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World's Worst Sith Master, Chapter 9Previous ChapterAfter playing video games with Linea, I was f...

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World's Worst Sith Master, Chapter 8
Previous Chapter
I spent the trip back to Korriban mostly buried inside Udhara - either in her mouth, ass, or pussy, or else being held by my buxom sex slave as my flaccid cock failed to recover. She definitely was trying to keep me perpetually aroused, in a perpetual state of sexual desire and need. Of course, I had to eat - so did Udhara, for that matter - so we did sometimes leave the confines of her or my quarters to grab a bite.

Whenever Darth Rakali decided to drag me off to practice, I had to practice, no matter how exhausted I was from fucking Udhara silly. Indeed, it started to seem to me that she would specifically pluck me out for training exactly when I was most tired, dragging me into the training room bodily and beginning to beat on me as I struggled to get my legs working properly. The training sessions were brutal, and I tried to compensate by making Udhara do most of the work: her riding me, or sucking me off, for example. It worked better than nothing, but it certainly wasn't enough to prevent me from trying to fight Darth Rakali with jelly-legs over and over again.

I did lose out on the pleasantness of Linea's wakeup blowjobs, but I found I didn't mind too much, in the end. After all, I got wakeup blowjobs from a lusty, desperate Udhara instead, who was always happy to do whatever I told her if it would get me off that little bit quicker, her drool slobbering out of her mouth in copious quantities as she stared at me with bedroom eyes, smoldering with lust, pleading for me to come as fast and as hard as I possibly could.

When we finally arrived back on Korriban, I was blessed with Darth Rakali choosing to depart the Solace and Refuge to do whatever it is she did - as a corollary, I could fuck Udhara however I wanted, which is exactly what I did. I could feel Linea's desire spike as she masturbated occasionally, but I just sated the consequent lust on Udhara. I was still a bit annoyed at her for trying to stop me from getting Udhara, after all, and the girl herself didn't want me to go bother with Linea, offering to do whatever I wanted in exchange for me keeping my attention on her.

It was only after one particularly exhausting session, it taking a full hour for my body to actually offer its final orgasm, Udhara getting pulsed with constant waves of pleasure from her control device simultaneously, that I was given a respite - the woman in question just passed out in bliss, lying there, dead to the world, a tangle of limbs and lekku. I got myself dressed and decided to head off onto Korriban, since there wasn't too much to do on the ship. Maybe play video games with Linea, I suppose, but I could do that anywhere.

I decided to meet up with Xig, finding him (eventually) in the training area, practicing with a grim determination as he squared off against a training robot. He jerked in surprise as he noticed me, doing a double-take - and promptly got smacked in the head by the training robot's training saber, almost falling over. I quickly stepped in, but I was still pretty exhausted from Udhara, and it was only with Xig's help that we managed to 'complete the training program' and make the damn thing stop trying to beat the shit out of us.

He quickly produced a datapad from his knapsack, hurriedly clacking away. [I'm so happy that you're still alive!] Xig said, his mouth parts chittering excitedly as he typed. [I thought that Darth Rakali had killed you, when you didn't come out of the ship! I'm lucky you were just injured!]

"A-ah? Injured?" I asked, more confused than anything else.

[You're weak now, and you didn't come say hello when you got back, so you were injured, right?] Xig asked. His head tilted curiously to one side, his mouthparts shifting awkwardly in confusion. Like a human biting their lip. [Am I wrong? You are being quiet rather than answering.]

"I'm- ah, I wasn't injured," I said. Xig's expression was something like the Xinder equivalent of a frown - the mandibles all drawn up together for a moment, his unblinking eyes staring quietly at me and waiting more information. I felt suddenly awkward about what I'd been doing with Udhara, which made me want to retaliate against the impulse. "I bought a sex slave, and-"

He immediately let out a loud whistling noise, the equivalent of a scream, his hands going up to his antennae, grasping one in either hand, presumably stilling it. He began to click with his mandibles frantically, saying things that I couldn't catch, and I was reminded that he really didn't like hearing about sex. I let out a small laugh of self-derision, and raised my hands in submission. He raised his hands from his antennae, quickly clacking on his datapad. [I don't want to hear about sex things!]

"Well... I got distracted by them," I told him. "And that's why I was late," I said. "And why I'm a little-"

"SKREEEEEE!" he interrupted, loudly, and I dutifully stopped. [Yeesh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize it was a biological reason!] He proclaimed, chittering in annoyance - the equivalent of muttering under his breath, and definitely not clearly enough for me to understand anything. [I'm glad you are okay. I thought that Darth Rakali had killed you!]

I did feel somewhat guilty at that comment - I hadn't meant to make him feel that way. I had just gotten completely preoccupied with the feelings of power that I had experienced in that moment. "She didn't," I said, earning a chittering laugh from Xig. "Want to practice your swordplay with me?" I said, trying to make it up to him. I did have a lot of practice, from Darth Rakali, after all. "I'm still a bit soft-legged from something," I said, avoiding mentioning the actual reason.

[Yes! Let's practice!] He put down the datapad, collecting his training saber, and we started to go at it. I had the advantage of real training - he had the advantage of not having legs half made of jelly, struggling to keep him upright. I won the first bout, with a good distance between us, but as my exhaustion grew, the second round became a close call, and on the third, he beat me. At that point, he said we should call it. [I need to go get something to eat anyway.]

"We could eat together," I suggested.

Xig's mandibles wriggled on his face. [You eat dead food. It's disgusting.] He paused. [I think me eating live food is also disgusting to you.]

