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Size fetish animations and games
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  • Diminishment, an animated size fetish visual novel leaning heavily towards various kinds of vore (On hold until current stand-alone video is finished)
  • Additional size fetish videos of varying length every now and then. However, game releases take priority. (Current project, Long 10-14 minute video))
  • VR versions and possible gender switches (for the tiny) when there is demand, in between releases.

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Succubus Animation PB10 (Futa, Audio! )

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Just a quick heads up, I should have the audio files from the VA on the 26th, so the audio version of PB10 should be out roughly within a few days after that.

Update: I'm waiting on some revisions for a line of dialogue. Shouldn't be too long, but I can't promise that the PB will be out today (29th), as I don't know the VA's exact schedule.

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Succubus Animation PB10 (Futa, No audio)

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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