop from within its bag, placing it on the coffee table in front of him and turned it on. He cracked his neck as he began to open his email to see if something regarding the project was sent to him from his teachers. He could see only one new email and it was a video from Angela. He hesitated to open it.

In his moment of hesitation he felt the couch shifting its shape a bit. He looked to his right in confusion. He saw Nikita, fresh from the shower. Her black hair shining as it rolled on her short sleeved t-shirt, its deep v-neck allowing her massive tits to breath freely. She stared at him with her topaz eyes, staring at him directly as if waiting in baited breath for his response. She smelt amazing, her perfume had a floral scent to it, Garrett guessed it was lilies but his mind was focusing hard on Nikita, both her smell and appearance.

" make my dick crazy..." Garrett said, hypnotized by Nikita, his cock was getting hard again. Nikita jumped backwards, off the couch and unto her heels, clacking them on the floor. Garrett gazed at her, she wore a tight pair of light blue jeans that took the shapely form of her ass, thighs and legs. She had put on less makeup than usual, only black eyeliner and light pink lipstick. Furthermore, he noticed something that was new on the landscape that was Nikita's body. She wore a black choker around her neck that emphasized her beautiful face and elegant neck muscles.

 After giving a small twirl, she jumped back unto the couch, leaning on Garrett's shoulder as he tried to refocus his attention on the project at hand. He breathed in, attempting to calm himself and started the video that was attached to the email Angela sent him.

The video started, Angela could be seen dressed in a stylish t-shirt that barely held her bulging breasts inside of it. She looked at the camera and said, "Hello Garrett, due to class ending early I will give you a quick run up of what you missed and some pointers for the project."

Nikita leaned in closer to Garrett, placing her hand on his thigh as Angela went on to explain and elaborate on the subject at hand. After a few minutes of watching the recording with Garrett, Nikita paused it as Garrett was taking notes and asked calmly, "She really likes you it seemz, uh?". 

Garrett stopped typing his notes on the laptop and slowly turned to face Nikita. "W-what?" He asked, dumbfounded by the question that was asked so weirdly innocently. Nikita smiled at him, placing her thigh on top of his own, pinning him in place as she drew closer to his ear. Nikita came closer still to his ear. Garrett could feel her breath into his ear, her perfumed scent rushing into his nostrils and her massive knockers rubbing on his body. She asked him, "And you really like her too, right?". 

Garrett was blushing, he tried to cover his face but Nikita uncovered his face and looked into his eyes, telling him "Nothing iz wrong vith zat, I completely understand you. She iz a beautiful voman." She pecked at Garrett's lips, creating a faint kiss mark on his lips. Not long after the peck she lunged at Garrett, causing both of them to lay down on the couch as they French kissed.

Nikita stopped her French kissing only to then make her way downwards, to his crotch. She yanked his pants downwards, his half mast pole bobbing in front of Nikita's reflecting eyes. Nikita gently kissed the cock's head as she stimulated the shaft before she laid on it, using only her tight body to get the cock underneath her top as she made her way back to Garrett's face.

"Tell me vhat you do to me, if I vas Angela in zis situation..." Nikita whispered sensually, her face just barely touching Garrett's own. She rubbed her body downwards, back towards Garrett's cock, allowing it to snake its way underneath her top and between her massive milk jugs. The cock's shaft and head rubbed against Nikita's smooth and warm skin as it made its way upwards, the head peeking from between her tits.

She leaned her head downwards, kissing and lightly sucking the tip. "Now if I vas Angela vhat you'd do to me? Speak as if I vas her." She repeated the question as she pressed her knockers together, tightening the pressure applied on the now sandwiched cock. "I-if I had the chance..." Garrett began to answer as he looked at the stretching Angela, currently occupying his laptop screen, her knockers spilling out of her top, her pink nipples and areola exposed.