I thought about it for about one second, then decided I agreed. "Yeah, probably." We went our separate ways.

* * *

When I finally returned to the Solace and Refuge, Udhara was awake and needy, practically pouncing on me the moment I walked aboard. "Master," she said, her voice husky. "I missed you, Master. I hope you missed me, too," she said, her eyelashes fluttering. She had to lean forward to get at eye level with me, and that was her consistent choice, revealing copious amounts of cleavage slenderly fit into the tight top she'd put on. Her collar remained fastened firmly to her neck, the slender thing quietly declaring her to be my property. I probably would have been rock hard, seeing her again like that, but I was only half-erect, because she had drained me so completely, utterly dry earlier that day.

There were a dozen different thoughts that bounced through my head, in response to that statement. Some kind, some cruel. In the end, I decided to settle on honest, even if it wasn't what she wanted to hear. "I was spending time with a friend of mine, I didn't miss you."

Her eyes blinked a few times, her lips unhappily thinning. "I'm here for you whenever you want or need me, Master," she said, at last, clearly wanting more than I was giving her. "I can do whatever it is you need, Master. Can I please touch your cock?" Her words weren't quite as pleading as you might expect - they were needy, sure, but the way she said it, it was more like 'let me touch your cock' than 'may I touch your cock.' The desire had a certain dominant streak to it. An entitlement. I could feel it, beneath the surface, the frustration and annoyance, actually directed at me.

I didn't like it. I had bought her. By her own words, I was treating her much better than she had been, back at the club. But now, she was complaining, whining, with her mouth and her heart, that I wasn't fucking her enough. "No," I said, and she jerked back as if struck.

"Master?" She asked,  hand going to her mouth in concern. There was a tingle of fear in her emotional state, fear that I wouldn't like her any more - no, I realized, after a second. Fear that I wouldn't fuck her any more. "I'm sorry if I've offended you, Master. I'll do anything to make it up to you, please don't punish me."

There was definitely something shockingly tantalizing in those words, in those feelings. My cock was coming back to life. On a base level, I wanted to fuck her again, obviously. She was gorgeous, willing, needy. Even the negative emotions she was currently feeling, the stark fear, were just intoxicating to me. She had been insubordinate, and now she was being punished - there was something truly delicious about that reality, the power it gave me over her. But...

I had spent days on the ship, instead of with Xig. I had ignored Linea, instead of spending time with her. I had just fucked, and fucked, and fucked Udhara, day after day. It didn't matter if or why she wanted me to fuck her that much. I had a life beyond her. "Go to your bedroom," I told her, at last. "I want to spend some time alone."

"I'm sorry, Master," she said, collapsing to her knees, kowtowing in front of me in a moment, her purple forehead pressed against the cool ground. My dick twitched again, at the sight of her lovely rump in that position. "Sorry for offending you, please don't punish me, I'll do anything, Master, anything, any part, any play, any idea you have, no matter what it is!"

"I want to spend some time alone," I repeated to her.

There was a long, dull silence, and at last, her patience and self-control won out over the powerful blend of lust and fear. "Okay, Master," she said, her voice soft as she rose to her feet. "Please forgive me for whatever I did," she said, heading towards her bedroom.

I gave her ass a quick grope. I didn't want her to be completely miserable, but, I did actually need to have a life outside of her.

* * *

I simply stood in front of Linea's room. I had paced. I had thought it through. I had contemplated everything deeply. I had decided what I would say to her - but all that had quickly left my head, as I stood there, like a child outside my parents' bedroom when I'd done something bad. For several long seconds, I stood there, the sliding metal door waiting for me to rap my knuckles against it.

Finally, as if I was moving through water, my hand sluggishly made its way up. I tapped against the cool metal twice, and I could feel the way Linea perked up inside, her emotions a mix of curiosity and anxiety. Her distinctive footfalls - one metal, one flesh - repeated for a couple seconds, until at last the door opened, revealing her standing there in her tank top and sweatpants, staring down at me. Her lips nervously wriggled on her face, unsure quite what emotion she ought to display under the circumstances.

"Sorry," I said, remembering that much of my pre-planned speech. The rest of it floundered and fell apart at that point. "I was mean to you, and I shouldn't have been."

Her shoulders fell at that, any tension leaving her body in a moment as she stared down at me. Her lips curled into a smile, her fingers reaching for my head, running through my dark hair. The familiarity and intimacy of the movement excited me more than Udhara's needy words and feelings had. "It's alright, Soleil," she said. She squatted down so she was at eye level with me, a grin on her lips. "You made a new friend, and you wanted to spend time with her, right?"

I didn't know if that was quite the right way to put it... but on the other hand, it was hard to think of any reason it was wrong. "Yeah," I decided. "Can we play some video games?" I suggested, and she just grinned, big and bright, her fingers ruffling my hair.

"Sure, Soleil, come inside," she said, sitting down inside, handing me a controller and bringing up a game. It was something I hadn't played before: a simple, if confusing, racing game. You had to fly around a thick solar system, filled with planets and other spacecraft and space stations, collecting various tokens in various places to take here or there. There was a map, showing an outline of where everything was, but it was obvious that Linea's superior experience made her capable of easily dominating me.

After three rounds of it, I was starting to get frustrated with the whole situation, and Linea appeared to notice, smiling and leaning over to kiss the top of my head. "Alright, I'll play the next round one-handed," she said. She winked. "And, if you beat me... I'll put it in my mouth again."

