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I am over 18 years old
MusherGts profile
I make various size content using Sizebox. I also write stories. Hope you enjoy ;)
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Pillow Sized
You're now pillow sized. Your pillow is now your entire bed. A pair of lips can nearly engulf your entire face.

You'll get access to voting on what upcoming stories you'd like to see.

1 subscriber
per month
Thumb Sized
You are now the size of a thumb. The average nipple is bigger than your head. You'll definitely need to be carried around now.

You'll get early access to my works on Imgur, which has a convenient "download all images" button.

(That should make it easier for you since you can barely scroll that mouse wheel at this point.)
Also 3x the voting strength!
7 subscribers
per month
Rice Sized
You are now the size of a gran of rice. A single fingertip is truck sized and could crush you just as easily as one. You're completely helpless and can barely even be heard anymore.

Get access to high def PDF files of my stories.

(You'll need it, since the pixels are getting to be as big as your hands.)

Plus 5x the voting strength!

8 subscribers
per month
Dust Sized
Actually, a spec of dust is a massive, car crushing boulder compared to you. Those breasts that you were staring at earlier are literal mountains now... You're completely insignificant. Why did you do this to yourself? I kinda feel sorry for you...

You'll get early sneak peeks of my stories during the process of making it.

(...since you're probably not long for this world...)

You'll also get the rewards from all the previous tiers plus 10x the voting power!

Wait, how can you even operate a computer at that size?
9 subscribers


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