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Public post
093 - Nothing to see here.

Hi, bros.
All is good but I feel a bit under the weather today so this will be a short post. Namaste and all that.

Thank you
for your support. A couple of new recruits joined quietly during this week. Thank you, bros. Love you.

 The work. It's been 6 weeks since Episode 08 was released for the patrons. I am mostly done with the art assets and big portion of the writing is done as well. I also want to add a new girl with the next episode, but we'll see if I have the time. This episode will take a while but I think it will be worth it. I will try and make the next one a simple and quick one, but with this one I'll just do what needs to be done. Thank you for your patience, guys.  

See you next Monday.
And in the comments. Enjoy your gif.

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Public post
092 - A 30 years old secret message!

Sup, bros!
Welcome to another Monday Post. We are slowly closing in on 100. Are you excited? Well don't be, because I'm not planing anything special for that day or anything. Still a 100 is quite a number. I hope we get there safely. Hugs and kisses everyone. Namaste and all that.

The massage.
Time to put your tinfoil hats on, dudes! A couple of days ago I was going through my TMNT reference folder and found this screenshot. It took me a while to realize what I was seeing... Take a look at the picture - I marked the points of interest for you. Doesn't it look like that Japanese banner is saying "ANIME"? And right near it is another saying saying "ONE WAY" and pointing directly at the banner! Now let me remind you that this cartoon was released in 1987 by a western animation studio. That's a long time ago. And yet somebody on the team already knew. They predicted our future perfectly! 30 ago they already knew: "Anime is the only way".

To other news.
This week was on a rather productive side for me. The RL stuff settled down somewhat and I finally had a chance to just relax and quietly do my thing. Thank you for all the support guys - it gives me a peace of mind.

The work.
It's been 5 weeks since Episode 08 was released for the patrons. To be honest I have big hopes for episode 09, so for now see no reason to freak out about the release date too much. As usual, it's coming soon*. 

That's it.
I'll wrap it up here if you don't mind. Love you all. Keeping this post short should give me extra time to get some work done this morning. So, I'll go do just that. Till next Monday, bros.

The Gif.
Well of course. 

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Public post
091 - The Best Boy.

Hello, cherished allies.
How is it going? Ready for another empty Monday Post? Well tough luck, because this one is full of love and positive vibes and all that garbage. Can you feel it? Of course you do. Welcome to the most family friendly campaign on Patreon!

The vibes.
Yeah, you better be satisfied with them vibes since that's pretty much the only thing I can share with you this time. I'm like that gatekeeper from FE who starts almost every conversation with "nothing to report". But that doesn't stop him from being the best boy, right? <3. 

So yeah...
I'm still around and working. Locked myself in the lab and writing, drawing and coding and doing all sorts of questionable things. Episode 09 is coming soon*... And it's going to be filthy^^

The work.
It's been 4 weeks since Episode 08 was released for the patrons. I have a feeling that I will be terribly late with this one. Some RL stuff has happened and still happening, I don't even want to talk about it, but just don't freak out if Episode takes a bit longer this time. Personally I am not stressed about the release date because this time around it's not on me. Things just happen sometimes. But hey, I am working and I continue to release Monday Posts on time, so it's all good I say :)

That's it.
Thank you for your support. Love you guys.

The Gif!
And the gif of course. 

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Public post
090 - Summer Sweetheart.

Hello, guys.
Another week went by and it's Monday again. Were you a good boy and spent this week productively? Were you a naughty boy and wasted this week doing nothing worth mentioning? No, don't answer that. Those were rhetorical questions. You know I love you either way. Come on, let daddy Akabur hug your troubles away. Namste <3

Summer Sweetheart.
I bought this game few days ago to support the devs and let Nintendo know that I want more weird-ass games like this in my library.  A (Chinese I believe) dating sim in which you date Japanese girls while laughing your ass off over the hilariously bad translation. Just look up some gameplay videos you may like it.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.
So I am sure you're well aware of the story by now. The re-release of the game for the Switch will be based on the heavily censored western version. Which means Japanese fans will be getting the censored version as well. Why Nintendo? Why? T_T Also this whole story made the original uncut Nintendo Wii version a bestseller on the Japanese In the previous post I said that I still want to buy this game, but now I gain adon't feel like it... I think I will at least wait for a sale a year later or something...

The work.
It's been 3 weeks since Episode 08 was released for the patrons. Moving on... 

That's it.
Don't have anything else to report, really. Life just goes on... It's getting colder outside... I am working on the next episode... And that's it. Thank you for your support, guys.

The gif.
Here is your gif. See you next week.

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Public post
089 - Business as usual.

Hello, gamer bros.
Welcome to another Monday Post. How is it going, everyone? Another week went by in a flash... *Sigh*... Mondays are just the best, aren't they? -_- 

FE: Three Houses.
I said some stuff about the game last week. About how the ending was a bit underwhelming because I wish romance was fleshed out a bit more. Well, since then I replayed the final mission 4 more times to watch the endings of 4 more girls... and I got to say... It was sweet and even hit me in the feels a bit. I still think romance in the game is criminally underdeveloped, but you can marry almost literally any unit in the game,  so it's pretty damn impressive actually. My first play-through was with the Golden Deer. By now I am sort of ready to begin my second play-through (for Blue Lions), but I want to wait for the sauna DLC before I begin. But at the same time it is such a long wait till December 31... 

Asphalt 9: Legends
is out. That game is heavenly good. I did try playing it om my phone before but it always felt awkward. On the Switch though it runs and plays like a charm. Usually I am not into racing games, but I always liked the Burnout series, and Asphalt 9 is as close as it gets to a modern Burnout game for me :)

The work.
It's been 2 weeks since Episode 08 was released for the patrons. Moving on...

