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I'm Rax and I'm developing Debasing Grounds, a web-browser based RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.
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  • Thank you for your support! Your contribution helps ensure the future of this game and that I can continue to spend time developing it. Feel free to reach out and join other players on Discord:

Hi! As a new perk for you, the game supporters, I've started running polls to help determine what...

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Here's the link to version v0. 31: "Coercive Approaches, Violation and NPC fetishes" Update. The ...

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Now available for subscribers: Debasing Grounds v0.31: "Coercive Approaches, Violation and NPC fetishes" Update. Here's the changelog:

Coercive approaches:
  • New Coercion/Assault skill checks allow for coercive approaches by the PC.
  • Players can now force "flirt" actions
  • New personality-based walk home text descriptions for consensual encounters
  • Players can now try to force NPCs to stay if they try to leave during the flirting sequence
  • Players can now try to force NPCs to go home with them
  • Some NPCs will attempt to call for help. Chance of success based on their status
  • Attempting to force NPCs into Ms. Harrow's or Thulle's home will result in a reputation hit
  • All dominance checks now also depend on the NPC's status
  • Depending on the NPC's reaction, an attack can result in a Public Threat reputation stat
Violation stat:
  • Assault, kidnapping, and nonconsensual sex will increase a violation stat on NPCs
  • NPCs belonging to a faction can have their violation made public. This can have serious reputation effects, depending on their faction status
  • Within certain factions, an assault will also have a reputation effect on the victim, making it more likely that they won't report it
  • Characters who are submissive to the player are less likely to report their offenses
NPC fetishes:
  • Adjusted which fetishes are increased in all scenes
  • New config toggle to disable rape fetish increases
  • Modified the Gym, Police and Pharma scenes to better differentiate the gameplay effects between submissive and eager paths. Minor new texts and options.
  • New fetishes, many have been differentiated between giving/receiving, so it's now possible to have a fetish for giving an action but not for receiving it
  • NPCs have fetishes that can be triggered during sex. When this happens, the NPC has an extra increase in 'trust'.
Other changes:
  • "Go back to chat" option during sex scenes renamed to "Stop"
  • New "Step Away" action during sex scenes 
  • Reduced chance of random encounters
  • Reduced chance of NPCs trying to change position after each fingering/hand job action
  • It is now possible to perform oral sex on NPCs lying on their backs.
  • The loot boxes of NPCs and some locations now restock at night, making it possible to steal from them more than once.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with Lilly's wardrobe loot box that prevented items from being stored in it
  • It's no longer possible to steal e-coins by picking NPC pockets
  • The name of the owner of the ID card is now visible when it's in the wardrobe
  • Lust increases when giving oral have been fixed
  • Fixed a text bug in Enara's welcome scene
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Ina to be rescued an unlimited number of times
  • Fixed text bugs in players whipping NPCs scene
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would mention that the PC was dirty even though they'd showered
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from edging NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs players took to the club's bathroom scene were being referred to as he
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from going down on an NPC after masturbating them
  • Fixed a bug that caused the minimap to be replaced with the manor's minimap
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed status farming with the Ronda gang
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the weekly meeting date in Isara from being updated after a meeting
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the day to show as "undefined" on the 31st of each month
  • Fixed a bug that caused Avi to disappear from the reception desk at Isara Genomics
  • Fixed several position bugs during sex scenes
  • Fixed several bugs in the police station sequence
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Here's the link to version v0. 30: "Faction Consequences and Public Sex" Update. The download fil...

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Now available for subscribers: Debasing Grounds v0.30: "Faction Consequences and Public Sex" Update. Here's the changelog:

More consequences to reputation effects:
  • 'Status' and 'Fame' with the police affect the chance of being approached by them, as well as the outcome.
  • Characters with high 'Fame', 'Status' and 'Liked' (>10) will be let go.
  • Other characters will be approached and searched. 3 scenes: groping (generic), whipping (low 'Liked'), coerced oral (low 'Status', new scene). 
  • Reactions during these scenes further affect the character's reputation with the police.
  • If 'Status' or 'Liked' reaches -100, the character will be taken to jail.
  • It's now possible to successfully resist arrest by passing a high Fighting skill check.
  • The police will no longer ask for your identity if you're arrested a second time.
  • 'Status' and 'Fame' within the town faction affect the chance of being approached by mobs.
  • High 'Status'/'Liked' characters will be left alone.
  • The bar and the nightclub will deny entry to characters with all 'Fame' > 25, 'Status' < 25 and 'Liked' < 25 in the town faction.
  • Ms. Harrow will fire the PC under the same thresholds.
Thulle Deviants:
  • Deviants will no longer always force a piercing in the character's body after their encountering them.
  • Characters with 'Liked'>10 will receive the Deviants Gift, which can be sold for more silver and increases lust.
  • Characters with 'Status'<-10 but not as liked will receive the Deviants Thorn, which isn't valuable and increases pain.
Other factions:
  • Characters disliked by Isara Inc ('Fame'>25, 'Liked'<-25) and prevented from entering Pangolin Pharma, Isara Genomics and Food Processing Center.
  • Characters disliked by Synapse Corp ('Fame'>25, 'Liked'<-25) and blocked from entering Synapse Marketing and LINK Software.
  • Characters disliked by Thulle ('Fame'>25, 'Liked'<-25) are blocked from entering the Eastern Slums.
  • Characters disliked by the Ronda gang risk being forced into their prostitution ring. High fame makes this more likely.
Public Sex:
  • Four new non-consensual public sex scenes triggered when NPCs refuse 1on1 advances and do not successfully threaten, fight, or run away.
  • New scenes: Street Public Sex, Nightclub Forced Public Orgasm, Street Bondage, Nightclub Bondage
  • Players will stay tied up after public bondage scenes
  • Players can now fight to escape their bondage when they're tied up with a rope without having to go home.
  • Players can now remove their character's blindfolds and gags from their inventory without having to go home, as long as they're not tied up.
  • The 'Stoic' and 'Defiant' options show their success chance and related skills.
  • Large hooks are now sold at the hardware store and pawnshop.
  • Removed status alerts from menus so they don't block information.
  • Players can now leave silver at home and in various loot boxes.
  • Fixed lust not decreasing after police abuse scenes in the police station.
  • Fixed a bug where the same NPC would approach the player over and over again.
  • Fixed a bug where a long stream of NPCs would approach the player one after the other, with no chance to leave.

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Here's the link to version v0. 29: "NPC Lust, Orgasms, and Dungeons" Update. The download file is...

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