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A Dandy Char, Arting It Up!
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Had0u The Char

Rules for tier 3 requests:

• I will be implementing warnings and bans on situations that call for it (ie. agression, disrespect, advertising, political topic/statements/views, religious topic/statements/views, submitting links or images without permission, full-on rps in chat (small things are fine), repeated misconduct, etc.). Have to keep things fair and just for everyone. • Reposting is prohibited. Requests are fine to repost but only if you source back to my patreon/twitter/fa. If you don't, it will be reported and you will be banned forever. Period.

• I will NOT draw:

scat fart cub diaper vore gore watersport heavy bondage hyper (to an extent, light is okay though) religious/political symbols or imagery death unbirth petrification of any kind

I'm not comfortable with it.

• Any other fetishes/kinks can be discussed via message.

Subscription Tiers


  • When you subscribe to me, you'll have my utmost gratitude and sincere thanks as well as a few helpful perks.
  • Tier 1 will receive access to the art I make 2 weeks in advance before released to the public. Tier 2 will have access to polls and can contribute to the monthly image. Tier 3 will have access to the monthly request streams, I do 2-3 of them a month and they will be flat-colored requests that are first come, first served but only for those in this tier!

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F827c217 b6c7 4127 8757 9ec51a89305c 120x120 25x40 298x298
Had0u The Char

This page isn't 100% completely ready for subscribers and mons yet. When it is, this pinned post ...

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