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Cursed Atelier

                             Foremost, thank you for considering supporting our project.

  • Who are we?
We're Cursed-Atelier, a small indie studio working to create "VoidBound", a 2D RPG game based on the RPG Maker Engine. We've been in existence since December of 2018 and have been toiling silently to bring our game to life. Our founders are experienced members of this field and have been part of multiple JRPG localization projects over the last few years.

  • Can you tell me more about VoidBound?
                     Earth is sucked into a war between alien species, and the heroine has to venture to worlds never before seen by mankind to find a way to stop it. The game is a sci-fi ero RPG with a focus on variety in combat mechanics.The character’s abilities will be determined by a wide variety of equipable weapons, psi amps, and support gear, and each combat area will have its own unique spin on battles.

  • Interesting, but why come to Patreon almost a year after your development started? Did you run into monetary problems?
                     Actually, we did not. We're entirely self funded and expenses are paid out of the pocket of the founders. The reason we never floated ourselves on patreon before was because we did not want to come across as one of many other crowdfunded projects that promise rosy figments of imagination but deliver disappointment. Our primary aim was to first create a demo of our game;  a proof of concept that our vision exists and that players are more than welcome to take that vision out for a spin. 
The reason we're here now, is because our demo is finally out for the public evaluation. At the same time we've painfully come to the conclusion that self funding has its limits and if we want to speed up our development cycle and integrate more ambitious ideas, we must request the support of like minded gamers.

  • I see, can I learn more about your studio and your game?
. You can head over to our website and peruse through all of the informational content in much more detail. Additionally, you can also browse through quiet a few art assets that will give you a glimpse into the world of VoidBound. Finally, you can get in touch with us directly through Discord if you have any other queries.

  • Alright, I'm sold. But do I get any special goodies for supporting you guys?                     

                    Yes you do! In addition to our heartfelt appreciation, each and every patron will be immediately granted access to a growing list of exclusive content that may include:

  1. Art and musical assets that did and did not make into the game.
  2. Patreon customized content not released to the general public.
  3. Special Discord privileges that will make you privy to content news in advance and the opportunity for a monthly tête-à-tête with our team.
  4. An opportunity to snag the game in advance when it's finally released.
For the exact info on what rewards you'll get, please head over to the tier section and browse through the various benefits that come with the specific patreon tiers. We also plan to add something special in the future but for now we will be keeping a lid on it until we're ready to show it off in action.

We sincerely hope you will find our efforts worth your time and choose to join us on our maiden journey across the stars.

Kind Regards,  
Cursed-Atelier Team 

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We welcome you onboard our maiden flight through the stars! You get to enjoy:

⋅⋅ The good feeling that comes with supporting our little dream and the benefit of being informed in advance about all the new features we plan to implement in the game.

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Thank you for taking a chance on us! You get:

⋅⋅ All the benefits of the Curious tier.

⋅⋅ Exclusive access to many of the roughly colored sketches.

⋅⋅ An opportunity to snag the game one week before the public launch.

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A big virtual hug your way for considering us worth your time! For that, you get:

⋅⋅ All the benefits of the Observer tier.

⋅⋅ Exclusive access to many of our high res art.

⋅⋅ Exclusive Discord channel access to have your questions answered by our dev team.

⋅⋅ Your names will be mentioned under special thanks on the website.

⋅⋅ An opportunity to snag the game two weeks before the public launch.

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A princely place to be, if you choose to invest in our dream to this degree. You''ll receive:

⋅⋅ All the benefits of the Adherent tier.

⋅⋅ Exclusive Discord based opportunity to spend quality time with our dev team at the end of the month(1-2 hours).

⋅⋅ Our artists break out their pencils and give a live stream of them working every now and then.

⋅⋅ Special consideration for your input when game related polls/decisions are floated to the public.

⋅⋅ Your names will be mentioned under special thanks in in-game credits and the website.

⋅⋅ An opportunity to snag the game three weeks before the public launch.

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Recent posts

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Cursed Atelier
Public post
Hi folks,
 A new report has surfaced, after the expansion's public release, whereby a small number of players are reporting the following crash:
The phenomenon was never encountered during our rigorous testing process and the fact that only a handful of players reported the said issue instantly made us suspect select PC specs not playing nice with a game plugin. 

