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Public post

139 - Not Yet.

Hello, bros. Are you ready to be assaulted nonconsentually by a powerful bulky stream of positivety and family friendliness? No? Good! Here it comes! Monday Post 139!!!
No news. Not much happened during this week (which is a good thing in my book). The guys from "Lewd School" invited me to have a talk as a guest speaker of sorts (it was a voice chat with 10+ artist people). I indeed up talking for 2 hours about my personal experiences of being an indie educational games developer.
Games. I continue to play ToCS2. 60+ hours in. The middle of act 2 (it feels like the middle anyways). This must be the most grounded and yet engaging story in a game I have ever had a pleasure experiencing. Absolutely love it. 
Also Breath Of The Wild. I play that game in short sessions (Since ToCS2 takes all my gaming time). By the way I don't play BoTW because it's the best game ever. I just want that wooden sword in Age of Calamity, since everyone who finished BoTW will get it. Wait do I actually need to finish the game or just having it is enough? -_- The plan is to beat it before November 20th, wooden sword or no wooden sword.
Gal*Gun REMASTER is supposed to drop in January. It will include all sorts of new addons and DLCs and stuff. I am super hyped for that game. And the fact that the publisher decided to skip PlayStation altogether this time just warms my heart.
The Coffee. In the previous post I nonchalantly said something about making myself a cup of cheap coffee, as a result there were several comments reprimanding me for drinking some cheap swill instead of the expensive stuff. Well I don't know what to tell you bros. I love the cheap swill, it tastes good. But I do have a (cheap) coffee machine for the times when I am feeling especially fancy. Also my Nintendo cup makes any coffee taste like an anime girl's tears of happiness.
The work. I hope to finish coding and event today. After that there will be two more events. After that I will write the "Next Episode Preview" event and code it in also. After that I will be able to move on to the sound. It will be a while still. Thank you for your patience bros. This Ep will be special. You'll see.
That is it I think. Another Monday Post is done. Time to get back to work. Love you all. Hugs and kisses and positive vibes. Don't forget to remind you girlfriend, wife, stepmom or hot girl next-door to practice simhasana often. It's important. Laterz.

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Public post

138 - Hyping up Ep11.

Hello, bros! How is life? It's Monday again and you know what THAT means. I can't believe we are more than half-way through the September already though. What the heck? 0_0
Oh well, I hope everybody is doing well. Thank you for showing up for another Monday Post. 
BoTW. I am slowly making my way through the game. Two mechanical beasts down. Two to go. Yes I know me discussing my anime games is exactly the quality content I pledged for. Well, you should be happy to know that there is more where that came from. But before that I want to discuss something else: BoTW based family friendly materials!
I'm so proud of this community. Did you know there were so many educational  Breath of The Wild videos out there? Well, I'm sure you did. But I didn't and it was such a pleasant discovery. And with the new Warriors game on the horizon I'm sure there will be more. Oh, what a time to be alive.
The New Harry Potter game looks about as modern as you'd expect. Along with The Avengers, WD:LEGION, AC:Valhalla and all the other recent, creatively bankrupt nonsense with a color pallet of an oatmeal cookie. (God, I'm so happy I decided to buy the Switch when I did. )
Trails of Cold Steel 2. I am on Act2. (About 45 hours in). To be honest the narrative doesn't feel as stellar as it was in the first game. The whole military airship run by a bunch of students feels INCREDIBLY forced. That being said I still enjoy the game immensely. And how can I not with them micro skirts present <3.
The work. Well the Ep11 development is going well. As I mentioned a million times already I decided to give into my creative urges with this one. With episodes 7 through 10 I've been concentrating heavily on the development times. It resulted in a more timely releases but also in a lot of compromises and abandoned ideas. Episode 11 on the other hand will feature way less compromising. It takes more effort, but gives me more satisfaction in my work. I am very excited to share the result with you guys and I haven't felt that strongly about an episode for a while now. (DISCLAMER: the picture above is an old WIP from my DISCORD server, the typos have already been reported).
New backgrounds. I slowly continue to order new backgrounds from my best background guy. His work is not cheap but considering the level of quality he continuously delivers it worth every coin. Thanks to your pledges it is possible for me to hire literal industry professionals like him. Thank you for your support guys. 
That's all. I think I'll just wrap things up here. I'll go make myself a cup of cheap coffee and get back to work. Thank you for being a part of my life. Hugs and kisses. Ep11 will provide you some quality stress-relief moments. Be ready.
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Public post

137 - Simhasana.