This awesome drawing was sent to me a while back by... um... I don't actually remember by whom exactly. I *think* I know but I am worried that I may be wrong so, the guy who sent me this - you know who you are, just leave a comment bellow and I will update this post to credit you properly. Oh, an thank you by this magnificent piece of art. You rock, man ^_^

Tokyo Mirage Whatever...
Few days ago it was pretty much confirmed that the re-release of the game on Swicth will be censored to hell and back. That sucks... I was so looking forward to giving this one a try... To be honest I still am. It pisses me off to no end that it will be censored... But I still want to play it T_T

Hugs and kisses.
I'll keep it short: thank you for all the support you continue to show me... Thank you for all the comments... Thank you for playing my games... And thank you for literally putting food in my mouth for years now. I imagine me getting all mushy every now and then has gotten old by now, but I don't care. As an artist and allowed to have weird emotional outbursts every now and then. Hugs and no-homo kisses. -_-

The gif.
Well, of course. Here is your gif for the week. I hope to see you next Monday and in the comment section to this post. Take care, gamer-bros.

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Public post
088 - Pubic Release!

Hi there, guys.
How is everyone doing? Me? Oh, well, I caught a nasty cold and just want to crawl into a ball under a warm blanket and play some games on my Switch. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do, so here is your Monday Post! I'll keep it short though, I hope you don't minds.

It's out!
Download links can be found on my twitter and on my page on Windows, MAC, Linux and Android versions - All there. Fixed plenty of typos during this week, thank you for all the reports (Thank you Sasamus!).

FE: Three Houses.
  Finished my first playthrough. Took me 90 hours. That being said I kind of don't feel like touching the game again... ever. I was so hyped for the upcoming Sauna DLC, but now I just don't care anymore. I didn't expect the whole romance thing in the game to be so basic (almost non-existent)... This was my first FE game. Was romance always this crappy in FE? -_-  No, seriously, 90 house of pointless  tea-parties and all you get is one generic scene at the end, that feels shallow as heck.

In Persona 4 for example there was no marriage, but all the friendship and love mechanics were done so well that I actually felt it. In Three Houses though it was just "meh" at best... *Sigh*... Oh well...

That's it. Another Episode is out. Won't be possible without all of you. Love you guys. And will see you in next Monday post and in the comment section.

The GIF? Right, of course. Here you go.

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from October 05, 2019

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Public post
087 - Episode 08 Will Be Released Next Monday*

Peace and Love!
Live long and prosper my beloved friends. Welcome to another Monday Post. Now relax and let the sterile positivity wash over you. Respect and consensual hugs. Namaste <3

release is next Monday. ;)

The Hero We Deserve.
I would like to personally thank (a million x 100000 times) Bob for creating that awesome cover illustration for Episode 08 (for free). Thank you kindly, sir. OTL...

The Hero We Need.
Also let's all thank Lyk for proofreading the in-game texts in a timely fashion (as usual) which made releasing the episode today possible. Thank you for your hard work, man.

FE: Three Houses.
The saga continues. I play for the Golden Deer. About 50+ hours in. Reached the 5-year time skip few days ago. DragonQuest XI S is out, but I need to beet FE at least once before I can give DQ a try.

Logan Who?
Yeah, Logan is back. After so many speculations about his sudden and prolonged disappearance I am just happy he is still breathing. Honestly, super happy that he is alright.

That's it.
Go play the damn episode. And never forget that it would not exist without the support you guys show me. Love you. no homo.

The work.
It's been 14 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. (12 weeks spent on development) And that is exactly how long it took me to develop Episode 08.

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Public post
086 - Princess Trainer On GOG Galaxy.

Hello my cherished friends and allies.
Welcome to the most family friendly page on Patreon. No toxic gamers here. Only positive vibes and educational materials approved by the morality and ethics department. Consensual love and side-hugs. Namaste <3

PT on GOG.
Big thanks to Xaart for sharing the screenshot with me. As far as I understand anybody can add anything to the launcher's database, but it's still cool to see PT:GOLD on the list ^_^

Fire Emblem Sauna DLC!
I am 45+ hours in my first playthrough with FE: Three Houses. Really taking it slow. Enjoying the game a lot. And now I am hearing that there will be Sauna DLC released soon. My body is so ready for that! Also something about maid outfits for the students. Oh man, what a time to me alive ^_^

Fanart! Fanart is always appreciated. Thank you Danlorn for sending me this! It made my day. Also apparently this is not Azalea but Mary Jane cosplaying as her. Oh well, when it comes to fanart I am not picky - I'll take it. Also Original Azalea's design was done by Dahr, we shouldn't forget about that of course ^^

The work.
It's been 13 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. (11 weeks spent on development so far). At this point I am done with all the writing, coding and all the art assets. The plan is to spend this week on adding the sound and testing the entire episode and after that I will send all the texts to Lyk for proofreading. Don't get too excited please, there is still a lot of work to be done. -_-

The teaser.
Just some random randomness as a teaser. Episode 08 is coming soon*. 

The GIF.
Don't have anything else to say really. Thank you for your support. Leave a comment if you feel like it, I always try to reply to everyone. See you next week.

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Public post
085 - Business as usual.

Hello, fellow gamers.
How is it going? All is well I hope? I honestly have nothing of substance to share this week, so this will be a proof of life post. To be completely honest, since I have nothing to share I really don't feel like writing this one. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do. Plus that's the whole point of the proof-of-life posts, right? To let people know that you are still around :) 

Astral Chain.
  36 hours it took me to beat the game. Man, what a journey that was. Japanese games tend to often overstay their welcome with me at times in the sense of length. Final hours become a chore sometimes. But Astral Chain flew by in a flash. And now I am sad it is over. But at the same time I am looking forward to getting back to romancing my students at FE: Three Houses. Also Dragon Quest XI is dropping soon. What a time to be alive and be a weebo ^_^

Borderlands 3.
Played a lot of that one over the weekend with my buddy Smersh. He is a HUGE fan of the franchise and I was just there to shoot thing and revive him. Perfectly mindless fun game to share with a friend. I bought the cheapest version and this will, most likely, be the last game I bought from Sony. Real weebs... I mean, real gamers must all move on to Nintendo - our last bastion of hope.