Turns out, our suspicion was spot on. We use a certain 3rd party plugin to manage CHOICE functions in VoidBound. Unfortunately, some systems with old specs or dated driver packages may start exhibiting the above showcased crash behavior. So, a decision has been made whereby the plugin functions will be diverted upon the GPU. What it means for the players is simply this: If you have a GPU that supports OpenGL, you will have no issues whatsoever playing the game and as such don't have to do anything except make sure that your drivers are in pristine working order and not in conflict with your Windows.

So how to be sure that your system's WebGL is in working order? Simple. Just head over to this website here:

If you can see the spinning cube, your setup is fine and need no further tinkering. Otherwise, you might need to do some troubleshooting at your end if you're absolutely sure that your hardware is compatible with the WebGL technology. For more guidance or specific queries, feel free to post your questions down below and we'll try to help you walk through the issue.

Kind Regards,
Cursed-Atelier Team 
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Cursed Atelier
Public post
 Hi folks,
            The hour is finally upon us. Alpha testing has been done. Beta testing feedback received. No longer shall we keep you folks from the expansion. Here is the short and sweet of what you can expect from the patch:
  • New additional story content.
  • New characters introduced.
  • New maps with additional "secrets" for players to explore.
  • New sexual attack variations during combat.
  • New standing art variations.
  • New tilesets. Furthermore, sprites updated to HD standard all across the board. Players will now feel more in sync with a futuristic sci-fi setting.
  • New UI implemented. Saving or loading of content no longer limited during game play sections only. Players can now freely do so during dialogues as well. 
  • New soundtrack added to various sections of the game. 
  • Combat speed enhanced. Players can get through enemies quicker now.
  • Combat balancing tuned further. New craft able mods should make the experience more interesting.
  • Dialogue log initiated. Players can now access missed/old dialogues by a simple click. Presently limited to 20 messages only. 
  • Intro lore extended. Caly's story no longer changes gear abruptly after her rescue.
  • Cinematic changed to a movie file. It's now possible to pause the game with "Enter" or "Space" and skipped entirely by using "Shift".
  • New Galley Mode added. Players can now revisit sexual events that they have already unlocked.

We've done all we can to make this build as bug free as possible. But, if any new issues arise, we'll do our best to patch them according to priority. Critical bugs will be addressed ASAP while any generic bugs will be clubbed together and patch floated to fix them all together.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing this patch as much as we enjoyed making it!

Kind Regards,
Cursed-Atelier Team


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Cursed Atelier
Public post
Howdy folks,

 This article will be the 3rd in a string of articles that explore the upcoming alpha expansion patch and will mark as the last one before the patch is officially released to the general public. Once again, without further adieu, lets get into it. 

Status Effects:

We finished our last article by walking you all through the Combat Log system. The primary function of that system is to give players real time information regarding battlefield developments and status changes. However, it still becomes quite a herculean task for players to keep track of the multiple instances of damage levied, buffs applied, de-buffs inflicted etc. Thus, a secondary function was baked into the system that will now provide visual cues around de-buff effects that Caly might be suffering from. Here is a visual example:

Once Caly gets de-buffed, a small icon will flash near the top left of the bar box showing the exact type of ill-effect Caly is suffering from. Furthermore, the background behind her status picture screen will also change accordingly. This should help players keep active tabs on Caly's current situation. Once the de-buff has been dispelled or has run its course, the icon will vanish and the background restored to the normal version. Here are the different Status Effects and their corresponding BG changes:

Suit Durability Meter and Pleasure Gauge:

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed two new bars in the status picture box displayed in the previous segment. 
These meters aren't just for show and serve an important purpose of giving players an exact idea regarding Caly's imminent change in state. Lets divide them up:

       Clothing Durability:
               In our January release feedback, we found that a lot of folks were not too keen about fighting in the blind not knowing how Caly's suit was holding up. One battle might end with her suit never getting damaged, even after a fierce battle, but in the next her suit gets ripped to tatters in the very first enemy turn. Considering that Caly cannot repair her suit mid battle, this feature became our very first priority to remedy. And so came the Suit Durability Meter:
In short, when at full suit strength, the battle will always start the meter filled completely. As the blows land, the meter will slowly empty out and once depleted, Caly will be in her full birthday suit.