Sup bros. It's your ever-cheerful leader. I brought you another care-package full of wholesomeness and strictly family friendly content. 
Seriously though, another week went by and I am still around, and YOU are still around, that alone is a good cause to be thankful, don't you agree? Imagine one day I will be making a post announcing my retirement? Now that would be a sucky day. But this is just another Monday: I am working on EP11, you continue to send me your coins and Nintendo just announced Hyrule Warriors which made me get back into playing Breath of the Wild again. Life is good. ^_^ (I definitely jinxed it all to hell now though).
The games. Like I said I got back to playing Zelda while also playing ToCS2. Heh, I always make it sound like I am this super dedicated gamer, but the truth is I usually play in very short sessions. I think it's about an hour of ToCS2 a day and short random bursts of stuff on my Swicth now and then (for now mostly Zelda). Rest of the time I am either too busy or too tired.
The health and stuff. I am doing the things my doctor (and some of you in the comments) recommended: trying to stay home, take showers as soon as I get home, wash my outdoor clothes often ect. And also pop the pills of course. The bottom line is this: the quality of my life went back to normal. Yay. ^_^
The work. I spent the week coding the scenes. A lot of work has been done. But I still have plenty of work ahead. The multiple choices require more effort but I did test the scenes that I already assembled and it works exactly I hoped it would: the scenes became way more interactive. I'm sure some of you may feel differently about this though. After episode 11 is out I will hold a poll and we will decided together if I should do this multiple choices thing with Ep12 as well or should get back to the regular more linear (kinetic) scenes.
The YOGA. By the way the pictures in today's post are all dedicated to the Lion Pose (or Simhasana). You know how serious I am about making sure my content is not only entreating but also educational. So here you go, you learned something new. You are welcome.
Last thing I want to mention is that Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake looks laughably bad. But in this day and age it's to be expected. Anyway, I love you all dearly. Thank you for supporting my work. I'll see you all next Monday hopefully :)
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Public post

136 - The Space Pirate's Booty

So, my allergies are back. And... IT PISSES ME OFF TO NO END!!! I know this is not really a serious thing to complain about, but DEAR GOD it just infuriates me with how much it discomforts my life right now. Apparently it's a common thing around these parts during this time of year and I am experiencing it for the first time because I've only lived here for a few years. 
First it was my nose, I went to the doctor -- got the pills. Then it was my eyes -- I went to the doctor got the eyedrops, now it's my FUCKING throat! ...and I am going to see the doctor tomorrow.
The flower that's causing this was apparently brought here from North America for research during the CCCP era. Only it had no natural predators here (whatever the hell that means for a flower) and now it's fucking everywhere, and when it blooms about 70% of the local population suffer allergy symptoms. WELL THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HEAR ABOUT THIS SHIT!
This is so annoying... -_- The meds dull the symptoms but don't make them go away completely. Supposedly this should stop in the middle of September when the stupid flower stops ejaculating it's stupid pollen on everyone. *Sigh*... Oh well, just talking about it made me feel a bit better. Like 1% better -_-
New guest story. (SC34 Ver. 10.04) It's called The Space Elf's booty. It's both written and coded by  Blacktrader ([email protected]). This was the first story  Blacktrader  wrote for me back when I only started this whole guest story thing. So it's pretty short. Also it doesn't have any new art assets. In other words don't expect much. I already updated the files if you are interested though. (Android version will be uploaded in a few days).
The work. Until the allergies turned me into a whiny little bitch I've been doing a lot of progress with Episode 11. It's really shaping up nicely, but I still have a lot of work to do. I think I am about 1/3 through with the coding. If the doc gives me some decent potions tomorrow I hope to double down on the work during this week.
The games. I am slowly making my way through ToCS2. I gotta say I miss the military academy setting. But Ymir does star to feel like home little by little. Hot springs, snowboarding - it's nice ^_^
Is this love? The term WIFU gets thrown around a lot, by me as well, but I don't think I ever meant it anything for me personally. I don't think I ever liked a fictional character to a degree where I would start to idolize them. (Big reveal: I've been a fake weeb up until now). I but I think it finally happened, I left the normie camp and there is no turning back now. I think I am in love with instructor Sara. There! I said it!
Sara was my favorite in the first game, but it was all fun and games. I were never serious. But here, in ToCS2 when she showed up in the story for the first time I was just grinning like an idiot. And when she referenced a promise I made to her at the bonfire during the first game - I knew it was love. <3
I am also playing a bit of Nexomon. It's a fun game. I never played a pokemon(-like) game before, but I like this one. 
See you next week -_-
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Public post

135 - No News Yet.

Hi, bros. How is everyone doing? How is everything going/ Welcome to Monday Post #135. Feeling old yet?
No news. Really have nothing to report at this time. It was a busy week but I have nothing to show for it yet. Did a lot of coding and some light re-writes and finalizing of some scenes. The plan is to spend this week doing a lot of coding an importing art assets into the game and all that. Hopefully in the next Monday Post I will have something substantial to talk about. 
Choices. Since I need to fill this post with something let me talk some more about what I am doing differently in this episode. In Ep11 there will be a lot of choices that will (hopefully) give you the power to steer the scenes the way you personally prefer. What I mean is, usually when I write a scene I just let the events unfold. This time around I am writing this slight deviations and sort of letting the player make the final creative choice.
For example you will have the chance to be mean (or kind) to certain characters. You will have the choice to ask for more info or skip the exposition if that's what you want. And of course that is doubly so for the educational scenes with the girls.
I dunno... It all looks great in my head, by we won't know for sure if it works the way it should until you guys have a go at it and tell me what you think. Also needless to say that this extra choices thing doubles my writing workload, but I think it will be worth it in the end.
I think I will wrap this post up here. Thank you for your support. Love you all. Hugs and kisses.
"That's for today. Go away now."
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Public post

134 - It's Coding Time!