The almost smothering lusts of Udhara seemed sharply in contrast to the sudden wave of lewd gregariousness from Linea, and it had me both suddenly excited to play again - and sporting a fresh erection. How could it not? A pretty, nice lady who I liked was offering to suck me off again, and I really liked how she sucked me off.

Of course, she wasn't actually just handing over a victory, something I found out when her 'one-handed' play involved her free hand sliding over to me, peeling down my shorts to reveal my very erect cock. There was a smile on her lips and a certain self-satisfied flutter of her emotions - and a degree of her own arousal, as her fingers began to stroke me. Soft, feminine fingers slid up and down my length, and I just tried my hardest to focus on the game. I wanted to beat her, and get that blowjob she'd promised.

It was nigh-impossible, though. She was actually really good with her hand, her fingers sliding up and down, her thumb teasing the crown of my cock, running along it. A couple times, I wound up crashing into a planet, just because I jerked in pleasure at her skilled touch. Each time I did, I could feel her own mood spike. It wasn't sadistic delight at me losing or anything - it was quiet pride at me getting so aroused that I couldn't play the game well, despite being extremely motivated to do so at the moment.

It took until the second match for me to get even close to beating her. As we were neck and neck in the final stages, though, her hand on my cock became more insistent, furiously pumping up and down my length. I bit my lower lip, straining to make it into the last gate, completing the final run without coming and fucking it up. I wound up repositioning my hand, just gripping the accelerate button as I strained not to accidentally send my ship careening off in a random direction - and the moment I got through the gate, I finally achieved release. Linea responded to my first spurt going wide by just diving for my cock, hurriedly slurping what of it she could get into her mouth, and that excitable energy, that desire to get all my cum... it was intensely arousing. My hands reached down for her head, gripping it, holding it in place, as she held my cockhead just past her lips and let me spray hot cum all over the inside of her mouth.

As I finished out my orgasm, the last few spurts being suckled dry by her hollowed cheeks, I slackened in my chair. There was a certain feeling of unhappiness, as I lay there - I was worried that that had counted as my 'blowjob for winning'. A thin trail of cum stretched across the world, and another brief splatter stained one of Linea's cheeks where she remained, leaned over, lips around my dick. "Is that it?" I breathed out, at last, worried that it really was.

She smiled as she popped off my cock, making a show of swallowing my cum, her throat bobbing as she sent my semen right down into her stomach with obvious relish. "No," she said. "Obviously not, Soleil. That wasn't a proper blowjob - that was a handjob where you got to finish in my mouth," she explained.

I was genuinely happy to hear that, and put the controller to the side, as Linea dutifully slid down in between my thighs, her organic hand soon slipping in between her own legs, starting to masturbate as her lips wrapped around my cockhead. She stared up at me with quiet, bedroom eyes as she began to slowly but surely take my cock to the base, dark hair framing her pretty features as her lips stretched wide to accommodate my cock. It was beautiful, watching her descend, and the various quiet pleasures she was experiencing - pride, intimacy, affection - served to add to my own.

I just reached down for her head, softly stroking her dark hair, fingers moving through the silken dark locks as I leaned back in my chair, groaning faintly under the pressure she was bringing to bear on my cock. It would vanish right down her throat, then she'd peel her way back, her tongue sashaying along it the whole way, making me groan as my length twitched in her mouth. When she popped off my cock, she nuzzled it, rubbing my spit-slick length against her cheek and staring up at me with bedroom eyes as she spoke. "It's good, right, Soleil?"

"It's great," I reassured her, and then she dove right back down my cock again, masturbating all the harder as she sucked. I did my best to keep offering her the words she clearly wanted to hear. "Your mouth feels great, Linea." "I love how you do that." "I like it when you take me to the base and just swallow around it." "I like it when you lick my tip like that, it feels really good." "Your eyes are so beautiful, especially staring up at me like that."

There was a faint flush to her cheek as she worked, both from arousal and from affectionate joy at all the complimentary lines I was giving her. Her pace on my cock got more intense the longer things went on, her head bobbing up and down frantically, her lips sucking hard, her cheeks hollowing. It felt fantastic, and intimate, almost romantic, as she tried to squeeze an orgasm out of me - but I had been nearly sexually exhausted by Udhara earlier, and that bobbing pace of Linea's mouth on my dick, as pleasant as it was, couldn't manage to bring me off for a second time, any time soon.

She noticed as much at some point after she came for the first time. Normally, the pleasant bloom of her orgasm would help send me off and over the edge to my own - not this time, though. Instead, I just squirmed in place, my cock twitching, but no actual orgasm being produced. For me, it was just a pleasant sort of near-miss. For Linea, it was a starting gun that had been fired, demanding that she get me off properly rather than just teasing me, and it drove her to truly manic intensities.

Her mechanical hand gripped my thigh for purchase, and she began to just slam her head up and down my cock, staring up at me all the while, silently pleading for my cum as she did so. Hot breaths occasionally escaped her throat, blowing out over my length, before she'd slam her mouth right back down, filling her throat up with my cock and blocking off her airways for a long moment. It felt fantastic, all the more for the obvious vigor she was working with. Udhara was needy too, but Linea had a need that was more spiritual, interpersonal, intimate, and it felt wonderful to be on the receiving end of it.

When her second orgasm hit her, making her moan in staccato as her throat was repeatedly blocked by my hard cock, I could feel her rising anxiety and concern, her desire to please me now seriously impacted by the obvious reality that she was failing to do so.