        Pleasure Gauge:
              Same as above, the January feedback also had multiple reports regarding the transition of lewd status effects. Specifically, players were having a tough time figuring our how long would it take before Caly ends up getting an orgasm from all the sexual assaults. Lets face it, we all like lewding but no one really enjoys fingering in the dark for who knows how long. Thus, we created the Pleasure Gauge:
Contrary to the Suit Durability Meter, the Pleasure Gauge will start completely empty at the start of the battle and will remain empty as long as Caly remains free of restrains. Once restrained however, her mood will enter a high resistance phase where she isn't horny but is vulnerable to sexual attacks. Once these attacks start mounting up, biology will kick in and she will start losing the reasoning battle with herself, slowly filling the pleasure gauge up. Eventually, everyone reaches their limit and so will Caly the moment the bar hits its brim. And that is when the pink explosions will happen and the players would know that Caly has finally climaxed. 

Combat Cut-Ins:

Sexual cut-ins during combat are nothing new since they was already present in our initial release. But, they were basic and limited to a few in number which made the whole experience quite dull after a while. With this expansion however, we have added new, and quite a few, cut-ins which should help elevate the "routine repetition" factor. 
What do those cut-ins look like? Well, you'll find out when you play the new patch soon enough. 

Sexual Stats:

All that sex and nothing to show for it. In the eyes of the sex gods, that would be termed heresy. Sexual experience, just like real life, won't just evaporate into thin air in VoidBound. Caly's sexcapades will stay with her and MAY have a long lasting effect on her sexual stats in the future. This will now be reflected neatly in the menu option that the players can access by pressing "X"
DISCLAIMER:The system, in place right now, functions in a very limited fashion. The numerical values next to her sexual stats remain static for this patch and the only real changes that'd happen here would be the addition of Caly's memories in text form after every unique sexual encounter. Eventually, IT MIGHT have a more complex function that will be directly tied into Caly's personality based on her trysts and sexual encounters. How or when that will be done is still a question that we aren't fully prepared to answer. The concept is still in its infancy and being extensively worked upon. But rest assured, our team is exploring all avenues to make the system a viable part of the game.

Character Bio, Inventory and HD Upgrades:

For the final coverage of the expansion patch, we will shine a quick light on the small changes that will be implemented to the game starting with:

         Character Bio:
               Caly will now have an bio page that will incorporate her history, personality and various other credentials. We call it the "Status Diary". 
Presently though, since the content is fairly limited, the bio will see limited usage.
               We have now started working on a system to easily access and manage the ever growing list of inventory items. 
Eventually, we'll also add the ability for players to be able to see real time changes the items will have when used. For example, an injured Caly's HP replenishes when players use the Medkit but they can't see how much unless they cycle out of the inventory screen. We intend to remedy that and add the functionality in the coming patches.

        HD Upgrades:
                Lastly, we will like to showcase on an eye candy and that is the HD upgrades on both artistic and sprite front:

And that folks, wraps up our three series article that covers the patch. The public official release of the patch is scheduled somewhere in the next 24 hours. On that exciting note, we bid you farewell and will see you all at the launch. o/

Kind Regards,
Cursed-Atelier Team 

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Cursed Atelier

Greetings Patrons, On 26th ...

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Cursed Atelier
Public post
 Greetings once more VoidBounders,     
                              A few days back we introduced to you all the new crafting system. It gave a brief glimpse into the logistical aspect of the game and how it could affect Caly's combat performance in a dungeon diving scenario. Continuing on the theme, today we'll be showcasing some more features that will be making their debut with this expansion patch. Without further adieu, lets get to it.

Menu Icons:
 Voidbound isn't an average run of the mill RPG Maker game.In-fact, it's a unique hybrid of 2D RPG gameplay and Visual Novel elements. To actually populate and provide access to a multitude of menu options and links, is a task that is near impossible for the default User Interface to pull off. Thus, it was decided that the players would need a more vivid and intuitive menu system that would not only make the UI easier to navigate but also be beefy enough to properly organize and index an array of choice elements. And so, the menu icons were born: 

With the advent of this patch, players will now have a vertical string of icons stacked neatly upon each other that on the right side of the dialogue box. Here's a quick breakdown of those icons: 
  • DialogueLogs: 

       Much of VoidBound's dialogues comprise of full length conversations that are not only reflected during the lewd sections of the game, but also during story critical moments. A mis-click or a wrong tap of the skip key during such a time might blow away a few dialogues which may cause irritation for a story immersed player. In such a case, they're forced to load an old save just so they could catch the missed text . To remedy such an issue, we incorporated the Dialogue Log system.
Initially, the system comprised of a "snapshot" feature which displayed the picture that flashed alongside the dialogue. Unfortunately, it caused a massive load delay and in a few cases resulted in the game crashing entirely. For now, we have decided to keep it simple and let players access only the last 20 dialogues. This feature will see more improvements in the upcoming patches. 
  • Close Dialogue Box:

       Nothing major about this except for a neat little feature that hides the dialogue box temporarily so you could either have a clear look at the sections behind the box or capture screenshots with the UI cluttering the screen.
  • Save
      This is the highlight of our new UI system. In our alpha release back in January, though we had the VN elements already incorporated into the game, the players had no way to save their progress during conversations that weren't triggered outside of the dungeon. That included the hefty intro prologue the story behind VoidBound. With this patch, that prologue was extended extensively. To make sure players face no continuity issues, we incorporated the SAVE feature that would allow users to save anywhere, where a dialogue box makes an appearance, which should make navigating through a word intensive game like VoidBound, more manageable.
  • Load
       Same deal as above. Just the opposite in terms of functionality. No need for exhaustive explanations.
  • Game Options
        As the name suggests, an option icon that lets you quickly access the technical aspects of the game. At the moment it only consists of the basic choices that an avid 2D RPG Maker gamer would find all too familiar:
 But that is just the tip of the iceberg. In the upcoming few patches, we'll be adding more utility to this index and let players cycle through the game-play related aspects as well. For example, at one point players will be able to quickly access the Crafting System, Modding System, Inventory and much more through this menu as well. Nothing is set in stone though but the basic framework has already been set through this icon.

Combat Animations:
   In our January release we showcased our maiden attempt at the combat system. The feedback was largely encouraging, but it was the combat animations that was especially well received. Further enhancing on this system, starting with this patch, Caly's suit will now reflect the damage that she suffered during combat.
Furthermore, when Caly gets subdued by the enemy, she will have another animation variation.
Combat Logs:
The last thing that we'd like to showcase for today, would be the Combat Logs. During a battle, so much happens in the blink of an eye that tracking important developments might become an impossible mess.

 "Did Caly just crit? If so, for how much? Who, out of all the multiple enemies on the field, did she crit? Wait, why is her damage suddenly so low? Did she get de-buffed? If so, who or what de-buffed her?"

Combat data, like the above, is crucial. It helps players strategize their next move. To aid in player's combat management, we introduced the Combat Log System, a scrolling text bar that will continuously update as the battle rages on. 
 The feature is still in its infancy and constantly being improved upon but the basic system does its intended job well. No matter how long the battle rages, players will have access to all the damage/debuff reports and once old reports get replaced by newer combat updates, players can simply use the mouse scroll key to revisit them anytime they want during the combat. 
There is a second facet to this system as well, but we'll reserve that for our next update post.

This finishes today's expansion content breakdown. The next post in the series will be the last before the patch officially launches for the general public. 

Kind Regards,
Cursed-Atelier Team    
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Cursed Atelier

from March 25, 2020

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Cursed Atelier
Public post
Greetings VoidBounders,

                         Today, we've a quick announcement regarding the bi-monthly artist streams. Deviating from our normal setup, we've decided to hold one stream, instead of two, for the month of March. The reason we made this call was in light of the upcoming expansion patch and the unusually increased workload that it levied on our artists. Thus, to alleviate the fatigue factor, we reduced the stream count for this month. We do apologize and regret the inconvenience. 
                          Additionally, instead of drawing the voter's top choice option, Doppel will be working on the second most voted choice of the Discord poll. Please, do not fret, for this is a mere postponement. The top choice of the poll will be streamed in the month of April. We decided to make this last minute swap so players can get the opportunity to understand and get accustomed to the new characters before they make an appearance with Caly in sordid streams. Once again, we apologize and request your patience on the matter.

That being said, here are the details:

Stream Link:
Day: 28th March, 2020 
Time: 9:00AM PST (Time Conversion Tool: ) 
Theme: Drunk Caly going wild and getting nailed at a party.
Some party..

Please note, we actually had a tie with "Drunk Caly" and "Centaur x Caly" choices so we had to tie break it based on order. Rest assured, we haven't ignored you preferential votes for other choices and will make a dedicated effort to incorporate them in the upcoming streams as well.

As always, you're welcome to join us on the Discord voice chat or chat on the Picarto platform. Whichever way you preference, we sincerely hope to see you all at the stream!

