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Recent posts

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Public post
154 - Empty Post The Sequel?

Hello, bros.
How is year 2021 is treating you so far? It's January 11th, finally. Honestly I can't wait to leave the holidays behind. All I need is my usual mundane life and an ability to work on my silly projects... That's all I need -_-

The life. I'm dealing with some health related issues at the moment so can't work as much as I wish I could. Hell, I didn't even touch my Switch for 4 days, now THAT is really sad. But it's nothing I can't handle, just time consuming stuff, that's all... 
The work. Working on the story of episode 12. It's going to be pretty epic. At first I though to take a break form the main story and after the space fight scene in the previous episode dedicate this episode entirely to family friendly content. But I changed my mind, Ep12 will contain both family friendly content and main story developments. Should be fun.
I love you all dearly guys. I am not just saying it. Looking back at my life I acutely realize that what I do for a living has long become the purpose of my existence. Thank you for support. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to do what I do. Here is to the bright future. (It's fucking better be bright... It's fucking better... -_- )
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Public post

153 - Literally Empty Post.

Sorry bros, just a little bit tired and have no actual news to share. Don't worry, all is good. I'll see you all next Monday as usual. Thank you for the love and support. 
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Public post

152 - Business As Usual.

Hello, bros. You should be relieved to know that your ever-wise patriarch Akabur is still alive and well. All thanks to your unwavering vigilance of course. Thank you financing my everything. Also year 2020 is almost over. We need to survive only few more days!
The Games. Finished Age of Calamity, secret ending made me cry manly tears. 
The Games 2. Continue to play Persona5 Scramble. Progress is slow. Japanese is difficult.
The Work. Still not done with art assets. Will be drawing through this week as well. -_-
That's it. No news is a good thing. All is well on my end, nothing to report. I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays and vacations an all that.
No seriously, that's it. See you next year.

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Public post
151 - Poll Results.
Well this was a surprise. Apparently the majority of you don't mind the public stuff at all. Oh, almost forgot: welcome to the Monday Post - the safest space on planet earth!
The Results. Both Patrons-Only and Public polls show pretty much the same result: only about 12% of people are strongly against the public stuff. That's a very good result. Way better then I expected. Opens up some interesting possibilities :)

Also, thank you for all the comments, my SubscribeStar bros :)
Worry not though. Like I said last Monday I don't plan to make any drastic changes in the way SC34 is being told. For now I will stick to the "private route" only as always. And if I do include any "public" content I will make sure to make it optional or skipable. 
That being said, it's good to know that the majority of you is totally fine with more hardcore stuff because that is definitely something I would like to explore eventually.
The games. I am 50 hours+  in the Age of Calamity. Having a lot of fun. I never played a (Musou) warriors game before, had no idea they were this addicting. Also I really enjoy the story of AoC, way more than I thought I would. ^_^
P5S. Making some progress. Loving my time with the game, but Age of Calamity is taking the priory at the moment.
FAST RMX. This game was in my wishlist since the dawn of time. Supposedly it's very good. I don't have the time to play it right now, but it just went on sale with a 50% off, I have got to pick it up.
Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.2. It has been finally announced and drops in January. I will be picking it up for sure since I really enjoyed the first one ^_^
And finally the work. This was a good week. I managed to get a lot of stuff done. Only one major CG is left. I hope to be done with it by next Monday. ^_^ This ep will have more art assets then any of the previous ones.  I think you gonna enjoy it a lot. Thank you for your support and your trust in me, bros.
That's it. Thank you for taking part in the poll. I hope you are doing well and I'll see you all next week. Oh and Merry Christmas and all that :)

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Public post

150 - Monday Poll. 

Hello, dudes. How is life? Amazing and great I hope? Year 2020 is coming to an end. What a horrible fucking year this was... But hey, you never know, year 2021 could be even worse. And on this optimistic note, let us begin! ^^
The work. This was an a good week. I managed to get plenty of stuff done. Still working on the art assets. Still have a lot to do. Ep.12's story will be the stuff of legends: multiple characters and story arcs will be getting long awaited development.
"LoveKami -Divinity Stage-". Randomly and abruptly, let's talk games... I must say this freaking game has some really obnoxiously sexy CGs. No, seriously I can't believe I actually legally bought it on E-Shop. This fact alone is a good reason for me to worship goddess big N. 
Age Of Calamity. 35+ hours in. The story got seriously epic. Love it! Also LOVE the music! "Chapter 6: Relentless as a Waterfall" (Akalla citadel fight), when you enter a battle and the choirs starts... damn... I replayed that mission three times already simply because it makes me feel like such a BOSS!
P5S: The Phantom Strikers. Played for about 4 hours. The progress is slow, since I have to consult the dictionary a lot. As for the game itself - it's absolutely fantastic, as expected :)

The Poll. Now let's talk business. I have a serious question to ask you all. The question is as follows...
THE QUESTION: How do you feel about "public routes" in the story? Let me elaborate. Up until now I was very careful with SC34's happenings to make sure that the only male character interacting with the girls (in a family friendly manner) is Genie. I don't mind continuing to handle the story that way, but at the same time this restriction limits the amount of fun stuff we could use the girls for. For example it could be interesting letting the turtles go all the way with April, or maybe taking Jasmine to a homeless shelter to cheer up the underprivileged citizens of Agrabah. But I can't do stuff like that because I know it will rub some people the wrong way. So the question is this: what's your opinion on sharing a girl for greater H-Energy gains?
P.S. Keep in mind that I plan to stay the same course with SC34 no matter the outcome of the poll. Nothing will change. For now I just want to know the opinion of the majority. And maybe have a small discussion, but that's it.

