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I am the moon.
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Subscription Tiers

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Spawnling tier

Ah my little one, how much you've yet to become. Though you are but a small contributor to our collective whole, you are an important piece in this grand organic machine. At this level of development you will receive knowledge of upcoming events and special updates via telepathic radiowaves. Be able to vote on which characters you wish to see done. Either in game or animation format.

As well as be able to get early access to, well, anything and everything I put on a timer delay. This includes videos, game test builds, animation wips etc.

Once per week you may call upon me to sing you a lullaby to gently ease you into the soft embrace of sleep

4 subscribers
per month
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Tentacle tier 2

My how far you've come, you can wiggle sporadically and inch your way across the vast plains of hedonistic depravity. Same reward as prior

[One time only] Have a sketch Idea you want seen? Send it to me and I'll whip it up (so long as I am ok with the content/subject matter) as soon as possible!

[One time only] Submit a game event idea to be voted on

[Per month] Submit a simple webm loop, {one second, soundless, not on pornhub} to be voted on.

As well as receiving a 10% discount on all commissions.

You will be allowed to, upon proper paperwork and procedure, gently caress one object of your choosing

1 subscriber
per month
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Chunk Tentacle

Look at you now, so big, so strong. You've grown so much and are ready to partake in being the metaphorical backbone of this ecosystem. So wiggle forth lewdly, my child!

Both tier rewards prior

One time only, have a lined and or basic colored idea you want to see? Send it my way! I will comply with your wish so long as it doesn't get too out there, just drop me an ask and I'll let you know.

Guaranteed one event submission for the game, so long as it fits within my limits, meaning if its something I'm not into, or it doesn't fit the theme of the game then I will kindly ask for another idea.

As well as submitting a full sound, at least 1 min video to be uploaded to pornhub idea for everyone to vote on.

As well as receiving a 20% discount on all commissions you will receive a voucher for one (1) head pat.

Once per month you may choose who you are paired with, you get full permission to do any non harmful activities with them, to include carressing, petting, taking out on a picnic, high impact lewd activites, and so much more.

3 subscribers

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Still trying to get the hang of this site. The next and upcoming video featuring Miss Fortune wil...

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Key: YKa3itAXRiE4LZ5UT5CIJd47vaTGs4PMWjk2hiEq9Ds

PH link

Yeah so This shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but its done! And look! Cloth physics! Yay!

No PH link because its waiting verification but here is the mega link! But ill link the PH link if its verified on my twitter, and or edit this post then.

Next up are two biiiiig projects and possibly another QnA! With maaaaaybe a special guest. Who knoooows haha. Ah but here you guys go, I really hope its better than the Ahri one, I'm in a waaaay better headspace now.

See you guys in about a week when I have a more substantial update, remember to stay warm and drive safe!

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Public post
Testing the abilities of this new site, waiting still to be approved. 

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