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Recent posts

Lustfer Games
Public post

Release Schedule - Secrets of The Valley [v0.3]

Hey friends,

No, you haven't missed anything. I skipped a numbering in the version to avoid confusion. Now v0.3 = Chapter 3.

The release dates for SoTV v0.3 are:
  • $12+ : Friday, Aug 05
  • $5 : Wednesday, Aug 10
  • $3 : Sunday, Aug 14

"Seeking to understand a little more about what is happening in the Valley, you'll get a brief trip into the past, bringing a deeper look at our Main Character and Claire."

This chapter contains:
- 6 animations
- 145 renders
- 3941 words

I hope you enjoy playing this episode as much as I did. 
I’m eager to share it with you guys! 💜


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Lustfer Games
Public post

Dev update 03!

Hello everyone!
First of all, I would like to warmly welcome our new patrons! I'm very happy to see that our project is  growing every day, which means that we are on the right track and the decisions taken were the best ones! I don't mean to be cheesy, but you all are truly supporting my dream. So, please accept my heartfelt thanks!
I'm writing today to talk with you about the next release: Secrets of The Valley - Episode 03.
Immediately after our Main Character arrived in the Valley, the first person he came across was Claire, do you remember?
Soon after, he had a date that occurred very quickly with the girl at the market, Norma. Maybe nothing that happened was his fault, the girl seemed desperate for a fresh piece of meat and made it  all too easy — easy enough for him to fall into her trap. Well, whatever  the choices made by our MC, the date without a doubt was something intense. It seems that our hero is still not really that committed to his improved behavior, eh? — I must admit that I would also have jumped  at the chance to get along in a new city without even thinking about it.
Further on, it was time to meet the beautiful  Alison. A sweet girl in a rebellious look — cause has her reasons. It felt like love at first sight, our boy's energy synced up with hers. The  two of them had a great time and it was really good for our MC to get  out and have some fun. Even if nothing had happened between them it would still be counted as a great date — but I'm glad it happened. The  downside of this was that the boy ended up involved in her past, a very  creepy past, but with any luck, and if we want it that way, she can be  saved. But this is for a future time.
I had mentioned Claire at the very beginning and  got lost in recapping the story... so, it's fair enough that we get to  know a little more about the woman who is hosting our MC in her home so kindly, don't you think?
So, our Episode 03 is about her! We'll begin  Claire's path. We'll be able to learn more about her, get to  know more of her nuances, and maybe some answers will be obtained: What  does she know about Alison's past? What is Claire's relationship with  our hero's father? Why does she host young people in trouble? Let's see  what we will get from her. Of course, we will still have a lot of  provocative and sexy scenes, and also, we'll introduce new characters in preparation for future plots in our story.

For Episode 03 I don't have a release date yet. But, as the script and code are already done, I'm planning to finish the images by the beginning of next month (August), so wait for an official announcement.
As soon as a good amount of images are ready, I'll release the sneak peeks for the appropriate tiers.
Tiers priority as usual:
[ $5 + ] Instant access
[ $3 + ] Access two weeks later,
* I'm also planning to add new patron's benefits, as soon as I have them defined, I'll make a post!
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Lustfer Games

Episode 2 [v0. 1 fix] download links

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
Posted for $3, $5, $12, $27, $60, $100 tiers
Unlock Tier
Lustfer Games
Public post
One of the core values at Lustfer Games is our team's willingness to  listen to the voice of those who enjoy our games.  This isn't  necessarily to say that we'll always implement every suggestion we  receive (which would be impossible), but we'll always hear out those  ideas that we find most interesting or that we feel can make our games  more enjoyable to the largest part of our audience -- and put them into  place, if possible.

With that said, we've received an overwhelming outcry from our players  regarding the Sandbox format of Secrets of the Valley.  After a great  deal of deliberation, we've made the decision to shift gears while we're  still in the early stages of the game, converting the game into a  Visual Novel format.  We realize that this decision will not satisfy  everyone and apologize to those who are disappointed by the change.   Still, we believe that this is the right move to ensure that our game  can be enjoyed by the largest audience possible.