SUBSCRIBESTAR: Since I don't have that many supporters here, you guys can just let me know your opinion on this in the comments bellow. 
End of the post. Hugs and kisses. See you next week. (Now go cast your vote).

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Public post

149 - Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

Greetings, cherished allies. Welcome to the safest place on the entire site: Akabur's Monday Posts! Make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a glass of milk and let the family friendly content I provide wash over you.
P5S (English Version) will be dropping on Switch in February. Freaking finally! Only took them a year to translate--... *Khem* I mean, localize it. I've been planing to give Japanese version a try for a while now, and as soon as the rumors about the English version begun to spread I knew the time for waiting was over. It was time for ACTING! What I mean is, I had to buy this game before English version is made available, while I still have no choice but to play it in Japanese. (Still have a reason to play it in Japanese basically). With my current weaboo and a help of a dictionary I should be able to understand about 60%-80% of the story. I may even learn a new kanji or two. Wish me luck.
The work. Well, things are definitely moving along. Ep. 12's story arc will revolve around quite a few crew members so there will be a lot of characters growth. It will also be a bit on a lengthy side but there is no way around it if I want for everyone to stay in character. 
The games. I am 20+ hours into the Age of Calamity, having a lot of fun, very addictive game. ^_^ But now I also have P5S and many other games on my backlog just waiting their turn... I only have about 2 to 3 hours per day to play those games, so I can barely keep up with all the games Nintendo keeps throwing at me -_-
The week. This was a very productive week, apart from the Sunday. The Sunday was weird. One of those days when you just sort of slog though and even simple tasks feel like an uphill battle. Just one of those days I guess. But hey, I made it. What a damn hero I am.
That's it. Thank you for your support, guys. Stay safe during this week. And I'll see you all next Monday. Hugs and kisses.
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Public post

148 - Proof of Life Post.

Well it's Monday and you know what that means... By the by, how is everyone doing? Well if you have the strength to read this post it couldn't be THAT bad, I guess...
Work. This week I suddenly realized that I have no idea how the back of Ashelin's jacket looks like. After considering it for a bit I wen't with a somewhat obvious design, but now I'm thinking that since this is her "working girl" outfit maybe it should have something a bit more exciting written there, like "First (B)(J) is free" or something.
Oh wow. After I wrote "First (B)(J) is free" in the paragraph above this warning popped up. I wonder if this means I can't even mention things like that anymore in written form. It's so heartwarming to see Big Bro Patreon caring so much about us and trying to shield us from harmful content. I don't know about you but I feel safer already.
SubscribeStar. Thankfully I don't need to self-sensor myself here. First blowjob is free! Dick! Pussy! Big Tits! Hot Steamy Sex! ...Freedom ^^
All in all. This week was a bust. Just one of those weeks I guess... I had some plans work-wise but a big portion of them just didn't work out. I did manage to get some work done, but I wish I did more... Stupid real world with it's pandemic and other nonsense...
I think I'll just warp it up here. Life goes on... Next Monday Post will be way more informative. Maybe. Thank you for your support during these weird-ass times. Take a good care of yourself, bros. And I'll see you all next week. 
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Public post

147 - Amiibo, loveKami and Work.

Monday Post #147. Hello and welcome. Akabur - the main provider of the safe, comfortable content that tweeter users love so much. If there was a rating system for these type of posts, mine would be rated E - For Everyone. Just like the latest Fitness Boxing game.
First things first: the major development of the week (not in a general sense but for me personally), Nintendo has bent the knee and got rid of the breasts physics in the second Boxing Fitness game. I am glad I was able to notice that in time to cancel my pre-ordered. After that I took the money and ordered the first game instead. I feel a bit better now, but the whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. What the hell Nintendo?
The Vid. Did you watch my latest unboxing video by the way? I have 4 Amiibo figurines now. Truly my life has reached it's pinnacle. Thank you guys. (No seriously, thank you).
Age of Calamity. The delivery of my copy of the game is scheduled for today so if all goes well I will be spending some quality time with princess tight pants this evening. Really looking forward to that. ^_^
To other news. "LoveKami -Divinity Stage-" has a release date now and I've already pre-ordered it. Yes, yes I know, in our day and age only complete degenerates still do pre-orders. But that's exactly who I am! Wait, no... I meant to say, that's OK to pre-order visual novels that's been around for quite some times now. I mean what they gonna do? Censor CGs with god rays or something? Ha-ha-ha! Don't make me laugh! (Nintendo, please don't.)
The work. Man, it was such a great week work-wise. For once I had little to no distractions. No health stuff, no any other nonsense, it was work-work-work, and it made me really happy, making progress on a project always feels nice ^_^ Next episode will feature some major character growth for several girls but it's needs to be done right. I will probably share a bit more info next week, but for now let's just stop here :) 
And that's it for this week's Monday Post. Thank you for sustaining my weird-ass lifestyle. Love you all. Ep12 is gonna relief your stress to hell and back. You've been warned :)
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Public post

146 - Sorry, But Fantasy Tavern Sextet.