The Big Freaking Achievement!
Over the weekend I finally reached 8000 followers on a website that shall not be named! Take this, everyone who thought I will never amount to anything! So many followers on a social media means that I am special, right? I knew my Mom was right! Heh... Anyway, jokes aside, thank you for the support bros. Go check out the pic I drew for you :)

The work.
It's been 12 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. (Minus to weeks I spent on my vacation and we have 10 weeks spent on developing episode 8 so far). Wait, 12 weeks means 3 months??! God, this depressing... Why do I keep doing this to myself? Episode 08 is taking me longer to develop for a reason, but still, I really dislike this 3 months+ development cycles... 

The Work 02.
Over the week I finished putting together all of the scenes. That being said I still need to write and put together an episode introductory event, and the episode 09 preview event... So that will take some time as well... After that I will work on the sound and some additional coding since Episode 08 will have a different structure from all the previous ones...

The Teaser.
Here you go. Like I said so many times already, there will be 3 endings in episode 08. Sweet Endings you will need to work for (lean towards one of the girls with majority of your choices) and the normal ending will be accessible by default. Jasmine's ending will unlock new outfit for her and the ending CG. Same for Ashelin. And normal ending will unlock everything else. To complete the episode you will need to beat it only once. But the way I am structuring this one you will be able to replay it several times if you feel like it :)

The Work 03.
I don't know how much longer it will take me to get Epsidoe 08 ready for the release. But as usual - I won't release it until it's ready. Thank you for your understanding, bros. But on a side-note, I will do my best to make sure next episode is smaller in volume so that I could release it much sooner. This is for my own sake to be honest. Shorter episodes are much easier to work on -_-

The gif.
OK, I somehow managed to write at least something. This should do for this week's Monday Post. Thank you for your support, guys. Honestly... OTL...

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Public post

Hello, dudes.
How have you been? Another week has passed... Freaking Borderlands 3 is dropping in a few days. Damn... September 13th used to seem like a such a far away date, and yet, here we are... Oh, right, almost forgot: WELCOME TO ANOTHER MONDAY POST!

About stuff.
To be honest I don't have any news to share so I will be just talking about random stuff. For example, did you watch Nintendo Direct last week? I did. Yes I still worship at the Switch Altair. Switch is love - Switch is life. Moving on.

About Astral Chain.
(Drawing above is not by me, obviously). By now this wonderful game completely surpassed my expectations several times. I even had to put my Fire Emblem Three Houses romancing activities on hold to play Astral Chain. At this point I just feel like no matter what I say about Astral Chain it won't do the game justice.

The List.
Everything I said above got me thinking... What would be my all-time-favorite games list look like? Hm... Probably something like this:

1. Persona 4 GOLDEN
2. Persona 3
3. Astral Chain
4. SSX3

About this week.
I spent this week putting together the scenes for episode 08. Still have a lot of work ahead of me. And one I am done with the scenes I will start working on the sound... This update is shaping up to be a rather substantial one. At least that's how it feels like to work on it. Let's hope it will feel that way to play through it too.

About Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
Do you follow the whole censorship drama? I do. If the game releases uncensored and with a Japanese audio option this will be a day-one-buy for me. Nothing has been confirmed so far, so all one can do at this point is hope...

Trials of Mana.
I just wanna say that that game look really good so far... ^_^

The work.
It's been 11 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. (Minus to weeks I spent on my vacation and we have 9 weeks already spent on developing episode 8). So yeah, episode 08 is taking a while. (GODDAMIT!) Oh, well, all I can do at this point is hope that it will be worth it. Thank you for your understanding, dudes.

Almost at 8000.
Yay, I am almost at 8000 followers mark on twitter. Nothing valiadates my existence on this earth like the amount of followers I have on the "best site ever" - Twitter. And it only took me 10 years. Well, anyway, I already have the "Thank You For 8000 follows!" drawing ready. Hope to share it soon :)

The Teaser. Here is another random choice menu screenshot. Hopefully this will do :)

That's it.
I think I'll wrap it up here for this week's post. Thank you for your support. I honestly can't wait to share the next episode with you and see what you guys think. Very excited. But it needs to be done right, and that means some more waiting for you. Love you all.

The Gif.
Right, the gif, of course. Here you go! Best of luck surviving another week!

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Public post
083 - Astral Chain.

Hello, fellow bros.
How have you been? I had a very productive week myself, did some drawing, put together some scenes. But before I get into all that allow me to spend the majority of this post talking about the best game evar: Astral Chain. 

Let's just jump into it.
Astral Chain dropped this week and it's the best game evar. That's all I had to say. Thanks.

Seriously though.
I did expecte it to be good, but I absolutely did not expect it to be THIS GOOD. I won't go into the details (you can watch actual reviews for that), but I am less than 10 hours in and already had more fun with this game than with any of the games I played on my PS4 this year. (Not counting Persona 5). 

Seriously, bro!
Astral Chain, what the heck? Stuff like that should not be allowed. Everything about this game strikes me right into my pleasure centers. Music, story, gameplay, visual presentation everything is topnotch. I kid you not, every time I boot up the game my face transforms into one of those hentai ahegao faces. There is only one downside I found so far: the scary dark void under Olive's skirt...