"I-i would grab you massive tits, sucking and biting on your deliciously pink nipples. I would milk your tits into my mouth." Garrett said, fantasizing about sucking the college idol's, one of his idols', massive tits. As Garrett grew more and more openly sexual the faster and more ferociously Nikita titfucked and sucked his cock that was in between her milky mounds.

"I would fuck you deep in your pussy, reaching deep into your womb! I would cum deep inside of you as I push you down on the bed, wrecking your bed! I would then pull my cock out and spray you in the face, like this!" He punctuated the last of the sentence as he sprayed thick ropes of white goo into Nikita's throat as he pushed her head downwards, pumping her throat with so much cum her cheeks inflated, allowing some of the saliva-cum mix to drip back unto Garrett's cock and unto her top.

Nikita slobbered as she licked Garrett's cock clean, devouring every remnant of baby goo that remained on Garrett's shaft. Allowing the saliva-cum to smear on her lips, the second time this day. Nikita gently pulled out the cock from underneath her top, freeing it from her mammarial pussy. Garrett breathed heavily as Nikita moved backwards from the couch, standing up on the floor momentarily before turning around to her bedroom.

Garrett looked around, confused with how he was going to clean up the mess around him but at the same moment Nikita exited her bedroom with a towel. She wiped Garrett's surrounding area and his now sticky-from-saliva cock. Once done, she turned her attention to her own sticky cleavage, wiping it thoroughly with the same towel before throwing it aside once she was done.

"Continue doing ze project, I'll cook lunch." Nikita told him gently as she leaned forward, touching his face. Garrett could only hum and nod in agreement as he calmed himself. Nikita made her way towards the kitchen, jiggling inside her top and jeans as she did. Garrett shook his head as he returned to reality, back to researching and taking notes from the video attached to Angela's email.

His mind now clear, what you'd call a post nut clarity, and the video was no longer arousing him he was able to make clearer and better notes without issues. Garrett was able to cram a good portion of the project afterwards, he felt motivated to do right by Nikita who was taking care of him so kindly. He breathed out as he finished today's quota and then some, laying backwards on the couch, breathing up.

Nikita walked up to the couch with two plates, she placed the plates on the coffee table, one near Garrett and the other in front of herself as she sat down on the couch. On the plates were beautifully cooked, juicy steaks that glistened in the light with golden brown french fries on the side of the plate, absorbing the meat juices that oozed from the steaks.

"Food's ready, my love." She said as she sat near Garrett, her rotund ass touching Garrett's thighs as he was leaning on the couch. They began to eat the steaks, cutting them while pinning several French fries on top of them. The steaks were juicy and delicious, the fries laid on them were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mix was exquisite.

Soon enough, both of them devoured the steaks like starved animals, leaving only remnants of fries on the plates. "I'll just leave that for later..." Garrett breathed out, leaning backwards on the couch, patting and tapping his gut. Nikita picked up the TV remote as she leaned into Garrett, handing over the remote to him, telling him, "Let's vatch something you vant."

"Well...there's Game of Thrones and by the look of it, you have no idea what I'm talking about so let's binge it as much as we can." Said Garrett as he quickly tapped the remote, quickly getting the VOD started.

They began to binge watch season one, Garrett already saw the series to completion, he just wanted two things out of this rerun. One, to see how a newbie like Nikita would react to the more realistically brutal parts of the show. And two, he wanted to cleanse his pallet of the later and disastrous seasons.  

At first, Nikita was composed and collected, except for during the sex scenes. During which, Garrett would look at her, seeing biting her lower lip as she lightly rubbed herself with one hand as she drew her hand closer and closer to his cock. Not that Garrett could be exempt from getting aroused and handsy as he himself began to grope Nikita's massive pillows as whispered propositions into her ear such as, "Want to do the same later?".

Their horniness only calmed down once plot critical dialogue was occurring usually due to Nikita asking questions about the story or about what was currently occurring on screen. Such as, "Vhy didn't Ned shut his stupid mouth...?", "Let me understand...zose two blondes zat are fucking are siblings?!", "Ze guy zat ran from zose snow zombies got killed? Vhy? I know it'z snowing but zis izn't Stalingrad...", "Ioffrey iz a cunt.", among several more snide remarks, jokes and logical thoughts.

