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Hey there! Welcome to my Page! Where the fantasy is far better then the reality! Enjoy your stay at Fluffys Special Place
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Character Showcase!!
(WIP, content is subject to change)

Hot Milf and Mother of 3


The main Protagonist of my next Game! 
She is the Mother of 2 Sons and a Daughter. 
The Game Starts after a terrible Divorce where the Father of the Children, left her and the Children to fend for themselves. 
She is in debt due to the divorce and has to now, take care of all the finances alone. 
On top of that, she has to now take care of 3 Children alone. 
Previously only a stay at home Mother, with no Work experience, she has to now, find work and find a way to provide for her Children and herself. 

The Game will be done in DAZ3D and the Engine I use will be Renpy. Im proud to say, that the Game is gonna be a more Sanbox Game, with multiple repeatable scenes for you to enjoy!

Let me know what you think :) How does she look? 

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COMPLETED! What now?

Its done! Pearls first chapter has been completed! Pearl has made it to her Fathers workplace and has unlocked her inner Slut!
In the next Chapter we will see how that can be an advantage She can use. I have finished the last days of the game and now its one full story! 
The Game totals now at a full 600mb in total.  
I'm not happy with the overall but its my first game and honestly,  they always say your first car will be shit and so is it probably with the first game as well. HAHA :D This Game was way to linear. I didnt like it at all, but I was handcuffed to the Engine I was using.
I have changed that now. Im now completely on Renpy and will make my Games over the Engine. I hope in the Future to make a Game as well on the RPG Maker engine but that is something in the far future.
What is next? The next Chapter of Pearl? No! Dont worry. I will not abandon Pearl. Her Story I will definitely continue, but right now im already working on my next Project. I cannot wait to show it to you guys once I have... well more to show :D Until then.

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She is winning Guys! Concentrate!

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Happy new Week to everyone! 

Another Month is coming to an end in this fascinating year of 2022.
What a shit show... but lets not get Political :D 

I have more to show and more to tell.

What have I done this last week? Good Question.

I have finished all scenes for Out of Puberty. Now I only need to add them to the Game Engine and then export it. That will be then the finish for the first Chapter from Pearl.

In regards, to Name unknown Work in progress other game, I wanted to share some new Pictures. 

These are work in progress. more concept art Pictures of Characters, that will make an appearance in my future Game.

Let me know what you guys think :)
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#2 Development Update  Week 2

Uh this is was a good week. Well ups and downs!

Where should i begin? Yes so. I have finished 2 more Days. In total 4 Days are done and 3 are left to go. That's usually how it would be, but... butt... I will do Monday of the next week as well and finish the first Chapter of Out of Puberty. 

Why have I decided like that?

I have done what I originally was planning for Chapter: 1. I have Introduced the Characters and the World and now Pearl has made it to the next Level. I believe with the Rest of Week 3 I will be able to tell a complete story. 
Also. I'm gonna be completely honest with you, I want to finally say goodbye to Tyranomaker and start in Renpy, as that was actually my original Plan.

I'm doing courses on Python and also learn more about Renpy, so I'm able to use the Engines full potential, with the next Game, I will be working on.

I will leave Out of Puberty for now and will continue a new Game. This new Game will be done completely in DAZ3D. 

What is DAZ3D?

DAZ 3D is a Program used to make Photo Realistic Renders, or Pictures of Figures, that try to look as Human as possible! I was finally able to Download DAZ and get it working on my PC. They had a Love Hate relationship but after some counseling they seem to be working now!

I have done some test Renders. Both Renders that are attached are done by me in DAZ3D. Each Picture took 2 Hours to Render, so that means, It will probably take longer to release proper Game updates. 
Before when I used HS2 (the Previous Program for Scenes) It took me a second to make a Picture, but you can see the difference in Quality.

Well... in Short. Next Update will finish Chapter 1 and then I will make a new Game with DAZ3D in Renpy, BUT I will not abandon Out of Puberty. I will make more of it. 

Until then, thank you for your Support and I hope, you all will like what is coming in the Future! 
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A Suit looks good on Pearl don't you think so?

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