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NSFW Artist, Game Developer, Skeleton...
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This is the lowest tier. You don't really like to pay for stuff, but you want to keep your options open... just in case.

-Access to Susbcriber only content.

-My thanks!.

8 subscribers
per month
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This is the second lowest tier. You have an addiction to lewd, but you can't spend that much on it. You might use your "wits" to get some to fix that itch from time to time, and when you do, you know exactly where to go.

-Access to Subscribers only content.

-Access to Games updates 3 days before public releases.

-Access to your own "Junky" role on the Discord Server

9 subscribers
per month
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This is the middle tier: You are good at what you do, and what you do isn't very nice. Your job pays well enough, and when you need someone to patch you up and give you some juice to keep you going, you know you can pay for the best.

-Access to subscriber only content.

-Access to game updates 5 days before Public release.

-Access to $10+ only polls.

-Access to "The good stuff" ($10+ only art).

-Access to your own "Hitman" role on the Discord Server

12 subscribers
per month
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This is the highest tier. You don't take orders from no-one. You are the boss. Your business is the lewd traffic, you know of lewd and the lewd knows you, and when you need to hire someone to attend to your troops, you always have the number of the best doctor around.

-All of the previous tiers.

-Access to "Don" subscribers only content.

-Access to game updates 7 days before public release.

-Access to "Don" only polls.

-Access to your own "Don" role on the Discord Server

12 subscribers


  • You'll get naughty art, games and everything I'll do that cannot be posted on some other more puritan platforms.

Recent posts

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So, let's try this again.

Most of you already know me, but just in case: My name is Dr. Oseo Bones, and I'm a pervert. I make lewd art and some lewd games... some may say "way too lewd", and that's why I had to take my first game out of "that" platform, yeah, that one. But now, I've found hope, hope to be able to grab a few bucks out of it. And here I am, trying, wishing, hoping for a better future... maybe this is it.

I present to you (again): "Bones' Tales: The Manor" DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.12.1

Remember you need to have installed the RTP Package link Here

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the goal
I started this Subscribstar profile with the hope to actually Monetize those projects that are too "fringe" for other platforms. So, take this as a test. But if I reach this milestone I will put a serious effort and consider this platform as a good alternative.


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