Soon, they've reached the end of the season. Nikita look distraught before she looked away from the decapitation that closed that season, hiding her face from the screen as she rubbed her face into Garrett's chest. "Cute..." Garrett thought to himself, brushing and patting Nikita's head as she hugged him. He never would expect this ice queen of a wife would be this emotional, he found it endearing to say the least.

Nikita raised her eyes and looked at Garrett, he was smiling at her. She felt embarrassed, she pouted as she moved away from him, getting up from the couch. She stretched upwards, her back arched backwards, pushing her huge tits and round bubble butt out. Garrett watched that show of jiggling assets with great interest, his cock was getting harder and harder, his libido was starting to rise, helped by the sex scenes that appeared on the show.

Garrett lounged forward and up from the couch, he got behind Nikita, grinding his cock on her semi exposed bubble butt and fondling her tits. "Hmmm...I like it...yes my prince, fuck me like van of your sex slaves..." Nikita said, clearly influenced by the show's medieval aesthetic.

"Of course, my queen." Garrett whispered to her passionately. He pulled Nikita's jeans down, at first he had issues getting the tight jeans over Nikita's sexy and rotund ass. At first sight of Nikita's ass, Garrett pushed her to the kitchen table. She purred and stretched like a cat as Garrett began to grope her ass and used his tongue to stir her insides.

Garrett stood back up and took off his pants, his erect third leg wobbling about as it was freed. Garrett took control of his shaft, stroking it slowly. He only stopped to grab his cock by it's hilt to smack Nikita's ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle. With each smack Nikita moaned and purred, making Garrett even more anxious to shove his cock into her but he decided to tease her a bit before that. He gently held his cock and precisely aimed it into the pussy in front of him. He teased his cock's head in and out of Nikita's wet pussy."Yes...I'm your breeding bitch, fuck me good!" She moaned loudly, using her hands to spread her ass cheeks to reveal her dripping slit. 

Thrusting his thighs forwards, Garrett was hitting Nikita's well toned thighs as he plunged his cock deep into Nikita, the sound of flesh pounding flesh and primordial grunts and moans echoed throughout the large apartment. Even though it wasn't the first time nor the second that he ploughed Nikita's cunt, it always felt tight for him, as if her insides were squeezing him, trying to extract his jizz.

The aroma of the kitchen changed as well, the smell of fried steak was now gone, replaced by the indecent odor of pussy juices. Garrett did not mind this smell, rather, he might argue that he liked it but right now there was a more alluring scent around. It was Nikita's lilac perfume. It was enticing, as if inviting him to smell Nikita's nape, the origin of the smell. He obliged this imperative, quickly rushing to Nikita's nape, kissing it.

Nikita cutely gasped in surprise, her pussy gripping Garrett's cock even tighter. Invigorated by the sound, Garrett bit into Nikita's choker as he groped her soft tits, he played with her nipples as he began to thrust his hips faster and faster, moving like a piston in and out of Nikita. Soon, he began to slow down until he stopped moving, his cock bucking inside of Nikita. It rubbed against her cervix before unleashing a gush of Garrett's nut milk into it, forcing Nikita to climax as well. The lovers went limp, breathing heavily in pleasure. However, they still played with each other's body. Garrett passionately kissed Nikita's nape once more as he was fondling her soft and bouncy knockers while she twisted her ass back and forth, jerking Garrett's cock as it was still inside of her but causing the closest pool of cum to her pussy to drip and ooze unto the edge of the table and from there to the floor.

"Ready for round two?" Garrett asked as if asking an obvious question, as he pulled away from Nikita, causing the pool of cum to ooze further. "Alvays..." Nikita said, giggling, as she turned to her side and stretched her leg upwards. "Oh, you know vhat zey say..." She said before quoting "In for a penny, in for a pounding." Garrett couldn't help himself no longer, he began to pound her deep into the night, almost forgetting to eat.