Hello, bros. How is everyone doing? Does anyone still read my intros? I can't believe I wrote 133 of them already. If any of you did actually read at least half of them - you deserve a medal. Yes. You'll never get it though because world is cruel and unfair. Welcome to another Monday post... By the way, you're adopted.
Heh... Sorry, I don't know what has gotten into me. I am kidding of course. The world is not cruel or unfair. It's peachy and full of sunshine... You ARE adopted though.
The Stream. I hosted an inking stream on Picarto this week. If you missed it - the full video is on my youtube channel. I turned off the mic for this one and didn't interact with the chat all that much, which allowed me to be a bit more productive. I still want to thank everyone who showed up though. Thank you, bros. 
The Future of Gaming. Honestly I can't wait to *not* by a PS5. I hope I don't come of as spiteful when I say this. It's not about "teaching SONY a lesson" or any such nonsense. I just want to feel happy while playing games and I can't imagine that happening with PS5. (And I have a VERY vivid imagination.) Thankfully I have a long backlog of my Japanese games and my SWITCH to run them on. 
AOKANA. The game is out and I am playing it. And I absolutely love it (so far). God bless japan. I need to get more serious with my Japanese language learning so that one day I could shift to my japanese E-Shop account completely and live a happy life. 
ToCS2. Is freaking amazing. I play it whenever I have time/energy. And it will be probably the last game I play on my PS4. Well, I could give Cyberpunk a try, we'll see how it goes. In any case. ToCS is love. 
The list. In case anyone is curios (I no nobody does but I'm still gonna indulge myself) my current backlog of games to play / to complete looks like this:
- GalGun2
- Little Busters!
- Rune Factory 4
- Moero Chronicle H
- The Grisaia Trilogy
- Trails of Cold Steel 3
- Nekopara Vol.1-3
- Hatsune Miku
- Yu-No: A Girl Who Chants
- Gun Gun Pixies
- Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
- If My Heart Had Wings
- Fairy Fencer F
- Valkyria Chronicles 4
And there are also some non-japanese games:
- Lost Horizon
- Everspace
- Riptide GP: Renegate

You see what I mean? I am pretty much set for life with all these great games (and so very little time to actually play them) and I am sure more will be released as the time goes on. I simply have no time to worry about all that mainstream gaming nonsense.
The work. I am done with the art assets. Can finally move on to the coding. This episode's development is progressing a bit slowly but it will be worth it, I promise. Thank you for your patience. 
It's alive? Oh, and apparently the animated corpse of KissAnime is still roaming the interweb. Not that I am complaining but it's a bit creepy that it's still around after the official announcement. ( 
That is all the news for this week. Thank you for your support guys. You are the best. I love you all dearly.

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Public post

133 - RIP KissAnime :(

Hello, bros. It is I - your spiritual leader. And it is *that* day of the week again. Time for another one of my famous Monday Posts. Ready! Set! Go!!! Wheeeeeeeee!
KukkoroDays. Finished the game. I gotta say out of the three (NinNinDays, TroubleDays) this was the best one. The story was still pretty bland but way better then the previous games. And the art was simply magical ^_^ Now I am waiting for AOKANA. My body is ready.
PQube. I love it how in their promotional posts the publisher doesn't even mention the PS4 version of AOKANA anymore. That realization made my day, XD
The Big News. I decided to bite the bullet and get married in HM:Light of Hope. Only took me about 50 hours to get to that point. I have a strange fondness for that game. (Please don't recommend Stardew Valley, I know it exists.)
The work. Had some health issues during this week. Turned out to be just a very strong allergy. Went to see the doctor, had some pills prescribed and now feel great again, but my productivity still took a slight hit and now I am all sulky about it. 
The Art Assets. Spent these last few weeks drawing (pencil->ink->scan->color). Still have some work to do. But hope to be done by next Monday. Will keep you posted.
That's it.  Episode 11 of SC34 will change the face of the game industry forever. Thank you for your support. (No, seriously, thank you.)
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Public post

132 - Mini Post.

Alright-y, guys. I am short both on time and energy so I will keep this post super brief.
KukkoroDays is out. I bought it, it's fun. Nothing special, but definitely worth the money.
AOKANA. It's on my wishlist. Really looking forward to playing it but will refrain from pre-ordering this time. Also PQUBE released a statement, apparently PS4 version will be seriously censored. Imagine my shock.

The work. Still working on art assets. Ep.11 will be the best thing ever but I am really not in the mood do talk about it now.

That is all. Thank you for your support. See you next week.

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Public post

131 - Late Again...


So... It's freaking August already, huh? It came right after July and yet it somehow caught me completely unawares. Oh well... How is everyone doing? Fantastic? Great? Having the worst day ever? Well, that's just wonderful. Welcome to another Monday Post. Get ready for the positive, family friendly vibes to just wash over you.
The tragedy. In case you haven't heard yet I made I huge mistake and reordered that new Fairy Tail game. The devs made us all dirty though... They put a fucking black void under every skirt in the game. The worst part is it's Fairy Tail, which means there are short skirts everywhere, and the camera often travels into the holy land of the up-skirt during many animations, and every time it does you stare into the black abyss. 

