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jaspurrlock profile
Hi there! I'm a NSFW artist who loves to draw lgbt content for the most part! I'm excited to share it with you guys, and I am so grateful you're even considering supporting me! Thank you so much! :)
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  • Welcome to my SubscribeStar!

I've made this profile because I know that people are always looking for other sites to subscribe to, besides *censored* ;)! <3

Thank you so much for checking out my work here! 
I will be posting lots of early access NSFW as well as SFW stuff here, and I am so dang grateful for anyone who decides to support me! Thank you!

  • Billing Cicle
The first time you will get charged as you subscribe and then following always the 1st of every month, so I can keep it the same as on the other subscription site. I guarantee new content every month, so fear not, you will get ur lewds! :3

  • Content
I post a lot of BNHA, FFXV, some haikyuu, and original stuff. And always a lotta dicks.

I currently make my living with my work, do commissions on the side of this as well as my etsy shop, and I'm so grateful for any and all support I am given!
I am looking to buy a PC so that streams will be less laggy, and weird on my end, and I am hoping to move out soon so I don't always have to hide my porn from my grandma when she inevitably enters my space without knocking. XD

I love you all, 
and I hope you enjoy my content,
Jas <3

Subscription Tiers

per month
Pervy Peeper

-Thank you so much for your support!!!

-You now have my gratitude and eternal love till either I or you or both of us die.

-Access to vote for future sketches and projects

0 subscribers
per month
Studying perv

-Access to SubscribeStar feed and you get to vote for future sketches and projects

-Work In Progress access. If there's something bigger I'm working on, now you get to see how it's going! (NSFW and SFW)

-All SFW full-res images each month

-Access to the Discord Server where I answer your questions

-Plus all lower tier rewards!

1 subscriber $5 SS
per month
Comic Tier

-Early access to all of the "On Thy Knees" Comic pages and NSFW Content for it

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $7.00 tier
per month
Bachelor in pervery

-Early access to my finished SFW works; you get to see them before anyone else.

-One SFW Exclusive Piece a month

-All full-res images (SFW and NSFW!!!)

-Access to 1x of my layered fully coloured .psd patreon art files

-Plus all lower tier rewards!

2 subscribers $10 SS
per month
Master Perv

-Early access to my finished NSFW works; you get to see them before anyone else. wink wonk

-Several NSFW Exclusive Pieces a month

-15% off commissions

-Plus all lower tier rewards!

7 subscribers $15 SS
per month
Print Tier

-You get a monthly art print created by me! :D -I send those Prints every following month (if you sign up in December, I send the prints beginning of January!) -Plus all lower tier rewards!

Limited (5 out of 5) subscriptions
Print Babes
Limit reached


  • Lewds of your and my favorite characters :3

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