So yeah...
I expected this game to be a stylish button-masher but it's a freaking full-fledged JRPG. "Platinum Games is like a mercenary that get's the job done no matter what." Not my words, but very true. Also Astral Chain let's you do this:

The selfies.
Oh, and if that wasn't enough, the game handed me a camera for taking selfies. And I immediately spent an hour of real time running around the precinct and taking pictures of everything! Oh, and having a camera also let's you explore the world in first person. Crap... Why am I wasting time writing this post? I should be playing Astral Chain T_T

Men VS Boys.
  Also I play on PT Standard Difficulty,  because only weaklings play on easy! 

Moving on.
I think I'm done venting my feels about the game for now. Let's move on to other topics. 

The work.
It's been 10 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. How long is it going to take me till Episode 08 is ready for release? Who knows... Like I said I am done with the art assets so I will be spending the entirety of this week on putting the scenes together. I'll let you know how it goes -_-

The Teaser.
Development taking a while. Please chew on this tiny teaser for now. Thank you for your cooperation. 

The gif.
And here is your gif. Thank you for your support. I don't feel like writing anything else. Gotta go take some more selfies and after that, hopefully, get some more work done. Love you all. Warm welcome to all the new patrons. See you next Monday and in the comments.

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Public post
082 - Amiibo? More Like: "I'm A Weeaboo". Amirite?

Sup, Bros!
Did you hear the news? Mr. PewDiePie got married to a human being! Disgraceful! So disappointed... Real men marry JPEG files! Welcome to Monday Post #82 - your main source of weekly family-friendly content. I spent this week in the comfort of my home, Dragon Quest Demo is out and I bought my first Amiibo figurine. So many things to discuss! Let's get into it! 

I'm back.
My vacation is over! Here is to another year of non-stop grinding! ^_^ I am not particularly good at relaxing (to be honest, with every passing year it get's harder to just chill), but being away from my workstation for a while really helped me take my mind off of things. Again, thank you for not ripping me a new one for taking this break. I mean I would've taken it anyways, but you being super chill about it gave me an additional peace of mind <3

New Patrons.
Usually once every 3 to 5 days I get a 'New Patron' notification. Seeing that notification always makes me feel warm and fussy inside :) I really appreciate it, guys. Here is to all the newcomers! Cheers!

Nintendo Fanboy.
Since these days I barely play on anything but my bellowed Switch I figured I got to get me one of those Amiibo thingies ^_^ Even though I never played any of the Metroid games I decided I need the Samus Zero Suit one. And thanks to PlayAsia I have it now. Yay. So happy ^_^ Don't really plan on getting anymore to be honest. Just needed this one to put on my desk :)

The work.
It's been 9 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. So we are officially past 2 months mark with this one. But I am not worried. Do you know why? Two reasons. 

Reason #1:
my vacation ate up 2 weeks, so if we take that into account we are still on schedule.  

Reason #2:
Episode 08 will worth it. I don't know, it maybe my post-vacation enthusiasm speaking but I have bug hopes for episode 08 :) 

Dragon Quest XI Demo is out!
I know that game was on PS4 for ages but I completely ignored it for some reason. Well, maybe it was for the better since now I can enjoy it on Switch. ^_^ So anyway, I downloaded the demo the moment it was out and absolutely loved every second of it. I know pre-orders are for loosers, but I really want to pre-order this one now :) 

Astral Chain.
  Only few more days left!  So looking forward to that one! :) Also I am still playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. So many great games to choose, from. What a time to be alive :) 

Fellow Captains.
Two people sent me friend requests in Azur Lane. Added right away. We Shikikans must stick together.

The work part 2.
I spent this week working on the remaining art assets. Managed to get done a lot to be honest. Only one major thing is left. If all goes well should be done with it by Wednesday and after that I will finally be able to move on to the most exciting part: assembling and testing the scenes :)

The Teaser.
Spoiling things is bad but teasing things is good, right? New outfit and a new location to visit ^_^ Coming Soon*

And that's it.
Honestly I am surprisingly hyped for episode 08. Again, it maybe just because I finally had some rest and feel a bit more energetic than usual now, but I literally can't wait to share the episode with you guys and see what you think. Coming Soon*

The GIF.
Can't finish the post without a GIF of course. Thank you for your support guys, as usual. See you in the comment section :)

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Public post
081 - My Vacation Is Over (Almost).

Sup, Bros.
I am still away on vacation, but by the time this post goes live I should be back home. This week went by in a flash. I did a lot of sightseeing and spent a lot of time having actual conversations with people. All in all, I feel well rested and can't wait to get back to work :)

The work.
It's been 8 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. My original plan to release the episode in under 2 months goes competently out the window obviously. Oh well, I will just have to make sure I start working my ass off as soon as I get back home and hope for the best :)

The Plan.
Before going away I did manage to finish coloring some outfits. But quite a few still need coloring. Same goes for the CGs. So this week I plan to work on that, and by the time next Monday Post goes live I should be done with the art assets and will be moving on to putting the scenes together.

The Teaser.
Through this week I did manage to to get some work done though. (Very little :). I assembled a couple of scenes using art assets I had. Here is a tiny screenshot since I don't have anything else to share.

The Filler.
Astral Chain will be out soon. Sort of looking forward to that. But to be honest I didn't boot up my Nintendo Switch once while I was here. I did spend plenty of time checking on my ship-waifus in Azur Lane but that was it for my gaming experience away from home. Heh, I was so excited being able to take so many good games on a trip with me because I have Switch now, but ended up no even using it. Oh well :)

That's it.
My train is leaving in a few hours so I better go pack my things and make sure I don't forget anything (again, by the time you will be reading this I should be back home. Post will go live automatically). As usual thank you for your support and letting me enjoy my vacation. You guys are the best. 

The Gif.
And here is this week's gif :)

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Public post
080 - Akabur Did An Oopsie!