No! I don't care about mods, I am an adult and have no time for that crap. I bought the game to play it not to tinker with the source code. The worst part is they completely misrepresented the game in the trailers. But hey, nobody forced my hand, I broke the sacred rule and paid the ultimate price. (The rule being of course: YOU NEVER FUCKING PRE-ORDER!)
To other news. I finished Trouble Days. Took me about 5 hours. Just like the NinNin Days the story here is somewhat flat, but the art is freaking fantastic and all in all it was a fun little adventure. I know PC version has 18+ scenes but honestly it worked just fine without them for me. Oh and next game in the series (KukkoroDays) drops in a few days. I'm really looking forward to playing that one as well.

The work. Episode 11 will definitely take me a while, but I made my peace with it. After all nobody ever looked at a poorly made game and said: "Man this is shitty, but it sure came out on time!" (That being said, thank you for your patience. Love you <3)

SS. Looks like I've lost a couple of subscribers here. Oh well... -_-

Oh and this week I even recorded a short inking vid for you. It's been a while since I streamed or recorded any vids to setting things up again was a bit of a pain. I hope it was worth it :)

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Public post

130 - Just Another Monday Post...

Hi, guys. This post went live a couple of hours late. I don't know how many of you have noticed this, but I usually make the post at around the same time. Today was a busy day so I am a bit late. Well anyway, let's get started. This was a busy week. I had some health issues to work through. Nothing major but it did affect my productivity. And what is even more important I didn't even have much time to play games on my beloved SWITCH. Oh, well, here is to this week being better then the last one. And I wish the same to you all, bros.

KukkoroDays. Not that anyone cares but I am really hyped to play that naughty little VN on my SWITCH when it finally releases. I beat NinNin Days long time ago. The story was a bit flat by the art was freaking amazing. Now I am slowly making my way through Trouble Days. This one is by the same writer and the same artist but so far the story feels way more engaging (Lovelia is such a cutie). Also I really appreciate the fact that in this day and age I have a chance to play games on Nintendo that have lines like this: 
And I think I'll just wrap things up here. This was a hectic week and I just want to get back to work now.
P.S.  Thank you for supporting me here on SS, really. Every singe $ of your support makes my life a bit less stressful. Love you all, hugs and kisses. Your el general signing off.

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Public post

129 - Aaaaaaaah!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Khem!* Right... I decided to start this week's Monday post somewhat originally: by suddenly yelling at you through the text. Just trying to keep things fresh. Heh, so how is it going cherished bros?

Work Work. I am finally done with the majority of the writing... Whew! There will be some re-writes here and there but the main bulk is done. Will be spending a lot more time working on the art assets now.

DragonQuest Builders 2. Not a fun of mincraft or anything but decided to give this one a try. Good thing they had a demo on E-Shop since only after spending 5+ hours on the game it finally started to understand what kind of game it was. 

Dungeon Keeper. Anyone remembers that game? (The first one.) I was crazy about that game when I was a kid. Well DQB2 kind of reminds me of it: it's a simulation, you build things and you get to explore the stuff you did from a first person perspective :) And you get to see your "creatures" go around their business, eat sleep and such.
The Puff-Puff. And if that wasn't enough DQB2 has a proper story and RPG-like characters. I am on the second island right now and I need to build a pub for a bunch of miners. There is only one chick on the island for now - the pub's owner daughter (By the name of Babs). And she wants to be a dancer-girl in her father's pub to entertain the miners. That sounds A LOT like the whole Maslab-Iris story to me :)

And that's it. Just another Monday Post. Moving on... Love you all.
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Public post


Hello dudes. How is life? Can I just say that I really love posting (re-posting) here on SS? Making posts here just makes me really relaxed somehow. On Patreon I always feel like the big brother is watching. To be fair about 5 years ago Patreon was a pretty amazing platform to share your content on, and if eventually SS becomes big enough entity it will most likely change as well. But for now, right now, at this very moment, today: I am really enjoying making posts here ^_^ And I love with a passionate bro-love all my 17 subscribers here. Thank you for the support guys :) 

That being said this was a good week for me personally. Nothing out of ordinary happened (good or bad) and it's a good thing on itself :) I managed to get a lot of work done and continue to really enjoy working on EP11. I know it will be a while before it's ready for the release but like I said, this time around I decided to not give a damn about the deadlines. 

The idea is to release a well done and polished piece of content and to feel really happy with my self about it. And only after that do I plan to start counting days, realize it took me way to long and proceed to feel down about it. Until that moment though I plan to have fun.

Also during this week 3 new patrons have joined our little brigade of cultured men. Welcome aboard, dudes. Thank you for feeding me.

This concludes this week's post. Thank you for our support. Love you.

P.S. Also I decided to end this post with a philosophical block of text. (Feel free to ignore it) It did help "bring my blood pressure down" a bit though...

