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Just your standard, typical, furry/human 3D artist.
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Hey y'all, first post here, hoping to bring some joy and happiness to your days.

I'm currently trawling through my vault to find some un-posted-elsewhere content to upload here. Feel free to contact me on my Furaffinity or Eka's Portal account if you're interested in a commission!

Anyways, I plan on mostly posting longer form content here, like multiple image sequences, and eventually video animations after I upgrade my PC. I've also got plans to eventually start on a macrophile dating sim game so keep an eye out for that. All in all, I hope to make this place well worth your while.

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Space Cadet

You want to show your support? This is a good place to start.

  • WIP screenshots, random scraps.
  • The ability to vote in polls for the direction of larger projects.
  • Exclusive comics and multi render sequences.
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Tasteful Enjoyer

You really like the art, but you don't want to break the bank? This tier is for you.

  • Everything available to Space Cadet tier.
  • The ability to vote in polls for specific characters to appear in renders for the month.
  • 1 raffle ticket a month for the chance to win a free commission.
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Victory Brigade

You've come to see this venture all the way through, to the bitter end. God speed.

  • Everything available to the previous tiers.
  • The ability to vote in polls for specific scenarios for renders during the month.
  • 2 raffle tickets a month for the chance to win a free commission.
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  • "Realistic" 3D renders! Custom anthro characters!
  • Bodacious babes! Hunky dudes! Some things in-between!
  • Sometimes, there's some semblance of lore and a story!

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the Goal
I'd like to upgrade my PC in order to speed up the rendering process. About $2000 should be enough to get that done. Commissions are almost paying my bills every month, but I don't really have enough left over yet in order to invest back into the tools I use to create my art. Hopefully, once the upgrade is complete, I can get into creating full-motion animations!

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