Hi, guys.
This is Monday Post 80. We are slowly closing in on a 100, my dudes. And without missing a single Monday too. Jokes aside I honestly think it's pretty damn impressive that I somehow managed to dish out 80 posts in a row. Not to pat myself on a back or anything, but shit happens and any number of things could have gone wrong and ruined at least a couple of these post, but no :) Every Monday, at 3.p.m. Moscow time new post pops up without fail. Here is to safe sailing to post 100 and beyond! ^_^

First things first. I am away on a trip at the moment so this will be your bonafide, bare bones, proof of life post :)

To be honest
this was probably not the best time to go on small vacation, but the way I usually work I never feel like there is ever a right time to take a vacation anyways. I had a chance to go visit my old man and decided to take it. And to be honest I felt like I could use a break for a while now. And it's been a year since I went on my last vacation so it's kind of does make sense. This will definitely push the release date of the next episode a couple weeks further, but I know I don't need to worry about you guys holding it against me. Right? :)

Sharing a series of Genie fanart's. Thank you, V.Porosh, very cool.

The Oopsie.
Now let's address the oopsie. Last week I made a joke about getting married in a mobile game and it went completely over the heads of about 90% of you, guys. That's mostly my fault of course, I should've made it a bit more clear that I didn't get married in real life. I sincerely appreciate all the comments but let's just make things abundantly clear this time. THIS IS MY WIFE:

The work.
It's been 7 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. Like I said I am away from home right now so I didn't get any work done for the past several days. And I mean none at all. A strange feeling to be honest, but I think I needed this break. And when even I myself acknowledge that I need a break it usually means that I REALLY need one. I have my laptop with me so it's not completely impossible to work on some codes for example, but I probably won't and will spend these few days barely using my laptop. I am already way behind on my emails, tweets, youtube vids and everything else... But it kind of feels nice to try and pretend to be an actual person for a change. To spend evenings chatting with relatives and eat a lot of home made food. 

Just to be clear.
I am not talking about going on a trip in an MMORPG or something. I went away to visit my old man and take it slow for a few days. IN REAL LIFE.

No teaser. Most of my work files are back home so I can't share any teasers this time. Thank you for your support guys. I will most likely be back home for the next Monday Post. Love you all. Episode 08 will be the best thing ever :)

Oh, that's right. Almost forgot. Here is your family friendly gif for this week.

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Public post
078 - Did Some Streams. (Freaking Finally.)

Hi, guys.
How is everyone doing? I will spare you the long intros this time. Welcome to Monday Post #078. ^^

So, I finally did some streams last week. Had a ton of fun and really appreciate every one of you who managed to show up in participate in the chat. Thanks, bros :)

The work. So, let us recap: it's been 5 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. I still have some art assets left that need inking. So that is what I will be doing till Wednesday most likely. I won't stream that though. Mostly to avoid spoilers, but also because even though streams are a lot of fun, the moment the stream is finished I often like all the energy has been drained from me and I just want to crawl under a rock and stay there for a while.So I need to just work in peace for a bit to recharge my batteries. ^_^

Next? As soon as I am done with the inking I will be moving on to the coloring. Standard procedure. I am starting to get a bit worried about not being able to finish working on Episode 08 in under 2 months as I was planning originally. But it's a bit too early to say for sure. We'll see.

Fire Emblem.
Didn't have many chances to play Fire Emblem this week, about 5 hours in so far. Decided to go with the Golden Deer. (Really hope Claude is not into boys and will be my bro.) Also was supper happy to find out that whatever class you decide to lead you can still persuade other students to jump classes and join the one you are teaching. Naturally my main goal now is to assemble a class full of babes. I wish Manuella could become my student :)

 Teaser. Here is another teaser pic featuring new outfit for Jasmine. I am realizing now that despite trying really hard to keep things simple I again landed myself into a work-heavy development cycle with all the new outfits and other things I have planned... Well, no choice but to see it through now. Hopefully you guys will like it ^_^ 

The gif. This week's gif is a bit on a risque side. I hope Patreon gods will forgive me. An that is it for this post. Love you all. <3 EDIT: Don't have to worry about that here on Subsribestar though :)

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077 - *Insert Clickbait Title Here*

Hello, bros.
It's been 7 days since we last spoke. How have you been? Well I hope? Don't forget to always watch your stress levels, get plenty of sleep, eat your vegetables and jerk off daily. That's right, unlike other creators here on Patreon, I actually care about you. Now please continue to send me your moneys. Thank you.

Post #77.
Seventy seven weeks in a row I've been doing this. Can you believe it? Where is my freaking medal? Seriously though making these posts every week was a stroke of genius (if I can say so myself), I am happy with how it turned out. I should've been doing this since the moment I joined Patreron. We probably would've been at Monday Post #500+ by now :)

The work.
It's been 4 weeks (almost a month) since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. I spent this week working on art assets. Managed to get a lot of stuff done, but still have a ton of work ahead of me. Like I said before next episode will be urm... special. If all goes well it should take me 2 months or so to develop. Week 4 just ended so we are basically half-way through :)

New Patrons.
Several new randos pledged their allegiance during this week. Welcome aboard new bros ^_^ 

Since the wait will be a bit longer this time I plan to feed you little teasers every now and then to keep things interesting. Care to guess who this one is for? :)

The Plans.
If all goes well I will be hosting a few streams this week while inking some of the drawings, so if you think you may be interested in taking part in that sort of thing make sure to follow me on twitter, YouTube or ^_^

That's it.
I don't have much else to share this week. Thank you for support, guys. Also I always read all the comment so don't be shy and feel free to say hi :)

The Gif. Another family-friendly Hermione gif. No objections I hope?

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076 - In-depth Inking Tutorial!

Hello, Bros.
Mister Family Friendliness is here. Did you miss me? Well, I certainly did miss you. 7 days without you guys... it was hell. But now were are together again. Happy emotes, hugs and kisses. Welcome to the Monday Post #076.

you look you see pics of me drawing. Do you know why that is? Haven't you heard? I am a serious artists now. All grown up and boring-- *khem!* I meant to say professional. No edgy jokes or juvenile gifs here. (Please, somebody kill me...)