The Philosophical Block of Text:

There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically.
“Maybe,” the farmer replied.
The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed.
“Maybe,” replied the old man.
The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy for what they called his “misfortune.”
“Maybe,” answered the farmer.
The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.
“Maybe,” said the farmer.

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Public post

127 - Another Monday, Another Post.

Sup, bros! How is everyone doing? Good? Well? Fantastic? Well, I sure hope so. My 15 people who support me here on SS. Thank you. You honestly making me less anxious about getting booted from Patreon eventually. (We know it's gonna happen sooner or later).

About Ep11. I am approaching the storytelling a bit differently with this one. Trying to make it a bit more interactive by weaving in more choices into the narrative. So there will be plenty of, mostly inconsequential, choices that will (hopefully) allow you to have a more personalized experience with this episode. Allow you to roleplay a bit so to speak.

EXAMPLE 01. What I mean is, for example you need to ask a girl to do something. Normally I would just write the scene, but this time I am putting in 3 buttons as such:
-[ ASK ]-
-[ REASON ]-
-[ ORDER ]-
As a result the girl will still do what you tell her to, but how you go around making her do it, will be up to you.

The Result. Naturally having to write three different scenes where I would normally write only one demands extra time and effort. But sometimes it actually makes my life easier because if I have two working jokes or scenes that I think will work I don't have to choose only one anymore, I can put both of them in and let you decide. That sort of takes the responsibility off of my shoulders a bit.

EXAMLE 02. Another good example of this I want to show you:
- "Unless it's not."-
-"What's I.T.D.?"-
-"Get to the point!"-
Here you can continue the conversation or dig deeper for the lore or even skip the exposition entirely. Again, it means more work for me, but feels very liberating, since I don't feel like I am force-feeding the player 90% of the story. I'm just putting extra scenes out there for those who are interested.

So yeah, there will be a ton of choices in this one. And that will translate into the educational scenes as well of course. In other words there will be more stuff for you to choose from than the regular "Pull out/Don't pull out".

Well in any case, I am just sharing my thoughts here. Episode 11 will be interesting. ^_^ And that's it. Thank you for your support. Love you all. Nazdorovie!

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Public post

126 - Episode 11 will affect the size of your PP.

How is it going bros? Good? Great! I'm alive and well too. No polls this time. So far we did learn though that many people like Hermione, use Windows and own a Nintendo SWITCH. At this point I am having a hard time coming up with new poll questions. If you have any bright ideas- feel free to share them in the comment section.

Episode 11 will be a special one. I know I've been saying this a lot lately: Ep8 was special because it was the first SimRoom story and had multiple endings, Ep9 was special because it had many illustrations that weren't necessarily full screen CGs and ep10 was special because it took place in the PT universe. But here we are again and Ep11 will be special too.

Coming soon* The main change with working on Ep11 for me is the way I decided to approach working on it. For quite a while now I've been concentrating heavily on spitting on new episodes as quickly as I can (without making too many compromises). I thought releasing updates in a timely manner would feel good, and it did to an extent, but over time I started to feel like I am rushing things a bit too much. So my design philosophy for for Ep11 is to take things a bit slower and actually have some fun with it, and add choices and graphical assets that are not absolutely essential but would be just fun to work on for me personally.

Worry not. Over the years I've gotten fairly good at planning out a project scale ahead of time to make sure it doesn't get over-bloated with too many ideas. Everything mentioned above should result in a slightly better shaped out story with a few more extra choices a few more jokes that lend a bit better and a few more scenes that will make the educational scenes a bit more exiting. That's all I have to say for this post. Love you all. Off to the lab now.

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 125 - The New Guest Story is OUT!

Hi bros! How is everyone doing? Fantastic? Great? Wonderful? Having the best day ever? The best week ever maybe? Or the best month/year ever??! What a coincidence: ME TOO!!! Everything is great and wonderful and I am looking towards the future wondering what wonderful surprises life has in stock for us all! Surely it will be something amazing!

No I did not take any drugs before sitting down to write this post. Well I did drink some coffee but I don't think it counts. In fact I KNOW it does not count because it was a damn good coffee but I barely feel any effects of it. Damn, even the coffee is not what it used to be... Back in my day a cup of coffee would give you an alert state, shaky hands and hard pp.

Ignore the intro. I couldn't figure out how to start the post so I though maybe I should make it a bit less depressing then usual, just for the heck of it :)
New guest story! The new guest story: "Blue Balls and Necromancy" is out. I updated the files on so just go there and download the version 10.03 of the game. Don't expect too much, this is just a fun little story to give you something to chew on while I work on Ep11. 

And that's it. Thank you for you support. I hope this will be a decent week for everyone. Stay strong, stay safe but more importantly: stay cool and keep playing my games. Hugs and kisses <3

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124 - Next Monday.

