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City of Nodd
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City of Nodd
City of Nodd
A worldbuilding project by Slug.
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City of Nodd
City of Nodd is an open, interactive setting intended for adults only, particularly those of a kinky nature. 
​A subscription is not required to enjoy the vast majority of Nodd. That said, if you'd like to support the project, and would like to see some WiPs in the process, feel free to do so. Any and all support is immensely appreciated.

What subject matter should I expect?

I hope to touch on a variety of dark and unusual themes, so nothing is necessarily off the table. Please understand it may not be possible to avoid everything you find distasteful, so use your best judgment when subscribing or exploring any City of Nodd content.

Recurring themes may include body horror, gore, nonconsent, mind control, objectification, transformation, vore, filth play, and more. Most of these will be posted with a text warning at the beginning of a post, and will be shared as an image.

What will I get for subscribing?

 You'll get to see more of the City of Nodd project as I work on it. The $5 tier will grant you access to everything that ends up here, which may include concept sketches, WiPs, scrapped ideas, opportunities to playtest, voting, and whatever else comes up. While there may be opportunities for Nodd-themed requests and freebies, these will be sporadic and are not guaranteed.

I don't intend to "paywall" any complete Nodd art or concepts, and a lot of what you see here may eventually be posted. Any templates, 3D models I wish to share, and hi-res art will be made publicly available for free. Likewise, I don't intend to make commission slots or anything of this nature subscriber-only. However, I may occasionally offer small digital goodies, such as Subscriber-only items for your ego profile.

Whether you're able to subscribe or not, your enthusiasm in my work keeps me going. Thank you for your support.

- Slug

Subscription Tiers

per month
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  • Access to everything I post here
  • Access to the #Subscribestar and #Cityspeakers channel on Discord
  • A Cityspeaker Discord role
  • Other small, inconsequential goodies
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  • Get access to WiPs, scraps, early concepts, etc.

Recent posts

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City of Nodd

Project Plans, etc.

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