The next day, noon, second day of the project.

Angela was sitting in her bed, her laptop laying on her juicy thighs. She was wearing an XL sized short sleeved t-shirt that hung off her massive rack, barely even touching her taut stomach if she was standing up. She wore only a black thong for a bottom as she was alone in her apartment for most of the time and even if she was receiving guests it was only her friend Thebe.

She sat there, bored, as she surfed the web for new stuff to watch or read. She first checked her YouTube video recommendations, she was subscribed to channels that could only be separated into two groups. The first group of channels she was interested with was the group the includes beauty channels, such as makeup artists, hair tutorials and fashionistas. She loved how pretty they skillfully made themselves using their natural beauty and some ingenuity and tried to emulate their tips and skills with her own life.

The second interest group of channels that she followed were geek culture channels. Gaming, weeb culture and fantasy among many other mediums and genres, she was interested in all of them since she was younger. She loved everything about them, the stories, the characters, the settings, but her favorite was the character designs of many of the female characters. Many, be it from Japanese mangas or from western comic books, were buxom and beautiful with just the right amount of muscle to give them just that sweet amount of muscle. Those were the types of characters that she felt most connected to as a nerdy teen that was growing up with that body type. She saw them as ideal versions of what she could achieve given time and hard work.

Her daydreaming faded as her phone rang near her, she looked at the screen, she saw only a number. "Who's this?" she murmured before picking up the phone and answering the mysterious number. She asked "Hello?" into the phone, she heard the typical noises of a mall with the additional noise of heels tapping on a ceramic floor. "Hello, Angela?" An accented voice asked from the phone, Angela was familiar with this accent and voice. "Nikita?", Angela asked to confirm her suspicions. "Yes, it's Nikita, I vanted to ask you if you vould like to come to a café viz me?" Nikita answered with a question accompanied with an unusually happy tone of voice for a woman that was known as an ice queen amongst the residents of the apartment.

Angela pondered for a moment, but she quickly reached a resolution. "Sure, I'll come, tell me when and where?" Angela finally answered as she moved her computer off of her. "Come to ze city mall in about van hour, I'll vait for you at Joe's Cup café, it is near ze entrance. See you zen" Nikita said, she could be heard dragging a metallic chair backwards as she hung up the phone.

Angela stood up from her bed and stretched, once she was done, she made her way to her humble closet's mirror and said "Why did I say yes...", She went through her closet, searching for appropriate clothing, quickly trying them on before throwing them onto her bed.


Almost an hour later

"Yo, bro, you seen that black haired woman over there?" said Thomas, the cashier. "She's so goddamn hot." said Rodriguez, the waiter and his coworker. Both of them had a pretty lousy day thus far, their boss had a tendency of being an annoying bastard and the usual barista, as hot as she might be, was being a bitch.

As they recalled their day, since the beginning of their shifts till now, they really had nothing to do except do their jobs reluctantly. They were just about emotionally done with the job but they soon became reinvigorated. They saw this raven haired beauty, her ample body jiggling and almost spilling out of the v-neck of her red ruched dress. The dress' thin straps seemed to barely hold her bouncing mounds as she walked towards the exit of the mall.

"Oh shit...look at them tits!" Thomas exclaimed as he tapped Rodriguez's arm to draw his attention. Rodriguez turned around from looking at the barista's ass, "Say what now?" he asked. The instance he laid eyes on this woman his eyes bulged out in shock and he was starting to get erect. The two coworkers stared at this woman that was holding several bags as she began to walk around in place as she was talking on the phone with someone.

Both couldn't calm themselves down before the woman, still on the phone at this point, dragged one of the metal chairs backwards before sitting on it cross-legged, her elegant legs shining even underneath the table. "Alright buddy...yer up." Thomas pushed the menu into Rodriguez's chest and slapped his back towards the counter's swinging doors.