Hi, bros.
How is everyone doing? Your benevolent leader speaking. I brought you some merry news so strap your selves in and let's dive right into it! 
I am working on episode 11. This time around I decided not to stress about the deadline that much. This will most likely result in a longer development time, but I really want to just enjoy the process instead of rushing things. I've been rushing things for many episodes now and I feel like I am getting a bit tired. This doesn't mean the story will be slowing down though. Things will be getting steamy in Ep11 I assure you.
Guest story. And last but not least: New guest story will be dropping next Monday. "Blue Ball and Necromancy" written by Blacktrader and coded in by Hell Void. A short adventure story with 3 different endings. I really liked this one so I decided to brake my own rule and added some small new art assets to give every ending a bit more weight. So yeah, next Monday, mark your calendars folks :)

That's it. Whenever I start having too much fun writing a Post (like I do now) I usually end up wasting too much time looking for clever cover pictures and edgy gifs. I think my time will be better spent working on Ep11 and finalizing and testing the guest story. Thank you for your support, bros. I love you all dearly. Peace.

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Hi, bros. How is it going? 2020 has been a fun year so far, hasn't it? I hope everyone is doing well and stuff... Don't have much to say actually, apart from mentioning that this is Monday Post number 123. That is 2+ years of non-stop Monday Posting... (Haven't missed a single one!) That's both impressive... and depressing. Almost feel like I should get a life or something. But no, I don't think I would want to have it any other way.
The cesspool. I have 10K followers on twitter now. I've been secretly waiting for this to happen for a while... But as it happens the wait was too long and now that it finally happened I don't even care that much anymore. Don't even have any celebratory pics prepared or anything... 10K is a big number though... Maybe I should do a butt reveal or something.

The work. I'm sure you already know what I'll say: the work is being done. That's all. With this episode I am trying to spice things up a bit (mainly for my own sake) and add a few extra choices both to the dialogs and the educational CG scenes. I wonder if because of that the Ep will feel a bit on a shorter side. Well, will see. Also the guest story taking a bit longer to finish up then I hoped it would, but it's still coming. Soon :)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Beat the game last week. Took me 127 hours. One hundred twenty seven hours bros... on a fucking anime game. I will be turning 40 years old in a few years., what the heck am I doing with my life? The worst part is: I love my stupid anime games to death T_T

ToCS's ending was simply magnificent by the way. I wasn't sure before but after beating the game I must say ToCS is my most favorite game ever at the moment. Persona4 has spectacular gameplay, but the ending was an incoherent mess. Well, anyway I already bought ToCS2 and can't wait to spend another hundred hours (probably 2 month of real time) in that world with my anime classmates. ^_^ 

SWTOR. I still play that every now and then. It's nice that the game is still around. I wonder how much longer will it last. I always experience this warm welcoming nostalgic feel when I boot it up. It was created back when western game developing companies actually had creative people working for them. Good old days ^^ I am on Starforge server. The name is "akabur" :)

And that is it. I love you all guys. I dunno... I just want to host a stream where I could sit for 6 hours and me a thot: do nothing and maybe share a beer with all of you. This was quite a journey wasn't it? ^_^ Well, stay safe and go play some anime games while I am working on another piece of family friendly content for you. Here is a gif from a bygone era of gaming that I miss dearly. 
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122 - Work, Work.

Hi bros. Your best bro Akabur is here. I'm alive. All is good. Have nothing of importance to report...

Working on Ep11. I plan to get more aggressive both with the story development and the girl's training sessions starting with this one. Well, we'll see how this will turn out I guess ^_^

Also SC34 reached 100k downloads on I've been sneakily waiting for this to happen for a while now. Yay. ^_^ This doesn't mean anything of course, just a round number for me to look at. Thank you for all the support, guys.

Also I am still playing the Trails of Cold Steel. My experience with the game so far: "came for the buns, stayed for the funs". Originally the character design and setting piqued my interest but then... then the story happend. ToCS easily takes the second place on my "best games evar" list right now. Persona4 is still number one, but we'll see how it goes.

And that's it I think. Next sim story (illustrated by me :) is in the works, as soon as the coding guy and the background artist guy are done with their parts I will be able to release it. 

As for episode 11 it is still on the early stages... Early stages usually take the most effort out of me since I have to get into the grove again after releasing an episode, but as I pick up steam with every week it gets easier. I'm really looking forward to cranking up both the action and the sexiness in this one. Let's hope I will be able to pull it off (and in a timely manner too).

Thank you for all the support, guys. For your words of support, for you moneys of support. For everything. Love you all. Episode 11 is gonna rock! ^^

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121 - I like to draw stuff.

Sup, dudes. How is it going? I hope everybody is doing well...  I'll refrain from commenting of the weirdness of year 2020 as a whole so far, after all we are all living it and share this unique experience together.

Episode 10 was a huge success! Well, maybe, I dunno... There is no way for me to judge the overall popularity of the episodes since I don't have sales numbers  or anything. But you guys continue to support me despite the tough times so I will take it as a sign that you continue to enjoy my work.

I like to draw things. What I mean is: I enjoy writing and I don't mind simple coding but nothing satisfies me as much as drawing does. Drawing calm my nerves and makes me believe (even if falsely) that everything will be OK.

