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July 2019 Blog

This month was also packed on my end. I went to Anime Expo for a full week, with only like 6 hours of sleep in-between, so that was PRETTY draining. It was worth it, though, because I went to almost all the +18 parts.

The goblin enemy hasn't been finished yet, but I am hoping it won't be busy by August like the last two months. Right now, I am trying to handle his 2nd attack which is more complicated than it seems.

Animations complete:
  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Attack #1: Kick

In progress:
  • Attack #2: Throw Rock

  • Hit Stun
  • Defeated
  • Grab Attempt
  • Grab Restrain
  • Sex Animation (variation 1)
  • Se Animation (variation 2)

Note: Most of the remaining ones are 1-frame or non-layered, so those should be quick to do.

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It's a very rare thing for me to do, but I created a big fanart animation of a Japanese dev's H-game. The background UIs are purely animated. Check out their Twitter and DLSite pages for their games! I may also upload several variations of this animation, as there are A LOT considering that there's a nude and uniform version of this character as well as a full sex scene content.

Developer's Twitter:

Developer's DLSite Page:
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Hello to Subscribestar! I have created my account today and will start posting 18+ content here such as my artworks, animations, and previews of my game development. Please check out my social medias for existing content!

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This is my publicity goal. I will be regularly posting artworks and updates to my game development. More supporters mean I can keep producing new things every month!
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When this goal has been reached, it will be much easier to spend a couple hours every day on my artworks and projects!
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With this monthly earning goal, I will have the capability to deliver solid monthly updates to my project demos! I can also use some of my earnings to hire talents that I need!
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Once I've reached this goal, I will be able to develop my projects full-time, meaning that I'll always have something to create and post every week in my life! It won't be enough to sustain a living, but it will definitely keep me moving forward for my projects and look for growth!
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This is my ultimate goal from the beginning. This will indicate that I've made it to the professional position and will continue to create inspiring artworks and games!

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