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Ecchi Sensei - A 3D Adult Visual Novel Game
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Recent posts

D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200

from November 01, 2019

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Public post

❀ Day 8+9 Changelog: ❀

Hard Facts:

❀ 2100+ new renders
❀ 100+k words 
❀ 70+ decisions
❀ 12 new characters
❀ 29 new animations 
❀ 24k~ lines of code

❀ Maps:
3.F classroom: The map got reworked a bit

New Map: Labor complex 
         9 rooms were created

New Map: Swimming club 
4 buildings and 12 rooms were created

New Map: Interview room 
New Map: Hospital 
11 rooms were created

New Map: School cafeteria (Past Time)

New Map: Hitomi's classroom (Past Time)

New Map: Gym (Past Time)

❀ Character Changes:
Chiaki's face got reworked a little

❀ Makeup changes:

❀ Clothing changes:

Mostly everybody wears a different outfit
Multiple different outfits for:
Crazy Nurse

❀ D8+9 Cast: 51 Characters

Akina (T8)
Amanda (T8)(New)
Crazy Nurse
Evelynn (Past Time)
Gabby (T8)
Hanabi (T8)(New)
Hina (New)
Hitomi (Past Time)
Jenny (T8)(New)
Karin (Past Time)
Kasumi (T8)
Koharu (New)
Look See (T8)(New)
Mama (Past Time)
Mei (New)
Migoto (T8)(New)
Mira See (T8) (New
Miyu (New)
Mizuki (Past Time)
Momo (New)
Nao (T8)
Reiya (T8)(New)
Yasmine (T8)
Young Waifu (Past Time)
Yui (T8)(New)

 -❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀- 

The next Ecchi Sensei update! Day 8+9 is available now!

As the Alpha and Beta players already saw, they were not able to use their Week 1 saves. That is because we completely reworked our save system to make the foundation for future seamless transitions between individual updates.

But because, during Week 1, we couldn't test how it would behave with future updates, we only noticed during D8+9 that the save system doesn't completely work how we wanted it to.

We wanted to set it up so that no matter when you save, you can load your saved data anywhere.

So, let's say you played Week 1 only up to Day 5 and then you saved, then you could load your save in D8+9 and anything that happened between Day 5 to the end of Week 1 would be simulated. In other words: If you didn't play after Day 5, the system would automatically make decisions so that you can play D8+9.

If you fully played through Week 1, you would just load your Day 7 save and then all your decisions would carry over.
However, currently it turns out that we didn't get the saves to load properly. That means that we unfortunately had to simulate the entirety of Day 1 to Day 7.

But since we are only at the beginning of Chapter 4 which consists of three parts (Day 8+9 = Part 1; Day 10+11 = Part 2; and Day 12-14 = Part 3 of Chapter 4), we are confident that we'll get the hang of the save issues during Chapter 4.

Unfortunately, the fact that old saves can't be loaded has got enormous implications that affect other features, too.
Thus we had to temporarily deactivate the Ecchi Image Gallery, the Ecchi Scene Gallery, the Ecchi Calendar, and the Ecchi Character Cards because it would all be as of Day 1 and a simulation of those things would delay the date of release by at least two weeks.

Also, the Ecchi Smartphone chat history is affected (no Week 1 chats are being displayed) and also the contact list which is in its earliest state (Day 3)
UPDATE: We fixed the contact list.

Still, you are able to play D8+9 without any problems. We did a lot of playtesting to get rid of bugs and typos. So the script is as fine as it can be.

We'll work hard to fix these problems as soon as possible. 

D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200

The next Ecchi Sensei updat...

