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We are Robofap and Pinkalie, a husband and wife duo from Canada who share a passion for developing adult games and software. Nudica is our outlet for exploring and channeling the naughtier side of our creativity, and sharing it with you!
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alt text

Hello and Welcome!

Our very first post, a monumental moment for both of us! Pinkalie and I (Robofap) are extremely excited to share our experience with you. By becoming a subscriber, we hope to offer you an insider’s look at our thought processes, methods, and experiences as game developers and artists. We will also be including technical breakdowns of any systems that we develop in upcoming posts here on subscribstar but also on our blog!

So Who are we?

alt text

We are Robofap and Pinkalie, a husband and wife duo from Canada who share a passion for developing adult games and software.

And what is Nudica exactly?

alt text

Nudica is our outlet for exploring and channeling the naughtier side of our creativity, and sharing it with you! If you are interested in the juicy details of how we came to be, you can learn a little more about us in our origin story!

Finally, what are we working on?

alt text

Meet the lovely Estelle! She is the first starlet in our lineup and the first of her kind. We will be covering the nitty gritty of her development in its entirety for you. Be sure to check her out in up coming posts!

We hope you will stick around for the adventure. This is going to be a journey to remember!

Subscription Tiers

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First Base

"French kissing in the dark, you've got your foot in the door!"

  • Our sincere gratitude and a warm welcome to the Nudica family.
  • Early access to WIP images and articles before they get released to the public
  • Access to Subscriber posts (NSFW content)
  • Your name in the credits of our current game project
  • Easter egg codes to use in public versions
  • Access to each major release (1.0, 2.0, etc) as well as any public build a week before going live.
  • “Spark” Discord title
1 subscriber
per month
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Second Base

"Heavy petting ensues, well aren't we getting handsy!"

You want to get your hands on our games and squeeze all of the voluptuous features?

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to beta builds (1.1, 1.2, etc) of our game with all the juicy features.
  • Personalized message along with your name in game!
  • “Admirer” Discord title
1 subscriber
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Third base

"Mmmm, Tastes like candy!"

Get a taste of all the features we are developing, right here and now!

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to the latest experimental builds (1.11, 1.12, etc.) bugs and all!
  • Access to dev tools and cheats!
  • Vote in polls to help us create the best game ever!
  • Personalized Image and colour customization to make your in game message POP!
  • “Sweetheart” Discord title
  • The opportunity to help us bug test the game and earn the optional title of "Bug tester extra-ordinaire" on Discord. This will unlock extra perks only available to bug testers!
0 subscribers
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Home Run

“Sex with the lights on? That’s the way I like it!”

  • All previous rewards
  • Extra special thank you in credits
  • “Lover” Discord title
  • For every month you pledge at this tier, you will get to send us a design for a character item to be integrated in the game. The longer your pledge, the more elaborate the item can be!
  • Before pledging, please refer to this web-page for item guidelines.
0 subscribers


  • Insider's look into our game-development
  • Your name in every game you help fund as well as your input on subscriber only poles
  • A playable version of our current game, whether it is the finished product (First Base) or our latest alpha build (Third Base)!

Recent posts

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Hey everyone!

Our apartment issues have been taken care of and It feels great to be back! Having been away for a month, we’ve had time to take a step back and reassess our project. Our ultimate vision has not changed, but we’ve decided to take a small detour to renew your faith in us and to get our creative juices flowing again.

What do we have planned?

We’re going to be tackling a short fan fiction / interactive graphic novel based on a beloved franchise that we’re sure you’ll all be familiar with and quite fond of. Since we’ll be telling a story full of gratuitous sex, this will overlap nicely with the development of both our sex and story modules.

This is going to give us room to breathe, and an opportunity to stretch our creative muscles without being bogged down by the technical and modular aspects of our main character system. We’re very excited to be creating a smaller, more self contained release. After you guys have had first dibs on it, we’ll have something that we can finally share publicly on more visible platforms such as Newgrounds.

As for the theme… I was personally very surprised when Pinkalie approached me with a darker, more visceral fantasy in mind; but I personally love the idea, and after having discussed it with many of you on Discord, I have no doubt that people will appreciate the end product.

Pink has been actively exploring more of her personal kinks, and at the same time warming up to more of my own devious ideas. Does she have some landlord related anger issues to work out after the past month? Maybe! Her story seems to reflect some of this and I think it will be the perfect outlet. I’m totally on board!

Where is Estelle?

