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Subscription Tiers

per month
Glass of Water

You will get my thanks and will be able to see posts non subs don't get to see.

SubscribeStar $1.00 tier
per month

Gratitude to you my friend. Access to pics and the full update 7 days after release.

SubscribeStar $3.00 tier
per month
A Little Bit of Change Goes a Long Way

You will get the full games release on Day 1.and a full week before it goes free. Nude renders of old characters.

SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month
The Tipper

You will get the Alpha 2 days after it's original release. Exclude nude renders of new for this tier and up.

SubscribeStar $10.00 tier
per month
Buying Me Drinks

Even more thanks. You’ll also get access to the Alpha first, which will be released halfway through production of the update.

SubscribeStar $25.00 tier
per month
Thanks For Dinner

More thanks than the previous tiers plus two personalized custom renders a month as well as the stuff in the lower tiers.

SubscribeStar $50.00 tier
per month
5 Course Meal Plus Dessert

ARE YOU INSANE!! What do you want? Same as $25 and $50 tier and I'll kiss your ass if you want me too.

SubscribeStar $100.00 tier

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