Hi, guys. Welcome to another Monday Post. For 146 weeks I've been making these posts without skipping a single one. I've done so much for educating the unwashed masses. I wasn't alone of course -- your support helped. But do you even remember the times before Akabur? Back then men didn't know how to be men, women didn't know how to be women, PlayStation was still a good console, truly dark times. It is all behind us now but what I would like to know is: where is my noble prize?

This week wasn't the best one for me since on Tuesday I caught a nasty cold and spent the following days experiencing all sort of annoying discomforts. (While wondering whether it was indeed only a cold or something a bit more sinister.) I feel much better now but not 100% back to normal yet. The worst part about all this is that it's really hard to stay productive when you're feeling like crap so I wasn't able to make much progress on the Ep. Did some planning and a few pencil drawings and that's about it.
The games. Well this week's star was Fantasy Tavern Sextet. It's Qureate game so the art was of a godly tier as usual. As for the story, well... this is a harem game. And I had no idea. I was going after one girl (Daisy) thinking this game has multiple routes for different girls, then the romance route started and then... another girl came onto me. Seeing both girls and the protagonist react to that development was a lot of fun. And it wasn't even cringy or anything, props to the writer, seriously. 
Sextet means six people in a band. I realized that way too late. There are 6 girls in the game so you get the idea. This is Vol.1 so you only get 2 girls but honestly this game was a lot of fun for me personally. Also the ending was (FREAKING) epic. Can't wait for Vol.2.
Age Of Calamity. I pre-ordered (I played the DEMO so it's OK) the physical version so I will be getting the game with a few days delay. Hyped.
Breath of The Wild. I finally unlocked the bike (at 110 hours). I like how you even have to fuel it from time to time: let's me leave out my biker fantasies. So yeah, I'm almost done. The plan now is to take my bike and ride it to the Hyrule castle and freaking annihilate Ganon. 
That's about it. My throat is still sore and it annoys me way more then it should. But I'll manage, whining is for pussies. Thank you for your support bros. Love you all.
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Public post

Hi guys. How is everyone doing? Well I hope? Let me present you with another unboxing video! Enjoy! 
Now what? After I released ep11 I took a week off and did pretty much nothing... Seriously I didn't even play that many games or watch anime. I guess I just spent my time browsing through random vids on youtube in between starring at the wall for prolonged periods of time. It wasn't a waste of time though: I needed this break to recharge my batteries. 
Also I finished No More Heroes 1. Damn, that was a trip 0_0 I think I'll take a short break before I move on to part 2. 
Ep11 was successfully released so I am back to square one on my development cycle. Currently on the planning stage. Mostly writing down stuff and doing quick sketches every now and then. 
And that's about it I think. Maybe I'll be able to share something a bit more exciting next week, we'll see how it goes. For now though I need to finish off Ganon before "the Age of Calamity" drops-- Erm, I meant to say I need to get back to work ^_^
Later bros. Thank you for the love. 

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Public post
144 - Episode 11! Public Release!

Hi, dudes. Well here it is, Episode 11 is live for the general public. Go to and download the latest copy with all the bugs/typo fixes that have been reported during last week. And of course the Android version is up for grabs now as well. Have fun ^^
The work. Well, I better get back to working on the next episode. And I better make sure it's the best thing ever, right? ^_^ Thank you for all the feedback during these last few days. Most of you seem have enjoyed the extra choices things, and nobody felt like this episode was too short. That's good. Quite a few things got brought up and discussed all of which were dully noted.
Nintendo Direct Mini totally messed up my gaming schedule. There were so many big announcements made that it might as well have been a regular Direct. Freaking Age Of Calamity dropped out of nowhere. I have sunk about 3 hours into the thing and absolutely loved every second of it. The whole time-traveling aspect gives me hope for a slightly less depressing ending for the story. And also the music is absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to play the whole game.
No More Heroes. Since I never owned a Nintendo console in the past I never had the chance to play that game. I knew it was a cult series but didn't quite know what to expect when I bought the remaster. Now about 10 hours of gameplay later (Travis is number 5 at the moment) I must say: the game is nothing like I have ever experienced before. An absolute masterpiece. 
Tavern SexTet drops on the 5th. I am so hyped for that VN, you have no idea ^_^
Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 are getting ported to Switch. I'm so happy right now.
Pioneers of Olive Town was announced. I am a sucker for the social aspects in those farming games so I am really looking forward to that one. And the Rune Factory 5 too of course. 
Corridor Z. This game was on sale for about $1. I bought it because it had a sexy chick in it. Very soon I realized that for a runner game this one is surprisingly atmospheric and has a decent enough story. The gameplay loop was fun and did I mention it has hot chicks with big boobs in it? Long story short, I forced my buddy Smersh to buy it too, and now the poor bastard can't stop playing it :) Anyway, Corridor Z - surprisingly competent runner game. ^_^ 
That's it I think. Thank you for your support, bros. We've made it. Episode 11, sheesh... Next one should be a lot of fan, and I will try to release it in a bit of more timely fashion this time. "Try" being the key word here. 

