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Grim Figment
Grim Figment
Trans artist and writer from the US.
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Grim Figment
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It was once again my turn in that writing game I play! I managed to get something I kinda like, despite having a big struggle with writing recently. It's more of the experimental stuff I do sometimes, where grammar is made up and I do what I want, but I hope you like it anyway!

they say a song needs words, but they must have never met you

canonverse soriku | post-quadratum | you came home, but only most of you


"Your voice can't reach us here."

But maybe it can one day reach home.


He nodded again, and Riku’s heart felt trapped within the bars of his ribs. Maybe he could fracture it? Shatter his already bleeding heart and slip the pieces through rungs of bone, let them pile at his feet shard by shard until he could pool them in the palm of his hand, all the little pieces of him cradled with urgent care and quaking form until he could press them against the scars of Sora’s chest. Let them meld to his skin and infuse his blood with every drop of love Riku ever felt for him. Let that love heal and heal and heal and coax Sora’s voice back to a place it could reach Riku from.
Warmth traced the back of Riku’s hand, down the white knuckled fingers clenched into his palm to slip beneath the pinched creases of skin locking them in place. Sora made quick work (gentle, always so gentle) of coaxing Riku’s nails from his red welted palm, the pads of his fingers twisted for a breath to soothe across the marks before seamlessly sliding to twine with Riku’s own. It sent the sweetest shock through Riku’s arm, leaving a sour ache in its wake that still made Riku feel love and hurt and an overwhelming, painful desire to feel more.
The warmth that was Sora’s hand squeezed Riku’s once -waited a beat- then again, a plea (voiceless, voiceless, a voice that can’t reach-) for Riku to look up, to see, and Riku was always helpless to Sora. Always, with pride with devotion with carefearlovedesireagonygleepleasedontleavem- 
Riku blinked and swallowed the emotion choking his throat, the exhale that followed dragging a shudder through Riku’s lovelocked body with it. He looked up, found Sora’s eyes without needing to search, always together always a pair always everything Riku’s ever wanted and the only thing he needs and- 
Sora smiled. Sad, always sad these days, but full, kind, hints of that vibrant kaleidoscope of life and soul and heart in the corners and love etched into the upturned corners of his mouth and Riku loves him. Sora squeezed again, infusing a little bit of that resurrecting life into Riku with it. Riku squeezed back, a watery smile twitching at his lips, and found himself leaning forward toward Sora on instinct to meet in the middle with a bump of their foreheads.
Something twinkled in Sora’s eyes and he pushed forward against Riku gently, his mouth moving soundlessly but slowly, lips wrapping around syllables that Riku knew so intimately it made his heart seize in his chest with more of that sweet and sour ache.
I love you.
And Riku gave his answer with no hesitation, gave voice to the words both of their hearts sang without end. (repeat, repeat, loop back to the beginning with no coda, play through again, with even more feeling this time) It made the life in Sora’s smile grow wider, brighter, and took some of the pain in Riku’s heart with it to leave him tasting sugar on his tongue. Sora came back. Sora would always come back. To home, to Riku, even when it took a while for some pieces of him to reach. But Riku could wait, would gladly wait, so long as the hand in his never left him again.
His next breath felt less like struggle, and only like relief.
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