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BrokenVocaloid profile
Hello ! My name Brokenvocaloid - a simple artist with a passion for creating original artworks of my customer's characters being placed in fun situations. Please take a look at my public pinned post for more information on how this page works!
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  • And thank you for looking at my SubscribeStar page!

I'm Hikaru - also known as Brokenvocaloid - a simple artist with a passion for drawing up my customer's characters in fun situations they can't help to get themselves in.. This SubscribeStar page serves as a little tip jar for those who want to support my art and feel generous enough to throw a buck or two at me, while getting some cool rewards in return!

If you have any questions about content, posts, rewards or anything, please don't be afraid to contact me, I'll be glad to answer your questions!

I hope you enjoy your stay! 


New Subscribers need to wait ONE (1) day before they get access to the bulk of my content. Until then, all new Subscribers will see only 3 latest posts along with posts published after they subscribe.


New Subscribers are charged again one month after the day they pledge, instead of being charged again on the 1st of every new month. That means, for example, that, if you pledge on the 25th of a month, you will be charged for the next payment on the 25th of the next month, and NOT on the 1st of the next month.


We all love some tasty goodies! and with every support tier you are sure to get something truly nice ! The higher the tier, the better the reward you will recieve each month. 
From handouts of bases to nsfw views of usually locked images ! 

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Tip Jar

Thank you for your patronage! <3

0 subscribers
per month
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Broken Fans

Subscriber Feed • ACCESS TO SUBSCRIBER FEED: includes WIPs, NSFW alternate, personal character content I would otherwise never make public. These are exclusive to SubscribeStar!

• EARLY ACCESS: see everything before everyone else!

0 subscribers
per month
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Art Collector

Art Collector • All previous tier rewards.

Base will be unlocked for free to this tier of supporters Will be avaliable for PSD

0 subscribers
per month
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• All previous tier rewards.

  • 40% off all commissions.
0 subscribers


  • Access to bases, erotica alternate views, art discounts and art features to future art works

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Creator's profile content.
  • Support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
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