"Don't worry, if it takes a while," I panted out, wanting to reassure her, my hand softly running through her hair. "It's not you, it's, because I did it so much earlier, so it'll take a while, and, it's very nice, the way you're doing it." My body was certainly trembling with pleasure as she worked, frenetically pounding her face up and down my cock, relentlessly facefucking herself, saliva and spit flying out of her mouth. "I love it," I groaned, casting my head back, closing my eyes, almost feeling like I could have just come there - but I didn't.

It took a solid hour for her to actually bring me off. In that time, she came five times from her own masturbation - I encouraged her to keep playing with herself, not wanting to be selfish about things. I could understand her thinking she needed to focus more on me, given how long it was taken, but I'd gotten off so much with Udhara that it really wasn't her fault, and she was still trying lots of new (and very pleasant) things as she worked my cock over like that, tongue lashing away, eyes practically glowing with lust. Saliva slithered down her chin, as she just dove down my cock one final time, grinding her face into my pelvis, her nose against my pubic bone, her throat swallowing rapidly around my length. I shivered, jerking, and felt my orgasm rapidly approach.

"It's coming," I gasped out, my hands grabbing the back of Linea's head more on instinct than anything else - not that she minded. She just nodded rapidly around my length, swallowing as rapidly as she could, trying to squeeze my cock dry like that, and I found sweet, sweet release down her throat, groaning and casting my head back, shuddering in place, my whole body twitching as I sat there.

When I was finally completely spent, I let go of her head, and she gingerly peeled her way off my cock, quietly nuzzling it, my sharp red skin tone lewdly contrasting her own pale shade. "It was good, right?" She asked.

"It was great," I told her.

"You weren't faking, just to make me feel better?" She asked. As if in reply, my cock twitched, a single droplet of cum that hadn't quite been ejected being produced from the slit. She smiled at that, leaning forward to lick it up. "I'm glad. I like making you happy, Soleil," she said, gently stroking my thigh with her organic hand, the skin by this point sticky with her own juices.

"I like making you happy too, Linea," I said, panting softly. I licked my lips, staring down at her, and at her lovely body. "Want to play some more video games?"

She smiled brightly at that, rising unsteadily to her feet, her organic leg clearly having gone to sleep at some point. "I think I need to wash my hand, first, but then, sure," she agreed, adjusting her sweatpants as I quietly tucked away my own flagging cock.

We played games for hours, and it was just... fun.

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World's Worst Sith Master, Chapter 7Previous ChapterI could feel Udhara's quiet happiness, as I s...

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from 10 Jun, 2022

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Public post
World's Worst Sith Master, Chapter 6
Previous Chapter
My work training Errai was continuing, albeit with great difficulty. Her skills were simply lackluster at best, and although she had brought down the severity and wildness of her swings and attacks, it was still hard to describe them as anything but clumsy. I had to threaten to end the lessons to get her to even try to concentrate on the Force - she seemed to treat claims that it was easier to find with meditation and focus to be some kind of obvious lie. I half-wondered if she was actually Force sensitive at all, given how miserable her attempts to use it were, but I could feel that faint trickle of power that she was drawing on.

Linea continued to give me plenty of loving blowjobs. While I was finding plenty of pleasure in relentlessly chokefucking Errai, enjoying the way she squirmed in response to my harsh treatment of her mouth and threat, the copious amount of kissing, licking, sucking, and simply focus that Linea gave was just... so wonderful it couldn't be described. Even if Darth Rakali had urged me towards Errai, towards the rough and unilateral sex that I did to her (it was hard to describe it as something we did together)... I definitely preferred what I had with Linea. She was so sweet, so affectionate, so genuine.

With Xig, we talked about what little gossip we picked up on Korriban. I was near-human, he was an alien, so neither of us were invited to anything important, but Sith get drunk and party and talk about things they shouldn't. It's part of embracing passion, I guess. I also sometimes sparred with or against him, practicing with training sabers, and he was much better at it than Errai.

My relationship with Xig did make me curious about the Sith position on non-humans. Technically they were allowed to join the Sith, but it was obvious that everybody hated them. I started looking through books of Sith doctrine and Sith history to try to figure it out, and... it was weird. The original Sith were a near-human race themselves, and held themselves up as the pinnacle of evolution in the galaxy. At some point, dark human Jedi had come, mixing together the Sith and Jedi into the modern Sith - lightsabers, for example, came from them - and they had also wound up breeding with the original Sith, eventually diluting their blood to the point they were dying out as a race.

Why humans were supposed to be better than near-humans, though? That wasn't anywhere in any of the histories. Some Sith had tried their hands at writing treatises, but they didn't seem to particularly gel with any of my experiences. Things like, "the evolutionary adaptations seen in near-humans take away metabolic energy from the brain, causing them to be stupider," or "the Force clearly favors humans, given their dominant position in the galaxy." I knew the Miraluka were an entirely Force-sensitive species, and I definitely hadn't noticed any blatant difference in intelligence between humans and near-humans, or even aliens like Xig.

I eventually asked Darth Rakali about it, after she finished beating me bruised and aching in sparring practice. "Why do Sith hate near-humans and aliens?" I laid against the wall, still catching my breath, skin slick with sweat, my stench staining the air.

She stood tall above me, confident and imperious, completely without any sign of exhaustion. She stared at me for a long moment, almost contemptuous in her expression. I worried I'd asked the wrong question and was about to get kicked out or killed. "I hate you," she told me, squatting down in front of me, poking my forehead with one finger. I felt my bones chill as I worried she was going to do the thing where she injected fear directly into my brain. "How does that make you feel?"

