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Dark Desires profile
Dark Desires
Dark Desires
I am an author of erotic stories that dwell upon character development and in-depth relationships. Having read many such stories, I always found that there wasn't enough of them that struck a good balance between sex and story. Therefore, I aim to do my best to provide both in one.
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Bronze Star Supporter

My eternal gratitude for supporting me so that I can make an effort to keep posting further chapters in my stories. Access to various ramblings I will post regarding random aspects of my story arcs, character quirks, behind-the-scenes reasoning behind some decisions. I will also answer any questions posed to me as long as the answer will not contain spoilers.

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Silver Star Supporter

Access to polls regarding various details that will be implemented in my stories. (None will be major story arc decisions as my stories are already complete in my head as far as the base plot and conclusion goes) Access to the previous tiers items. My eternal thanks for your support. You are a valued asset.

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Gold Star Supporter

Access to early drafts of each chapter as I write them. Access to all previous tier items. My eternal gratitude for supporting me. You are a patron of the arts.

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Dragon Star Supporter

Access to special polls choosing what short story I might write as a way to keep my brain fresh. Sometimes I need a quick diversion to allow my subconscious to develop my current ideas that brew around in my head. Access to all previous tier items. My eternal gratitude for your support. You are a benevolent force in this world.

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  • Access to various ramblings about the why and how behind my story decisions.
  • Polls for various minor story arcs, character quirks, sexual kinks, etc.
  • Access to early drafts of forthcoming chapters.

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$17 of $1,500
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I would love nothing more than to be able to write full-time. I believe that the stories I have are worth telling, and hopefully, my fans will feel the same and support me here with this endeavor. If I achieve the amount above, I will be able to sustain myself monthly and dedicate myself to my literary work full time.

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