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I've been creating erotic 3D artwork, and comics for over 8 years. Over the last 2 years I have been working on my first game "Terminal Desires": a NSFW Zombie RPG featuring a wide array of niche fetish content.
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Welcome to my Page

Hello everyone,
As of right now, essentially every post made here is identical to the posts made on my Patreon, outside of the posts that I cannot make over there. So both platforms are currently equal in their content. The only difference is the platform itself.

Eventually though, I will most likely be making the full transition over to the SubscribeStar platform where I believe I will have much more creative freedom and can better focus on producing quality content, without worrying about constantly self-censoring my work to comply with Patreon's restrictive community guidelines. So if you are supporting me on Patreon, you may wish to consider swapping platforms and becoming a subscriber here instead. :)

For those who don't know, I am currently developing a NSFW Zombie RPG called "Terminal Desires". It contains a lot of niche fetishes but primarily focuses on: Huge Proportions; Skimpy Outfits; Monster Sex(Zombies); & Impregnation. However, there's a whole heap of other content as well, including completely optional Futa and Beast content. 
It's developed in RPG Maker MV and currently contains a couple of hours worth of content. However, the game is still in it's early stages and I have many plans for the game's two main story acts and end/post game content. The latest game build will always be free to the public after about 1 month. Though those who want to help support the development and get early access are encouraged to subscribe. I cannot make this game without your support, so I thank you all very much for helping out in any way you can. This wouldn't be possible without you :) 
I still intend on writing up a better pinned post than this one day. But for now, you can find the most important links here:
Officer Tiffany Neil - The Protagonist

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