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D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200

from September 28, 2019

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200

from September 22, 2019

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200
Public post
Since I have no idea how to edit my wall, I just create a new post for the release dates of Ecchi Sensei - Day 8+9:

❀ Day 8 & 9 Release Dates:

Alpha: September 22, 2019
Beta: September 29, 2019
Final: October 06, 2019

so long,
D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200
Public post
Changelog Week 1

❀ Week 1 Changelog: ❀

❀ Text ❀

❀ Completely rewrote Day 1
❀ Completely rewrote Day 2
❀ Completely rewrote Day 3
❀ Rewrote half of Day 4
 Day 1: 55k~ words
 Day 2: 50k~ words
 Day 3: 40k~ words
 Day 4: 70k~ words
 Day 5: 65k~ words
 Day 6: 68k~ words
 Day 7: 60k~ words
Total: 408k~ words
❀ Merge of and seamless transition between Day 1 - Day 7
❀ Text cleansing and drastic reduction of so-called "weeb" components
❀ Fixed over 800 typos
❀ Added new text parts
❀ Connected several previously separated routes (so that you get to experience more content)
❀ Removed logical errors
❀ Implemented "Fapmode":
 78k~ words
 Over 40 different erotic events
❀ Implemented "Ecchi Calendar":
 1k~ words
102 events in Week 1
❀ Implemented "Ecchi Character Cards" screen:
 5k~ words
90~ character bios written

-❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀-

❀ Scripting ❀

❀ Created more than 40 new script files
❀ Optimized the D1-D7 script
❀ Wrote over 200k lines of code

-❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀-

❀ Graphics ❀

❀ Improved all images of Day 1
❀ Improved all images of Day 2
❀ Improved all images of Day 3
❀ Created 150~ images for the "Ecchi Character Cards" screen
❀ Created 70~ images for the "Toolbar"
❀ Created 140~ images for "Ecchi Calendar", "Options", and "Config"
❀ Created 70~ images for "Ecchi Gallery" and "Ecchi Scene Gallery"
❀ Created over 20 "ID Cards
❀ Created 22 new text boxes for "Design" screen
❀ Lots of GUI and UI changes
❀ Over 10k~ ingame images

-❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀-

❀ Music & Sounds ❀

❀ Added 220~ songs
❀ Added 300~ UI and ingame sounds

-❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀- -❀-❀-❀-

❀ Features ❀

❀ Toolbar
❀ The ingame toolbar has got many functions and can be collapsed in two different ways and disabled completely
❀ The current ingame weekday is being displayed in the top left. You also see the weather and the time of the day
❀ Next to that is the "Ecchi Calendar" icon which opens the "Ecchi Calendar"
❀ Next to that is the "Ecchi Map" icon which is getting implemented in a later update.
❀ Next to that is the "Ecchi Character Cards" icon which leads to the newly  implemented feature "Ecchi Character Cards". 
❀ Next to that is the "Ecchi Config" icon. Also a newly implemented feature with many options.
❀ Next to that is the "Ecchi Statistics" icon. Currently not implemented yet but it will be there very soon.
❀ Next to that are 3 buttons for the "Ecchi Ingame Music Gallery".
 The red rocket works as a panic button and minimizes the game.
 Right next to that is the little smartphone.
 After that there are the 4 separated colored sections that combine to a half-circle.
 The green area allows you to collapse all the previously listed items
 The blue area opens the "Options"
 The yellow area opens the "Ecchi Gallery" as well as the "Ecchi Scene Gallery", two new features.
 The red area currently has no option.
 The large button in the center minimizes the entire toolbar.

Because the toolbar takes up a lot of space, we tried to make it user-friendly.
There are several ways to collapse and completely disable the toolbar. Also, we automatically disable the toolbar during sex scenes and "loading screens".

❀ Ecchi Calendar
 A calendar starting with July 2020 and ending with July 2021
 The "Ecchi Calendar" shows important information such as birthdays, holidays, exam dates, and other events
 If you see a yellow-glowing lightbulb on a day, you know that an event is scheduled.
 By clicking on that day, a new window opens and displays more information
Over 100 events were added for Week 1.

The Ecchi Calendar is a nice little gimmick that allows you to keep track of important events. Ecchi Sensei is a game that features lots of information,
and only a small fraction of players can remember all of it. That's why we wanted to make things easier by inserting as much information as possible into the calendar.