Since Pinkalie will be designing all new characters for this particular story, Estelle is going to be taking a little time off for herself. While we can’t wait to work with her again in our next project, we hope she takes this time to catch upon some long needed tender loving care; we’ve been teasing her for far too long, she deserves some release!


What to expect!

Pink will be going back to streaming again on a weekly basis. This Tuesday‘s stream was refreshing, and she’s thinking of upping it to twice a week. She has also started doing daily speed sculpts to stay sharp and get used to her new tools, so that should be fun to follow.

Patreon or SubscribeStar will be reactivated in September. Because of the change in focus, we’ll be temporarily reorganizing the rewards to better reflect what you guys can expect from us for the duration of this particular project.

The format of the short graphic novel will allow us to segment our content into more frequent releases. We’ll be openly sharing the process with you guys, including page by page layouts, dialogues, sketches, and individual animations for each story panel. I’m also designing the GN story module to be mobile compatible, so supporters can expect a mobile release too!

We are super excited to get back into the groove, and we hope to rock your world while we’re at it!

Robo and Pink
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Short Hiatus

Hi Lovelies,

If you follow our Discord and weekly streams you might have heard about our home office situation... but for those who have not, we are currently dealing with a pest problem in our building and a leaky roof over our work space. 

It’s already taken too much of our focus to clean and secure everything these past few weeks, then yesterday we were made aware that the landlord won't be sending exterminators until the end of the month. On top of it all, they told us they haven't even gotten the ball rolling on the roof repairs that we requested more than a month ago...

Living and working in this mess 24/7 has left our moral at an all time low and it is needless to say, we have been losing way too much sleep over it. As a result, we have decided to take a short break to reassess our living situation and recompose ourselves away from the apartment.

We are going to pause our SubscribeStar for a short while so that we can take a moment to weather the storm (get it? cause of the leaky roof!) and to avoid burning out. This project is extremely important to us and we are so fortunate to have you guys on board. The last thing we want is to disappoint you or take advantage of your generosity. We are hoping to be back on our feet by next month and to have something new to share really soon! 

You can expect us to come back harder, better, faster, stronger… and pest free! 

Yours truly, 
Robo and Pink

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Hey everyone!

Development continues to move forward smoothly, and we’re currently streamlining how we release various builds and reward our supporters.

Reward Time!

You may have noticed the mobile phone in the latest version of Companion After Dark. This was put in place so that we could fulfill our rewards promises to you!

Admirers now have the opportunity to provide a custom message along with their name that will appear as a text message on the phone screen for the whole world to see. Sweethearts and Lovers can spice this up even further by providing a custom avatar image to accompany the message, as well as customizing the message bubble and text color!

If you are a supporter and would like to have your message featured in our game, please send us a private message with the following info:


– Your name
– Your message


– Your avatar as URL (JPEG format, 64 x 64 pixels, URL hosted on Imgur like so: ““)
– Bubble color in HEX Code (like so: “#000000”)
– Text color in HEX Code (like so: “#000000”)

Releases, versions and moving forward

As for releases, we are trying our best to reward you guys with meaningful exclusive content, while at the same time releasing quality content to the public to attract others to our projects.

Seeing as we’re still in the early stages of development, we need public releases to showcase the quality of our work. This means that certain exclusive builds will eventually be released publicly for exposure. Rest assured however, we are going to be working hard to follow a better versioning system, with smaller, more frequent updates for supporters!

We are so grateful to all of you who have been supporting and encouraging us since we began our dev journey, and we want to make sure we express our appreciation through our releases!
It's getting hot in here...!
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Hey everyone!
I have some good news, and some more good news!

I'll start with the good news. The stickers are out in the wild! That's right, your stickers are officially in the mail!

If you became a Subscriber before the 31st of April and have NOT received a private message confirming that your sticker is in the mail but still want to receive one, please send me your mailing address in a private message or by following the instructions in this video. Please notify me if you do update your mailing info or else I might not see the address change right away.  

And the other good news? 
Robo was hard at work last week setting up a bug / suggestion tracking system to give everyone an easy way to submit and track their issues directly within our project management software! You can find a link in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord

This same system is also going to be our new center for collaboration. We will be able to work directly on our game design documents together, and have the possibility of making it public to share our ideas with you guys. This system also makes us ready to accommodate possible additional team members in the future!

What you can expect from us for the next couple of weeks.
Robo and I are re-vamping all of Estelle's systems in order to better accommodate the new sexy game-play we are cooking up for you guys. This means we are in heavy R&D mode, pretty much re-building Estelle from the ground up to allow for more accurate limb flexibility, better genitalia control and more customization possibilities moving forward! This means a more streamlined system, built with long term game development in mind.