In a few days, you can expect to see an all-new release of Secrets of the Valley, which will reflect the above changes.  Right now we are working on including some new scenes and locations, giving you all some  hints at the shape of things to come with regard to the story. After this release,  Lustfer Games will continue its release schedule on its planned monthly  basis.

TL:DR: Basicaly, those grinding elements (the use of status, time, money and  items) will be removed. We are going to keep the story flowing with meaningful decisions to be made and the "free roam" system to explore places.

Thanks again for your interest in our game -- and helping us navigate the growing pains associated with every new venture!

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Lustfer Games

Hello All!

Posted for $5, $12, $27, $60, $100 tiers
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Lustfer Games
Public post

Hello! I’m Lustfer and I’m creating the game "Secrets of The Valley".


Thank you so much for your interest in supporting my project! Your support means the world to me, as it will allow me to continue developing visual novels for your enjoyment. I’m really eager to bring something unique to the community by creating stories with a focus on exploration, a great variety of characters, and beautiful graphics. The ongoing result of my love of telling stories in this format is my first project, " Secrets of The Valley": A visual novel based on the investigation of interesting places and making choices that directly affect the outcome of the story’s plot. 

 Why support me?
My studio is focused on bringing new ideas and possibilities to life within the framework of a visual novel. We intend on distinguishing ourselves from other studios with our commitment to the concepts of exploration and player choice. Many developers promise that their games will pay attention to both... but end up putting out releases that all seem the same. It’s our intention that we’ll be known as the studio that delivers on that promise.
I have big plans on the horizon for our studio. Eventually, I’d like it grow into a truly professional enterprise. I envision bringing some talented friends into the fold to set up a small office, having each of us tasked to individual, important roles. Having a dedicated scenario modeler, character developer, and programmer, for example, will allow us to truly reach our potential – and deliver you the kinds of game experiences that you’ve always searched for, but have never found.
The only way I can realize that lofty goal, though, is with your support! So me turn both my game and studio into something truly legendary with a pledge of support. And be sure to bring your friends – along with your comments, thoughts, and suggestions!

DISCLAIMER: All the content created by me is purely fictional and is in no way based on real life events. Any similarities to real life scenarios, characters or storylines is pure coincidental. Game characters are aged 18+ and all character interaction is consensual.

Background Synopsis
Secrets of the Valley tells the story of a man who ran away from a troubled past in search of a future worth living. Leaving home for the last time, he moves in with his father’s associate, in a community simply known as The Valley.
Though blessed with a scenic mountain view and many expensive homes, nothing about this new place seems to distinguish it from thousands of other small cities around the world. At first, this seems ideal to a man eager to bury the mistakes of his past forever.
Soon enough, however, he will come to realize that he may not be alone in coming to The Valley in search of peaceful anonymity...and that there are some kinds of trouble from which a man cannot hide.
In Secrets of the Valley, you’ll have the chance to guide the path of our hero. You’ll become involved in the wealthy community in which he’s settled, exploring interesting locations and meeting compelling characters along the way. You’ll learn secrets about these places and people that you can choose to keep in confidence or use for your own benefit. And once you’ve done all this, it will be your choices that will determine the way in which you’ll satiate your curiosity about those characters you find most interesting and satisfy your deepest desires.

 Gameplay Highlights

• Realistic and well- composed scenarios,
• High-quality images and videos that allow players to immerse themselves in the game’s storyline,
• Detailed interaction with the game’s setting, including the ability to not only travel between various points in The Valley, but even within individual rooms within its various structures,
• A clear system that makes the player aware of their relationship with the various characters found in the game and has distinct effects on their actions and the way they perceive the player’s character,
• Multiple story paths and locations to explore – all of which work together to make The Valley a truly living and vibrant community.

Fetishes Explored in the Game
• Mature women (MILFs),
• Harem,
• Corruption,
• Foot,
• Panties,
• Impregnation,
• Lesbian,
• Anal sex,
* No NTR *

Supporters of Secrets of the Valley at an appropriate tier will be able to influence and request other fetishes to be added to the game through their comments and official polls! 

• Some images



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With our office set up and everything going smoothly. We can look for new ways to create games. We can have a bigger team and use other engines and more complex games.

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