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I'm Chastity. I write interactive fiction and commissions.
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Just giving a bit of change.

Just give me a bit of spare change. You don't get anything for this, but it's very much appreciated!

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Ideas Donor or Commissioner

Buys a continuous single slot on the Chastity Bordello, OR, buys a $1000 word commission. (Use the Donate button for a larger commission.)

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I'm Chastity, I write a kind of interactive fiction called "quests," where players vote for the actions of the main character. If you're here, you've probably read some of them, but here are a couple of my older, complete quests, in case you haven't: Repeater (a story where a normal man is reincarnated in a world that operates on hentai rules) and Doll Machine (a story where the protagonist gets the power to manipulate the mind and body of a single woman).

You can read a bunch on here, and I also run on Questionable Questing, which unfortunately requires a (free!) login to read; once you have an account, this link will take you to my quests, plus a few other threads I've made. Subscribestar takes your money the moment you subscribe, and you can't message people you're not subscribed to, so if you want to make sure that I'm fine with the specifics of a commission or idea before you give me money, you can contact me at either of those sites first.

In any case, thanks for reading and enjoying my work! I greatly appreciate donations.

Ideas Donor:
The basic idea is that I will run a quest divided into brief "scenes," without any kind of central overarching story or characters.

Each scene derives from a short pitch by an Ideas Donor, and follows a brief story arc. I would then expand this into an opening post setting up the basic premise of the scene, which in turn would be leveraged into a proper scene as part of the quest - three to six thousand words.

When a scene is completed, a new one is selected by random roll from a pool of ideas contributed by Ideas Donors. Each contributor is assigned a single number, and if they submit multiple ideas, I select the one I like the best when I roll their number. There won't be any repeat rolls of the same contributor until either the new month or the exhaustion of the pool.

The quest will run at minimum monthly to the completion of one scene, but very likely will typically run more frequently than that. The monthly minimum is just that, a minimum commitment I expect of myself. For the most part, I've run through all active ideas donor slots. The quest, called the Chastity Bordello, can be found here.

I am now doing direct commissions. For $10, you can commission a >1,000 word scene from me (and I'll write more for more money); 1,000 words being about the length of a typical smut scene in my various quests. You can provide as much or as little detail on the commission as you like, and I'm willing to do fanfic if that's what you want (though I may need time to consume the media in question, if it's not something I'm familiar with).

General Notes:
If you are contributing, you can message me on Patreon by clicking the little "Messages" option in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

If you're interested in donating or commissioning, here's a general list of what I dislike, so you can make your decision well-informed, and tailor any submissions to it:
  1. Female-perpetrated rape.
  2. "Hard" male submission: bondage, pegging, violence beyond the level of the girl gripping the man's head between her thighs, and so forth. "Soft" male submission (female guiding, on top, diminutive pet names, etc) is fine.
  3. Gore.
  4. Serious, injurious violence (versus spankings, slaps, grappling/pinning).
  5. Yaoi (yes, including traps).
  6. Emotionally uninvested sex, where the characters don't really have a connection, whether positive or negative (hate, love, respect, working relationship, etc). Exception if partway through that connection forms (e.g. man dicks gyaru slut into being his housewife).
  7. Scat (beyond ass-to-mouth or analingus - golden showers are fine, though).
  8. Public exhibitionism (versus fucking a girl in front of another girl, or recording sex and uploading it later).
  9. Bestiality.



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