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Darkwood Modding - Skyrim SSE Modding
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For more more frequent news about my mods, and gaming, and whatever, I am on twitter @darkconsole. But I spam a lot about completely unrelated crap. Come chat if you want, IDK. I also post when I am doing lewd streaming there.
If you connect Discord you should be magically given the Supporter role which grants access to the #supporter-support chat channel.

I've built multiple mods that you may be famliar with in the Skyrim Univese: 

For the longest time I really did not want to take money for modding. But people kept asking, and then this Patreon thing came to be so here we are. Funds are a little tight in real life, the story of a lot of people lately. I find myself having to pick up additional programming side jobs to do on the weekends to make ends meet, which severely cuts into the amount of time I can spend working on these. With support from my players I could devote time to my mods, being able to progress them and add more features, faster.
 I am not all just about these NSFW mods though. Furious is actually very SFW, a mod that converts your Magicka into Rage, promoting a more Warrior or Barbarianeque play style. I am also very pro-spreading-the-knowledge when it comes to modding, giving information back to the general community when I can through the  CreationKit wiki or my obsene yet hillarious LoversLab programming blog.
I'm not looking to buy crazy things. Nothing like "my cat needs this crazy operation or she will die" type things. Just basic personal things that I have to buy one way or another. Your support would help me do this stuff which I love (and I think you do too) rather than finding normal boring work elsewhere, during time I really wanted to have free for modding. 
Remember, you wouldn't be paying for the mods. Your support would aid me in being able to spend more time making and supporting my creations. My works will always remain free for anyone to install with all their features available to anyone anywhere regardless of if one donates to me here or not.

 Current Projects
All my mods are free and Open Source, so you can watch their progress as I progress with their progress while progressing on the progression of progress. 
  • Soulgem Oven 4: Skyrim Special Edition
  • Display Model 3: Skyrim Special Edition
  • Untamed 2: Skyrim Special Edition

 Here are the ones that are fully ported to SSE so far: 

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Thanks man, every little bit helps.

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The Next Level

Having issues? Let me know. We will solve it together.

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The Level After The Next Level

If you have an idea for a new feature, I will highly entertain the idea for inclusion, as well as help you solve any issues you are having.

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The Final Level

I will provide you with full support of my mods if you run into trouble, as well as answer any questions or theories you have about human sexuality and/or Star Trek.

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