You might not get your hands on a fresh new build for a little while as we solidify and link up every aspect of the system, but rest assured that we will be giving you more in-depth updates explaining all of the cool new features we have planned!

Much love, 
Pink and Robo
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Hey guys!

We like big butts and we cannot lie :wink: As promised, here is the early access booty build for you to enjoy!

(Update 17-05-2019 : Now available to the public! )

(Update: Link has been updated to v0.91.72, you can see the changelog below.)

This build will go public after two weeks. Going forward, you can expect the builds to be released according to our Alpha = > Beta => Major release system to the appropriate tiers before going public.

We hope you enjoy this build and we cannot wait to hear what you guys think of her shiny new heinie!




Fixed lock up error when loading certain saved presets or QR codes.



  • Added screen refresh rate auto detection.
  • Added framerate options for unlimited and maximum supported refresh rates.
  • Updated credits



  • Added booty morphs and accompanying slider control!
  • Made bum jiggle more apparent! Automagically adjusts according to booty size and clothing equipped.
  • Updated project from Unity 5 to Unity 2018.3.14.
  • Added splash image to launcher configuration menu.
  • Disabled anti shimmer mode in CTAA.
  • Improved build size.


  • Fixed all known issues pertaining to Unity 2018.3.14 update.
  • Fixed shoulder blade / bra mesh interpenetration.
  • Fixed legging / crotch mesh interpenetration.
  • Snapshot save location text no longer blocks player input.
  • Leggings now use bum fix at all times.
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Update Available Now!

Before we shift our focus to the sex module for the next couple of months, we wanted to make a significant update to our Dressing Room module. You can grab version 0.91.6 right now!

Update 0.91.6 addresses most of the bug reports we’ve received, contains a few minor feature additions, and includes our very first Easter egg code for supporters! This update also contains additional tweaks to the French and Spanish translations.

We’ve also made sure to credit you guys in the changelog for any reported bugs that were fixed! So keep those bug reports coming!

Next Update

As for early access VIP content for all the Patrons and Subscribers in the house, we will be releasing a slightly modified version with an extra special customization option for you to play with in the coming weeks! So keep your eyes peeled and your slider finger ready! 😉

After this, work begins on the Sex module! We will be transitioning to the Alpha => Beta => Major Release model that we refer to in the Nudica rewards tiers for each update.

We are still earning our se(men) legs with this whole SubscribeStar stuff, and we are really excited to be doing it with you guys at our side! We hope you enjoy the upcoming build and we look forward to hearing your responses and seeing the characters you come up with!

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Exciting Times!

First off, Thank you everyone!

We are so exited, we can hardly contain ourselves! We’d like to say thank you to everyone who played a part in making our Nudica launch a success. An extra special thank you goes out to everyone who encouraged us with their support on SubscribeStar! Your involvement is going directly towards making this dream a reality, and your belief in our project means the world to us!

Estelle’s heart ~ and butt…. swell with appreciation; It's not much... but she has a ''little'' surprise in store for our upcoming first ever Subscriber only build...!

Big booty, bubble butt, phat ass.

We’d also like to thank everyone who’s been by our side since day one on Discord. Without you wonderful folks playing our game, testing for bugs and sharing your experience with us; the app would not be as tight and bug-free(ish) as it is. Not to mention the great community that is taking root on our server thanks to you. You have been an undeniable source of motivation since the beginning. For that, we are so grateful to have you by our sides!

And let’s not forget F95zone. We want to extend a big warm shout-out to the friendly community members over there. We’ve seen some great feedback in the forums, and we’re super happy that some of you discovered us and found your way here.

Overall, we’re extremely happy with the launch!

Clearing up a few things

We did notice some of our blog posts explaining the project might have been slightly misinterpreted, and could use some clarification.


We want to dispel the idea that Nudica Modules are meant to be used as modding tools by the community at large; as a good number of you are showing interest in such a feature. While we are definitely not opposed to this, for the time being Nudica modules are intended to be use internally as tools for us to more quickly develop fun, self contained interactive experiences for your enjoyment.

That being said, we have taken note of your interest in modding. As time goes on and our modules develop into more user friendly tools for us, we will consider the possibility of allowing modding in our projects, especially if even more people show interest. At the very least, rest assured that we’ve started researching what this would entail technically for us, and we will be keeping you posted about modding in future updates.

