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An adult sexpionage RPG
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Female Agent
Public post

[1.20] Prototype fully playable

Hi guys!  Yesterday I finished building the episode prototype in the game engine.  A basic version of White Russian is now playable, start to finish!

I made some changes based on tester feedback from the previous week, adding in a new scene between scenes 7 & 8 on the outline (thanks Behbeh and XG), and two more scenes that just came out while I was writing.

The prototype is now out to story testers for more feedback, and I've already had some really great suggestions and observations (thanks DESpear, XG, Mariam Hallows, Secondarian, Falloutbabe and Gremlynne Herald #2).

What still needs to be done
– Adding art
– Replacing placeholder text
– Add in a couple of minor side branches
– General editing to improve pacing, hotness, and player decisions

I'm going to try especially hard not to over-edit this episode, which I think I was guilty of last time.

Faster Pussycat
Astute observers will note this episode is being produced faster than usual!  There are two main reasons:
1). The episode was fully outlined already.  (I wrote up a beat sheet on it earlier in the year.)
2).  It's a simpler story than the last episode.

That said, I'm pleased with the steady progress.  This week I'll be mainly editing, based on feedback from the story testers I read through this morning.  Have an awesome week, everybody, I'll report back on progress on Sunday or Monday.  🦀❤️

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Female Agent
Public post

[1.20] One step back, two steps forward

Hi guys! This week I had to do some rewriting, based on feedback of last week's prototype. As well as being our illustrator, lovely Victoria is also involved in story planning, and she pointed out some characterisation problems that needed to be fixed.

I was a little bit annoyed with her when she pointed it out – mainly because I knew she was right. The same issue had been gnawing at me, too, but I was trying to ignore it because I'm trying to get this episode rattled out ASAP without over-editing it.

That said, life has taught me not only to listen to my instincts, but also to listen to Victoria, so when those two imperatives align I take action. I ended up editing scene 3, and rewriting scenes 4 & 5 – changing two locations and changing the tone and vibe of both scenes.

We both think the characterisation is working much better, and that the whole first half of the episode feels both realer and hotter now. So if, when you play episode 1.20, you find it doesn't suck then please be sure to praise lovely Victoria.

With the editing done, I went on to also prototype scenes 6 & 7 in the game engine. I'm pleased with how they turned out; scene 6 in particular has two moments that I think came out sexier than I'd expected them to. I've pushed the new versions out to story testers for more feedback.

So it was a busy week! It would've been better if I hadn't made a characterisation mistake that needed to be fixed, but the fix went smoothly...and, of course, it's impossible to work without making mistakes. I was pleased with the improvements, I think they're important (and will make the rest of the episode easier to write).

Next week I'll continue prototyping scenes in the game engine. 7 of 11 are done.  Have a lovely Sunday, guys, and I'll report on my progress at the end of next week.
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Female Agent
Public post

[1.20] Rapid prototyping

Hey guys!  Work on episode 1.20, "White Russian", is going well.

This episode is a lot less complex than the last one.  It's a side quest featuring Kate's (optional) date with Kolya, the broody Russian guy she met in the skybar in the early part of Girls' Night Out.

It's fully plotted, and I'm currently building a prototype version in the game engine.  About the first half of the episode is now playable, and some of our lovely testers have given useful feedback on how to improve the scenes.

This week, my main effort will be continuing to build the prototype.  5 out of 11 scenes are currently working in the engine (some with placeholder text that needs punching up, and no artwork is yet implemented).  I'll get as much done as I can and report back in a week.
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Female Agent
Public post

Characterising Kate

Back in the early days of Female Agent, 59 players told me how they liked to play their heroine (called "Kate" in internal dev discussions, for convenience).

Four broad archetypes emerged:

WAIF (dutiful, resilient) - 41%
  • A survivor, capable of stoically withstanding hardship
  • She can take anything the mission throws at her
  • The "good girl" heroine – she embodies feminine traits like demureness, acceptance, compliance, submissiveness
  • But not a doormat: she has tremendous strength of will.  She doesn't fight back, she endures and outlasts the enemy.

CRUSADER (idealistic, loyal) - 24%
  • Idealistic, loyal, heroic
  • The "action heroine" – she's the female Commander Shepard, Jack Ryan, Jack Bauer.  Confident, tenacious, headstrong.
  • In Mass Effect, she'd be the Paragon.

ALPHA FEMALE (headstrong, assertive) - 17%
  • Assertive, career minded, cocky
  • The flip side of the Crusader.  Mission focused – but also ruthless, and kind of a bitch.
    Takes no prisoners, takes no shit.
  • In Mass Effect, she'd be the Renegade.

FEMME FATALE (enigmatic, manipulative) - 17%
  • Manipulative, flirty, well-suited for the mission
  • Controls men with her charm and desirability.  Makes men feel powerful and desirable, yet holds the upper hand in all her relationships.
  • Turns her charm on at will, even if she feels nothing for the target.  Distrusts others and conceals her personal desires carefully.

Understanding how you play your "Kate" will help me make sure you get the right decision and dialogue choices in future episodes.  Please vote!  And tell me about your Kate in the comments!

(Multiple choices are allowed because some people like to play a mix of the archetypes.  If your Kate doesn't fit into these categories, tell me about her in the comments or DMs!  Maybe we need to introduce a fifth type now the game has so many more players.)
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Female Agent
Public post

Episode 1.19.1P available to everyone!

(This is the free version.  If you're a subscriber, get the enhanced version here.)

Hi guys!  Here's episode 1.19.1P, "The New Girl".

This was a controversial episode, receiving by far the most negative criticism of any episode of Female Agent. I made some scene edits based on the feedback, but be warned this episode missed the mark for a lot of people.

Please let me know your thoughts – positive or negative – so I can take them into account in future episodes.  Hit me up here or on Discord!

🦀 ❤️
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Female Agent

Episode 1. 19. 1P available to Recruits+!

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