Kind Regards,
Cursed Atelier Team 

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Cursed Atelier
Public post
Greetings VoidBounders,
                                  It's been three months and a few weeks since we officially unveiled the game's demo to the general public and to our great pleasure, the fan response was largely positive and critically supportive. Sadly, as far as demos went, it was what it was: incomplete. The story broke away abruptly and a lot of features, that we had initially planned the game to launch with, had to be pushed away for further polishing and review balancing. 

Today, we're glad to announce that we're starting a countdown towards the expansion patch for the alpha build that will largely address issues like: 

  • Story gaps that were left in the game.
  • Addition of new systems.
  • Addition of new content. 
  • Select implementation of post demo feedback. 

There is a lot to talk about, but we don't want to lose your attention with a barrage of updates. Thus, we've broken the content down and plan to reveal information in systematic chunks over the next few days leading up to the launch of the patch proper. Without further adieu, lets begin with the new addition to VoidBound's combat system: Crafting

[PS: The following information is subject to testing and evaluation and in no way final. Subject to public feedback, this system might see further tweaks or disabled entirely if deemed so by the developer team.]

In VoidBound, enemies would rarely drop any kind of "ready to use" items. That means no chugging of suspicious liquid vials dropped by enemies or try to equip strange weapons dropped by them and expect Caly to master them immediately. Caly is a trained survivor and she relies on a specific set of skills and tools to ensure mission success. Slapping random munition accessories that are unexplainably compatible with her unique gear just doesn't cut it. Instead, enemies would drop crafting ingredients that Caly would deftly salvage post battle and by putting her engineering skills and military training to the crafting bench, she'll be able to churn out specialized items and mods that'll directly influence her combat performance. Initially, there will be nine variants of these ingredients, three dropping from each type of enemy.
Let's break it down some more.

Nestled under the ITEM section of the menu, you will find two new additions to key item category.

1) Crafting Tablet [Survival]
2) Crafting Tablet [Modifications]

Up first, Survival Crafting:
Survival, as the term goes, is paramount in any RPG game and is no different in VoidBound. Opening up the section further, will lead you to a multi-choice menu.

You'll find options ranging from creating life saving medical aids to tooling together explosives that can save Caly's ass in crunch situations. Broken down meticulously,will be the ingredients needed to craft each of these with the amount required and finally to the bottom right, you'll find a small text flavor that will describe in short what each item will do.

PPS: Be advised though, Caly can only carry so much on her slender waist so survival items will not only be laborious to collect/craft but also limited to how many of each Caly can bring along. Players will have to make a calculated decision on when to and when not to use these items for Caly will only be able to craft them aboard her ship. 

Up next, Modification Crafting:
Caly is no amateur space hopper. She has seen her fair shares of trials and caught alone even in the most stickiest of situations the one thing she could always count on were the tools hanging by her holster. She prefers customizing each of her weapons calibrating them precisely to match the missions at hand. 
Just like Survival, the Modification Tablet will contain a variety of accessory options that Caly can craft to influence her Blaster, Coilgun and Rapier performance. But unlike Survival, weapon mods once made will remain in Caly's inventory forever, ready to be swapped at the crafting bench whenever the player deems so necessary. Every mod will carry a short performance description with each weapon capable of accommodating multiple moddings. Be wary though, the mods are not all win and will carry some kind of trade off. For example, a certain X mod might increase Caly's crit rate but make her more vulnerable to incoming damage so players might want to choose the mods they apply to all three of her weapons, lest they end decreasing her stats dangerously low. Changes that these mods have on Caly's stats will be reflected immediately so players can quickly jump into the STATUS menu and check the differences themselves giving a fair idea on how to best customize combat setup.

PPPS: Unfortunately, we won't be able to deploy the crafting system in the way we had envisioned- at least not in this patch. What we have planned is to have a process where players will have to first dive into a dungeon, collect materials beforehand and then return to the spaceship to access Survival and Modification tablet to create these items. But for our expansion patch, we have decided to partially forego of the "ship only" requirement and given players the ability to craft items on the fly while they're exploring the dungeon. This will give them more flexibility to experiment and play around with their mod loadouts.

And that concludes our introduction to the crafting system. We hope that it was to your liking and if you have any thoughts on it, please feel free to pen them down below or drop us a visit at our Discord! 
Till next time, with the next section of the update.

Kind Regards,
Cursed-Atelier Team

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