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WillTylor is a creator of adult games, and is currently working on "A Family Venture."
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Update Version 0.04

87% Complete

Update 0.03c Public Release is Live

This is not really a bugfix, but we listened to some of the suggestions from our fans about what would make the game better. So we made some quick changes that were not too difficult. There will be more changes in the 0.04 update for the changes that will take a little more effort.


*Day of the week and time of day are always visible

*Some of the best options in the events are easier to trigger so more people can experience

*those events to the fullest.

*1 new mini event

*Hints in the family photo can now be accessed through the phone, but this is just temporary. The 0.04 version will have all the hints just be displayed on the phone with their corresponding events.

Update Version 0.03

100% Complete


*294 new images

*2,371 lines of dialogue

*11 New events

*New character

*2 commission pieces from N7, a moderator at F95, and Frayed 80, a member of our "Family with Benefits" tier here at SubscribeStar.

Note: Hint system works mostly, but is acting a bit funny, I'm not going to invest any of my time fixing it due to requests to change the hint system to be on the phone interface. I will add a bugfix file in the next couple days that will make this change, and fix any other bugs we may find.

I have decided to bring my game over to subscribestar, and hope that all of my fans will be willing to follow me over here.

About Me

Welcome to my Subscribestar page! I am WillTylor, beginning game developer and adult game enthusiast. I am currently working on my very first project, and having an awesome time! Right now I’m developing "A Family Venture" whenever I have a spare moment, but hope in the future to be able to dedicate more time to my new favorite hobby.

My Project

Currently I’m working on an adult visual novel/adult game that includes 3D rendered characters, maps that take you to different locations, an inventory and money system, and a story that can take you down several different paths exploring different options and kinks. Your choices will influence the characters of the games by developing their stats and triggering different events. This being my first project, I think it's only fair for it to be free for everyone to play. Patrons will have options to play it first, and even help me with testing and the direction of development. If you end up liking my game, your donation would be greatly appreciated. More money will result in more dedication of my time to the project.


Tony is a larger than life kind of guy. He has provided a comfortable living for himself and his family. He runs his household like he runs his business, with cold hearted efficiency. Tony owes part of his success to his relationship with the Mob, and once the FBI discovers that relationship, Tony ends up in Federal prison, leaving a substantial debt to the mob, that falls to the responsibility of our main character, Ryan. Ryan has to pick up the pieces and protect his household and loved ones from both the FBI and the Mafia. Can he make enough money to pay off Tony's mob debt? Can he protect the beautiful women he lives with from their unwanted physical and sexual advances? Can he keep the FBI from taking everything that Tony has built for them over the years? Their fate is in your hands….NOTICE: Myself, and my game do not condone sexual violence. At no point in the current builds of this game, or will there ever be in future builds any situations that suggest or promote that sexual violence is ok.


All of the digital characters depicted in the game are 18 years old or older. This is a work of fiction, any similarities to people dead or living are strictly coincidental. Please do not play this game if you are offended by sexually explicit content.

Join the conversation on Discord

Download Version 0.03c of the game here

PC / Linux



Subscription Tiers

per month
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You've developed a little trust in me, and are willing to put up with me bumming some lunch money from you every once in a while.

*Play the most recent version of the game 1 month before the general release.

*A gracious pat on the back to express my thanks!

*SubscribeStar only gallery for Friends and above.

4 subscribers
per month
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Best Friend

We just seem to click. You offer to buy me dinner each month without me even asking you.

*Same as above

*Preview images of the game as I crank them out.

*A friendly hug whenever I see you.

6 subscribers
per month
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You call me Brotato chip, and let me crash on your couch.

You don't care that I'm terrible with money, but you slip a $20 in my pocket whenever you think about it. And I would do about anything for my Brosephinas and Brosephs.

*Same as above

*Test my builds before I release them

*Help me decide the direction of the story

5 subscribers
per month
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You love me despite all my flaws and have my back no matter what.

Sometimes you hate me, but you always forgive me. I might need to move into your basement though.

*Same as above

*(Coming Soon, Family only event gallery

2 subscribers
per month
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Family with Benefits

Some may call this level of affection in a family unhealthy, but who cares what others think

*Same as above

*Commission up to 1 photo each month using the models from my game. Choose what they wear and what they are doing, and I will accommodate the request as far as the DAZ assets will allow.

*You will receive a high resolution image of the photo, and it will end up in the in-game supporter only gallery with your name on it.

*I can only do 3 images per game update, and this perc will be awarded in the order of subscribers that become members of the "Family with Benefits" tier.

1 subscriber


  • Point and click sandbox style game
  • 3D rendered characters
  • Each build is free one month after the $5+ subscribers release.

Recent posts

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Youtube Video Walkthrough

I've started making video walkthroughs of my game whenever I'm waiting on images to finish rendering.  So far I've got up to the end of week 1.  Check them on my youtube channel if you need any help.     -More video walkthroughs to come-  
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Weeklyish Progress Update 9/18/19

Oh man.....I'm getting excited to release 0.04!  There's a lot of good stuff in this one.  Not just the new content, but the improvements to the existing game are going to make game play so much better.  I kind of detailed all those changes in the last post though, but I've been testing the new navigation, and I love it!  I'm really really trying to get it all ready before the end of the month, and so far we're looking like we're on track for that.  