Rodriguez gulped, never before he met a woman of this beauty and now he was going to give as much of a service to this bombshell of a woman. He walked up to her as he held the menu, she was staring at the entrance of the mall as if waiting for someone, Rodriguez hoped it wasn't a partner. He breathed in, he could smell her perfume, he tried to contain his erection before clearing his throat near this woman to get her attention.

She turned her head to him and looked at him for a moment before she was given the menu by the smiling Rodriguez. "Welcome to Joe's cup, my name is Rodriguez, here's the menu. When you are ready please call for me and I'll come." He said as he handed over the menu. "Ah yes, zank you." The woman gave him an accented thanks.

Rodriguez made his way towards the counter, and went through the swinging doors to stand next to Thomas . A beat later, he made sure he was out of sight and hearing of the woman to grab Thomas to the side and whisper loudly to him, "Dude, this woman isn't Anglo, I think she's Russian bro. She has that accent and shit.". This brings us to the present.

The two coworkers look up towards where the woman was sitting, they could see her waving in the air towards them, her massive fun bags swaying like pendulums, almost popping out of her tight dress and possibly could knock a person out. "Oh Dios mio, look at that sway!"

"Oy you fucking idiots, get to work! and you Rodriguez you horny bastard go take her fucking order!" The barista, Joniqua yelled at the both of them, dragging Rodriguez by the ear towards the swinging doors, only releasing it once they got past these doors.

Rodriguez rubbed his ear as he stepped out of the doors and murmured, "Stupid ho...the only thing that is good about you is your fat ass...". Likely for him Joniqua did not hear him as she stepped back behind the counter. Thomas tried to disguise his laughter as a cough. Joniqua glared at him and threatened him as she angrily said "Wanna get beat?!"

Thomas quickly turned his head as a hard no and backed away from her as he put his hands up. "Good." She said, turning towards her post, her big booty jiggling inside of her uniform's pants as she walked. Both Rodriguez and Thomas wanted a piece of that chocolate ass, they discussed many times during breaks how would it probably feel to fuck the Black babe.

Rodriguez now had a better object to be horny about, the beautiful Slavic woman whose body far exceeds any model he ever masturbated to. He made his way towards her and stood beside her as she leaned forward, her massive rack pressing on top of the glass table as she pointed inside the menu, her black glossy hair shining like stars, twinkling in the night sky. 

"Hmm...I vould like a Cappuccino please." The woman said in her accented voice as she turned to look at him, her tits swinging. "S-sure thing." Rodriguez said as he wrote down her order on his notepad. "What's your name, please?" He requested her name, both out of professional courtesy and out of an ulterior motive.

"My name iz Nikita." She said as she smiled elegantly, the type smile that Rodriguez saw thus far only in paintings. "What a wonderful name, fitting for a beautiful lady such as yourself." He said, trying to win her over using compliments. Nikita's eyes flickered for a moment, like a flame ignited. "Ooooh, zank you." She said, her voice became more seductive as she began to mouth every word with her full lips.

"H-how would you like your coffee?" Rodriguez questioned her, trying to let his erection down as she answered this 'back to the topic' question. His plan ended in failure, Nikita placed her hand on his chest and slowly made her way down as she answered his question. "I don't drink my coffee rough..." She began saying. "But...I like it rough." She ended her answer with a seductive whisper, her hand located at the bottom of Rodriguez's abdomen, not that far away from his dick.

Rodriguez was about to quickly run back inside, however, Nikita suddenly rose up from her chair, she quickly ran to another bombshell. A blonde beauty, although she was dressed modestly, only a blue pair of jeans and a t-shirt, said clothing took the perfect hourglass shape, massive tits and round ass of this new arrival.

Nikita held the blonde woman at her shoulders, causing her to slightly move back in surprise but Nikita did not let up her grip. More so, she began to kiss the blonde's cheeks, both women's tits and nipples rubbing against the other's. Every man around stared at the occurrence, Rodriguez and Thomas included. All assumed that soon both women would begin to tongue each other but, unfortunately, for the spectators this did not come to pass.