"Afraid," I admitted, not wanting to lie to her. I didn't know if she was making a point, or just genuinely expressing some emotion she wanted me to understand.

"How does it make you feel when the other humans hate you?"

"Angry," I said. "No, annoyed," I corrected. I didn't care that much about the opinions of the Sith in general.

"Hate is power. Anger is power. Fear is power. Thus, the Sith are naturally drawn to prejudice, as it fosters all three." She leaned up, letting me breathe a sigh of relief as her finger pulled away from my skull. "I am not a Jedi who thinks reason and serenity must conquer passion - passion is power, and even the Jedi are followers of it, though they smother it beneath pretty lies. But I don't wish to hate for hate's sake, but to hate for my own benefit. So I don't engage in prejudice."

"I... don't really understand."

"That isn't my problem," she said, about to turn to go before pausing. "Oh. We are leaving tonight. If you aren't on the ship when we do, I'll... well. I'll leave it to your imagination."

She didn't tell me exactly what time we would be leaving, so I didn't leave the ship for the rest of the day.

* * *

Our trip took us to another megalopolis, this one located in Hutt space - Nar Shaddaa. I was familiar with the Hutts, and the planet, by reputation. Slavers, drug dealers, and salesmen of all the worst kinds of vice. When Darth Rakali left the ship... I didn't feel much temptation to follow after her. Not just because of what happened to Inessa, but just because of concerns about my personal safety, and the general vibe I picked up from passing emotional impressions in the space port. Misery, drug highs, and just the lowest kinds of pleasure and the harshest kinds of grinding unpleasantness populated the air.

In my little bubble with Linea, none of that was there. There was just the two of us, playing games on Darth Rakali's ship, talking about this and that, enjoying one another's company.

It was a long stay, which was also very nice. I remember waking up one day, probably a week in, to find that Linea had crawled into my bed, biting her lower lip as she just stared at my cock quietly. It was an incredibly beautiful sight, and it really reflected the thing I liked most about Linea, just how giving and sweet she was. I could feel the anxiety gently bubbling off her, and I was pretty sure she was concerned about actually waking me up with a blowjob. I just gently ran my fingers through her hair, my cock twitching in the open air. "It's okay to wake me with a blowjob, Linea. I really like your blowjobs." She blushed at that, smiling, a warm feeling of genuine pride spreading through her mind as she leaned into my cock, wrapping her lips around the tip as her fingers momentarily grasped the base to hold it in place.

She slithered down my length with a long, seductive movement, her head twisting back and forth, back and forth. For a long few seconds I just leaned back and enjoyed it, as her tongue flashed along, back and forth, forward and back, side to side, while her mouth made a long, steady journey up and down. My cock throbbed at the feeling of it, the delight of every touch she was giving me. I was threatening to explode at any moment, my dick pulsing as it went into her throat again and again.

Naturally, once she was in the rhythm of it, her organic hand slid down in between her thighs, starting to masturbate. I loved it when she did that. Her own pleasure intensified mine, the way her mind frothed with delight, the faint hums and moans of pleasure she let out around my cock serving to stimulate me still further. "That's so good, Linea," I breathed out, softly running my fingers through her dark hair. She liked it when I praised her, I knew very well by this point, so I made sure to do it plenty. "I love the way your tongue feels on my cock, as you lick back and forth. I love the way you bob up and down like that, taking my cock without a problem. I love it," I breathed, groaning softly as I felt myself get closer and closer to the edge.

She responded to my kind words with an increasing intensity, beginning to practically facefuck herself on my cock. Her mechanical arm pistoned up and down as she kept slurping noisily on my dick, her own hand in her pussy getting ever more active. Her eyes lidded as she stared up at me with naked lust, clearly wanting my cum very badly - not for the taste (though she liked it), but for the knowledge that she had successfully pleased me. Having such a giving woman as my friend was intensely sexy, and I finally felt myself unable to hold back any further.

"Take it in your mouth," I gasped out, and she dutifully slid up to the right point and let me come all over the inside of her mouth, splattering her palate with a copious quantity of my cum. She hummed and moaned in pleasure, her hand on her pussy getting even more intense, drawing closer and closer to her own orgasm as I sprayed out a delicious load of semen all over the inside of her mouth. She gulped and swallowed repeatedly, relishing every last droplet, her eyelashes fluttering in pure, simple-minded pleasure.

When I finally finished finding release in her mouth, she slid slowly up and off my cock, wetly popping it out of her mouth. She actually presented her tongue to me, showing where the white sticky seed had stained it, and my cock throbbed again at the sight, my nostrils flaring in raw lust. But, I couldn't help but notice she hadn't come, as she swallowed it down with a hefty gulp.

"Could you please take off the rest of your clothes, Linea? You're so beautiful, I want to see you naked," I told her, and she smiled and blushed at that, happy to receive the praise. She peeled her way out of her sports bra, letting her perky tits pop free, and my cock just twitched at the sight of them.

Despite her willingness to suck my cock, we had never actually had sex. She'd never brought it up. I hadn't, since she was usually satisfied. This was a rare occasion that she hadn't managed to find her own satisfaction from sucking my dick, probably because she'd woken me up this way. I didn't know if she really wanted our relationship to push beyond its current boundaries - a question that was answered when she spoke. "You're still hard. Do you want me to suck it again, Soleil?" She asked. There was a degree to which she felt needy, to ask for that much, and so I avoided pushing her any further. I got the impression she didn't want to do more than suck me off, anyway.

