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Shark Bit Games
Shark Bit Games
Shark Bit Games is currently developing the adult rpg Path To Ascencion.
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Shark Bit Games

Path to Ascension is a free adult rpg. In it you will play as a recently deceased mortal on the path to claim a place among the gods themselves!
  • Choose who you were, and are, by selecting your background, name and appearance.
  • Shape the story, the multiverse and yourself through your choices regarding what you do or say.
  • Your actions and background will inform what aspect of reality you rule over: be a god of dominance, lust, knowledge or many other options.
  • Meet and befriend, if you wish to, several companions from across the multiverse.
  • Bed the denizens of the multiverse, from companions and enemies to passersby.
  • Build your own base,room by room.
  • Explore several universes, each with their own theme and gameplay style.

Planned Universes

 These are the universes planned for you to explore and change during the course of the game.
  • Fight fantastical creatures and go on an adventure in the medieval fantasy-themed universe, with dungeon crawler rpg elements.
  • Cruise the stars and manage a mega-corporation in the space-themed universe, with management sim gameplay elements.
  • Join a race to the west in the western-themed universe, with Oregon Trail inspired gameplay.
  • Fill paperwork and despair about contemporary problems in the modern life-themed universe, with dating sim style gameplay.
 (Depending on sub backing and progress of the already planned universes, new universes might be included in the future, but these are the ones that will be done no matter what.)


Yep, you heard it right! Every update will be centered around a major addition, like a new area or a quest chain, which will, ideally, be done in a month. And each of these major updates will come along with a free public build of the game. However, to keep updated, receive early builds and decide the next content to be implemented you will have to become a sub.

Why become a sub? You don't have to, but it would be nice if you rewarded my work haha. Also, you will help speed the development of the game while earning special rewards, like the previously discussed ones, related to your sub tier and also help me survive. 



Subscription Tiers

Shark Bit Games profile is under review.

PLEASE, BE AWARE: due to an extremely high volume of recently submitted profiles, the approval will take longer than usual. After this page is approved, you will be able to subscribe as usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

per month
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Access to sub-only posts. A big thank you!

per month
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Access to sub-only posts. Access to early builds. A big thank you!

per month
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Access to patron-only posts. Access to early builds. Participate on polls for upcoming content. A big thank you!

per month
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Access to sub-only posts. Access to early builds. Participate on polls for upcoming content. Participate on polls about major content direction. ex: what universe should be worked on this month, should this month be focused on the main story or side stuff. A big thank you!

per month
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Laser Shark

You know what is peculiar about laser sharks? There really is no reason for them to exist besides being super cool! You will get all the previous rewards and a particularly big thanks!

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