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Serenity Chapter 1 (version 1.6)


Download Links (MEGA): (2.68gb) (2.66gb)

Serenity-1.6-android.apk (2.69gb)

Android APK and Compressed Options (MEGA):

(the 'c' in the version just means "compressed", has same content as 1.6) (1.26gb) (1.24gb)

Serenity-1.6c-android.apk (1.26gb)

Serenity Chapter 2

Download Links (MEGA):

Windows: (492.2mb)

Mac: (474.8mb)

Android: SerenityC2-0.1-android.apk (496.4mb)

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Last Human Ep.3 Devlog 12

Happy Friday! Well, I've somehow gotten back into my normal workflow in the midst of my full-time job bullshit and other outside interference. I can happily announce that I have about 70% of the rendering completed for episode 3. I am now starting on scene 11 (of 16) which is (spoiler alert) a nice event with Natalie. It would be really nice to have this update completed for an end-of-month release. But that is just one week away now and I feel like there is about 2 weeks worth of work left to do. Aside from completing the images, there is also choosing and adding in music in the right places and my own play through the finished product to proofread and check for any issues.

In my last big post, I'd mentioned that I was planning to do 2 Serenity updates once this LH update was released. But I received a lot of feedback from many of you saying I should just go back to 'taking turns' on them so you guys won't be waiting so long for the next LH update. That makes sense to me, so that is the plan moving forward. The holdup on doing the last Serenity update (for those who missed it) was that I was very unhappy with how I'd written it and scrapped the episode completely. That means that I still need to rewrite it, even before starting on the rendering process. I have already written some of it and have a good idea of the direction I want to take it. If you didn't read this post, there are a lot more details about the changes coming to Serenity here: LH Devlog 11 plus: Future of Serenity Chapter 2

Not to beat a dead horse, but my last release was back in February. I've never gone this long without having something to release. And I hope to never go this long again. But through the last 7 months, I am stunned that so many patrons have stuck around. I am hopeful that after this release, I can get back to my 2 - 3 month release schedule. If I can ever get an episode ahead on the writing (for both projects), that may reduce development time a bit. After these past months and all the full-time job craziness and other crap, I am definitely taking a 2-week break once LH EP3 is out... Some time to myself to play some of my friends' games. Once the computer upgrades are done at my full-time job, I've got a week's vacation to take. I will spend that week chilling and finish writing Serenity's update. I always have so much to do and so little time LMAO!

Anyway, I wanted to say again that I appreciate you guys sticking around. That includes the non-patrons who continue to follow my projects. LH EP3 should be a great update, but I can't wait to get back to the fade again. We're getting close! Hang in there!

Love you all, ...Fire

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Public post

LH Devlog 11 plus: Future of Serenity Chapter 2

Hello everyone. This is a long but important post. So please push through it...

I have finally passed the halfway point rendering the LH update. During this time, I have given thought to how I will proceed with Serenity. As you all know, I scrapped the episode 3 I had written for Serenity C2. It was getting way too messy. It is beginning to move into a direction that will put it further away from the original idea for the story. Part of the problem is I went way overboard bringing in characters. Most of them were just supposed to be guests but I never really wrote them out. Completely my fault. Sometimes I like a character so much I want to write more for them. But the only thing I've managed to do here is alienate some of the main characters in the process. Getting to the point... I need to cut some of these characters loose.

Let's begin by listing all of the girls we've seen in Serenity so far, and I will categorize them as I see them:

Main Love Interests:

Rin Lena Jasmine Kat Morgan Trixy

Secondary Love Interests:

Trina Samantha Cassie Fade Shade Mia


Cinn Melody Celeste Triss Marissa Morgana Judy Lili

Remain for story:

Camilla Mom (Karen)

There are almost twice the characters I had originally planned for Serenity. And I know some people really liked some of those guest girls. But unfortunately, all of the girls listed under guests will be leaving Serenity (with some minor exceptions). This of course doesn't mean we will never see them again. And yes, Lili is in that list.