❀ Ecchi Character Cards (PC revival)
5 main categories:
.) Students
 .) Teachers
 .) Family
 .) Others
 .) Past Time
 Grouped by:
 .) Class 3.F
 .) Class 1.B
 .) Class 2.A
 .) Class 2.D
 .) Others
90~ entries were created for the Ecchi Character Cards and they are being continuously updated.
Next to the base information such as name, age, height, weight... you also get information about the preferences, living situation, friends, personality, etc. of that person.
Aside from that, most persons have "official" Raspo Academy "ID cards".
The switch brings you to the "pink" mode where more information is waiting for you:
 .) Pregnancy status
 .) Relationship status
 .) How much "love juice" streamed into them
 Then there are 5 more clickable categories that display additional information:
 .) Sex
 .) Anal
 .) Handjob
 .) Blowjob
 .) Titfuck
By clicking at "Sex" you learn how often you had sex with that person and how often you came inside or outside. 

The toolbar informs you about changes or new entries as long as "Decision Helper" in "Ecchi Config" is activated.
On top of that, names of people who have been updated are highlighted. This highlight disappears when you click on the person.
The "Ecchi Character Cards" are a huge improvement over my first idea of an interactive computer and we hope that this feature is something that greatly satisfies many of you
because everything is listed nicely and it can be considered a useful feature if you want to learn more about the individual characters.
Also, I'm sure many of you are eager to compare how much "love juice" you filled person XYZ up with compared to others.
The Ecchi Sensei team is very glad that we got the "PC" running again, and even in a state that is better than initially planned.

❀ Ecchi Gallery & Ecchi Scene Gallery ❀
200~ images for the "Ecchi Gallery"
 You can look at images in their full size in the Ecchi Gallery
More than 10 replayable scenes in the "Ecchi Scene Gallery"
 You can replay certain scenes in the Ecchi Scene Gallery

An obligatory feature that almost every game has but we wanted to improve on it and didn't just design it in an orderly way, we also added a second feature to the "Gallery"
Everybody knows what a regular gallery looks like, we wanted to make things more orderly and divided the gallery into 4 categories. "Family", "Students", "Past Time", and "Others".
Why did we do it like that? Easy... Many more images are going to come and we didn't want to have 100 pages that the player has to click through to find a specific image.
With those four categories, everything is more orderly, more time-saving, and in my opinion also nicer to look at.
The Ecchi Scene Gallery does not have categories but you get a short description of what happens in the scene. If you want to play the scene in question, just click on "Yes".

❀ Ecchi Music Gallery and Ecchi Ingame Music Gallery ❀
 Two variations of the same feature. The Ecchi Ingame Music Gallery is accessed through the toolbar. The other version is accessed by clicking on "Music" in the menu
 The "Ecchi Music Gallery" works like a jukebox. As long as you stay on that screen, you get to hear music.
 The "Ecchi ingame Music Gallery" allows you to listen to the music as you play.
Over 220 tracks were implemented alongside the informations about track and artist
The background of the "Jukebox" changes continuously. The same goes for the Ecchi Sensei girl.

We decided to no longer dictate what music you are meant to hear and to instead let you decide what music is played when.
Like in every other music player, you can pause the music and resume it. Unfortunately it has been really hard to code it all and that's why we had to make some compromises and we can't offer you
the full functionality of a normal music player. However we are planning on expanding that feature in the future.

❀ Ecchi Config ❀
 Divided into four categories:
Ingame config
 Language (currently disabled)

10 toggleable settings:
 .) Decision Helper
Displays additional information for ingame decisions and other features like the "Ecchi Calendar" or "Ecchi Character Cards"

.) Metric System
Switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, kilogram and pound, kilometers and miles, etc...

.) Show Toolbar Button
If you disable that, the toolbar is completely out of sight.

.) Enable Past Time
If you activate it, you have the option to play "Past Time" episodes

.) Enable Ecchi Vision
A gimmick to make kinky scenes even kinkier

.) Story Mode
If you start the game with Story Mode disabled, you can play in "Fapmode" which jumps you from one naughty scene to the next.

.) Enable Dream Scenes
Similar to Past Time. If you enable it, you can play through dream sequences.