That being said, episode 11 will, most likely, have a few extra drawings and a bit less text then usual. At least that's how I feel about approaching it for the moment.
Work, work. Episode 11 is in the works, but still on the early stages. In the meantime another guest story is incoming. I hope you're ready. This one will be shorter then "The Thing" was, but it will have 3 different endings, all of which will be illustrated by yours trully! Yes, I know, the whole idea for these guest stories was to keep my involvement to the minimum but I felt like illustrating this one, so I hope you will forgive me indulging my creative urges. :)
Xenoblade Chronicles Remaster is almost here. People keep saying that it's an awesome game, and I really hope that's in fact the case. Personally I am just looking forward to playing dress up with my party characters' armours. 

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Currently I  am 100+ hours in (I know that because I just got that "Trails In The Couch" trophy) and still only on chapter 6. Absolutely love that game so far. The world-building  and story-telling in this one is so good it is almost beyond my compression.  ToCS is getting real close to dethroning Persona 4 Golden as my most favorite game ever.

That's it for now. No news really. I plan to spend next week drawing and playing video games and trying not thinking too hard about where my life is going.

Love you all. Thank you for your support.

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120 - Episode 10. Public Release!

Hello. This is me - your benevolent leader. I am here today to share another amazing piece of educational material with you. Go download it and share it with you family and friends. 

Thank you for all the bugs and typos reported over the week. Here is a list of things that's been fixed:
- A number of typos.
- Lola's slavegirl outfit has a proper phrase now.
- Azalea's outfit selection button fixed.
- A list of all the title screen illustrations  added to the CG gallery.
- L.O.L.A. pantiless version added.
- Jasmine full nude version added.
- Lara topless mocap suit added. 

And that's about it. I don't feel like talking much. All is good, working on Episode 11. Thank you for your support. -_-

Oh, and you can find the new episode on my account. There will be no MEGA or MediFire links this time. Please don't kill me.

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from 11 May, 2020

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118 - Coming Soon!

*Pic above is from old, old, OLD project: Broken Hart Bordello. I dug it up just for the heck of it. This pic is 10+ years old by now. Hand drawn and colored with a Copic marker I believe.

Hello my dear friends and allies. I am Akabur -- a well-known creator of family friendly educational content here on Patreon.  Welcome to another Monday Post - the safest place on the entire site. Now just relax and let the safeness wash over you.

Today I decided to cook some pancakes (or crepes or whatever you want to call them). By the time I was done I was so pleased with my culinary talents that I immediately took loads of pictures in an attempt to savor this glorious moment in my life for the generations to come. Here is but only one of the pics. Marvel at my magnificence:
Episode 10 is almost ready. Yay. At the moment I am working on adding the sound. As soon as I am done with that I will send all the in-game texts to Lyk ( ) for proofreading. While he does that I will work on Personnel Files (the crew quarters), CG gallery and all that stuff. So yeah, aiming for next Monday with the release. Some things could still go wrong of course, but for now it's looking good ^^

And that's it. I better get to work now. Thank you for your support, bros.
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117 - The Thing and The ALX XD

First things first. Have you seen the absolutely amazing mural ALX dropped on us very recently? If you haven't yet you should correct that misstep as soon as possible. I can't share any direct links here because that stupendously awesome piece of illustration contains... Well, it contains everything that is good and right with this world. Anyway, look it up, it's  absolutely amazing. But of course my opinion is a bias one since I appear in it as well, and not alone but with a whole harem of familiar faces. EDIT: Here on SS I absolutely can share any alinks I want though. So you can find ALX's pic here. Check it out, it's worth it, I assure you:
Next news. I fully completed a game called Tokyo School Life. Been playing it on my switch on and off for quite some time. The game took me 15 hours to unlock all the endings. I know nobody cares but you can't tell you heart not to love, and I loved that game. 

Also I am back to playing Trails of Cold Steel with occasional outburst of Zelda. And I did try to play Skyrim on my Switch only to realize that I can't stand it. Somehow I didn't notice that before but it's full of... weird stuff. In the first town there is a woman that often comes up to me and says how strong and independent she is, there is a girl running around talking about giving a bloody lip to men, women and old people. It's like some sort of mad world 0_0 Was it always like that? I guess I used to be way more innocent and somehow never noticed any of it before. 

That being said I do appreciate the fact that the game let me murder the poor woman-- Urm, I mean the strong independent woman, in cold blood, then go to prison for like half a minute, then re-spawn near her corpse. Where I proceeded to steal all her valuables, including her clothes and after that spent way too much time dragging her corpse around town and arranging it in odd positions like some nightmarish mummy doll. Yeah, forget what I said, Skyrim is great. But I think I'll stick to my weebo Japanese games, filled with positive vibes, tits and characters who actually behave like human beings.   