"Yes," I told her, and immediately, she dove down my cock, slurping me up to the base in a heartbeat. I just groaned in response to the intense stimulation, my cock throbbing in her mouth as she began to bounce up and down again. This time, her arousal was even higher than it had been the previous time, and the wet noises of her playing with herself getting louder and louder as she bounded up and down my dick with truly relentless force. Watching my red length disappear past her pretty lips and go right down her pale throat, it was almost too much, my cock wildly throbbing and jerking in pleasure as she worked me over like that.

Her tongue lashed at my length, too, flicking and licking hungrily. The faint wet glug-glug of my cock repeatedly penetrating her throat, saliva sloshing free from her mouth, splashing down onto the bed beneath us. Her hand pushed against the mattress as she fucked away with her face, twisting her head, dark hair going wild from the sheer force she was bringing to bear. I could barely stand it, barely resist the urge to treat her the way I had treated Errai and just fuck her face...

That thought made my length throb in her mouth, and I quickly tried to stifle it. When that failed, the persistent image lingering in my mind, I decided to take a different tack. "Can I set the pace, Linea?" I asked.

She paused at that, actually sucking my cock to the base and holding herself down as she momentarily contemplated it. It was almost like she was trying to hide in my pelvis - but she didn't stop pleasuring me even as she thought, quietly swallowing around my length as her tongue flashed back and forth. After a long second, she nervously nodded. I gently grabbed hold of her head in both hands, and started to slide her up my length, until her lips were stretched far to keep my cockhead in her mouth, her beautiful eyes looking up at me, concerned she'd done something wrong...

When I forced her back down my length, though, she immediately came, moaning in pleasure around my cock, the noises cut off by my dick being lodged deep in her throat. She just twitched frenetically in that position, her breasts bouncing in place as her whole body spasmed. If she liked it so much, well... I could certainly do it more. I started to pump her face on my cock, pounding away at her throat, loving the feeling of her mouth. As she came, she wasn't quite as talented a fellatrix as she normally was, though she still easily let my dick in and out of her throat. Once she had recovered, though, she went right back to pleasuring me with every fiber of her being, licking and slurping and sucking and swallowing around my length as I thrust her up and down.

It felt even better than usual. The feeling of power combined with lust and physical pleasure and mutual joy and made me feel like I was in heaven, a perfect moment where there was no disconnect between what I wanted and what I experienced. I lost track of time, just groaning and writhing on the bed as I facefucked Linea all the way to another orgasm - though she came before I did, moaning around my cock in ecstasy as her eyes rolled up. The delicious noise of her moan getting cut off, again and again, as my cock entered her throat - that's what finally sent me over the edge, making me bottom out and come right down her throat as the two of us found our bliss together, our pleasures mixing together in my mind due to my empathic senses.

When I was spent, I let her off my cock, just panting as I lay on the bed. She took a few moments herself, before moving in to nuzzle and kiss at my cock, loving little pecks. My length began to flag for the moment, so she pulled back on my underwear, kissing me one last time on the forehead, before collecting her underwear and getting dressed again. "Thank you," I said. "It was really good. I really like it when you do that to me. You're a good friend, Linea."

She smiled at that, a bit flustered, some anxiety still bubbling under the surface. "Thank you. You're a good friend too, Soleil."

* * *

Even given the time I was spending with Linea, being cooped up inside the Solace and Refuge for so long was starting to get to me. Nar Shaddaa had a bad reputation, but I had a blaster tucked into my hip, plus my stungun, plus my training saber that marked me as a Sith. Plus, of course, I could feel the emotions of the people around me. If somebody did harbor ill intent - well, I couldn't tell if it was focused my way, necessarily, but I could tell that I should get away from them. I pulled on a hooded jacket, wore thick gloves, and headed out into the colorful environs of Nar Shaddaa.

The photos of the planet generally emphasize its large, geographic features: the sweeping vistas of its cityscape, the neon signs that fill up the horizon, the towering buildings that are monuments to excess, or the cavernous descents off the edge. But when you're actually on it, it's all tight bridges and balconies, clogged with warm bodies, and various indeterminate scents. Death sticks and sex and a dozen drugs and a dozen strange aliens. It's cramped, in short - a city without end, that stretches up and down in every direction. I think part of it is that Nar Shaddaa is a planet without any sense of real social cohesion - so the rich buy out entire towers to occupy with just themselves and their staff, whether or not they can use the whole thing, and real estate speculation runs wild, and all the other things which cramp most people into smaller and smaller areas.

I tried to feel out any place that felt... happier, more pleasant, than any other. I eventually found my way to what looked like a club - loud music blaring from inside and holographic displays of dancing girls. A wookiee and a trandoshan stood guard as bouncers, the wookiee screeching in Shyriiwook, the trandoshan managing a much more comprehensible Basic. "Hand over any weapons. You'll get a ticket, you cash the ticket back for your weapons when you leave," he said.

I took out my blaster and my training saber, but hid my stunner in my pocket. "Here you go," I said, as I placed them in the offered box. "Don't steal them."

The wookiee made what I think was a chuckle at me suggesting they'd steal the weapons, but they both seem surprised by the training saber. "A Sith, huh," the trandoshan said, as he locked the box and put it on the shelf. "Here's your ticket. I'm sure the proprietor would be honored to have a visitor of your stature," he added.

"Uh. That's fine. I'm just an apprentice."

