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Furry writer and adult game designer
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My Very Own Lith v0. 90 Plus!

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My Very Own Lith v0.90, Public Version

With this update, we've left Alpha! The main storyline content is complete and all the endings are in the game, so it's time to start refining MVOL as an experience in Beta. Get all the details on my blog!

Having trouble playing the game? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

Mega Download: Standard - Android
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Hello, SubscribeStar! I'm an active game dev nearing the end of development on My Very Own Lith after several years of development, and right now I'm getting ready to start my next project(s). This is a transitional period for me, and right now Patreon is looking a little shakier than usual for creators like me, so I'm getting ready to start working here as well.

I'm still in the process of figuring out the specifics for my future plans, including what tiers and rewards I'll be offering supporters, so for now this page is going to be a bit minimalistic, but if you've been looking to support my work, you can chip in and get a cheat-enabled copy here! I'd be interested to hear opinions from any of you as well, on why SubscribeStar might be a better platform for these things than Patreon. I've heard a few things to appeal to me on the creator side, but I'm curious what draws supporters here.

Thanks for checking out my page! And keep an eye out for more updates in the days to come.

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