.) Show Tooltips/Hints
Narrator-kun will keep giving you information (for instance, when Japanese words are used, he will explain what the word means)

 .) Enable "Panic" Button
If you deactivate it, the red rocket disappears from the Toolbar

 .) Sandbox Mode
A feature that is currently in the making to give you more freedom in character routes in the future.

On page 2, you can change some people's names
There will be more options in the future.

Change the font, font color, and the textbox itself (also affects the smartphone)
23 different textboxes
9 different fonts (Not all of them display special characters)
15 different colors
"White, Black" background to give some contrast to preview the textbox better
"Text" button to immediately see the changes of the font color and style in the textbox
"Apply" button to make the changes work immediately (does not require a restart of the game)

The design screen gives you amazing possibilities of personalizing your game and improving your enjoyment of the game.
On top of that, we designed the design screen in such a way that you can use your own designs. By adding new fonts and text boxes, you will have more options in the design screen.
Ideally we would have loved to add the entire color spectrum but Ren'py does not support that as far as we know, and we would have had to invest dozens of hours to add more colors.
However, we hope that you're happy with the Design screen.

The kink screen is divided into 4 main categories:
 .) Non-Sexual
 .) Sexual
 .) BDSM
 .) Special

 .) Anal penetration
 .) Cunnilingus
 .) Fisting
 .) Foodplay
 .) Footjob
 .) Threesome M-F-F
 .) Foursome M-F-F-F
 .) Group: M-FFFFFFFF
 .) Outdoor
All "non-sexual" interactions mean that the genitals of the person doing the action are not involved.
In other words, there's no penis in vagina/anus and therefore no sex.
The non-sexual category can also be simply seen as "petting".

 .) Anal sex
 .) Threesome: M-F-F
 .) Foursome: M-F-F-F
 .) Group: M-FFFFFFFF
 .) Hardcore
 .) Outdoor
 "Sexual" contains all penetrative sexual actions.

 .) Bondage
 .) Breathplay
 .) Discipline
 .) Sadism
 .) Spanking
 .) Torture
The BDSM category contains the "harder" things. However, it needs to be mentioned that every activity is made with the consent of the partner.
If "Torture" is activated it does not mean that persons are getting tortured against their will. All involved persons always need to give their consent.

 .) Furries
 .) Golden shower
 .) Groping
 .) Hypnotism
 .) Impregnation
 .) Petplay
 .) Pregnancy
 .) Toys
 .) Voyeurism
Things that didn't have a spot in the other categories were listed here.
Currently the game does not feature any furries. The difference between "Impregnation" and "Pregnancy" is as follows:
If Impregnation is activated, your decisions will allow you to impregnate a person.
If Pregnancy is activated, you will see the progression of pregnancy (she gains weight and becomes moodier)

 In addition to the four categories, every category has got 3 subcategories:
 .) "M on F" - Male on female
 .) "F on M" - Female on male
 .) "F on F" - Female on female

So you can decide how a man acts towards a woman and on the other way around, and also on how a woman acts towards another woman.
There is no "M on M" and threesomes/foursomes as well as group sex will always and exclusively contain one man and X women.
There is never going to be M-M-F, there is not going to be any netorare (NTR)!

In merging Days 1-7 to "Week 1", we have created a new foundation to make the game more interesting for you and to improve our processes for adding new features to the game in the future.
Week 1 has been a long and exhausting project and we're very glad that we're finally done with it and we can go back to focusing on making new updates to continue telling the story of Ecchi Sensei.

We hope you like the changes and that you will continue having lots of fun with Ecchi Sensei in the future.
It has been said repeatedly but I want to say it again. The next merge (Month 1) will only take the time it takes to release 1 ingame update. We are not going to waste any more time the future working on the fundamental level of the game.
The game is now very good at a fundamental level and we can work with it. There are no more necessary fundamental changes and now we are going to go back to focusing on releasing the usual huge game updates with lots of content.

So long,
D960cf9b 5bc9 49bd ab15 19b6c7987d4e 120x120 0x0 200x200

UPDATE: August, 24. 2019:Re...

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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