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fluttershyfann80085 profile
I'm doing MLP NSFW 18+ animation and art.
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Free Fan!

Free follow up for each my news and reports. You won't miss a thing!

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FAn blows level 1

Thank you mate! More people like you and I will never stop doing my art. With FAn blows level 1 you will get.

1) Access to All versions of art and animation SFW and NSFW in full HD including all different versions. 2) Access to sketches.

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FAn blows level 2

Thank you, mate! You give me the desire to do quality stuff! With FAn blows level 2 you will get.

1) Early access to all sketches. 2) Vote for which next sketch to turn into a complete art or animation. 3) Perform in small requests. As if you want some of my art or animations in other resolution or without background or without some accessories on character, etc. These small requests will be fulfilled if you ask. All previous bonuses.

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FAn blows level 3 Turbo mode!!!

Thanks to people like you, I can give my art all my working time. With FAn blows level 3 you will get.

1) You can order a commission. 2) For each 3 months I will give you a free ART commission. 3) For each 6 months I will give you a free ANIMATION commission. (But only 1 action, but it stacks up every 6 months.) 4) Access to original art and animation. All previous bonuses, but with a higher priority!

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