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Public post

143 - Public Release Next Week!

Before I begin. Go visit luk's patreon page. Without his sacrifice this release would've been postponed for another week. 
Sup, bros. How is life? I'll keep this one short. Episode 11 download links has been sent out to all the active patrons. As usual, you guys have till Monday to test the thing and report bugs/typos.
The time. I just counted my posts since the previous episode release. It's been 23 weeks. So basically, 5+ months... I guess that's what happens when you don't try to rush things. Also during that time I also illustrated that "Blue Balls and Necromancy" story, but still... Dammit, 5+ month is way too long... *Sigh*
About. With this episode I tried a less stressful approach. I took extra time to ad additional choices and implement ideas I would not normally. I also spent extra time on additional art variations.
Details. Also I got a complaint from one guy about me skipping the ejaculation part lately. Meaning that in Ep10 the sex scenes are directly followed by the aftermath scene. I did that to safe time of course, but in this episode I made sure to illustrate every such instance properly. 
The choices. Because of all the choices this has got to be the biggest episode I've released to date, but at the same time it doesn't take that long to beat, since every time you chose one of the paths you skip the other two. Just keep that in mind please
In conclusion. This was a fun episode to work on. The only thing that brings me down a bit is the development time... -_-

Win, MAC, Lin. The Android version with all the bug fixes will be included in the public release.
Feedback. Let me know what you thought of this episode. Did it feel like an improvement over the previous ones? Did it feel the same? Did it feel worse? Did you have fun with the choices or did you find them annoying? During this week I will be going thought your comments while preparing for the public release so now is the best time to have you voice heard before I go into the development mode again. 

P.S. My email is still the same: [email protected]



MediaFire --

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Public post
142 - Next Week? Probably Not.

Hi, bros. I hope everyone is alive and well. Welcome to another Monday Post. Your benevolent leader is still around and keeps bringing joy into your life with his high quality Monday Posts. 
The Games. I keep playing ToCS2. And I am starting to think that this game simply has no ending. I mean, come on, I am almost 100 hours in and it kind of does feel like it's almost over, but it felt exactly the same way 10 hours ago. Seriously, there was a chapter called "The Finale" and here I am 8 hours after beating it -- still playing. I absolutely love the game though. Seeing Rean just breakdown like that after the events of the finale (and in front of Towa of all people)... Not gonna lie, that little scene really got to me.
The work. Alright enough with the weeb nonsense, let's review my plan from last week's post and see what I managed to accomplish so far.
- I am almost done coding-in the final event. (DONE!)
- I will be writing "Next Episode Preview" event. (DONE!)
- After that I will be coding it in. (DONE!)
- I will be adding buttons for new outfits. (Not yet...)
- CG galley preview icons and such. (Not yet...)
- I will be putting together the CG gallery. (Not yet...)
- I will be putting together the Holo-Archive. (DONE!)
- I will be arranging the events in order (Not yet...)
- I will be adding sounds and music. (Not yet...)
- I will testing the whole thing. (Not yet...)
It may not look like it, but I actually completed the most difficult and time consuming tasks from that list: creative writing and scene coding. For some time I even thought that I will be able to release Episode 11 next week, but I forgot to factor-in the time Lyk will need to proofread and edit the texts. Well, it is what it is. I am 100% done with all the creative work and can relax for a bit. I will be spending this week coding, communicating with Lyk and such. 
That's it. You've completed this week's Monday Post. Congrats. And I'll see you next week :)

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Public post

141 - Moero Crystal™ H (UNBOXING)
Hi, bros. It's Monday again, you know the deal: I will be shoving down your throat another Monday Post again. I will be doing it in a loving and affectionate manner though. Are you ready? Here it comes!

Also Thank for buying me this game SubscribeStar bors!

First things first. The Unboxing video. The production value on that thing is off the charts. I always deliver only the best videos for you guys. Needless to say it's completely family friendly too, so just gather up your loved ones and watch it together while talking about how much you love my content.
The games. I finally made it to the final parts of the ToCS2. But knowing how much this wonderful game likes to tease and take things slow it'll probably be another 10 hours before I actually beat it. I also play Breath of The Wild on occasion the plan is beat Ganon before Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity release. I still have plenty of time, so I'm not worried. ToCS2 is my main game for the moment. And I also gave Baldur's Gates 3 a try. As expected the game is an absolute masterpiece... or will be in a year or so. 
Trails of Cold Steel 2. Yes, I am going to talk more about that game. This is my Monday Post, I do what I want! (If you don't care about this game just skip this paragraph :) So, as you know I am Instructor Sara's biggest fan. But that confession and the kiss we shared with Alisa before the final battle made me reevaluate things. I mean, come on, a men have feels too... I just couldn't say no *sniffle*... So yeah, I had access to the "dormitory date" with Sara, Laura, Fie and Alisa. I save-scumed all four of them. Every single one of those intimate events was absolutely fantastic, but I just couldn't say no to Alisa. She was the first girl I met when arriving to the academy in the first game. (200+ hours ago) OK, done venting, moving on.
The Work. Here is the current state of affairs. I am almost done coding-in the final event. After that I will be writing "Next Episode Preview" event. After that I will be coding it in. After that I will be adding buttons for new outfits, CG galley preview icons and such. After that I will be putting together the CG gallery. After that I will be putting together the Holo-Archive. After that I will be arranging the events in order, making sure they unlock in order they are supposed to. After that I will be adding sounds and music. After that I will testing the whole thing while feeling dead inside.
To sum it up. I doubt I will be able to finish all things mentioned above by next Monday, but I think it is time I start saying "coming soon" without the asterisk :)
That's it. Thank you for your support. Salanghae <3

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Public post

140 - Baldur's Gate 3.

