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Alexander liss art
Alexander liss art
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Alexander liss art
Alexander liss art
My name is Alexander liss and I am a bia racial artist from Hawaii with a twin. I like to think to live you must keep creating.. I create everyday some stuff I cant Share on social media do to audience this will beMy stash I share with you.
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You love me.. I love you to.

Get one of my T-shirts and all access to content every month. New shirt every month and you pick the color!!!! Thanks again guys.

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  • Full video episode and nude art.
  • Character backstories.
  • Updates on the goings on in between mini's.

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Alexander liss art

So I was just finishing painting and thinking what to do next. I just started this space force mini thing to practice but it's growing on me.. This is not a anti trump or smearing cartoon like the rest. This is just some girls, science, space, adventure, nudity look what I can do type thing... Thanks for checking me out..

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It's good to have goals.. Lets start little and see where it goes.. Please support your local artist they have goals also.


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