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lipucd profile
Maker of erotic H-RPG games in were the erotic content is part of the gameplay itself and not just CG afterwards. Also works as a translator of many different projects on the side.
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Supporting Bee

Basic entry support. Tip jar and access to all demos that are not encrypted allowing you to poke and prod at your leisure to learn how to make such games yourself with similar tools.

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Very Supporting Bee

A tier to help support the artist hard at work for these game projects. Those who support towards this tier receive 'sneak peeks' into work we're still either ironing out, or rather keep a secret till a release is pushed out.

0 subscribers


  • Demo releases
  • Game Releases
  • Updates via discord

Recent posts

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So, first post to get this ball rolling and to fluff this place up a little bit. Still a little unsure on things for this, but We'll iron things out as we go. I'm hoping we'll also iron out the tiers as ATM it's not quite adding up like it -should- be (I'll have to readd the previous tier here as I though it was the 'default'? How it presents stuff at times is a little confusing...).

...Regardless anyone already on the discord knows, Vampire Lust is trucking along steadily and surly. This will be the big thing we're pushing out ATM. Once it is out I'll have more direct info to share, but right now in the moving states from the previous location to here.

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the Goal
At this goal, all of my own financial needs are 'meet' and covered. Anything above this starts to be divvied out towards other artist as necessary.
to reach
the Goal
At this stage all currently enlisted artist are earning a fair amount each month, with anything excessive past this allowing me to look into new artist to add towards these projects.


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