The Video.
Did you appreciate the inking tutorial? Don't you dare to say that I don't record any video now. Because I clearly do. Recorded this one with my phone which I was holding in my other hand. You can even hear the camera desperately trying to adjust the focus every 2 seconds. The high quality content you came to expect from me, right?

Got my IELTS test results.
7.5 points overall is a pretty good result. But 5.5 for the writing part is a bid depressing. Especially considering that I do a lot of creative writing for my games. I think I may have a dysgraphia or something. Honestly I always double and triple check everything I write (comments and emails included), because when I don't.... well, when I don't I get freaking 5.5 points on my IELTS test T_T. *Sigh...* During the test they give you harsh time limits, so there is no time to check your own writing properly. I also attempted to be funny a few times in my essay, probably was a bad idea. Oh, well, 7.5 overall for an Acadimc EILTS test is still a good result. I shouldn't complain :)

New patrons.
I've been meaning to bring this up for a while now. We have a pretty tightly-knit community of like-minded individuals here, which sort of fully formed quite a while ago. So I don't see "You have a new patron" notifications in my email that often. But it still happens every now and then. Going through the data and mentioning every new Patron by name would mean too much work. But I just want to say this to all the new Patrons: welcome to the family...

My website.
Thankfully nobody bugged my about this yet, but my website has not been updated since the release of the previous episode.. The reason for that is that I lost the password to my website-building app. And the recover thingy just refuses to send me password reset email for some reason. Anyway I am way too busy with working on Episode 08 at the moment to try and resolve this problem. Also nobody seems to care too much, so I'll just leave it as is for now.

Peach Ball
finally dropped on Switch! Last week I wasn't feeling like doing anything at all, since that's how I usually feel during the writing phase of the development. That being said I did manage to spend a few hours with Peach Ball and it proved to be a lot of fun #^_^#

Fire Emblem. Also counting days to the Fire Emblem Three Houses release. Less than two weeks now. My body is so ready! :) Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I don't see any appeal in the Swicth Lite (or whatever it's called), but if it will help Nintendo sell more consoles, more power to it I guess.

The work.
It's been 3 week since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. In the ideal world I would be almost done with Episode 08 by now . But in reality I am actually barely done with the writing. Now before you cancel your pledge and request a refund let me explain. I am trying something different with Episode 08. Something I've been contemplating for almost half a year now actually... *dramatic pause* To Be Continued...

More about Episode 08. Like I said, I am trying something new. And it will be a one-time thing. With Episode 09 it will be business as usual again  - will be aiming for a 1 month development window. But with this one it will probably take me a while, so just be ready for that.

More excuses-- *Khem!* explanations I mean . This thing I am trying with Episode 08 will warrant more effort on my part, but it should also translate into more content. (Hopefully). If all goes well Episode 08 will have 3 different endings and also some characters will be getting new, story related costumes. All in all it should be a lot of fun, but will take me a bit longer to develop. I am currently aiming for 2 month tops. If it will take me longer than that I will be very sad.

Teaser. That was a lot of words so here is a picture. This one is fresh from the lab. Care to guess who is this new outfit for? :)

In conclusion.
I got 5.5 on my writing test... *Sob!* Life is pain. Jokes aside, thank you for you continuous support, bros. I still haven't given up on the idea of hosting some streams or recording proper videos of me working, but for now I need to concentrate on Episode 08 because, like I said, this one will requite some extra effort on my part OTL...

The gif. I am leaving you with this wholesome gif to help you last another week. See you next Monday, guys. Hugs and kisses.

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Public post
075 - Only True Gamers Will Understand.

Sup, gamer bros.
Welcome to Monday Post #075. Is it weird that I am often looking forward to spending half of my working day on writing and putting together this crap? It's like, "how possibly can I start my week without publishing the Monday Post first?" ^_^

This week
has been very productive so I can't complain on that front :) I spent it mostly doing the writing for the Episode 08. Almost done. Unfortunately "almost done" and "completely done" is not the same thing though :) I'll have to work on the writing some more. Hopefully will be done by Wednesday.

I <3 my Switch.
Like I mentioned before I am done with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I decided to take a break and leave Torna The Golden Country for later. Next on the list was Valkyria Chronicles 4, so that's what I am playing right now. The only other VC game I ever played was the VC2 for PSP. So far I am really enjoying the game. It's not perfect, of course, but I absolutely love the characters and am having a lot of fun following their adventures. Only about 10 hours into the game so far. Also I freaking love Raz ^_^

Safe space
this Monday post is. Grammar my weakness is :) Seriously though, don't let these random (but awesome) screenshots from my favorite Swicth games fool you. I am a super professional and uber serious artist. Here is some proof. Moving on.

Speaking of which,
this week I am sharing that Hermione pic that was deemed unworthy and didn't make the cut. Here is the preview and the high resolution version is in the attachment.

I can't
share all the variations in the public post because you-know-why. So there will be a patrons-only post this week, with a PSD and multiple CGs from the actual game (that I later replaced with the current ones). As you can see it's not a THAT bad. I poured quite a few hours into this one, but I was feeling like crap while working on it, and a week later when I felt much better I looked at it and decided that I can do better. 

With that out of the way,
let's talk about games some more! ^_^ Peach Ball is dropping in two days. As many of you know I am a true man of culture, so naturally I've been looking forward to this one for quite some time. Just thinking about being able to play this family friendly gem in two days makes me all very excited ^^ Thank you, my new true god: NINTENDO.

