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KamariDesigns profile
I'm creating adult visual novels and animations. Currently working on Yakuza Girls
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Recent posts

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Public post

Its finally here people! After months and months of planning and countless artwork, I'm finally proud to release the first build of my visual novel. It's going to be a crime thriller story mixed with a little hentai for the culture but I think its going to be a dope ride.

Currently its only the prologue that introduces some of the main characters before the story finally heats up in the next few versions. I plan on having fully animated sex scenes in future builds too which I'm excited for. Currently there's only a quick undressing animation I did to test the waters in hope of featuring more. Its only roughly 10 minutes of story (depending on your reading speed) and hope to get out faster and longer builds soon


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Public post


The story revolves around your character dealing with the grief of losing his brother to gang violence between syndicates. You then meet a beautiful redhead, Ayame, who happens to be the daughter of the main boss who runs the entire city. This gives you a "once in a lifetime" access to finding out what really happened. The story is filled with murder, sex and drugs and you trying to balance it all. Your now in the yakuza world juggling Ayame's lifestyle and working for the man who probably had your brother murdered. What will you do? 

This is a 18+ Hentai came that when have glorious sex scenes in future updates. At the moment I've only finished the prologue that gets into invested in the story. I will also include animations in the future as well, if time permits me.

-Visual Novel story progression
-Only at prologue (Intro to main story)
-1 short animated scene (Undressing)
-10 total minutes of gameplay
-Powereed by Renpy Engine

Planned features:
-Main plot story split into different side stories with the ladies
-Multiple choices and endings
-Fully animated sex scenes (So excited for this)
-Thriller/Suspense story mixed with some harmless hentai
-20+ characters to interact with
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Public post
My first game, Yakuza Girls. 18+ hentai game dealing with murder, sex and drugs. Such fun to make. More info on the way

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