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Whispered Promises
Whispered Promises
I'm a late 30s artist and writer who draws a lot of furry shit. (More later...
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Yeah, this gets you all access to everything here, and that I share on Patreon. Also to Discord!

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Whispered Promises
Welcome! These first few posts will be some publicly available stuff, it though that were Patreon exclusive and are now not, while I get settled into a new place, and can get my PC back up and running. I don't have access to the full-sized versions for now.

Assume most things posted here will be NSFW for now.  I will likely post once a week until I'm set up.

Up first is a piece called "Silk-Bound" and was originally posted to FA on April 16, 2018. Yes this is the current welcome image. That media will change as soon as I have a computer that isn't a laptop from 2012.

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3 subscriber art streams permits per month! Also, art becomes my full-time job.


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