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SpottyJaguar profile
I'm Diallo Stone, a black and queer artist. I live in Indiana, I love mint, and I’ve been doing adult furry art, full time, for about a decade.
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SpottyJaguar Some of my art

Hi! I'm Diallo Stone, a black and queer artist. Most know me as SpottyJaguar.

I live in Indiana with my spouse, I love mint, and I’ve been doing adult furry art, full time, for about a decade.

Now I’m doing it with you!

What do you do?

I make the things I like, so I can connect with people who like them.

Anthro art is my first passion. Slice of life, pin-ups, fetish work, or gratuitous porn; sexy, serious, sinister, or silly; I like it all. I accomplish that variety with my second passion - creating characters, and telling their stories.

My current pet project is a setting where anthro dogs replace humans as the dominant species.

I also explore a lot of darker themes, including with my porn, to play around in that area where psychology and sexuality overlap. Taboo kinks, criminals and predators, violence, abuse, horror… sometimes the things we find frightening are also irresistible, and I believe fantasy and fiction are safe ways to explore them.

And let’s just call a spade a spade. Villains are hot.

I'll kill for a good villain.

(Sorry, had to)

Is it all dark?

Nope! I draw light-hearted, cute stuff too. But if you're still unsure, check my FA, decide for yourself!

What do I get?

As a patron, you get pure, unfiltered access to my creative endeavors. Not just see finished pieces, but everything else too! Sketches, experiments, and scrapped drawings; work in progress, and GIFs to see how I made things; character designand worldbuilding; life updates and future projects, and more.

You can also take part in suggestion boxes, where you give me ideas to draw, and polls, where you decide my next project.

You'll even some sensitive drawings I'm not sure about posting publicly.

And all for $1!

For $5, you get access to an ever-growing, high-resolution archive of my art, and a discount on commissions.

You also get my undying gratitude, because you make my dream job possible. I'm always looking for ways to give back to you, and make you an even bigger part of my life!

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This much support will make a big change in my life! I'll finalize what we can do more and more as we get closer to it. For now, expect... - 3 weeks early access - New VIP tier! ($15-20, limit 10) - 1 more art reward tier (3 total!) Once we reach this goal, I'll start brainstorming for another one!


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