"Nevertheless - please, enjoy yourself," he said. "The Night's Last Stalker encourages you to enjoy all of its various delights."

This was starting to feel weirder and weirder. I just headed inside. I still had that credit chit that Darth Rakali had given me, back on Erulios, so I could buy whatever I needed...

The inside of The Night's Last Stalker was not quite what I had anticipated. My family was open about sex, being Zeltron. I had thought it was a strip club - but the moment I stepped into the main area, it was clear it was not. There wasn't any stripping, for one. Nor was it a dance club, because, again, there wasn't any dancing. Instead, what I was greeted with were displays showing holographic images of various women and men in a variety of states of undress. Tables of men arrayed around drinks, casually discussing this or that with uncomfortable service workers - all of whom wore shock collars.

A few moments inspection of the 'menu' made it clear that this was a shop selling sexual slaves. Some of them trained. Some of them not. Some of them modified. Some of them not. There were prices for tableside service, for an hour, for a night, and for outright purchase listed.

The whole time I was reading through the menu, there was a constant, quiet beat of music, the acoustics of the room serving to make it impossible to hear anything else. I was aware of some type of sexual activity that was happening a few tables away only because of my Zeltron empathy - I couldn't hear a single bit of it, and there were so many scents mixed together in the tangled air.

One of the photos caught my attention in particular. Udhara, her name was listed as. She was a twi'lek, 5'6", with numerous physical modifications - enhanced breast size and sensitivity, as well as enhanced vaginal, anal, and oral sensitivity, heightened libido, and more. A lovely shade of purple skin - her photo displayed her fully in the nude. She was nineteen, according to her profile. Golden eyes, a ripe ass, big round breasts.

The menu itself had provoked all kinds of tempting fantasies in me. Maybe it was because of Errai, or Darth Rakali's words, or maybe just that I had facefucked Linea for the first time. I checked the amount on the credit chit, and found that it was actually more than enough to purchase her outright. I'd never really understood the value of money, being so young when my parents had died, but given that Udhara wasn't the cheapest girl on the menu... I had to assume the chit was worth a lot.

Would Darth Rakali approve? She had approved of what I did to Errai. Why wouldn't she approve of me fucking a slave? It wasn't like she cared about right or wrong... I stared at her picture in the menu. She was posed, nude, her pussy on full display, perky nipples, full breasts, her body twisted a bit, golden eyes staring into the camera. I wanted her. Buying her... that was a big ask. But for now, I clicked the option to pay for her tableside service, briefly inserting my credit chit and confirming the transaction.

Less than a minute later, a large human male, carrying a small device about the size of a pen in his hand came up to us. Udhara was wearing a bikini, a metallic collar clamped into place, and nothing else. She looked towards the ground, not in misery, but in submission. I could feel her emotions, and they were a surprisingly pleasant blend. Interest. Curiosity. Desire. Embarrassment, sure, but she didn't seem miserable like you might have expected. A few of the girls did, and from the sadistic delight they were coupled with, I got the impression that that was because whoever had paid for them didn't want them to be happy.

"This is a control for her collar," the man said. "Simply click the button, here," he said, clicking the pen device in his hand, sending a spark of pain through Udhara, the girl in question spasming but remaining on her feet without complaining, "if you have any problems with her. This button," he said, pressing it, making her shiver, "makes her feel good." He then placed the device on the table, letting me collect it myself. "We have another, and it will automatically go off if Udhara leaves the premises. Other than that, you can do whatever you want with her. If you'd like to pay for a private room, the prices are on the menu," he explained.

I took the device into my hand, staring at it for a long few seconds. Udhara fidgeted as I held it, the man leaving us without another word. She was the one who broke the silence. "Master. You can order me to do whatever you want," she said. "It's been over a week since anyone paid for me, so I'd be very happy to be of use to you." Her words were coupled with an even more intense desire under the surface, like she was downplaying her feelings, rather than playing them up. I was instantly rock hard in my pants at the sheer waves of lust that came off her.

She wanted it? She wanted to be a slave? To be used? No, I realized. The menu had mentioned that she had a heightened libido as part of her modifications. I drank in her body for a moment, as she quietly stood there, patiently waiting any command or indication of what she should do at all. She was voluptuous, and while she wasn't showing off quite as much as the menu had displayed, she certainly wasn't hiding anything. "Sit down with me," I ordered her, and she dutifully did so, settling in next to me quickly.

With her so close, she got to see me much more clearly, my sharp red skin and face visible under my hood. "You're cute, Master," she said, smiling warmly down at me. Her gaze was drawn, however, to my tented pants, where anybody could see my cock straining to get free. "As part of tableside service, you can touch me," she noted, "and I can touch you, with my hands or mouth. More than that... will cost you." The way she said it made it was clear she wouldn't get a single dime from the prices, and wished we could do more right now.

I licked my lips in response to her words, just staring up and down her body. I took hold of the controller, my thumb finding the button to make her feel good, and clicked it. She let out a soft breath at that, eyelashes fluttering. My other hand went to her tit, slipping under her bikini, groping the supple flesh there. She bit her lip in obvious pleasure, arousal coloring her purple cheeks that little bit redder.