Lili: Speaking of her... I've already discussed her with Cryoxx (the developer for Oppai Odyssey - he, or more accurately, his wife created Lili). I loved Lili in OO and when her part ended, I asked for her. But I also only planned for her to be a temporary part of Serenity (she has a part to play in keeping that world going). But once her work is finished, she will choose to return to her world as Karen (Mom) has found a way to do so. Moving on to Cinn from that list...

Cinnamon: was inspired/created from a real person who has followed me from my humble beginnings. She definitely won't go away permanently. Her part will not change. She appears occasionally for certain things and I don't plan to change that.

Melody: I added Melody with permission from MrDots. Melody was one of the first AVN's I ever played and I loved it. So she will always hold a special place in my heart. But she will return to Seaside, her own world.

Celeste: I added Celeste with permission from Glacerose. She is from his original HS1 game: Sylphia Island. The game was never finished. But it had amazing potential. Unfortunately, he opted to start over in Daz. His original remake of those girls in Daz were excellent. But he kept changing them until they really weren't those same girls anymore. Anyway, she was my favorite character from his game. She will return to Sylphia Island (the original one) after MC reminds her of (the MC she left in SI). Of course, this is Celeste and her tsundere way of dealing with the MC will come into play here.

Triss: I know I know! Triss is super cute and has a lot of fans out there. Especially after her transformation to Neko. Triss isn't leaving the story completely. But she will return to Earth as a dream writer... our 'eyes and ears' on the ground. And we'll be checking in with her from time to time. Of course there will be 'fun time' with her too.

Marissa: Our sexy battle-droid will also take a back seat, but not completely go away. We'll see MC visit her now and then and there will be more battles with her in the arena with the other girls (as we saw with Rin).

Morgana: Although a guest in Serenity, Morgana actually is a part of my original story. But she will ultimately return to Earth with Triss. I won't give away too much here because her story does continue. Remember that when her and MC touch, both begin to orgasm almost uncontrollably. That arc will continue for now. We'll definitely see some fun time with her before her return to earth.

Judy: Finally Judy. Like Cinn (and Trixy), she was also modeled after a real girl, another faithful follower from my beginnings with Serenity. When I say "modeled after", I mean like taking a photo of that person and trying my best to make a character look like her. Anyway, you may remember Judy as the cop girl who found Lili and took her in back on earth. She is already a character with little content, but she may have a part to play on earth again.

Now let's talk about some of the others... the 'secondary love interests' and family members. Cammie is already sort of taking a back seat for a little while since she is off building her own world. But she will never leave the story. We will definitely see her again. Following her was of course Shade, Samantha, and Cassie. So we probably won't see them for a few episodes also. But all remain in the story. As for Mom, I debated over and over in my head whether she should remain. Honestly, he wasn't supposed to save her at the ascension (when MC ascended to the God of dreams and wishes). But my heart wouldn't let her go. She is like the glue that keeps everyone together. After mulling it over and over, I remembered that Mom is now mortal and can no longer wield the fade. So she will begin to age normally again. It's true, I could write a way for MC to keep her alive. But I never wrote anything else for her honestly beyond the ascension. Everything with her after that was 'added' to give her a part to play.

I think Mom will also return to earth, age gracefully, and be visited regularly by MC and the rest of the dream writer team. Will I kill her off? HELL NO. She does have fade inside her which will cause her to outlive most mortals. Besides, she already died once and I think that was emotional enough for most people because the situation was so relateable for so many, including myself. The whole dream sequence where MC is forced to watch all of that happen again was a hard scene and I really don't want to do that again. It was difficult for me because you have no idea how close that is to reality for me personally. The music and the scene itself still nearly makes me cry when I rewatch it. I've reused some songs throughout Serenity, but I'll never reuse that music again. I mean, I love the music, it was perfect for the scene. But too sad to use it again.

