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Ark Thompson
Ark Thompson
I'm a hentai game maker. My games mix two main elements: consensuality and hardcoreness.
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Ark Thompson

Hello everyone,

Do you like lewd? Do you like female MCs? Do you like when it's super messy but they ask for more? Then you're at the right place :)

I've made three games up to now that are finished products:

1) Vitamin Plus

2) Slice of Venture

3) Slice of Venture 2

You can download the first one for free and get infos about the second & third ones on my site :

I am currently working on 3 different games:

1) Naomi's Past, A Visual Novel focused on the past of Naomi Yanagawa, a character from SoV and SoV 2. Next update will come in June.

2) The Hunter, a 3D game I'm working on from time to time (I tend to switch from one project to the other between months and The Hunter is mainly here to fill in the gaps, though its popularity easily makes him my second biggest project). Next update is planned for May.

3) Slice of Venture: Origins which is a full remake of Vitamin Plus, made with the agreement of Butakoma 300g. Version 0.65 was released on March.

Somewhere during 2019 a DLC for Slice of Venture 2 is planned, adding all the content that couldn't be implemented for the final release. There are no release date planned for now.

A collaboration project is also on rails with the artist JFC for another visual novel. There are no release date planned for now either. First version will come out once there are enough content drawn.

For rewards, I work this way: Each tier has a post called "reward post" in which you can find and download the links corresponding to the rewards. Each month, when I update one of my games, I change the links with the new version in those posts. I don't create new posts. I only update those ones.

Here are the links to each reward post:

$5 Reward Post

$10 Reward Post

$15 Reward Post

$30 Reward Post

If you want more informations about my games don't hesitate to check my site thoroughly, you should find most answers in it :D

Thanks to anyone supporting me. I'll do my best to provide games you enjoy playing!

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