A word from my sponsor. This Monday Post is brought to you by my supporters. My supporters are wonderful and great, they fund my projects and feed me. I rely on my supporters for all my financial needs. My supporters - are my bros that will never let me down. Start being my supporter today, use code "AKABUR RULES" for a 10% discount*.  (*There is no discount, this is joke).
Beyond Good And Stupid. I've been quietly following the development of this game for several years now. Considering the current climate (both in the west and Europe) I did not expect BGaE2 to be any good. But I did enjoy the cinematics trailers (Yes I know there will be a movie now. Don't care. It's gonna suck.) And now I hear that Michel Ancel got fired. I wish I could say I am surprised, but it's been happening for quite a number of years now, with BioWare, NaughtyDog, you name it -- talented oldschool creators who build the success of the brand get slowly replaced by the modern day weirdos who have no idea what they're doing. Well, whatever, I had no plans to buy that game anyway.
Baldur's Gate 3. The game showed up on my radar by a complete accident: I got their "Romance and Companionship" video in my recommendations feed. After watching the said vid (and half a dozen others) I sort of became a fan. I may be wrong about this but I think they have actual game developers working on this one. I think there could be even some writers involved. But the most shocking part for me personally is that from the looks of things they also employ actual artists and an art director. The game looks vibrant, the characters don't look like clay golems, in this day and age it's quite amazing really. 
The games I play. I continue to play ToCS2. About 70 hours in. Finishing act 2, about to take back Thors academy. Finally! If all goes well the operation will commence tonight before I go to bed. Really looking forward to it :) Other than that I have nothing to report. I also continue to slowly make my way through Breath of The Wild, absolutely love every second of it of course.
Intersperses Reviewers. Got recommended this show. Watching it now. Loving it. Honestly Japan is our planet's last hope.
Zettai Ryoiki. Speaking of japan, are you familiar with the term "zettai ryoiki"? I only discovered it recently by pure accident. But I am so glad I did. To save you some time here is the wikipedia description: "Absolute Territory refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between overknee socks and a miniskirt (or shorts)". There you go. I continue to spread knowledge. Give ma the noble prize already.
My new T-Shirt. When Shenmue III was announced (feels like it was a hundred years ago) I got a bit emotional and made a pledge on their Kickstarter. For the life of me I could never tell you how much did I pledge back then. But few weeks ago I finally received my backer reward. Two things about this truly astonish me. Number one: I got that t-shirt only now (It's been years). And number two: they actually ship stuff to the communist Russia. 0_0
The work. *Sigh* Don't want to talk about it. I am making good progress, but since this post is not titled "Ep11 Release" you know what I will say: "I am working guys, thank you for your patience". So yeah. Thank you for your patience. -_-
And that is it. As always I'll leave you with a cool gif and see you all next week :)

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139 - Not Yet.

Hello, bros. Are you ready to be assaulted nonconsentually by a powerful bulky stream of positivety and family friendliness? No? Good! Here it comes! Monday Post 139!!!
No news. Not much happened during this week (which is a good thing in my book). The guys from "Lewd School" invited me to have a talk as a guest speaker of sorts (it was a voice chat with 10+ artist people). I indeed up talking for 2 hours about my personal experiences of being an indie educational games developer.
Games. I continue to play ToCS2. 60+ hours in. The middle of act 2 (it feels like the middle anyways). This must be the most grounded and yet engaging story in a game I have ever had a pleasure experiencing. Absolutely love it. 
Also Breath Of The Wild. I play that game in short sessions (Since ToCS2 takes all my gaming time). By the way I don't play BoTW because it's the best game ever. I just want that wooden sword in Age of Calamity, since everyone who finished BoTW will get it. Wait do I actually need to finish the game or just having it is enough? -_- The plan is to beat it before November 20th, wooden sword or no wooden sword.
Gal*Gun REMASTER is supposed to drop in January. It will include all sorts of new addons and DLCs and stuff. I am super hyped for that game. And the fact that the publisher decided to skip PlayStation altogether this time just warms my heart.
The Coffee. In the previous post I nonchalantly said something about making myself a cup of cheap coffee, as a result there were several comments reprimanding me for drinking some cheap swill instead of the expensive stuff. Well I don't know what to tell you bros. I love the cheap swill, it tastes good. But I do have a (cheap) coffee machine for the times when I am feeling especially fancy. Also my Nintendo cup makes any coffee taste like an anime girl's tears of happiness.
The work. I hope to finish coding and event today. After that there will be two more events. After that I will write the "Next Episode Preview" event and code it in also. After that I will be able to move on to the sound. It will be a while still. Thank you for your patience bros. This Ep will be special. You'll see.
That is it I think. Another Monday Post is done. Time to get back to work. Love you all. Hugs and kisses and positive vibes. Don't forget to remind you girlfriend, wife, stepmom or hot girl next-door to practice simhasana often. It's important. Laterz.