For our BFF tiers and above, be ready to help us test the new build, our beta version for you will be going live very soon.

Thanks always to my supporters!  I think this update will make you all happy! 

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Another preview of 0.04

Check out the discord server for a preview image of update 0.04, which will be going live this month!  There is also a major spoiler image for best friend and above tier subscribers.

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Weeklyish......ahhh.....Monthlyish Update 9/4/19

I'm getting excited to release version 0.04!  I'm almost done with the renders, the script is pretty far along.  It's not going to be long!  There will be several changes to the game that have been requested by the fans, and I'm really excited about them.  I really appreciate the input we've received from you, and the game is going to be that much better because you all have some great ideas!  

We'll be changing the navigation to an actual top down map of the house, no more having the MC's bedroom jumping around to the room slot you're in.  I also think it makes it a little more immersive to be able to visualize their house.  The hint system will also be simpler and easier to understand.  It will all be on the phone, and hopefully it will alleviate some of the frustration, and lesson the grind a bit.  As the game progresses, more events should fill in the gaps and help make the grind feel less tedious too. 

This update will introduce a new character, and actually have some pretty good playable content for said character.  I should also mention that this update is for the Sidney fans.  Some really good content coming for her, and some good content with Jacky too.  Sorry to the Lauren fans, I don't have any content planned for her in this update.

As always, thank D.S.-sama if you get a chance, He's putting in a lot of hard work into this update, and Thanks to all of my supporters!  I know the updates are slower on this game than a lot of the games out there, so I really appreciate those that are sticking with me and contributing to the development of this game.  I'm giving it every spare minute I have, and I'm still loving the process.  My supporters can contact me any time, especially if you have suggestions of things I can be doing better.

Will Tylor

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Preview Image 8/8/19

It's been a while since I posted a good preview image.  Best Friends and above, go to the discord supporter channels, specifically the best friend one, if you want to see a spoiler.
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The Beta version is currently being tested by our BFF and above tiers of subscribers!  As soon as they help us find any remaining bugs, the game will be available to all of our subscribers for one month before it get's released to the general public.  I hope you guys love the coming update!
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Update to the Weeklyish update 6/19/19

I apologize for the update taking so long.  I am actually horrible at estimating how long a project will take.  We've had some trouble because of the request of a certain crowdfunding membership site  that shall not be named, and trying to make  everything work the same, has proven to be much more challenging than we originally estimated.  The new estimate for the completion of the update is end of the week.

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Weeklyish Update

I'm so excited!  The 0.03 update is so close!  We're just trying to get the obvious bugs out, so that our subscriber testers can help us find the little ones.  I honestly love the new content for this update.  It was fun to write, I think the images look great, and I know I'm tooting my own horn a bit, so I hope you all like it as much as I do.   If you're part of our SubscribeStar tier that lets you test our game, keep your eyes on this page, because a version of the game could go up as soon as tomorrow.

Thanks especially to all of my supporters,  Your support means a lot to me!  And where I'm developing this game more for my personal interests and a new found passion for game development, I just don't have the time to pump out updates at the speed I would like to, and the speed I know my supporters would like.  I just have a lot of demands on my time.  Maybe in the future, our game will get the attention and support that will allow me to make some positive changes to my schedule.

Thank you all again for being patient on the updates, and being fans and supporters of this game!  You give me the excitement, energy, and some great ideas, to keep this game going forward, and getting better.

Will Tylor

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Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers, guys and gals with hot mom's, and all of us that wish we had hot moms!
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Lauren's Next Cosplay

Here's just a little preview of Lauren's next cosplay outfit she'll wear for the next photo-shoot. This new content will be coming out soon in our next 0.03 version update. Best Friends and up, check out a special preview image for you on the Discord channel.

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I’m now on Lewdlist!

As my game’s popularity continues to grow, I keep finding it posted on more and more 3rd party sites, and I couldn’t be happier. The latest I’ve been informed about is lewdlist . I’m excited to be part of this latest site, as they have helpful resources that I hope will make “A Family Venture” have more success. Although I think most people will find this page after visiting lewdlist, I encourage you to follow this link and check us out over there too.

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Naughty Games are creating “The Spellbook”

A book that was found by mistake. A spell that was cast by stupidity... Shall be the beginning of an adventure! Will you let things go out of hand? Will you use it to all the women around you? Make them fall in love with you? Or fail and watch them become filthy whores and taken by others?

Play the first 3 chapters of the game for free here:

Have a nice weekend,

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Your money is worth more here!

You may have noticed that you can spend the same amount of money here as you can at a certain other site which shall not be named. but your money will go farther here than over there.

We also have a Super-Tier here at our SubscribeStar page that is not available over there, and I think the benefit is pretty awesome, so read the benefits of the "Family with Benefits" tier and be the first to add some of your own personalized content into the game!

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