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Tsinji Animations
Tsinji Animations
I draw manga and animated sequences.
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A Lovely Person

With this tier, your support is very much appreciated, plus you'll get: -Access to all progress on the animated scenes. -All variants of all pics.

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Great Mate

My thanks! With this tier you of course receive access to all progress of the animated scenes, all variants of all pics, but in addition to that, you can vote on which characters to be drawn, plus you get access to the sound files used in the animations.

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That Good Stuff

I salute you! With this tier, you get to see all progress of animations, receive all variants of all pics, you can vote on characters, get all sound files from animations, but also: you can request custom variants on all pics!

1 subscriber


  • Here on my SubscribeStar, you can get access to the progress of my animations, plus extra variants.

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Tsinji Animations
The trailer for my official SubscribeStar page.
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