Dev Update #31


It has been a very strange week here in France. As you may know, the whole country is on lockdown due to the covid 19 outbreak. The lockdown doesn't really impair my ability to work but it makes daily life much more difficult. I've lost three hours this morning trying to find something to eat.
Between the restrictions on access to shops and the empty shelves, it is difficult to shop for food normally. There shouldn't be a shortage, but some people are in full panic mode and are uselessly stockpiling. Let's hope it gets easier soon.

How is the development going?

  • Scene 16 is fully done.
  • Scene 17 is written, posing is halfway done.
  • Scene 1 to 6 are coded and proofread.
  • Scene 7 is coded and has been sent to proofreading.
  • The scene 18 / 19 combo is half-written but I'll probably make some heavy changes to it before posing it.
  • Scene 8 is half-coded.

Scene 18 / 19 should be smaller than the other conclusions scenes. I have reasonably high hopes to finish it, posing and rendering included before the next dev update. After that, I'll be in full coding mode. The release of v0.4 is near.

I hope you all stay safe in these very strange times we're living.
Thank you for reading me.