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Naughty-Netherpunch profile
Naughty-Netherpunch is creating hentai RPG Maker games.
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  • Hello! I'm Ryen from Naughty-Netherpunch and I currently develop the hentai RPG game Renryuu: Ascension.

Recent posts

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Public post
- After helping the tribe elves at Orchel, you can now get a new event with Rina and Rena. The event requires that you have all party members.
- After around 10 years of development, I figured it'd be time to change the title screen music. :D 
- Fixed the bugged fight against Radaghast. The transformation should now always happen as intended.
- Changed the end of the "Open your eyes" quest, so that the quest will finish even when you advance the main story before going back to the Fision Tower to finish the quest.
- I added the item "Riddle Key". This key can be used to skip riddles in some dungeons, but it's consumed in the process. I hope this helps people that get stuck, but since the item is limited, it should still give people a reason to try the riddles first, instead of skipping immediately.
These keys are currently limited to 4, and can be found at South Dungeon in Central, Manastyr in Amagal, Dhranholl mine in Begus, and the Newkungu dungeon in Dorgania.
- Skillstones are now all used at once, and show a message which explains that the skillpoints are shared between all party members.
- A cheat option for skillstones was added to the book in your bedroom.
- I changed the app icon for the mobile version. The new version shows an image of Mirel. The old icon was simply Ryen's face.
- The walkthrough was updated and is now included in the zip files of the full versions, apart from the android version. 

I'm aiming to get on steam within the next few month.
I decided to make the Christmas "gift" a group CG wallpaper this year, and made a poll to decide what kind of image it shall be. Please keep in mind that it's for a wallpaper, not an in-game CG for a scene.

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