In the mean time, please keep the suggestions coming! We would like to better understand exactly what you guys have in mind in regards to this. Don’t forget to hit us up on our Discordif you want to join in on the conversation!

alt text alt text alt text alt text


Some of you have pointed out the awkwardness associated with the wording “share with friends” in our Companion app description. Sharing is intended to be a community tool, to be used among like-minded individuals.

Seeing as we consider community members to be friends, we don’t think it’s that far off to word it as such; however we do realize that there is still a lot of stigma surrounding adult games, so we reworded it slightly in the app description.

In truth, more than anything we hope you will share your creations with us! We want to see all the wonderful combinations you are able to come up with that we had never even considered ourselves during development. So please do share, You’d be making Pinkalie’s day!

Where to next?

Moving forward, we are going to be putting our energy towards sexual interactions.

Pink is going to be producing sex animations, and improving Estelle’s rigging to better accommodate them as she goes. Pinkalie also has plans to start work on Estelle’s male counterpart. (Yay cock ‘n ball physics!)

Whacky penis cock and balls dick physics.

My first task is going to be cleaning up the project. It has undergone many face-lifts since we first began, so tidying up redundant code, unused assets and prototype content will ease our workload moving forward. I’ll also be tackling whatever bugs and suggestions have been brought to our attention since our first release.

Once the remaining bugs have been sorted out, we’ll be updating to the most recent LTS version of Unity, seeing as we’re still kicking around in good ol’ Unity 5. We’ll finally be able to take advantage of the improved prefab workflow which is really going to help when deploying Estelle cleanly across alternate scenes such as VR.

Another huge advantage of updating is that we’ll finally have access to the softbody tech we’ve been dying to get our hands on! Hopefully this is going to help us take our physics to the next level, so that’s definitely something to watch for.

Additionally, I’ll be working with Pink on integrating her sex animations and designing fun ways to make them interactive. This will also coincide with getting a VR build ready to share with you guys. Oh, and we’re going to start working on sound finally! No more artsy silence.

We’re ever so pumped to dive deeper into the development of our Nudica universe!

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alt text

Rewards Details

Curious about pledging to one of our rewards tiers?

We’ve compiled a little additional information on rewards that you’ll probably want to know before committing to this relationship.

So, what is the difference between Major releases, beta builds and alpha builds?

Major release

alt text

When you pledge to "First Base", you will be getting the latest major release of our current project (1.0, 2.0 , etc.) a week before it becomes available to the public. What we consider to be a major release, is a game or interactive experience (we call them nudica modules) that we feel can stand on its own feature wise and is mostly free of bugs.
As we start our journey into making games with you guys, we don’t want to promise you AAA, multi-layered game systems that will take us ages to build. Instead, we want to tackle a bundle of fun features one at a time and release them to you as soon as we feel they are solid. Those will be labeled as Major releases and may take a couple months to be finalized. As our subscription base grows, we will be able to dedicate more and more time, allowing production to go much faster!

Beta Build

alt text

A pledge to our “Second Base” tier will allow you to have access to beta builds! Those are important milestones within a given module. After going through a round of testing, squashing most of the nasty little bugs, you will gain access to a playable version of our latest module. We estimate that these will be released every two to three months and we hope that as time goes on, we can commit to releasing a version every month.

Alpha build

alt text

Finally, by pledging to “Third Base”, you will get access to every build we create as we add and test new features. This means you get to see all the nitty-gritty stuff we add and tweak as it comes, bugs included! By playing the game often and helping us squash bugs, this will give you the unique opportunity to help us guide the game by voting in polls and giving us suggestions based on your play testing sessions!
Additionally, you will have access to any debug codes or cheats we create for testing purposes, giving you godlike powers within our games! Particularly devoted bug testers may earn the optional Discord title of “Bug Tester Extraordinaire” and unlock special top secret perks only available to them! Alpha builds are estimated to be released every 2-3 weeks, with the ultimate goal of releasing every week as our campaign garners more and more dedicated followers like you!

Now for the pièce de résistance… Wanna leave your mark on the game?

Pledge to the “Home Run” tier and become a lover!

alt text

For every month you pledge at this tier level, you will be able to send us a design for a customization item that you wish to see integrated into the game as part of the character module. The longer your pledge, the more elaborate each item can be!
Here is a break down of the item slots you can choose based on the length of the pledge. If you stop pledging and resume later on, don’t worry, your counter won’t reset
  • Month 1 – 2 : Colour preset, glasses, piercings or pasties
  • Month 3 – 4 – 5 : Footwear, bra, panties or stockings
  • Month 6+ : Hairstyle, top or bottom clothing slot
If you plan on pledging for an entire outfit, send us the design and we will make a piece every month until the set is done!
Technical limitations such as poly-count or clothing intersections between slots may result in the item being slightly different from your original design, but we will try to stay as faithful as possible and will be communicating with you throughout the process!