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138 - Hyping up Ep11.

Hello, bros! How is life? It's Monday again and you know what THAT means. I can't believe we are more than half-way through the September already though. What the heck? 0_0
Oh well, I hope everybody is doing well. Thank you for showing up for another Monday Post. 
BoTW. I am slowly making my way through the game. Two mechanical beasts down. Two to go. Yes I know me discussing my anime games is exactly the quality content I pledged for. Well, you should be happy to know that there is more where that came from. But before that I want to discuss something else: BoTW based family friendly materials!
I'm so proud of this community. Did you know there were so many educational  Breath of The Wild videos out there? Well, I'm sure you did. But I didn't and it was such a pleasant discovery. And with the new Warriors game on the horizon I'm sure there will be more. Oh, what a time to be alive.
The New Harry Potter game looks about as modern as you'd expect. Along with The Avengers, WD:LEGION, AC:Valhalla and all the other recent, creatively bankrupt nonsense with a color pallet of an oatmeal cookie. (God, I'm so happy I decided to buy the Switch when I did. )
Trails of Cold Steel 2. I am on Act2. (About 45 hours in). To be honest the narrative doesn't feel as stellar as it was in the first game. The whole military airship run by a bunch of students feels INCREDIBLY forced. That being said I still enjoy the game immensely. And how can I not with them micro skirts present <3.
The work. Well the Ep11 development is going well. As I mentioned a million times already I decided to give into my creative urges with this one. With episodes 7 through 10 I've been concentrating heavily on the development times. It resulted in a more timely releases but also in a lot of compromises and abandoned ideas. Episode 11 on the other hand will feature way less compromising. It takes more effort, but gives me more satisfaction in my work. I am very excited to share the result with you guys and I haven't felt that strongly about an episode for a while now. (DISCLAMER: the picture above is an old WIP from my DISCORD server, the typos have already been reported).
New backgrounds. I slowly continue to order new backgrounds from my best background guy. His work is not cheap but considering the level of quality he continuously delivers it worth every coin. Thanks to your pledges it is possible for me to hire literal industry professionals like him. Thank you for your support guys. 
That's all. I think I'll just wrap things up here. I'll go make myself a cup of cheap coffee and get back to work. Thank you for being a part of my life. Hugs and kisses. Ep11 will provide you some quality stress-relief moments. Be ready.
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137 - Simhasana.

Sup bros. It's your ever-cheerful leader. I brought you another care-package full of wholesomeness and strictly family friendly content. 
Seriously though, another week went by and I am still around, and YOU are still around, that alone is a good cause to be thankful, don't you agree? Imagine one day I will be making a post announcing my retirement? Now that would be a sucky day. But this is just another Monday: I am working on EP11, you continue to send me your coins and Nintendo just announced Hyrule Warriors which made me get back into playing Breath of the Wild again. Life is good. ^_^ (I definitely jinxed it all to hell now though).
The games. Like I said I got back to playing Zelda while also playing ToCS2. Heh, I always make it sound like I am this super dedicated gamer, but the truth is I usually play in very short sessions. I think it's about an hour of ToCS2 a day and short random bursts of stuff on my Swicth now and then (for now mostly Zelda). Rest of the time I am either too busy or too tired.
The health and stuff. I am doing the things my doctor (and some of you in the comments) recommended: trying to stay home, take showers as soon as I get home, wash my outdoor clothes often ect. And also pop the pills of course. The bottom line is this: the quality of my life went back to normal. Yay. ^_^
The work. I spent the week coding the scenes. A lot of work has been done. But I still have plenty of work ahead. The multiple choices require more effort but I did test the scenes that I already assembled and it works exactly I hoped it would: the scenes became way more interactive. I'm sure some of you may feel differently about this though. After episode 11 is out I will hold a poll and we will decided together if I should do this multiple choices thing with Ep12 as well or should get back to the regular more linear (kinetic) scenes.
The YOGA. By the way the pictures in today's post are all dedicated to the Lion Pose (or Simhasana). You know how serious I am about making sure my content is not only entreating but also educational. So here you go, you learned something new. You are welcome.
Last thing I want to mention is that Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake looks laughably bad. But in this day and age it's to be expected. Anyway, I love you all dearly. Thank you for supporting my work. I'll see you all next Monday hopefully :)
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136 - The Space Pirate's Booty

