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I make lewd games, keep getting stuck on the sfw ones.
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This is my first post here, and to start with I thought I'd explain the projects I'm working on. I currently have 4 projects, 2 Lewd, and 2 sfw. I am working on:

A lewd first person dungeon crawler, it's similar to lightning warrior raidy except it turns out raidy is kind of bad and relies on overly grindy gameplay and healing when necessary. gameplay vid here

A lewd match 3 game. similar to huniepop but with a more fantasy themed setting. havent gotten any character art completed yet. so I had to use placeholder sprites from my sfw when testing

a sfw metroidvania where the key mechanic is swapping between a girl form and a boy form, using their unique skillsets to open up shortcuts the other can use to advance, while gaining more powers for both of them.

and lastly, the largest project... I'm making the absolute cutest raising sim I can imagine, where you raise an orphaned foxgirl for 6 months to a year. it really is a huge undertaking. Story wise it's pretty well developed but i really need to think about the gameplay before i can progress with it.

I'll be making more in depth posts about each project at some point since i can only post one video, feel free to check my channel for some of the footage of other projects, as well as my twitter.

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