The work.
I need to at least try to maintain the facade of professionalism here, so let's talk about work some more. It's been 2 week since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. Like I mentioned before this past week was all about the creative writing part of the production. To me personally it's the most emotionally draining process. So I am happy to be almost done with it. Also I would like to say that I am very exited about episode 08 and can't wait to see what you guys will think of it. Coming soon*

Back to talking about games!
Fire Emblem: Three Houses, this freaking game... I've been quietly anticipating the release for a couple of months now. Honestly, everything I hear about this game makes my blood boil with excitement. And now we are only few weeks away from the release! I am gonna romance EVERYONE in this game! Students, teachers, bros! I don't care! Did you already choose the house you will play for? ^^

So I took my IELTS test and all I have to do now is wait for the results to arrive. I just hope it's not lower than my previous score (6.5, many years ago). But I don't know... I wrote some pretty dumb crap during my writing test and said some pretty dumb crap during my speaking test. I mean at the end of my essay on "the usage of DVD-Players against the usage of CD-Players in England": I literally wrote: "Honestly I have no idea what I am talking about here, just trying to go over the 250+ words requirement I guess. Thank you for reading through all this. And sorry about my handwriting". Yeah... There is a slight chance that people at Cambridge have good sense of humor but I wouldn't bet on it. I think my habit to break the forth wall every freaking time I have to write something may have cost me extra point here. Well, we'll see soon enough :)

I think this will do. I know this post was super heavy on my personal feels about games and such but I hope you don't mind me herding out a bit for a change :)

Don't forget
to leave a comment I read all of them and try to reply to all of them. See you next week. Love you all. No homo.

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SUBSCRIBESTAR ONLY INTRO. So, I am releasing public build here on SubscribeStar a fewhours earlier for all my subscribers here. For all 3 of you. Wait, there there is 3? Used to be 2. Wow. SubscribeStar doesn't send me any notifications at all. Well in any case, thank you for your support guys. I need to accumulate $150 in subscription funds before I can try to withdraw the money and see if this actually works. So one step closer to that :)

And here are the links.



And now the Patreon part of the post :)

Sup, bros! First things first: EPISODE 07 public build is here. Go to my twitter for details. Also welcome to the most family friendly place on planet earth: AKABUR's Monday Post!
So... I will continue to spam you with random pics of me drawing because I am a serious and supper professional artist now. No edgy jokes, here. No sir. Only art.
Speaking of art, have you heard the news? EPISODE 07 public build is out! Along with the APK file. Yay! Public build contains considerably less typos and bugs then the patrons-only version I released last week. Thank you everyone for reporting those typos and making the game better ^^
The reception. So, Episode 07 was received well, and I am more or less pleased with how it turned out. There were some rumblings on some forums, but they are always there, no matter what I do it's: "Akabur hit a new low with his latest update didn't he?".
Yes I know, this one was short, yes I know it was basically just one story arc, yes I know there was no new costumes or shows. But like I said I was feeling like crap through out the big portion of it's development cycle so I am just happy that I managed to dish out a decent piece of entertainment none the less ^^ Anyway, thank you for your support guys. :)
Also shout out to MUPLUR ( for creating this episode's cover (completely free of charge) for me. You are a damn hero, my friend. ^^
The work. So, it's been 1 week since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. Throughout this week I was mainly working on the story for Ep.08. To be honest this wasn't a very productive week though... That is the worst thing about creative writing for me... Unlike with drawing when if you spent 8 hours working on a shitty picture - you will still have a shitty picture, when writing it's... Well, it's a bit different. Anyway, I still managed to get some work done, and have BIG hopes for this week :)

Speaking of shitty pictures. I plan to share the original version of that CG of Hermione chilling at the bathroom stall (that didn't make it into the game) next week through a patrons-only post, so feel free to look forward to that :)
To other news. I finished XC2 few days ago. I know very few people care, but I would like to share my final thoughts about the game after 96 hours. 
So, closer to the end of the game I grew to absolutely despise the game's battle system. Honestly it's got to be the worst battle system in an JRPG I ever had a chance to experience. Next is the difficulty settings... Discovering that I can just go into the game options at any time and mess around with some sliders there making enemies super weak was weird, and made the battles even more meaningless. Honestly that sort of difficulty adjustments like that should be hidden behind a cheat-code. And when you activate it should lock you out of a true ending or something.
Time skipping was supper weird to. At any point of the game you can just pause and rotate the clock any way you want and there is no transitions or anything, the time of day just changes instantly. That kind of killed the immersion a bit for me -_-
Big maps. Oh My God! It takes forever to run from one side of the map to another. And no, it's not a good thing. And yes there is fast-travel, but it helps only a little. And the devs obviously knew about this since there is a freaking AUTO-RUN button! So basically we have an auto battle setting and an auto-run button... Fun -_-
The good. Everything else about XC2 I absolutely loved though! The world, the music, the story (for the most part) and the character design! The character design is in particular I found to be absolutely fantastic! Lot of boobs and panty shots and such. Seriously every time I boot up the game it's like an assault of pleasure on my eyes :)  And that's it. I would give that game 9 out of 10 easily ^_^  
I have a long list of Japanese games that I want to play on Switch. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is up next. I am only few hors in, but I absolutely love it so far. And it comes with Japanese audio. Yay! ^_^

And this is it I think. I still have a few message/comments/emails to reply to and then I need to get back to work. Thank you for your support, guys. 

Love you <3

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from June 24, 2019

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073 - You Better Believe It!

Well, I guess not really a surprise since last week I said that release is planned for next Monday (today). But knowing how often things tend to NOT go as planned I've got to say I am genuinely surprised (and very happy) to actually be able to release the episode today :)

To another one of my famous and (now un-ironically) super family friendly Monday Posts! Throughout this one I plan to spam you with random (and approved by the morality police) pics from my camera, I hope you don't mind :)

latest episode is out (for the patrons). As usual you guys will have one week to test the build and report the bugs or typos, and if everything goes well public release should happen next Monday!