Elevator pitch! If you don't  know what that is... look it up ^^ In any case I understand now that studio executives not nervelessly are being dicks when they demand your ideas to be presented in a timely fashion. They are just a very busy people. I just got in email from a dude saying: "This is more of an idea for a mini game than a story..." followed with a description of some complex "mini" game. And I don't have time to even read through it, I reply with short: "Can't do mini games, need linear story. Sorry." And then I move on to the next dozen of new emails. I do that because otherwise I will be stuck with these letters forever. So yeah, when presenting your ideas it's very important to spark the listener's interest with the first few words or it could never go farther then that, no matter how good it is. -_-
The Thing. Let me present to you our first ever guest story. (You can find it in the Sim-Room) Written by Loose Cannon. This is a short and completely linear story. I already sneakily updated the game files on so if you feel like it - you know what to do. ( Don't expect too much though, this story runs on the art assets that are already in the game, meaning that you won't see any CGs or new costumes - just text. Also naturally this one is added to the game permanently so you can always play later, when you download the next version of the game, when Episode 10 drops.

Coming When? Coming Soon. I am almost done putting the scenes together for Episode 10.  If all goes well I could release it next Monday even. But I've been doing this long enough to know that things NEVER go according to plan so a more realistic estimate for the release of Ep.10 would be two weeks from now. Even though now that I said it out loud I probably jinxed that date as well... Oh, well, I just want you to now that next episode is coming soon and we have out first guest story to entertain you in the meantime :)

That is it. I think I better get back to work now. Love you all. <3

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116 - Is It Monday Already? 0_0

Hello, epic bros. I'm still around, business as usual here. How are you doing? Keeping safe I hope? Also 12 subscribers? Whaaaaaaaa...?! Thank you for your support, dudes ^^

Seriously though, is it Monday already? Even before the current situation in the world I used to often feel like time goes by way too quickly. But these days it seem to just swoosh past me at a speed of light 0_0

Coming Soon* So last week has been spent solely on assembling the scenes (and realizing that this character sprite needs tweaking or that drawing contains a minor mistake that needs fixing). All in all it was a productive week, but I still have a lot of work ahead of me... This week I hope to finish putting the scenes together and move on to sound and putting the flags and triggers in to make sure that the events won't launch out of order and such.

Trails Of Cold Steel is on pause for a moment. I still try to play for a few hours at least once a week to make sure I don't forget the controls and such. But for now another game stole my attention.

Stupid thing I did. I decided to give Zelda Breath of The Wild another try. The game came free with my Switch and I did try it before but it didn't suck me in so I just kind of ignored it until now. But several days ago I decided to try again, and about 2 hours in I finally understood what the hype was all about. So yeah, these days all I think about is that stupid game. And the worst part (or maybe the best, hard to say) is that I can see myself easily investing 200+ hours in it. Easily!

Worry not. I don't waste my life away playing games all day. Usually I play for about an hour in the afternoon and for about a couple hours before I go to bed. Although because stupid Zelda is so addicting I sometimes stay up a bit longer and it starts to mess with my sleeping schedule...  
The Writers Quests is over. (You can still contact me though: [email protected]). I received a lot of emails and it got pretty hectic quick. But it all settled down now and what we are left with is this: one guy finished writing his stuff and is coding it it. Another guy who wrote two interesting little stories that you will get a kick out of I think, but he has no interest in coding in his stuff so I managed to delegate it to another person and also there is another guy who also delivered a story I hope to use but it is still unclear if he will be coding the thing or if I will be delegating his stuff as well. In any case it's hard to predict what will all this lead to but I am looking forward to find out.

I think I'll just leave it at that for this weeks post. Thank you for your support and try to stay safe. Episode 10 is......... COMING SOON!*

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115 - Writer Quest Complete.
I'm so happy that I decided to create an account here on SS just in case, way back when. Always nice to have a plan B and also plan C and D if possible. This Monday Post will be posted here on time and on Patreon... eventually. The thing is Patreon introduced two factor authentication to login system but I guess something went wrong today and it won't recognize my PC anymore - says it's a new machine and I need to verify the link they sent me to my EMAIL. Only it's been 4 hours and there is still no link. I tried a couple more times - no dice. So yeah, Patreon is out of reach for me at the moment. Yay to plan Bs.

The writers quest. I think it is time to wrap this thing up for now. If you are late to the party you can still throw your hat into the ring, no problem ([email protected]), but I think I managed to find a few guys that I want to try and work with, so we will see what will all this lead to.

About episode 10. Usually I like to surprise people, so I don't like spoilers. But at the same time sharing at least some info can be fun and could make the wait more bearable I think. So here is the info: in Episode 10 you will be revisiting Agrabah 6 month after the events of the Princess Trainer. You will get to visit (and actually see) some of the locations, such as The Blue Bull tavern for example. You will also meet a lot of familiar faces and see how their life turned out.

Work Work. This is all nice and dandy of course, but bringing so many "new" characters into SC34 meant a lot of extra work on retouching old character sprites. (Seriously that stuff took surprisingly big amount of time). Also reintroducing all the "new" characters also took time. I did try to keep a good balance between compromising on some things to insure a timely release and making sure that said compromising does not include anything truly important.

Soon? All writing is done. All art assets are ready. Currently I continue to assemble the scenes. This will take a while, but episode is finally taking shape. ^^

And that's it. I need to get back to work now. Thank you for your support. Love you all. -_-

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