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Unity-Rule34-Brothel profile
I am developing a fully customizable brothel management game in Unity, Unity Rule 34 Brothel. The assets used within will all be customizable, including characters, perks, buildings, missions, scenarios, and more as additional features are added.
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A fellow gamer and enthusiast! Thanks for your support!

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You're a true man's man's man. The manliest of men! Reward : - Previous tier rewards - Tell me what sort of scenario you would like to see! I'll create a new scenario using your suggested theme

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Stick Wizard

A wonderful wizard of wank! To you, I give my thanks! Rewards: - Previous tier rewards - Tell me some features or improvements you would like to see! Suggestions from the Stick Wizards and beyond will be prioritized.

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  • Want to make games in Unity or learn coding? I'd be happy to chat with my supporters and casually give some tips/insights into how I went about starting with Unity and software/game development, and pass on what knowledge I have.

Recent posts

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Public post
- Added some tests to help reduce bug count in the future.
- Added Win Conditions to scenarios. Updated the How_to_add_Scenarios.txt file with instructions.
- Added "requiredScenario" field to character files. When specified, the character will be locked until the specified scenario is complete.
- Added a "cross_save_data" file to the Resources directory. This file records which scenarios have been completed. Deleting it will reset the completion status of all scenarios.
- Added a "Complete!" widget to the scenario selection screen. Completed scenarios will be marked.
- Added a "Scenario" button on the "Management" screen. It tells you what goals must be met to complete the scenario. It does nothing in the base game.
- Recolored much of the in-game text to black instead of dark gray. Stands out more against the default background.
- Bugfix : Transformable characters will now transform. There was an issue with transferring equipped items to the transformed character.

Download :!B6BFyYxK!Qb3VwYKsxDj89kU3yJgHXqLBgopiN03q2k0nEh2GVRk
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Public post
v1.16b released :!J6YyiCCZ!5mTkG4wVkO26m6FCAGiop0wYSzySYxYH21ZD8I5FTko

Changelog :
- Added support for animated GIFs!
- On GIFs : The game takes longer to start the first time after adding new GIF files. Unity does not support animated GIFs, so they are converted to gif_r34bro files.
- On GIFs : gif_r34bro files are transferrable, so any GIFs included in the base game should already be converted and startup shouldn't take much longer than normal.
- On GIFs : gif_r34bro files are totally uncompressed and tend to be much larger than GIFs. The game may lag slightly when trying to display a large gif_r34bro. I haven't seen lag until around 80 MB.
- On GIFs : The max speed of GIF animations is 10 frames per second at the moment. Faster images will slow down.
- On GIFs : Shortly after starting the game, images may flicker. This issue seems to go away after a few images have been shown.
- On GIFs : gif_r34bro files work on their own. Once created, you can safely delete the original GIF file and the image will still appear in-game.
- Added verification that expected game folders exist. If they don't, they will be created empty.
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Public post
v1.16a is now available :!VjQ1QAib!uBC2P57z3zjBZpWQSsIGgKPpRTi0gk1KmI3qeDBueAU

Changes : 

- The "Buy Girls" button now goes to a sortable table rather than directly to a character screen.

- The game now remembers which items were purchased for which characters. No need to repurchase items.

- Added a couple Quit buttons. Click "Exit" on the title screen, or press Escape to be taken to the pause menu and "Quit to Desktop". Press Escape on the pause menu to resume the game.
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Public post
Thank you for taking a look at my SubscribeStar page!
Unity Rule34 Brothel is a brothel management game. Players are able to create their very own characters, perks, buildings, missions, and scenarios and add them to the game. It is available for free!

Character Screen

Daily Report

If you enjoy my game so far, please consider donating! Feel free to let me know what you would like to see added as well!

Download v1.16a:!VjQ1QAib!uBC2P57z3zjBZpWQSsIGgKPpRTi0gk1KmI3qeDBueAU

The current and previous versions of the game can also be found on my personal blog :

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