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Creating adult oriented interactive stories featuring a wide range of optional fetishes.
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I am currently working on the game called "Cloud Pillar 962"

Short summary of the game:

"Cloud Pillar 962" focuses on detailed, text based exploration of the tower with the same name. The story plays in a post apocalyptic setting, where you reach the tower to look for a relative of yours, hoping to find him/her there. Exploration, scavenging, trading, strengthening your character via RPG mechanics, solving puzzles, and making friends, will all help you achieve your "goal". Goal in quotation marks, because the game will allow to continue playing even after "winning". The game will feature a wide array of optional fetishes included in the main storyline and the randomly generated encounters throughout the game. The game tracks the player's characteristics and decisions, and so they will have an influence on nearly every aspect of the story and all encounters, sexual or otherwise.

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For those, that want to give a tiny bit more.

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  • Subscribing will get you my thanks and will allow you vote on the order of content being implemented.

Recent posts

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  • Fixed bug where viewing multiple items in row would send the player in a circle when clicking the "return" button (thanks to kurisaki)
  • Slight rewording of the intro
  • Su's first encounter has been expanded and split into three different scenes depending on player penis size (because what else matters in life, right?)
  • Su's initial encounter has also been changed to a much more direct approach instead of having to revisit the same room 10 times
  • First steps to allow permanent NPCs like the story chars and others to be interacted with and to be remember by the game
  • Expanded tracked variables for characters. 99 unique identifiers like "lastOrgasmPartner, height, pregnantChance" and others are now tracked
  • Added a character viewer (No, there are no pictures). It shows most known properties of viewable characters
  • Added the story characters (Kana, Su, Ellen, Trey) as separate entities that are viewable in the character viewer
  • Added the Fap-Mode to the game. This allows you to skip playing and just enjoy the sex scenes. It'll get expanded as new scenes get added and will generally require either a password to unlock, or reaching the scene to unlock it and its variations
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Alpha v0.12 is out now!u3AEVAgD!XekEnyN6ycucMk4jFPm3k7akJ9SchEosCQq7DEVtLmc

Alpha v0.12

  • More work on the sex text generator. reworked and extended the logic and added reactions from partner
  • The decision after a battle now has some simple logic behind it, determining whether the partner is consenting or not depending on mood. Also added a button to simply let them be (thanks for reminding me, "D-c")
  • Added a new custom font to the main text passages. It is meant to give the main text a more "book" like appearance. Kana also received her own font for now due to story reasons
  • Mood system rebalanced. 50 is now neutral and resting returns to that state. Everything below is "uninterested" and everything above is "interested" in sexual activity. The player starts having a "usable" erection at 70 or above, with the female entities showing the first sign of arousal at the same value. This is still not perfect, but closer to what I'm aiming for
  • Advanced Kana's story (about 5k words)
  • Added the clinic in room 101. It houses the nurse, Ellen. Just follow the snoring sound to find her (~5k words)
  • The minimap now displays a small lightning symbol, like the one near the stamina bar, when the tile allows for resting
  • "9" - that is all
  • probably more minor bugfixes that are too minor to list
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Just released a tiny update (v0.11) that adds oral and anal capabilites to the text generator and the defeat scenes.!LrIgDYTJ!jn7nPy_SS2gCn8QNs57Cf-6aAVu7Gd-lwzvdUZST_NY

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Version v0.10 is now out and can be downloaded here:!775UUKIb!YntjAwc1H6JyKah2itI3iMzvcmW_Csurz02pqYJtNF8

Basic changelog:

alpha v0.10

  • Basic symbols to better represent the player status and give hints about action consequences
  • Options screen to disable fetishes. Sliders to change preferences for random encounters
  • Penis name suggestion list - idea by "Kit"
  • Preliminary combat system with the option to rob or have fun with the enemy (enabled by fetish list)
  • Completely new, but incomplete, random sex scene text generator available - the combat system uses it for defeated enemies use it.
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You can find an alpha version (v0.9) by following this link:!v7pBwCqY!mtlo_xktKhFQ8I8zorNQjdF-8vsnBoW4N1u2JiibEhc

Content added so far:

  • The shops section adjacent to the lobby has a (possibly sexual) encounter with character "R"
  • Room 42 on level one houses character K and is part of the main story
  • Room 69 on level two holds a, definitely sexual, encounter with character S - if you visit it a couple of times
  • Room 128 on level three is the base for character T which will be your main trading station later on
  • Tile based overview to mimic a grid based map system
  • Computer generated interactive sex scenes reflecting the player's and the NPC's characteristics
  • First parts of the story are in the game now
  • The lobby will serve as a hub in the early game
  • Access up to level three for now

(Most of the other rooms are empty for now until I can get the random event system to behave properly)

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