Not all heroes wear capes.
So the thing is I was pretty sure that I won't be able to release Episode 07 today because there were a few complications (as always) and I only managed to send the texts to Lyk ( for proofreading on Sunday (yesterday). And yet here we are :) The madman managed to proofread the entire thing in one day. All praise Lyk. OTL.

So, yeah, I've began last week by testing the new episode and adding music to the events. I was testing the events out of order and I am glad I did so, because there was a CG in one of the final events that I thought was OK at the time of working on it, but after seeing it in the game I sort of started to hate it... 

I don't know how it happened,
maybe I was feeling sick when I was drawing it or something, but the final version looked weak and uninspired. And it was the final CG of the Episode. The most import one basically. I knew I could do better so I decided to do just that. I've spent 4 working days to redraw the thing from scratch and now the voices in my head are finally pleased :) You will see the new version in the game and I will probably share the original (now unused) version via a patrons-only post few weeks later :)

The work.
So, it's been 6 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (7 weeks since the patrons-only release). So pretty much a month and a half. I am not worried though. These has been some crazy few weeks for me between getting sick, feeling sick and going to the doctors and getting all sorts of tests done. And I also had to redraw from scratch a completely finished CG. If not for all that this episode would have taken me 4 to 5 weeks tops, which is pretty much the result I am aiming for, so it's all good. The system is working and I am happy :)

And that's it, I think...
I don't have much else to report. My health is back to normal, more or less. I plan to spend next week getting some work done on Episode 08 already, so it's all good ^_^

Oh and I will be taking an IELTS test soon (English proficiency test). It's been 10+ years since I took it last time. My score back then was 6.5 points. Let's hope this time I will manage to score 7.0 at least. Wish me luck.

That's it.
Go download the game and give the new Episode a go. I hope you'll like it. See you next Monday :)

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072 - Back to normal. (Well, sort of).

Hello, bros!
This is me - AKABUR! And you are reading another Monday Post! Yes, I am still around! Pretty amazing, right? Yes, so amazing... ... ... I imagine the Guinness World Records people will be knocking on my door any moment now.

La Blue Girl.
First of all, how do you like these quick pencil drawings? I dug them up from my "old scans" folder. I did these while I was still streaming and also doing that weird thing where I would make a video of me making a 15 minute (I think it was 15) drawing every day for a month. I wonder if anyone still remembers that I did that :) In the long run it was a terrible idea because between looking for references, setting up the camera, editing and uploading the video it usually took almost entire first half of my working day every day. But it was fun ^_^

My health.
So, yeah, I am actually not 100% back yet. I am felling good enough to work, but still can't really work as many hours a day as I wish I could. Basically there is no way I could have a finished episode today, but to make up for that, how about I do a really stupid thing and give you my thoughts on when I actually hoping to release it? Are you ready? So, if all goes well Episode 07 will be out next Monday. There you go, (now I jinxed it and it's definitely not going to happen :)

I miss streaming.
That's just something I realized going through that "old scans" folder... I miss streaming and ending up just chilling in the chat with you guys instead of getting any work done :) Honestly, those were some good times for me. I need to figure out a way to bring that back...

New Profile Pic.
I am genuinely surprised by the number of people who yelled "new profile pic" at me in the comments. (In case you didn't notice it was a "toxic" bear before but now it's a Mr. Positivity bear. (Don't worry inside I am still the same though) ^_^ It wasn't just the profile pic too, I also reworked my Patreon front page. And plan to keep my Monday Posts completely devoid of edgy jokes and half-naked babes for a while. Basically it will be Family Friendliness X 100. Yes, it's boring I know, but I need to keep it like that for the time being. Anyway, all this ties in into something else that I don't want to talk about just yet, but will when the time is right. :)

No Worries.
The subject matter of my work will not change. I just need to put on this "SFW" mask a little tighter for now just in case. Episode 07 is coming soon and it's going to be glorious, and I already have something exciting planned for Episode 08, so it's business as usual here in the cave. Had to slow down for a bit because of the health crap, but for now I am almost 100% back to normal, so it's all good, bros. ^^

The work.
It's been 5 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (6 weeks since the patrons-only release). Still counting to keep myself in check. Episode 07 is coming soon.

That's it.
I better get to work now. Thank you for your love, support and trust. See you next Monday. <3


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071 - Filler # 02.
I know I am super late with this post here on Subscribestar. Sorry about that.

Hi, guys.
It's your friendly neighborhood artist - AKABUR Senpai. =^_^= 

have much to report again. Another super empty post. Sorry about that. I imagine my Monday Posts has gotten a bit less entertaining lately, but I hope you will stick around nonetheless :)

The work.
It's been 4 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (5 weeks since the patrons-only release). I am working on Episode 07. I honestly was hoping to actually release it quite soon, but I got sick. Nothing too serious but it did put me out of commission for quite a few days. And since I remain to be a one-man-production, when I get sick the entire production stops. I am feeling better now and slowly picking up the pace, but all I can say about Episode 07 is that it's coming soon*

Thank you
for you support and trust in me, guys. Without you I am almost literally nothing, but with you by my side I may actually be able to achieve some interesting things eventually. ^^

there will is no gifs this time. Sorry ^^

Love you all more than I can put into words. See you next Monday :)

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070 - Filler Post.

Hi, guys.
I hope everyone is doing well? I don't feel like being cheeky or trying to be clever with today's post, so I hope you will forgive me for doing an a literal proof-of-life post for once. I'm OK and still around. Epsiode 07 is coming soon*

The work.
It's been 3 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (4 weeks since the patrons-only release).  I am working on Episode 07. Business as usual. All is good.

The GIF.
I will just end the post here. Thank you for you support guys, you are honestly the greatest. I'll see you all next week ^^

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