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TCDale profile
My erotica focuses on Domination/submission, BDSM, noncon, dubcon, mind control, and other plays of power. Infidelity, public use, and humiliation are all fair game in love and sex.
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Taboo Content


Get the lower tier rewards, plus access to e-reader copies of completed taboo stories, in your choice of EPUB, MOBI, or PDF format - a month in advance of it being published anywhere else.

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Unlock the lower tier rewards, plus: get recognized, get influence, and be part of the story:

  • I will include your name (or pseudonym) in a written 'thank you' on any pieces completed while you have an active pledge with me.

  • Your votes count x5 in any polls.

  • After six consecutive months as an active subscriber, I will invite you to create a basic character that is uniquely yours. I'll write that character into an erotic story for everyone to enjoy. It may or may not be a 'starring role', but they'll get their five minutes of fame! You may claim this benefit repeatedly, but only once per calendar year.

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  • Receive early access to non-taboo stories a month before they're visible anywhere else. You'll have a vote in polls to help determine which stories, characters, and themes I'll work on next.

Recent posts

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Public post

Achievement Unlocked: Amazon and Smashwords

For the last few months I've been working to convert the stories I've posted here into 'proper' e-books. I started placing them on Smashwords, because Smashwords accepts 'fringe' subject matter like family-oriented erotica, works of dubious consent and similar. As of today, I finally braved the waters and submitted to Amazon as well. It's official: I am a 'real' author.



I know, I know: I was already a 'real' author, but this is still a sort of... awe-inducing step for me. I realize I'm "just" self-publishing, and I'm still a far cry from being approached by an agent or whatnot - but when I started my Patreon last year (and SubscribeStar just a month or so ago), I changed my tune from 'I should write more' to actually writing, this wasn't on the radar. I have worked my way through small, incremental steps, and together they've added up. I started publishing stories; then I started taking commissions. I started playing with making cover images, and formatting them in PDF and ePub. I hesitantly explored Smashwords, and once I was more confident, dipped a toe in Amazon.

Amazon, in particular, feels 'bigger' than the other steps, perhaps because it's such a well-known and global platform. SubscribeStar is miniscule (although I hope it grows). Patreon is better known but my page is still tiny. Smashwords is wider but still smallish, but Amazon. Amazon is... well, Amazon. It is the largest online retailer in the world.

So thank you, to all my fans <3 You are the core believers that encourage me that I can do this. It has been, and continues to be, amazing.

E-Book Back Catalog

Speaking of e-books: my first goal, before I ventured to Smashwords and Amazon, was to e-bookify my back catalog so that all of my Subscribers and Patrons could access all of my material in high quality formats whenever they desired.

I'm almost done. Keep an eye out for an update either this weekend or next.

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the Goal
At $50 per month, I will be able to commission sexy, non-taboo artwork to put faces (and other parts!) to names. These might be character portraits or scenes from my stories; the exact subject matter will be decided by poll.
to reach
the Goal
At $100/month, I will be able to commission very NSFW taboo erotic artwork of characters and scenes from my 'harder' stories. The exact subject matter will be decided by poll, so don't be shy about what you like to see!
to reach
the Goal
At $150/month, I will be able to rent a private office space where I can write uninterrupted and in peaceful quiet, instead of attempting to write erotica amidst the chaos of household chores and well-intended interruptions. I expect this to boost my productivity (and my personal happiness) immensely!

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