Discord - https://discord.gg/sR6kCrYpSF (connect your discord account to subscribestar - go to my server - subscribestar bot add you a role depending of your tier).

Why subscribestar:

All my games are absolutely free. I'm not hiding behind a paywall. I created a page on subscribestar for those who want to support my creativity. All the money I earn goes to improve my life (and games, of course). As you know, I don't give any big gifts or exclusives to my subscribers. I am engaged in creativity, which means that I do what my soul likes. When you pay me money, you must understand that I don't owe you anything. I am an extremely honest person and I never hide my creative plans. In any case, I only do what gives me pleasure. All my games are the product of my emotions and ideas. Your monetary support is one way to show that you like my work. I won't hide it, that money is an integral part of the life of all creativity. Thanks to your support, I understand that I have a fan base. And the most important thing is that I can improve my life and create more favorable conditions for my creative part of the soul. If you have no money, you can not support me, it does not mean that I will treat you worse or pay less attention. As I said, I do creative work for my own pleasure and I welcome any positive support.

Conclusion: I get great pleasure from creativity and do everything first of all for the sake and thanks to my emotions and ideas. And I'm incredibly happy to share my work with you. Your support is my opportunity to improve my life, comfort and creative atmosphere. This will definitely improve my creative side of life. Even if you can't support me financially, remember one thing - positive and your love for my work makes me happy.

About me:

Hey everyone! My name is Nikita, I am from Russia and I am 25 years old.
I started developing games for adults in 2019. I do everything myself. About 10 years ago, I studied music and wrote lyrics. Then I wrote a lot of books and scenarios. I paid for advertising to promote my work. At some point, I realized that this area of activity is "dead".
Then I discovered for myself a website called F95zone. I was pleasantly surprised. I realized that this is the place where I can develop my creativity, find an audience and, most importantly, I get great pleasure. I can write text, create arts and show my work to the public absolutely free of charge.
I am very grateful to the site F95zone for the fact that I can do what I like.
I'm very happy at the moment with what I'm doing.


1) All my games are absolutely free. I release them on subscribestar and F95zone,
2) My pc: Ryzen 3, GTX 1650 (4 gb), VRAM 8 gb.
3) IDNL will be released when renders will be done. No promises. Very slow render on my pc. This is my main and only project at the moment.
4) Please don't give me advice or tell me what to do or how to do it. I never listen to anyone. I'm used to doing everything on my own. First of all, I do everything for my own pleasure.

I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to ask questions or just chat with me. May all be well with you.