Nikita grabbed the blonde by her hand, she sat her down in the chair opposite of hers and sat herself down as well. Nikita gestured towards Rodriguez and said to him "Make it double, please!". Rodriguez was so focused on these two beauties, two goddesses descended down to earth to grace humanity with their breathtaking beauty, that he was able to snap out of his charmed state to fulfil this goddess' command to him.

Rodriguez quickly wrote down the additional cup as he walked swiftly into the shop. He turned his attention towards Thomas , "Jesucristo, this day is getting better and better, huh Tom?...Tom?" Rodriguez now looked directly at Thomas . He wasn't looking at Nikita but he was staring, like an hungry animal, at the blonde newcomer. "Seeing something you like?" Rodriguez asked him, fully understanding where he's coming from, to which Thomas could only nod.

Rodriguez passed the note order to Joniqua. "Horny bastards..." She murmured to herself as she began to make the two cups of cappuccino. Rodriguez checked his phone, he was typing hard and quick, he was attempting to search up Nikita in any social media he can, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

He could find nothing about her, as if she did not have any social media. He was confused for a moment, only breaking from it as Thomas tapped him on the shoulder, "When you go out there again, can you please ask if that blonde is single? She's 100% my type." He said.

Both cashier and waiter stared intently at these two beautiful women, drooling at the thoughts of what if they were together with them.


Nikita turned back to face Angela whose face was still red from the cheek kisses. Nikita laughed it off and asked Angela "I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable". Angela breathed out in relief. Nikita felt her mischievous part of her personality coming up to the surface. Nikita's smile disappeared, replaced by a stern and ice cold gaze. "Do you know vhy I called you here?" She asked in a icy and biting tone. Angela tensed up, she didn't know why Nikita of all people would call her over but she could only assume that it was about the rent.

 Nikita's face loosened as she giggled and said "Don't is not about rent. I vas just joking vith you.". Angela's face turned from one of fear to confusion before she began to pout angrily. "Ladies, your coffee." Rodriguez the waiter said as he came to their table, placing the two cups of coffee in front of them. He turned to Angela, "Excuse me miss, might I ask what is your name?" he asked her.

"...My name is Angela...why are you asking?" Angela answered. A keen watcher would see and know how Angela looked uninterested with what she knew was going to come next. "My friend in the back find you beautiful, he asked me to ask you for your phone number." Rodriguez said as he snuck looks towards both Angela and Nikita.

 "I'm sorry but I'm already in a relationship." Angela said in a serious yet gentle tone. Nikita wanted to raise an eyebrow and question her right then and there but the matter of Rodriguez and his friend needs to be put in order. Rodriguez nodded and said "I'll give him that message. If you need anything, just give me a wave or yell."

Once Rodriguez was out of sight and out of earshot Nikita bent forward, placing her elbows and her massive pale rack on top of the glass table. "Now you made me curiouz, with vho are you in relationship?" She asked Angela as she raised a curious eyebrow.

Angela became red as a tomato, she began to fidget and look away saying, "I-I'm not really in a relationship with that man...b-but I would like to be..." She said, embarrassed of what she just said. "Oh my are so cute I understand vhy Garrett likez you.." Nikita thought to herself. "W-wait...what?!" Angela looked surprised at Nikita, who just realized that she thought out loud, basically telling Angela what Garrett thinks about her.

"Oh, alright, he likez you very much." Nikita admitted to Angela, as the former looked down slightly as she sighed in frustration. On the other hand, Angela seemed extremely happy with the slip but at the same time she was embarrassed. Angela lowered her head and looked upwards at Nikita as she swiped her hair behind her right ear. Nikita's phone pinged with a message, distracting both women from the topic at hand.