So, my allergies are back. And... IT PISSES ME OFF TO NO END!!! I know this is not really a serious thing to complain about, but DEAR GOD it just infuriates me with how much it discomforts my life right now. Apparently it's a common thing around these parts during this time of year and I am experiencing it for the first time because I've only lived here for a few years. 
First it was my nose, I went to the doctor -- got the pills. Then it was my eyes -- I went to the doctor got the eyedrops, now it's my FUCKING throat! ...and I am going to see the doctor tomorrow.
The flower that's causing this was apparently brought here from North America for research during the CCCP era. Only it had no natural predators here (whatever the hell that means for a flower) and now it's fucking everywhere, and when it blooms about 70% of the local population suffer allergy symptoms. WELL THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HEAR ABOUT THIS SHIT!
This is so annoying... -_- The meds dull the symptoms but don't make them go away completely. Supposedly this should stop in the middle of September when the stupid flower stops ejaculating it's stupid pollen on everyone. *Sigh*... Oh well, just talking about it made me feel a bit better. Like 1% better -_-
New guest story. (SC34 Ver. 10.04) It's called The Space Elf's booty. It's both written and coded by  Blacktrader ([email protected]). This was the first story  Blacktrader  wrote for me back when I only started this whole guest story thing. So it's pretty short. Also it doesn't have any new art assets. In other words don't expect much. I already updated the files if you are interested though. (Android version will be uploaded in a few days).
The work. Until the allergies turned me into a whiny little bitch I've been doing a lot of progress with Episode 11. It's really shaping up nicely, but I still have a lot of work to do. I think I am about 1/3 through with the coding. If the doc gives me some decent potions tomorrow I hope to double down on the work during this week.
The games. I am slowly making my way through ToCS2. I gotta say I miss the military academy setting. But Ymir does star to feel like home little by little. Hot springs, snowboarding - it's nice ^_^
Is this love? The term WIFU gets thrown around a lot, by me as well, but I don't think I ever meant it anything for me personally. I don't think I ever liked a fictional character to a degree where I would start to idolize them. (Big reveal: I've been a fake weeb up until now). I but I think it finally happened, I left the normie camp and there is no turning back now. I think I am in love with instructor Sara. There! I said it!
Sara was my favorite in the first game, but it was all fun and games. I were never serious. But here, in ToCS2 when she showed up in the story for the first time I was just grinning like an idiot. And when she referenced a promise I made to her at the bonfire during the first game - I knew it was love. <3
I am also playing a bit of Nexomon. It's a fun game. I never played a pokemon(-like) game before, but I like this one. 
See you next week -_-
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135 - No News Yet.

Hi, bros. How is everyone doing? How is everything going/ Welcome to Monday Post #135. Feeling old yet?
No news. Really have nothing to report at this time. It was a busy week but I have nothing to show for it yet. Did a lot of coding and some light re-writes and finalizing of some scenes. The plan is to spend this week doing a lot of coding an importing art assets into the game and all that. Hopefully in the next Monday Post I will have something substantial to talk about. 
Choices. Since I need to fill this post with something let me talk some more about what I am doing differently in this episode. In Ep11 there will be a lot of choices that will (hopefully) give you the power to steer the scenes the way you personally prefer. What I mean is, usually when I write a scene I just let the events unfold. This time around I am writing this slight deviations and sort of letting the player make the final creative choice.
For example you will have the chance to be mean (or kind) to certain characters. You will have the choice to ask for more info or skip the exposition if that's what you want. And of course that is doubly so for the educational scenes with the girls.
I dunno... It all looks great in my head, by we won't know for sure if it works the way it should until you guys have a go at it and tell me what you think. Also needless to say that this extra choices thing doubles my writing workload, but I think it will be worth it in the end.
I think I will wrap this post up here. Thank you for your support. Love you all. Hugs and kisses.
"That's for today. Go away now."
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134 - It's Coding Time!


Hello, bros. How is everyone doing? Does anyone still read my intros? I can't believe I wrote 133 of them already. If any of you did actually read at least half of them - you deserve a medal. Yes. You'll never get it though because world is cruel and unfair. Welcome to another Monday post... By the way, you're adopted.
Heh... Sorry, I don't know what has gotten into me. I am kidding of course. The world is not cruel or unfair. It's peachy and full of sunshine... You ARE adopted though.
The Stream. I hosted an inking stream on Picarto this week. If you missed it - the full video is on my youtube channel. I turned off the mic for this one and didn't interact with the chat all that much, which allowed me to be a bit more productive. I still want to thank everyone who showed up though. Thank you, bros. 
The Future of Gaming. Honestly I can't wait to *not* by a PS5. I hope I don't come of as spiteful when I say this. It's not about "teaching SONY a lesson" or any such nonsense. I just want to feel happy while playing games and I can't imagine that happening with PS5. (And I have a VERY vivid imagination.) Thankfully I have a long backlog of my Japanese games and my SWITCH to run them on. 
AOKANA. The game is out and I am playing it. And I absolutely love it (so far). God bless japan. I need to get more serious with my Japanese language learning so that one day I could shift to my japanese E-Shop account completely and live a happy life. 
ToCS2. Is freaking amazing. I play it whenever I have time/energy. And it will be probably the last game I play on my PS4. Well, I could give Cyberpunk a try, we'll see how it goes. In any case. ToCS is love. 
The list. In case anyone is curios (I no nobody does but I'm still gonna indulge myself) my current backlog of games to play / to complete looks like this:
- GalGun2
- Little Busters!
- Rune Factory 4
- Moero Chronicle H
- The Grisaia Trilogy
- Trails of Cold Steel 3
- Nekopara Vol.1-3
- Hatsune Miku
- Yu-No: A Girl Who Chants
- Gun Gun Pixies
- Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
- If My Heart Had Wings
- Fairy Fencer F
- Valkyria Chronicles 4
And there are also some non-japanese games:
- Lost Horizon
- Everspace
- Riptide GP: Renegate

You see what I mean? I am pretty much set for life with all these great games (and so very little time to actually play them) and I am sure more will be released as the time goes on. I simply have no time to worry about all that mainstream gaming nonsense.
The work. I am done with the art assets. Can finally move on to the coding. This episode's development is progressing a bit slowly but it will be worth it, I promise. Thank you for your patience. 
It's alive? Oh, and apparently the animated corpse of KissAnime is still roaming the interweb. Not that I am complaining but it's a bit creepy that it's still around after the official announcement. ( 
That is all the news for this week. Thank you for your support guys. You are the best. I love you all dearly.

