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I like hypnotized girls.
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New public update, huzza!
-Marsh character routes out
-Another weekend scene
-Week 3 for more choice prompts
-probably more bugs and issues with grammar- wait, is that a good thing?
-Oh yeah, Marsh's 3rd events.

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Public post
Rachel has been fully written since midway through the year. I'm waiting on art. I hope to get the new update out before the end of the year? Let's see.
Not dead. That is all.
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Public post
The public version featuring Marsh's routes will be out publicly on the 23rd and the paid version is out now. Cool.

Now for Rachel, haha.

Edit: Yup it's been way too long, no I refuse to elaborate, and yes, I would like any feedback from those checking this version out so that I can iron out any problems before it goes public.
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Public post
Holy fuck guys, I'm so sorry this takes so long.

I am still alive and doing well and working.

That's all I really wanted to say
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Public post
Small update from lazy old me.

Marsh's events are done for now and I've been working on her character routes. She's always been a weird character for me to write, because on one hand she's the nicest character out of everyone, but on the other hand I'm horrible and constantly thinking I need to add some 'edge' to her.

I need to try and hold myself back from completely ruining what her character is. Why can't there be a nice, caring (extremely hot) teacher character?

I'll just go through the planned routes and see if there are any other things I need to write to tie up different choices being made later. I don't want to make the game "Evebloom Forever" after all.

TLDR for Marsh:
Events: Done!
Character focused route: Started.
Erotic focused route: Not started.
Other routes (?): Contemplating.
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Public post
EveBloom week 2 is now available to the public! Be sure to use the new "bugs" channel on my discord to report any issues as there were quite a few changes like:
-New title screen
-New textbox
-New font
-Textbox visibility in options
-New Carol events
-Day 14 

There is also a event guide in the post prior to this one. I hope you all enjoy the holidays and I'll see you all in 2021!

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Public post

Event guide for Evebloom (up to week 2)

I made this to help everyone reach the new events in the game. I will update it as more content gets added to the game. There are minor spoilers inside, so just keep that in mind if you look at it.

I'll release it publicly for those who want to prepare in advance for the release.

Event guide here
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