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Joshiahs Written Works
Joshiahs Written Works
I write the words that make you feel the things. Yes, -those- kinds of things...
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-My undying gratitude -Discord server access!

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Pure Bred

You like to read a little more than the average customer! For $3 a month, you get:

-All the story posts! Exclusive content, novel previews and early access posts have all been lumped into this one level, so $3 a month gets you ALL the stories. -AMA access! Once a month, you get to ask me or any of my characters a few questions. These will be answered in a monthly post!

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-All previous rewards -Voting Tier 1 access! You get to vote on character related polls throughout the month.

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Three species in one body is optimal, not optional!

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-All previous benefits -Voting Tier 2 access! You get to vote on every poll that we post throughout the month.

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Rock the vote like a proper four-way hybrid.

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-All previous rewards -Your name in the video credits! As long as you're at this level, your name will either appear in the end of our monthly video update, or be listed off as part of a shout out.

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It's getting crowded in here...and I like it!

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-All previous benfits -A free block of 500 words to use as you see fit! Add these to an existing story, get a quick warm up, or whatever you like!

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Many species, one mind, one hell of a supporter!

For $50 a month, you get:

-All previous benefits -An extra 500 words to use as you see fit (for 1000 total) and a special thanks in the dedications of each novel I write, as long as you are subscribed to this level

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Joshiahs Written Works

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