The rush of power I felt in that moment... it was better than with Errai, or even with Linea. It was both of them put together, and more. I was in charge. I had the power. I could make her do whatever I wanted. I could buy her right now, walk her back to the Solace and Refuge, and do whatever I wanted to her. She couldn't do anything to disobey me. Her hard nipple scraped against my palm as I continued to grope her, my finger intermittently hitting the button to make her feel good. She wouldn't do anything to disobey me - wouldn't want to. I could feel the hum of pleasure and bliss and quiet joy that she felt, not colored even a hint by the misery that I had been sensing almost constantly since I started walking the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

I wanted more than just to grope her tits, though. "Suck my cock," I ordered her, and she just hummed in reply, leaning forward towards my pants, almost faceplanting on my groin. I pulled my hand away from her breast, earning a quiet noise of unhappiness from her, as she quickly moved to pull out my cock. She let out a noise of appreciation as she saw it - then sucked my cock into her mouth.

She simply absorbed my length into her throat in a single moment, her nose soon pressing into my pelvis as she sucked and slurped noisily around my length. Her throat bobbed as she sucked my cock, her tongue wiggling excitedly on the underside of my cock, her whole being twitching beneath me. I could feel the pleasure and lust and desire that blew off her, so intense and pleasant that I almost came just from that. I hit the pleasure button on her controller, and her moan just got even more intense as she continued to choke herself on my cock. That slender collar wrapped around her neck seemed to define her as my personal property in that moment - my happy property. Mine.

Was this the Dark Side? It was hard to see how it could be the Light.

"If you suck me good enough, I'll buy you outright," I whispered out to her, and her pleasure only burst up higher, spiking to something of insane intensity as her throat squeezed and gripped my dick. Her head started to bob at that point, lekku bouncing in place as I watched her go. She was completely manic, losing herself in the moment, her pleasure and bliss mixing together with determination and a more intellectual kind of desire. Her feelings were so intense I was pretty sure I could tell what she was thinking - make me yours, own me, buy me, please do it, please buy me. "That's a good girl," I told her, just leaning back in my seat and letting her work as I continued to pump more pleasure into her brain via the collar.

I wasn't worried about her, in the moment. I didn't know her. She was an object to get me off. To buy, probably. I liked the color of her skin, the fullness of her tits, and the enthusiasm she brought to her blowjob. My free hand reached down to gently slide along one lek as I continued to relish in the sensations she was lavishing on me, the soft hums and moans she let out, the wet glugs each time my cock vanished down her throat. Then I slid down her back, towards her ass, groping it with my fingers, enjoying the nice, prime feel of her firm rump, as she glugged up and down, up and down, her throat squeezing my dick, doing its level best, her tongue slithering freely around with wild movements.

Pleasure coursed through her, but she didn't actually come despite that. It was bewildering, the way she was squirming in obvious lust and desire, the way her brain was clearly bubbling with lust. I'd never felt anyone get this close without actually going over the edge - much less for the long minutes that she was facefucking herself up and down on my cock for. Saliva frothed out of her mouth as her eyes rolled up, her cheeks turning an ever-redder hue of purple as she worked. Even so, she didn't come. I stopped pressing the bliss button on her control collar, just in case that was the problem - it wasn't. She kept spasming in needy, her hips bucking back and forth at the empty air as she clearly wanted to come but couldn't, quite, her breasts jiggling and bouncing.

I didn't have much time to consider why, though - because in short order, I came, groaning as I did so, my fingers tensing into a tight fist on the control device. She spasmed in ecstasy at that point, pure bliss overwhelming her as she sucked every last droplet of cum out of my cock, her whole body quivering and squirming in place, her eyes lidding as she vibrated like a sex toy in place.

I just sighed and leaned back, relishing my own pleasure as my cum practically clogged up Udhara's mouth. I wanted her. I wanted to own her. To control her. To use her. The desire wasn't as anger-filled as it had been with Errai, there was no taste of righteous justice to it. I considered for a moment, the possibility that some other girl on the menu would be more deserving or happy... then I remembered I needed to embrace the Dark Side. As far as temptations to sin went, this was a pretty small one. Just not being considerate enough.

Once I was done coming, and had a few seconds to recover, I decided to buy her, right then and there. It took only a few seconds for the transaction to confirm, and Udhara smiled brightly as it did. "Thank you, Master. I promise to be a good sex slave for you," she said, glancing down at my cock. Seeing it was still hard... she dove down my length, sucking me into her mouth without hesitation and starting to bob frantically.

"Good girl," I breathed out, relaxing in place with my new sex slave, my fingers idly trailing along her lekku as she bounded up and down, as her arousal and pleasure soon reached a fever pitch.

The same large human male who had brought her over approached my table less than a minute later. I didn't tell Udhara to stop, since he didn't seem upset or annoyed by the fact that I was thoroughly enjoying my new property. "Since you've bought her," he started, "here's the documentation confirming your ownership," the man said, sliding a tablet over to me. I took it, glancing through what was mentioned, as Udhara kept sucking my dick, not seeming to care at all. Her lust boiled over, rising continuously as she sucked me off. "The slave collar she's wearing will be disconnected from the main systems during maintenance tonight, but the commands to keep her in the building have already been deactivated. Would you like another girl?"

I was pretty sure I didn't have enough credits left on my chit to buy another, so I just shook my head, as Udhara kept sucking noisily on my cock, slurping and bouncing in place.

"In that case, enjoy yourself, and please - come again, when you're interested in another girl. We offer excellent prices for our girls."

I just nodded, leaning back in my seat and relishing Udhara's continued blowjob. She kept sucking me like that for a full hour, earning another five orgasms, before I was finally so spent in her mouth that I couldn't keep going. Then I left, collecting my equipment and heading back to the Solace and Refuge. I had somebody besides Linea to interact with now, after all, so I didn't have to leave the ship again for a while.

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