There you have it!

Everything you needed to know about rewards tiers before contributing to our projects as a Subscriber!
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Nudica Modules

alt text

What is a Nudica module?

Nudica modules are basically containers, each one holding a self contained system or game mechanic. We like to think of them as building blocks. The idea is that every module we create can eventually be plugged into other modules, and once combined will allow us to create the more elaborate games we have planned.

Each module should be playable on it’s own in some shape or form, so we will be giving patrons access to each one as they are developed!

Why are modules important?

By working modularly, we segment our game development into smaller, easier to digest pieces. This means more frequent updates and interactive content for you fine folk, as well as more freedom to explore new ideas and concepts for us.

This will be more sustainable in the long term, and will allow us to create new games faster by utilizing and tweaking previously made modules.

Module road map Here are a few of the modules we are working on.


This is our first module, and it will give us a number of advantages.

alt text

  • Allows us to generate unique characters for each game.
  • Gives us a library of clothing, accessories and hairstyles pull from.
  • Player character customization.
  • Procedural character generation.


alt text

The second module we’ll be working on. This will open the door to all kinds of lewd fun!

  • Gives us a library of sexual acts to pull from.
  • Universal input that can be driven by any number of different game mechanics.


alt text

Story telling mechanisms to use in upcoming projects.

  • Visual novel style dialogue and decision making.
  • Comic book style narratives.
  • Branching story lines.
  • Cinematic cut scenes.


alt text

We have a serious passion for VR. We want to design a module for easy translation to VR camera and control!

  • VR builds will feel like they were made with VR strengths in mind.
  • More intimate “hands-on” experiences.

alt text

And that’s only the beginning!

We have lots of ideas for additional modules, but we want to focus on the essentials first. As development progresses and with your input, we’ll get a better idea of where we need to focus.

Please do keep in mind that since Estelle is our first character, she is constantly evolving. Requirements may change for future iterations.

We can’t wait to explore all the possibilities with you!

Cb433251 20a7 4a96 aec8 e31279003fa1 120x120 0x2 461x460

alt text

With much pleasure, we would like to introduce you to the starlet of our first project, Estelle. What started as an exercise in customization possibilities, quickly blossomed into the woman you will all soon get to know and love.

Who is Estelle?

alt text

Estelle is a painstakingly handcrafted character that both Pinkalie and myself have poured our hearts into over the last year. She is a culmination of our combined years spent playing and developing video games, researching and understanding complex character systems, and simply admiring the beauty of the human body.

In her current iteration, Estelle incorporates a myriad of underlying systems that seamlessly work together to breath life into her. I plan on going more in depth with the explanations and technical breakdowns of each system for those interested, but for now I will summarize each one and the important role it plays in bringing the lovely Estelle to life. (I will add links to the detailed articles once they’re posted.)

Her systems


Whether it be boobs jiggling, butts wiggling, hair swaying or jewelry dangling, dynamics play a huge role in bringing physicality to a character.


Corrective shapes are an essential part of every character system. Without them, a posed character mesh can quickly collapse in on itself, losing its form and resulting in an ugly mess of intersecting polygons and triangles.


Equipping and removing clothing, accessories and hairstyles at runtime has to be quick and easy. With a little magic happening behind the scenes, this is now basically a drag and drop operation.


We were no longer restricted to only three color zones, we had essentially eliminated the previous limitations altogether. This gave us full control over every little individual detail we wished to color onto our character’s body, clothing and accessories.


We strive to keep our characters feeling grounded and connected to their environment. To ensure that all interactions with their surroundings are believable, we rely on inverse kinematics. IK allows our characters to physically touch, grab, hold, stand on and look at other objects and characters.


From her humble beginnings as mere triangles and vertices, to a fully articulated vixen with curves in all the right places; the process of bringing Estelle from concept to fully realized 3D model was an extremely rewarding experience.

Estelle and beyond!

As time passes, Estelle’s features and capabilities will expand and evolve. Being the first companion of her kind, her experiences will fuel advancements in the subsequent generations of characters to come. She has an exciting journey ahead of her, and we hope you will be part of it.

alt text

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the Goal
Reaching this goal means we're one step closer to sustainability. It's clear that you fine folks are showing interest in our work, this will definitely keep us motivated and focused. We can dedicate more time, which means more updates, more often!


The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
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