Trixy: Of all the characters in Serenity, besides Lena, Trixy is my favorite girl. I love the way she looks and I love her speed and how edgy she is. She is a permanent character in Serenity. I just love writing her parts. And there will be more of her to come.

Mia: Trixy's sister was created from the template I used to create Trixy. Trixy was created from a photo also (of yet another good friend who has followed me since the beginning). I wanted her to have a little sister... and so we have Mia. Mia will remain because I like her a lot and want to write more with her.

Trina: I debated quite a bit on whether to send Trina back to earth or keep her in Serenity. I decided that she will probably go to earth with Mom as her watcher who can use fade, protect her, and instantly contact us if she is in need or in danger. We will of course continue to see Trina in that new role.

The rest of the cast remain of course, for obvious reasons. I realize that I can't please everyone and some will even be pissed that some of these characters will be leaving. In the end, I have to do what I feel is necessary to get Serenity back on track. The way episode 2 ended feels a lot like something pretty bad is going to happen. And honestly, I wish I could rewrite that also but I think I know how I will write myself out of the situation without screwing around with what is already there and causing confusion for you guys. Episode 3 is going to start down a path of change, while also dealing with events from episode 2 the best way I can. So bear with me!

As for Serenity development, once Last Human episode 3 is released, I plan to take at least one week off from all development to gather myself, go outside, and get some exercise. Spend some time with my family, and let my creative juices reset. After my break, I will do 2 updates to Serenity (episode 3 and then episode 4) before I move on to Last Human episode 4. I think Serenity fans deserve that after this very long wait.

The Last Human update is more than half way rendered now and I have been able to get a lot more time to work on it. I don't know if the release will make the end of the month or not to be honest. I would love to finish it by then though. We'll just have to see how things go from here. If I can maintain this level of working time, then there is a very good chance I could finish it by then. But no promises in this business. Especially with all that I have on my plate already. So, hang in there... it's coming along and shouldn't be much longer!

That's it for now... whew! Thanks for reading all that ;)

Love you all!


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Last Human: Natalie Render Sequence (Subscribers)

+ 1 attachment
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Public post

Last Human (Episode 3) Devlog 10

Happy weekend all!

Well, I finally completed scene number 7! Decided to add a small animation in the scene and preview it here for everyone.

There are just 9 scenes left to go. Last week was really busy at the full-time job, but I managed to get some work done on the game in the evenings. Next week will be busy too, but I'll do what I can.

Keeping this really short and sweet this week as there isn't much more to tell right now. And I just wanted to share the animation with you guys. I can't wait for you to see this episode; I think everyone will be pretty happy with it. Lots of good content here, with plenty of sexy eye candy mixed in. Lots of emotional scenes as well as funny scenes and moments thrown in.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of you weekend! I'll check in again next week!

All love all the time, ...Fire

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Public post

Last Human (Episode 3) Devlog 9

Hey everyone and happy weekend (Happy Labor Day weekend to those here)!

I didn't get a lot of graphics done this week. In fact, I ended up having to work at the office all week. However, I did manage to go through and get some rewrites done on the next few scenes. Next week will be more of the same as I still have to finish replacing computers onsite (it's a huge place with a lot of users). But I plan to schedule myself some work time for LH in between as much as possible. I just wasn't able to do anything last week. I really want to keep moving and get this episode completed.

This weekend, we have my mother in-law here (she's in a wheelchair and requires special care) and some family coming so I'll have to spend some of it doing some entertaining. I think I've been roped into BBQing for everyone. So, there's that. But, tonight after everyone leaves and the mother in-law is settled, I'm going to try to get some renders done. I have scene 5 'mapped' already, so it should be pretty quick. The first few images are already done.

Well, keeping it short and sweet this week. I need to go get the grill ready and some meat seasoned up. Thankfully, it's not anything requiring a long cook, some burgers, sausages, and pork fingers pretty much. Go enjoy the weekend my friends, I'll be doing the same.

Love you all! -Fire

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Subscriber Special Images (Chef Amanda and Mary)

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