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133 - RIP KissAnime :(

Hello, bros. It is I - your spiritual leader. And it is *that* day of the week again. Time for another one of my famous Monday Posts. Ready! Set! Go!!! Wheeeeeeeee!
KukkoroDays. Finished the game. I gotta say out of the three (NinNinDays, TroubleDays) this was the best one. The story was still pretty bland but way better then the previous games. And the art was simply magical ^_^ Now I am waiting for AOKANA. My body is ready.
PQube. I love it how in their promotional posts the publisher doesn't even mention the PS4 version of AOKANA anymore. That realization made my day, XD
The Big News. I decided to bite the bullet and get married in HM:Light of Hope. Only took me about 50 hours to get to that point. I have a strange fondness for that game. (Please don't recommend Stardew Valley, I know it exists.)
The work. Had some health issues during this week. Turned out to be just a very strong allergy. Went to see the doctor, had some pills prescribed and now feel great again, but my productivity still took a slight hit and now I am all sulky about it. 
The Art Assets. Spent these last few weeks drawing (pencil->ink->scan->color). Still have some work to do. But hope to be done by next Monday. Will keep you posted.
That's it.  Episode 11 of SC34 will change the face of the game industry forever. Thank you for your support. (No, seriously, thank you.)
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132 - Mini Post.

Alright-y, guys. I am short both on time and energy so I will keep this post super brief.
KukkoroDays is out. I bought it, it's fun. Nothing special, but definitely worth the money.
AOKANA. It's on my wishlist. Really looking forward to playing it but will refrain from pre-ordering this time. Also PQUBE released a statement, apparently PS4 version will be seriously censored. Imagine my shock.

The work. Still working on art assets. Ep.11 will be the best thing ever but I am really not in the mood do talk about it now.

That is all. Thank you for your support. See you next week.

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131 - Late Again...


So... It's freaking August already, huh? It came right after July and yet it somehow caught me completely unawares. Oh well... How is everyone doing? Fantastic? Great? Having the worst day ever? Well, that's just wonderful. Welcome to another Monday Post. Get ready for the positive, family friendly vibes to just wash over you.
The tragedy. In case you haven't heard yet I made I huge mistake and reordered that new Fairy Tail game. The devs made us all dirty though... They put a fucking black void under every skirt in the game. The worst part is it's Fairy Tail, which means there are short skirts everywhere, and the camera often travels into the holy land of the up-skirt during many animations, and every time it does you stare into the black abyss. 

No! I don't care about mods, I am an adult and have no time for that crap. I bought the game to play it not to tinker with the source code. The worst part is they completely misrepresented the game in the trailers. But hey, nobody forced my hand, I broke the sacred rule and paid the ultimate price. (The rule being of course: YOU NEVER FUCKING PRE-ORDER!)
To other news. I finished Trouble Days. Took me about 5 hours. Just like the NinNin Days the story here is somewhat flat, but the art is freaking fantastic and all in all it was a fun little adventure. I know PC version has 18+ scenes but honestly it worked just fine without them for me. Oh and next game in the series (KukkoroDays) drops in a few days. I'm really looking forward to playing that one as well.

The work. Episode 11 will definitely take me a while, but I made my peace with it. After all nobody ever looked at a poorly made game and said: "Man this is shitty, but it sure came out on time!" (That being said, thank you for your patience. Love you <3)

SS. Looks like I've lost a couple of subscribers here. Oh well... -_-

Oh and this week I even recorded a short inking vid for you. It's been a while since I streamed or recorded any vids to setting things up again was a bit of a pain. I hope it was worth it :)

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130 - Just Another Monday Post...

Hi, guys. This post went live a couple of hours late. I don't know how many of you have noticed this, but I usually make the post at around the same time. Today was a busy day so I am a bit late. Well anyway, let's get started. This was a busy week. I had some health issues to work through. Nothing major but it did affect my productivity. And what is even more important I didn't even have much time to play games on my beloved SWITCH. Oh, well, here is to this week being better then the last one. And I wish the same to you all, bros.

KukkoroDays. Not that anyone cares but I am really hyped to play that naughty little VN on my SWITCH when it finally releases. I beat NinNin Days long time ago. The story was a bit flat by the art was freaking amazing. Now I am slowly making my way through Trouble Days. This one is by the same writer and the same artist but so far the story feels way more engaging (Lovelia is such a cutie). Also I really appreciate the fact that in this day and age I have a chance to play games on Nintendo that have lines like this: 
And I think I'll just wrap things up here. This was a hectic week and I just want to get back to work now.
P.S.  Thank you for supporting me here on SS, really. Every singe $ of your support makes my life a bit less stressful. Love you all, hugs and kisses. Your el general signing off.

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