"Excuse me." Nikita excused herself some time to check her phone. The message was from John, he was asking her to send him some sexy pics with the lingerie he bought and sent to her. She really didn't like even speaking with him anymore, let alone touching him. She wrote to him, saying "Sure" with an attached kiss emoji to throw him off her back.

Nikita began humming. " watch Game of Thrones?" Angela asked her in surprise. Nikita was caught by surprise, she knew the theme was catchy but not so catchy as to make her hum it unconsciously. "Yez, I only saw ze first season, so spoilerz." She said. Nikita liked the show very much, from the plot to the sex, she liked all of it but she had many questions that needed answers. "Of course, this is proper viewing etiquette." Angela responded with her gentle tone of voice.

The two women began to talk and discuss about the series with Angela telling the history and lore of the world of ice and fire. Around three hours went by before they noticed the hour and called for Rodriguez to bring the bill. He walked swiftly towards their table, once reaching it he placed the bill between both women.

"Your bill, ladies." Rodriguez said, trying to be as cordial as possible, especially towards Nikita. Nikita looked at him seductively, her milk mounds jiggle as she slightly rocked in her chair. Rodriguez couldn't avert his eyes from this seductive display, his dick was starting to get erect again. "I-if you'll excuse me, I'll get back into the store, once you are ready please call for me." He said, before rushing towards the store doors.

"Aren't you married?" Angela curiously asked Nikita. "I am but I enjoy playing wiz men. After all...Zis body makez life so much easier..." Nikita said seductively, pressing her full lips together after she looked around, spotting several gazing men, tracing her left index finger in a straight line from her sternum downwards, between her large pale mountains and reaching her navel.

Angela, embarrassed from Nikita displaying her attractiveness openly, pulled out her wallet and was about to place her credit card on the bill. Nikita placed her hand above Angela's own, blocking its path. "Don't vorry Angie, I'll pay for ze both of uz." Nikita said as she placed her own credit card instead. She then took a fresh napkin from its dispenser, folding it to two. Nikita then wrote something both the inside and outside of the napkin, as well as leaving a kiss mark on the outside of it after she kissed it, she then folded it closed.

Nikita waved her left hand upwards, signaling that they were ready for checkout. Rodriguez exited the store and lightly ran to their table, picking up the small clipboard with Nikita's credit card still attached to it. He soon ran back into the store and a few minutes later came back and placed the small clipboard, credit card and receipt attached, in front of Nikita.

She took out a ten dollar bill, placing it and the folded napkin onto the clipboard. The two women nodded to each other, both standing up from their seats, their buxom figures jiggled as they did. They quickly reached and exited the mall entrance. "Vell then Angie, it haz been fun speaking viz you. Ve'll surely speak later." Nikita said, hugging Angela. This time Angela quickly hugged Nikita as well, allowing both of their racks to rub against one another's.

The two women detached their bodies from one another and began to walk in opposite directions. parted ways as they waved goodbye to each other.


Rodriguez and Thomas looked at the piece of paper held by the clipboard. It was a white napkin folded in two and had a kiss mark facing upwards towards them. They looked at each other and gulped as Rodriguez began to slip the napkin out of the clipboard. He drew the napkin closer to him, he could still smell Nikita's enchanting perfume still stuck to the napkin.

He opened it and began to read aloud its content. "No chance, I'm already in a relationship. Sorry not sorry. Enjoy the kiss on the napkin as much as you can. See you around." Rodriguez was heartbroken. He leaned backwards on the counter, trying to save the mental images on Nikita into his mind, burning them into his brain.

Thomas placed his hand on Rodriguez's shoulder and tried to console his friend. "Oof, sorry man...both of us got spurned huh...there are a lot of fish in the sea y'know." He said gently. "Yeah man....I guess you're right." Rodriguez said solemnly.

They looked at each other once more and both friends vowed, "Let's not forget this day, both as a happy and sad occasion."

To be continued

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First post huh... Well, thank you for coming across my profile. I'll try to upload at least one to two new chapters of my current story every two weeks to one month. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories as much as I have when writing them.
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